Horoscopes for SEPTEMBER 24 – SEPTEMBER 30

weekly horoscopes for all zodiacs!


Hello dolls! Starting on every monday- weekly horoscopes of all zodiacs will be posted! happy thoughts!





Matthew and Camila, Ellen and Portia, Bey and Jay…with the sun grooving through Libra for the next month, it’s officially couple time for you. If you’re presently attached, give your relationship greater priority. Yes, Aries, we know how important your work, personal goals, and quest for world domination may be, but you haven’t been climbing that ladder without a certain someone’s support (cough-nudge). Show your gratitude in an obvious way. If your relationship could use some fine-tuning, put in the necessary effort. Be it a workshop on improving intimate communication or sessions with a couple’s therapist, the more you put into your union, the more you’ll get out. Single Aries, dress up for a photo shoot, then, post the shots along with a new dating profile. The pickings will be plentiful for the next month, so don’t miss this opportunity to find your prospect partner. As staunchly independent as you are, you don’t need someone to “complete” you but a complementary force would sure be nice. If you’ve been heading towards the chapel, you may be sporting some bling on THAT finger before October 23. Business partnerships and other co-created ventures also get a boost from the Libra sun. As Libra rules the law, you’d be wise to hire an attorney to draft a contract for bigger projects, especially if money will change hands. Covering your back on the front end ensures that everyone starts the mission with clear expectations—the best precursor for long-term success. There is one day where your fierce independence and individuality should not be subverted. On Saturday, the annual full moon in Aries lights up the skies calling you to center stage. Brag, show off, put yourself “on display, on display, on display,” as Aries Real Housewife of New Jersey Melissa Gorga crooned. If you have a big ask to make, go for it this weekend. People will find it nearly impossible to say no to you. Projects that you’ve been working on for the past six months could hit a milestone mark. Want to kick off a new venture? The two weeks following a full moon are a power period for harvesting results. Invest in yourself and make it happen. That might require you to take a class, work with a coach or pay to have a product or materials produced. If you’re shy about tooting your own horn, explore the idea of working with a publicist who can help you fine-tune your message and spread news of your offerings to the world.



Let freedom ring! The sun spends its first full week in Libra, bringing your independent spirit back with a vengeance. Variety is now the spice of your life, so if you’ve been hung up on someone or obsessing over a single option, enough’s enough. Get out and taste the rainbow, Aquarius. You’ll discover a variety of flavors to fancy. Your entrepreneurial nature is sparked by the solar flare of Libra. If you’ve had designs on being your own boss or working more independently, now is the time to pursue those ventures. You might even be traveling for work or connecting with colleagues in another city. Fire up the webcam for a virtual morning meeting. If you work in media or publishing, you’ll get a sunny boost of inspiration. Start your blog, type the first chapter of your memoirs, join a writer’s group. You’re definitely in the throes of wanderlust now and any kind of travel is fully sanctioned by the stars. Capitalize on great prices for an off-season vacation and satisfy a little more of your innate curiosity about the world. Cross-cultural relationships, near and far are also blessed. Keep your ears pealed for intriguing accents. You’ll enjoy being the “different one” in the crowd for the next four weeks. On Saturday, the full moon in Aries brings a partnership to its highest potential. You could radar in on your “other half” for a project or plan, a kindred spirit who can help you double your efforts. Let the dynamic duo become an official thing, and go forth and co-create. If you’ve been skirting about the perimeter of a scene, you could be ushered in as a card-carrying member. This might even be an affiliation with a local group. You shouldn’t have to travel too far from home to find what you need this weekend. Warning: an issue with a sibling or close friend could come to a head. The fiery nature of this full moon could cause your infamous Aquarian temper to flare. Take a cool down break if needed. You don’t want to burn any bridges by lashing out with rage. You could get pretty vicious this weekend if you let yourself go there. Don’t. You’ve heard that good fences make good neighbors, but is someone wandering past your property line? You may need to redraw those boundaries this weekend, in the name of keeping things fair. If you’re in the market for a new car, bike or transportation device, the full moon green lights the purchase. Happy trails!



Let the nesting begin! Domestic bliss returns as the sun spends the first week of its monthlong tour in Libra and your cozy fourth house. Bring balance back to your busy life; create a little more space in your calendar to kick your feet up and chill. Does your home feel like a sanctuary, Crab? If not, you’ll need to figure out what the disruptive element is. Maybe it’s a toxic roommate, an unworkable configuration of furniture (hello, your computer does not belong in your bedroom unless you want to dream about work all night), or a color scheme that you’ve outgrown. Whatever the case, a change is due. If you’re in the market for a move, give that effort a real push for the next month. You might even decide to sell your home and live a bit more nomadically for the next year. On June 25, 2013, lucky Jupiter will move into Cancer, which might prompt a big life change for you that involves relocating or upgrading your current living situation. Until then, however, Jupiter is in your free-flowing twelfth house. Nothing feels very permanent right now and that’s a good thing—albeit a hard thing for your sign since you love to have more than a modicum of control. We’re not suggesting you couchsurf until next June. But you might travel often, rent before you buy or even live with a family member for a while as you drift through this twelfth house transition. If you love where you live, then dive into this sprucing-up mission, or spend more social time at home. Your Kitchen-Aid mixer and copper-bottomed pots are missing you. How about hosting a dinner party? Family will be a big focus while the sun is in Libra. Rebalance your relationship with a relative (or a friend who’s as close as family) so that you feel cared for, not dumped on. You might even visit a childhood friend or host your long lost pal in the days ahead. But don’t think about becoming a total shut-in, Cancer. Libra is a social sign and wants you communing with people, even if they’re hanging out at your place for movie night or Sunday dinner. On Saturday, the full moon in Aries lights up your career house and you’ll need to pay attention to your public life as well. In the two weeks that follow, you could be harvesting some bountiful moneymaking opportunities. These come as a result of your hard work over the past six months. If you’ve been kicking ass and taking names, this full moon will reward you. Hello, raise and promotion! Saturday is one night that you’ll want to dress up and hit the town. Strategically socialize so as to mingle with the movers and shakers. A conversation at a swanky cocktail party could lead to a big meeting next week. Your relationships with men come into the cosmic spotlight with this full moon. This could be a watershed moment for many Crabs where you finally drop your guard and let the guy in—or say buh-bye to a man who is draining your life force energy. If you’ve been in denial about the troubled state of your union with a particular guy, you’ll certainly get a wakeup call this weekend. All is not lost, but you’ll want definitely want to spend the next two weeks diving into the issue and fixing it. If things are rock-solid between you and a great guy, you might drum up an exciting shared venture–possibly even a business one–over the weekend.



The corner office–the one with 180-degree views and the plaque on the door–is calling you. Admit it: you know that’s exactly where you belong, chilling in executive style. With the Libra sun illuminating your tenth house of professional honors for the next month, you’ll feel squarely in your element. You’ve got plans and ideas—big ones, at that—and it’s time to pursue them with that legendary Capricorn drive. If things aren’t clicking into place, it’s probably because you haven’t aimed high enough. Target the movers and shakers; network with an elite crowd. You can’t waste another minute on all-talk-no-action types. You’d rather be with people who are both dreamers AND doers. The men in your life take precedence for the next four weeks. Nurture your connections with the powerhouse fellas in your world. Hanging with the guys will have its perks too so don’t let gender limit you from invading the boy’s club. A father figure could play a primary role in your ascent up the ladder now. This is also a time for adhering to tradition rather than being the renegade. There’s a reason why certain wisdom has withstood the test of time, Capricorn. Follow protocol and you’ll yield the best results. On Saturday, the full moon in Aries lights up your family-friendly fourth house. Your inner circle demands top priority this weekend. Put the mover-shaker schtick on hold temporarily and spend some quality time with your nearest and dearest. They’re starting to wonder if you care. If you’re buying or selling property, this full moon could bring news of a deal. How comfortable do you feel with the people under your roof? This is a fiery full moon and could provoke a weekend blowout with an unappreciative relative or slacking roommate. Uncomfortable though this confrontation may be, it was a likely a long time coming. Remain proactive and focus on finding a solution instead of slinging insults. A helpful woman emerges this weekend who can support you in restoring your home to a place of domestic bliss. Warning: you may be prone to emotional eating over the next two weeks. Be careful not to mindlessly shovel things in your mouth or use food to soothe anxiety. Track what you eat on an app or in a food diary and notice what emotions come up when the cravings strike. Getting your nutritional plan into a balanced, inspiring place can keep you energized for all those powerlunches and business takeovers in the month ahead!



Betty Crocker called. She wants her apron back. You’ve had your fair share of domestic bliss for the past month, but it’s time to rally off the couch and get back into the limelight. The sun is officially grooving through Libra for the next month, lending its solar power to your fifth house of fame, glamour, passion and romance. Kick off the bunny slippers and slide into the Louboutins. And as for that scrunchie? Please burn it, STAT, Gemini and head to the salon for some color and a blowout. This is the time of year where paying more attention to image is not a superficial thing. When you look good, you feel good and your confidence spirals out to every area of life. Plus, you are wanted in the public eye, as the fifth house rules celebrations. Plan and host some sort of party between now and October 23. If you don’t have a reason to, make one up. Unless it’s literally a housewarming (some of you have had major relocations since Jupiter moved into Gemini on June 11), choose a party locale outside of Chateau Gemini. Think: drinks at a swanky cocktail lounge followed by an epic night of dancing.  If you do have new digs to show off, you’re sure to host a memorable bash behind your front door. Geminis with designs on being a performer or public speaker will have extra solar power for this quest. Get thee to a tryout or audition! Your romantic life gets a happy boost from Libra’s beams as well. The fifth house is all about the hearts and flowers…and the babies too. A pregnancy or adoption could be in the stars for some Geminis. If that’s not part of your current life plan, double-protect. You’ll be quite fertile for the next four weeks both physically and creatively. On Saturday, keep the bubbly chilled and ready to uncork. The full moon in Aries could bring a team victory worth celebrating. It’s been “all for one and one for all” for the past six months, but on Sunday, you’ll need to think carefully about how you’d like to proceed. The next two weeks are a crucial period for either deepening your involvement with this group or moving on to another crew. If you can foresee a great ROI with this bunch, stay put. Just don’t hang on out of habit, Gemini. This full moon creates an optimal two-week period for launching a web venture or online marketing campaign. Got something to Tweet about? Bring on the hashtags, tinyURLs, and 141 character posts! This full moon may also prompt you to get more physical. Look into group exercise classes, or even a fall sports league like indoor soccer.



Action heats up on the local scene as the sun grooves through Libra and your social third house for a month. Are you in need of a BFF-infusion? A fresh wave of friends is headed your way, courtesy of the Libra sun. It’s time to find your tribe, Leo—the people in your neighborhood whose values and interests reflect your own. You’re a pretty unique character, so it’s not going to be just anyone who is part of this club. Keep the faith! There are others out there like you. You might even take the initiative and start a Meetup group to rally them yourself. The third house rules communication, blessing you with the gift of gab for a month. You could sell heel-less shoes to Giuseppe Zanotti but use your power judiciously. Great communication is as much about listening and responding as it is about having the smoothest line or the most entertaining story. You might even practice the mirroring technique: before you add a thought to a conversation, repeat back what the other person just said so s/he feels validated and heard. You don’t need to parrot every sentence; just the really important ones. This can do wonders to strengthen your special bonds. This weekend, keep that overnight bag handy. Wanderlust strikes with Saturday’s full moon in Aries and you’ll be dying to explore some terra nova. You might even hop a flight for this out-of-town jaunt. Try to schedule some sort of trip over the coming two weeks, even if it’s just a daylong getaway. A cross-cultural connection heats up this weekend, and may become official in some way. Don’t rule out long-distance relationships, Leo, as the people you want to date or do business with could be living miles beyond state lines. Are you thirsty for some truth serum? There’s an honest-to-a-fault quality about this full moon so if you’ve been holding in your authentic feelings, they could come out in a rush. Don’t wait until you hit your boiling point before you express your emotions. If you feel trouble brewing, address matters early in the week, before the full moon removes all filters and social graces. Entrepreneurial ventures and writing projects also get a boost from this full moon. Give them your full focus this weekend as you could make major headway in the coming fourteen days. Have you thought about going back to school or studying with a teacher? This full moon could green light that plan, giving you the nudge you need to enroll.



A star is born…or, should we say, reborn. The sun blazes through Libra for the next month, ratcheting up your appeal and even bringing you a dose of celebrity. Front and center is where you belong now, expressing yourself with unbridled verve. Put your talents on display, brag, promote yourself shamelessly. The world wants what you have to offer, Libra so as long as you focus on what you’re providing for people you won’t come across like an egomaniac. With the sun in your sign, you’ll feel an added surge of independence. Although you’re the zodiac’s partnership sign, you’d benefit from having something that’s all your own. Pursue a solo venture full force and see where it takes you. If you’ve been feeling sleepy or out of sorts for the past month, expect to feel reawakened as the week progresses. It’s a fresh cosmic year for you, Libra, so you might feel the need for an image upgrade. Do your outsides match your insides? Studies show that it takes an average of seventeen seconds for people to form a first impression but a lot longer to undo them. Walk into the room with your true personality on your sleeve and you’ll attract the right people into your orbit.  On Saturday, the full moon in Aries lights up your house of committed relationships. When it comes to love, arm candy alone won’t satisfy your hunger. You’re one of the rare signs that enjoys dating for dating’s sake, but how many superficial candlelight dinners can you consume before the “empty calories” bore you to tears? You need more from love, Libra, so if you’re single, this full moon prompts you to search for a true partner. You have a potent two-week window for this romantic quest. Post that online dating profile, ask friends to play matchmaker, and engage in activities that would allow you to find someone who shares your common interests. If you’re already spoken for, this full moon reawakens some slumbering desires. You may discover a need you forgot you had—and possibly one that isn’t being met. Don’t get mad, Libra. Instead, be proactive about creating that vibe again. If you felt the sparks before, you can feel them again. You might need to shift the balance of power and responsibility in your union in order to clear away resentment and restore harmony. This full moon also serves up a reminder to bring more art, beauty, and pleasure into your everyday life. It’s all about the little things now. Play music while you dress in the morning, take time to do your hair, place fresh flowers around your home and office.



The urge to merge intensifies as the sun spends its first full week in Libra and your eighth house of intimate bonding. That cold fish routine is a thing of the past. Suddenly, you’re ready to swim below the surface and really go deep with the people in your world. Relationships get serious between now and October 23, and you’re playing for keeps. Just make sure you aren’t diving into the shark tank. You have a special place in your heart for the troublemakers, but you have better things to do with your time than play Tame The Bad Boy. Sharing is caring in the world of a Pisces, so if you have a trustworthy partner, you might consider merging your assets in a more official way. Think: joint bank accounts, co-signed documents, shared leases. Don’t give up too much of the control though, Pisces. There’s always a price for taking more than you’re putting in and you don’t want to be beholden to anyone. Remember that your moods ebb and flow. This month you want closeness, after October 23, you’ll crave more freedom. The right unions for you are ones that allow you stability and autonomy in equal measure. If you’re going to be rolling in the deep, find someone flexible, who has range like you do. Has your mojo been in slow-mo? The solar power of Libra shoots a kundalini-dipped arrow right to your heart. Start bringing sexy back by getting more in tune with your body. It begins with R&R, followed by movement. Dance in your living room for fifteen minutes a day and soon enough you’ll feel like rockin’ the horizontal mambo again. You’re certainly magnetic for the next four weeks, Pisces. You can afford to be picky, and it’s in your best interest to screen candidates carefully. They’ll probably be sticking around for a while if you let them in. Saturday’s full moon in Aries brings the cha-ching as it electrifies your second house of money. News of a job opportunity or cash-positive venture could come in within two weeks of this full moon. This is a result of the hard work you’ve done since April. Finally! Compensation for your sweat equity is heading your way. If you’re unhappy with the work you’re doing or feel that it’s time to raise your fees, make the necessary changes. This full moon also sounds the call for grounding and simplifying. If you’ve become a prisoner of your possessions, it’s time to scale back. Less is more, at least when it comes to your inner peace. Get back in tune with nature, Pisces, and bring more earthiness into your life. You might do a 3-day juice cleanse or go vegetarian for two weeks. If you have some anger to release, vigorous outdoor exercise is the way to get it out of your system. Mountain biking, anyone?



Warm up those spirit fingers. The sun is in Libra and your collaborative eleventh house for the next month, getting you fired up about a team mission. Good thing, Sag, since it’s going to take a village to pull off your outsized ambitions. This week, start letting go of the control. You have better things to do with your time than micromanage every detail of a plan. Sure, you’ll have to set aside some of that maverick independence, but if you find people who have strengths in areas you’re weaker in, you’ll be in Dream Team mode before you know it. Taking a collective approach does mean that you’ll have to sacrifice some of your vision, however, but make sure you know your bottom line. If you compromise too much you’ll want to bail. What are your “non-negotiables,” Sag, the things you insist must be done a certain way? The clearer you are, the happier you’ll be. The eleventh house also rules the Internet and technology, so geek is definitely chic for the next four weeks. If you have a website to build or launch, get to it. From picking out blog themes to strategizing a social media campaign to zhushing your LinkedIn profile, this is a great time to enhance your online presence. If you’re looking to pad your pockets with more income, you might consider e-commerce, even an eBay store; or take a class to learn software like WordPress. Check out Lynda.com for stellar tutorials if you’d rather teach yourself the ropes, indie-Sagittarius-style. This is also a great time to get involved in a humanitarian effort or a collective that is dedicated to changing the world. If you have an interest in politics, don’t be surprised if it heats up this week. We could see you with the bullhorn, rallying for your favorite presidential candidate or getting people ready to rock the vote. On Saturday, a full moon in Aries lights up your fifth house of fame, passion and romance. The cosmic spotlight is searching for you so step onto center stage. Full-front Sagittarius can be a lot for people to handle, so be a class act. You want to be known for something you feel proud of, after all. A creative project you’ve been developing for the past six months could come to a beautiful fruition, bringing accolades and attention your way. Lap up the glory, Sag; you certainly earned it.  You’ll feel revved up about romance again near this full moon and a sizzling hot hookup could be in the offing this weekend. This is a highly fertile full moon so if you’ve had babies on the brain, well, you know what to do. Not in the market to be “mah-mah?” Protect accordingly, and doubly so. Whether single or spoken for, Saturday night should be spend in full-on Glamazon mode. Dressing up in bright and sparkly clothes brings your radiant spirit to the fore and you’ll attract some fascinating people into your orbit as a result.



Letting go is never easy for the zodiac’s self-professed control freak, but it’s time to wave the proverbial white flag. The sun’s monthlong journey through Libra and your twelfth house is officially underway, making it time to declutter, decompress and detoxify. Although living life at a manic pace may keep you from getting bored and obsessive, you’ve kind of taken it to extremes, Scorpio. Truth be told, you could use a break. You can’t stop time, but you can slow it down. What activities in your schedule qualify as essential and life affirming, and which are mind-numbing escapes? You’ll want to remove those from the latter category, pronto. Warning: this means you have to sit still and “just be” with your emotions. Some buried feelings could surge up, even bringing waterworks or a minor meltdown. Don’t fight it. You’re ready to release these feelings from your system and possibly turn them into a brilliant addition to your creative oeuvre. Did somebody hurt you in the recent past? You may have felt the rage and anger, but how about the sadness and regret? Now’s the time to let it out. If your diary isn’t cutting it, work with an energy healer, grief counselor, or therapist to help with processing the pain. Scorpio, you’re strong enough to handle this; stronger than you give yourself credit for. Avoiding the upset feelings is what’s making you toss and turn at night. Release is a big theme for you overall while the sun is in your twelfth house. Some Scorpios may decide to do a juice or dietary cleanse over the coming thirty days—not a bad idea at all if the doc gives the thumbs up.  You can meet your friends for mocktails instead of pounding back the beers. Bring more music into your world now too. Whether you’re playing Vivaldi while you clean the %#@! out of your closets, going on a spree of indie concerts or electronic music shows, or starting a band, the sonic world will lull your senses. You will require more sleep and solitude over the coming thirty days, but do clue your loved ones in if you decide to drop off the face of the Earth. They’ll understand your need to retreat, but a disappearing act could provoke fear and upset—drama you don’t need. On Saturday, the full moon in Aries brings another shot in the arm to live a healthier life. If you’ve been neglecting self-care you could get a wakeup call or a surge of motivation. The two weeks following a full moon are a power period for manifesting new results. Get busy with treating your body like a temple again! This full moon may also bring some opportunities for your work life. If you’ve been busting ass to prove your chops for the past six months, expect to get noticed in a major way over the coming two weeks. Take more initiative around the office, show your dedication, but don’t be a martyr. Your competence doesn’t rely on you working limitless hours. It may be time to delegate or bring in an intern to help with some of the tasks that you need to take off of your plate. Looking to make important connections? The charity circuit serves up a double-shot of goodness, allowing you to meet generous people while doing something great for the world at large. Hello, karma points!



You’d better work! No, we’re not suggesting you sashay down the “Ru Paul’s Drag Race” runway, Taurus. We mean, literally roll up your sleeves and get down to business. The sun is now officially stationed in Libra for a month, energizing your sixth house of vocation and daily routines. Pull those career separates out of the mothballs. The 9-5 world is calling you again and you’ll enjoy being back in the flow of things, purposeful and productive. If you’re gainfully employed, but a little bored, don’t just hit cruise control. Clockwatching is not your purpose in this lifetime. Create a challenging assignment for yourself or find new ways to be of service to coworkers. You’ll actually enjoy the job more this way and your days will fly by. Plus, don’t think your efforts will go unnoticed. If a raise and promotion don’t come from your current gig, you could be sharpening up your skills to make a strategic move in October. Having a modicum of a routine is a must though so you don’t turn into the office martyr. Work on creating efficient schedules and systems that will carry you through your days, keep you on task and clocking out at a decent hour. The sixth house also rules natural health. Green is your new black now, as in kale salads, eco-friendly products, herbal supplements, and more meditative time in nature. Shimmy back into the Lycra, lace up your trainers and step back into your exercise routine. If you’re looking for love, keep those earbuds cranked down to a respectable level. You could meet a hot prospect while you’re doing laps around the track. Volunteering provides another outlet for a romantic meet n’ greet. Why not fall for someone who already proves to have a generous spirit? On Saturday, the full moon in Aries shines a light on some hidden matters. Who’s on Team Taurus? A friend may actually turn out to be a frienemy, gossiping behind your back and competing with you. While upsetting, at least you’ll know the truth. Don’t go into denial just because you shared a history. This is a full moon of completions so you’ll be challenged to release something that is no longer serving you. You may come face to face with a tempting vice. Don’t give in, Taurus. This lunar challenge will be your moment to stare it down and just say no. Saturday could be a day of divine inspiration and healing too. Devote the weekend to wellness, meditation and release. Decluttering an area of your home can lift a huge psychic burden. As within, so without.



Pack away the party dress and slip on the tailored blazer. The sun has officially bid adieu to Virgo and it’s time to slowww down. Since Sunday the 23rd, your solar power is coming from Libra and your second house of planning and financial foundations. The brilliant visions that danced through your head for the past thirty days now need to be evaluated with trademark Virgo pragmatism. What money, resources, time and people-power will be required to really pull them off? Log in to that spreadsheet program and start mapping out your master plan. Some of these visions may be a little too lofty, but others are actually more doable than you expected. You won’t know for sure until you’ve spelled them out in black and white. After a month of hedonism, you’re ready to ground yourself in a more solid groove. Get your daily routines back on track this week. As the sign that rules the digestive system, you can be a total foodie, but have your taste buds trumped other forms of pleasure? Giving your meals too much import can numb other senses. With Saturday’s full moon lighting up your erotically charged eighth house, you’ll want to indulge oral fixations that don’t require a fork, knife, and spoon. This full moon is all about bringing sexy back. Chemistry that’s been bubbling for the past six months could full-on explode this weekend drawing you into your animal instincts. You won’t have much control over temptation, so stay away from dangerous liaisons and messy entanglements. If the coast is clear for lovin’ you might just spend the entire weekend in bed. This full moon could bring secrets to light and you may discover something completely unexpected from someone in your inner circle. As the zodiac’s critic it’s hard for you to hold back judgment, but try to listen with compassion and an open mind. If you discover something unsavory, don’t take it upon yourself to fix it. Trying to prevent this crisis only stalls the inevitable lessons that the other person needs to learn in order to grow. There’s a seal-the-deal quality to this full moon. A partnership could become official in a truly entwining way, one that involves the sharing of resources and a significant merging of lives. An investor may decide to put dollars behind your dreams, or you may find the perfect outlet for financial growth this weekend. Keep your antennas up.


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