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October 1st-October 7th

Zodiacs----- Week Horoscope for Oct 1-7th


Go long, Aries! Your ruling planet Mars shifts gears, moving into Sagittarius and your global ninth house until November 16. The opportunities you seek may exist far outside city limits, so set your GPS in a new direction. You might even board a plane and gain a passport stamp over the next six weeks. If you’re not up for the journey, boot up the webcam and hold a virtual conference to discuss deals with faraway collaborators. If you’re an entrepreneur, you’ll feel fired up to take more gambles. Instead of creating one-off products or services, think about ways to make money in your sleep. You might create a product that can be sold over and over again with little-to-no extra work for you. Get those “passive income” wheels a-turning. A Kickstarter fund might be the perfect way to raise some seed capitol if you need a boost. Aries in the media might land a book deal or another contract that allows you to get the word of your project out to a bigger audience. It’s up to you to push things now…not that you have any trouble with that. Just be warned that Mars can make you somewhat impatient. You’ll need to give people a few days to digest your grandiose plans, which are always ahead of the curve. If you’re motivated to learn about a topic that fascinates you, dive in. The Aries student could become somewhat of a master, even as soon as November 16. On Thursday, Jupiter turns retrograde in your communication house, nudging you to focus on your image. Like it or not, people will judge you based on your appearance. You tend to get lost in thought, Aries, which people can sometimes misread as you being standoffish or unfriendly. Or, your fiery and energetic nature can overwhelm the shyer and retiring types. With Jupiter in this position until January 30, 2013, revamping the message you put out to the world can help people understand the true you. Work with a media coach or a PR agent; take a Toastmaster’s workshop. A writing project could consume you during this Jupiter retrograde, or you might feel compelled to film a documentary or take documentary-style photographs. Dive in and make art for art’s sake: that’s always the truest path to prosperity for a creative like you. On Saturday, heavyweight Saturn begins a three-year tour of Scorpio and your sultry, sensual, and intense eighth house. You’ll find yourself craving a deeper level of intimacy, desiring time with people who can go the distance with you. While you may soon have far fewer people in your inner circle, you’ll also enjoy richer connections. Saturn in Scorpio awakens a new era of sexy time, reminding you that there’s a big difference between erogenous and erotic. Pleasure isn’t simply going to come from the physical now. Stimulation from a mind-body-soul perspective is where you’ll find your bliss. Explore classes like tantric breathwork, kundalini yoga, S-Factor, One Taste, and Mama Gena’s, if you want some outside inspiration. Saturn in Scorpio also brings your long-term financial investments into focus. The next three years are all about building up your wealth and creating income streams that will pay off well into your retirement. You may have to study to up your savvy, but this knowledge will make you oh-so-powerful. PS: some heavy-hitters may want to put dollars behind your dreams!



Stow away that backpack, Aquarius and pull out your over-the-shoulder laptop bag. Your inner hippie is going on hiatus for a few years as structured Saturn hunkers down in Scorpio and your tenth house of career. Bye-bye drawstring hemp pants; hello power suit. Saturn’s tour of Scorpio heralds the return of your ambitious nature and enterprising spirit. Oh, and PS: you’re going to have to dress the part. Saturn only comes to this part of your chart every 28 years, and in many ways, this is a time of harvest and maturity. You’re growing up, Aquarius, like it or not. What unhealthy habits and emotional patterns need to be broken so you feel like a full-on adult? Please note that by “adult” we don’t mean, uptight, controlled or dry-as-the-Mojave. Rather, Saturn in Scorpio is about making soul-feeding, life-affirming choices that are proactive and healthy for you and your community. You can find your bliss by saying no to destructive forms of fun now, or by refusing to let your knee-jerk emotions like anger and vengeance run the show. One of Saturn in Scorpio’s lessons is learning the difference between desire and lust. Just because you want it, doesn’t always mean you should have it, Aquarius, and you’re about to sharpen your powers of discernment in a major way. If you haven’t yet figured out what you want to be when you grow up, Saturn is here to assist you. Break into a new industry by volunteering time, interning, or being the “celebrity apprentice.” The payment comes in the form of connections and hands-on training you’d never get if you had to work your way up the employee food chain. The early part of Saturn’s three-year tour of Scorpio may find you taking multiple classes and seminars to sharpen up your skills. If you’re already on your path, this Saturn phase will send opportunities for greater leadership and authority. As the zodiac’s team player, you’re not always comfortable being in the Top Dog position; you’d rather everyone just cooperated at an equal level. Well, Aquarius, it’s time to shift gears. The world needs your innovative, fair, and high-minded guidance, so stop worrying about what people will think and just bring it. You’re the kind of leader that the masses love. Also this week, go-getter Mars moves into Sagittarius for six weeks, bringing you plenty of new teammates to loop in to your mission. Sagittarius rules your eleventh house of groups and community activities, so you may feel fired up to get more involved in the happenings around your ‘hood. Think: raising awareness for a cause, improving the safety in your area, and campaigning for your favorite political candidates. On Thursday, expansive Jupiter turns retrograde in your romance house until January 30, 2013, urging you to slow things down in the game of love. If you’ve been wanting “more, more, more” from love, ask yourself why. Perhaps you are looking for a partner to fill a hole that can only be sealed up by you. Work on building internal confidence and your relationships will feel a whole lot less dramatic. Pacing your interactions with dates and mates can help you regain your equilibrium too. Rome wasn’t built in a day, and neither was lasting love. If you’re in a relationship, Jupiter’s retrograde turn allows you to deepen your connection by being a bit more still. If you’re always racing around town or starting big projects together, when do you get to “just be” as a couple? Having comfortable down time together to just talk and hang out is as important as co-creating can be.





As above, so below; as within, so without. Jupiter turns retrograde in your dreamy, spiritual twelfth house until January 30, sending you on an internal voyage of self-discovery. While it’s fine to change the circumstances of your outer world, you will keep butting up against the same blockades until you make a shift in your beliefs. Between now and January 30, Jupiter encourages you to plumb the depths of your soul and work through those kinks. This will go much faster if you enlist the support of a spiritual guide, guru, therapist, shaman, coach, energy healer, or holistic practitioner to explore your subconscious realms. You might even try hypnotherapy or EMDR therapy. (Check out createyourperfectlife.com for guided hypnosis downloads that are designed to help you remove blocks to your happiness, success, and personal progress.) The guided meditations and workshops of Gabrielle Bernstein can also help you along the path to manifesting the miraculous: gabbyb.tv. This Jupiter retrograde phase feels a bit like going on an extended, four-month retreat. There will be moments where you need to check out of the madness and go within. Don’t deny yourself those meditative moments. You’ll be far more available to others once you’ve taken care of Numero Uno. On Saturday, energizer Mars moves into your sixth house of work and healthy routines. Your professional life could bustle with activity between now and November 16. Take more initiative when it comes to your career ventures, Cancer. Mars is all about being direct, getting into action, and making it happen. Although this is a diametrically opposite stance to Jupiter retrograde, when it comes to work, you’ll want to summon your inner warrior and forge ahead. This is also true when it comes to nutrition and exercise. With Mars in Sagittarius, you have the firepower and determination to get into great shape again. You could make a major shift with visible, glowing results by November 16 if you get on the ball now. Also on Saturday, structured Saturn begins a three yearlong tour of Scorpio and your fifth house of pleasure, fame and romance. Your hedonistic nature may have to go on hiatus for a while. Overindulging and living in excess are no-go’s with Saturn in your fifth house. It’s time to learn discipline. You can have a slice of chocolate cake without wolfing down the entire thing. When it comes to love, Saturn in Scorpio is here to help you remove your blocks to intimacy and create a serious relationship that is actually enjoyable for you. Because you fear the vulnerability that comes along with dating and relationships, you often hold back in the game of love. You can get caught in the trap of choosing people who are impossible to pin down because you know they’ll never move in close enough to threaten your soft underbelly. Either that, or you stick to the safe-but-lackluster relationship. Neither one of these options will satisfy you, Cancer, but what will? Saturn will help you explore and discover. Sign up for workshops like Alison Armstrong’s PAX courses (understandmen.com) or David Deida’s intensives (deida.info) to gain mastery around affairs of the heart. If you’re already in a relationship, Saturn in Scorpio can teach you creative new ways of expressing your love. You’ll need to co-create something in order to feel satisfied, be it a child or a project that you develop in tandem with your partner. If you have kids, they will need more attention from you now, but it’s also a time where you will have to teach them to respect your boundaries and learn self-discipline. Tough love doesn’t come easily from your sentimental soul, but spoiling your wee ones only creates more work for you. This Saturn phase is a time where many Crabs will get engaged and married, possibly to someone a bit older or more established than you. Your role in the public eye becomes more serious, and you’ll be called out of that shell to teach about what you know—possibly even on TV!



Lift your nose from the old grindstone, Capricorn. Your ruling planet, structured, disciplined Saturn, ends its three yearlong tour of your career house this Saturday, lightening your load. You’ve been a busy bee these past few years, mired in adult responsibilities, and perhaps forced to put fun on the back burner. And frankly, you’re kind of sick of that groove. This Saturday, Saturn sets up shop in Scorpio and your eleventh house of social networking and group activities. Simply put, it’s time to get a life again, Capricorn. All work and no play makes for a very dull Goat. While some of your friends may have given up on you, there are still plenty of die-hards who were just waiting for you to re-emerge and join the party again. Of course, Saturn is never going to give you anything without a test and a challenge. Your idea of a good time has evolved and you may discover that you’ve outgrown your crew of yore. Either that, or you need to adjust their expectations. You still have plenty of responsibility on your plate so it’s not like you can be a 24/7 regular in their reindeer games. With Saturn in Scorpio, you may find that you have to rebuild your social circle and explore for a while before you find the tribe that resonates with who you are now. Scheduling your social life is a must, so make sure your calendar has dedicated playtime slots, which are equally important “soul food” to having a thriving career. On the subject of your vocation, Saturn’s new position makes you much more of a team player. The last few years were all about you being the boss, but it’s gotten pretty darn lonely at the top. Although you could rule the world all by yourself, your priorities are now shifting as Saturn moves you from the competitive to the collaborative. Start exploring the idea of a joint venture or exploring new synergies with co-workers. Picking the right people to join forces with could be a matter of trial and error at first. Be willing to experiment, but don’t get stuck in the wrong group for too long. Saturn brings wisdom and lessons, but there are always some beginner’s missteps along the way. You might even link up with people in your past to forward a work initiative. On Thursday, Jupiter turns retrograde in your house of healthy living until January 30, 2013. Prioritizing self-care is even more of a must now. Make sure you have time carved out to exercise. If 30 minutes, three times a week is all you can do, so be it. Something is better than nothing. If you have an old injury or condition, it’s time to deal with it so you can heal for good. Schedule those doctor’s appointments; there’s no need to suffer or be a martyr, Capricorn. One caveat: if possible, wait until after January 30 for any surgeries, as retrogrades aren’t the ideal time for these procedures. Also this week, loveplanet Venus floats into Virgo and your house of travel and cross-cultural relationships. You may find yourself drawn to someone with a sexy accent or completing different upbringing than your own. Who says opposites can’t attract? Anyone who is “different” than you will hold added appeal. If you’re in a relationship, plan a getaway while Venus is in Virgo through October 28. Even if it’s just a day trip, a change of scenery brings a fresh perspective to your union.



Since June 11, lucky Jupiter has been parked in your sign, lighting you up with the go-getter verve and giving you back the gambler’s instinct. This week, you’ll need to slow your roll just a little bit, Gemini. Jupiter is turning retrograde (backwards) until January 30, 2013, meaning you should look a few extra times before you leap. Although there’s no need to stop going after your dreams, you don’t need to jump on the first thing that’s offered to you now. Comparison-shop, check out your options, work out the figures on paper. If nothing else, the added research will confirm that you are moving in the right direction. This is more about pacing yourself than stopping your ascent. Keep climbing that ladder, but don’t leap three steps at a time, capiche? Life has been moving at such a manic pace since June that you may have inadvertently blown off a dear friend or ally who has been a steady fixture in your camp. With Jupiter retrograde, you have the time and space to do the recon work. Don’t force yourself to “make it up to them” in the same way you once could. If your life has become insanely busy, you have to honor that and find new ways of expressing your love to your peeps that work with your schedule. Looking for new sources of income? Retrogrades rule the past, so tap into colleagues from a former chapter of your life over the coming four months. Mine that old contact database for potential, especially with people who are travelers, entrepreneurs, or work in academia. On Saturday, go-getter Mars moves into Sagittarius for six weeks, electrifying your partnership zone. You’ll feel fired up to join forces with a fellow powerhouse and form a dynamic duo. Racing down the proverbial aisle is never a good idea, but it wouldn’t hurt to do some ring shopping. Warning: Mars can aggravate tension in existing relationships between now and November 16. Your fuse will be shorter and you’ll have to summon greater patience for the ones you love. If you’ve been stuffing down your anger or frustration towards people, don’t be surprised if it comes out in a gush of hot lava. Silence, human! Best you should erupt around a neutral third party than singe your sweetie with the first wave of anger that emerges. Also on Saturday, structured Saturn leaves Libra and your fifth house of romance, taking some heaviness out of your love life, at last. Blocks and barriers will slowly lift as October progresses, giving you a sunnier outlook on affairs of the heart. For the next three years, Saturn is camping out in Scorpio and your sixth house of healthy habits and efficiency. Multitasking may be a Gemini specialty, but you’re going to have to chill with that. Spreading yourself too thin could lead to big-time burnout during this three-year Saturn phase. It’s time to prioritize and focus on the direction that really lights you up. You’ll definitely be working hard during this Saturn phase, so it’s important that you find work that you love. For a little while, you may feel like your fun-loving nature has gone on hiatus as you begin craving structure and order. Don’t make too many extreme rules, Gemini. You’ll get back into the proper balance of work and pleasure soon enough. Eating clean and green is a must during this Saturn phase and may require a revamp of your diet. Core-based exercises like yoga and Pilates will build up your inner confidence like never before. Mix in some dance classes too, especially if there’s a sensual or sexy edge to them (try Ecstatic Dance, Nia, or an empowerment-focused pole dancing class). You could literally become addicted to moving your body now! There’s a call to reconnect with your earthy side, too…or maybe discover it for the first time. Read up on organic gardening, plant some bulbs that will blossom next Spring, spend more time out in nature. Some Geminis may even relocate from a bustling urban setting to a quieter spot with more trees and fresh air.



Reunited, and it feels so good. Expansive Jupiter turns retrograde in your friendship zone until January 30, 2013, bringing some blasts-from-the-past back to your future. Get the old gang back together, Leo, as there could be some remarkable synergies to revive. People you met while traveling, studying, playing sports or working at a start-up company should be the first ones to focus on. If you’re happily ensconced in a group, Jupiter retrograde gives you time to pause and evaluate the role you are playing. You’re far more comfortable doing it all yourself than you are delegating and sharing the workload. Challenge yourself to let go and learn the true meaning of being a team player. That might mean you have to allow someone else’s ideas to trump your own from time to time. No, the projects you’re involved with won’t always go your way for the next four months, but guess what? By opening yourself up to other people’s ideas (and quietly releasing your control freak issues), you’ll be privy to a whole new world of possibilities. Besides, you’ll be happy to have a little more free time in your schedule. On Saturday, go-getter Mars heads into compatible fire sign Sagittarius and your fifth house of glamour, romance and passion for six weeks. You’ll need a lot more unstructured playtime between now and November 16. You’ll attract public attention with little effort too. Just remember the difference between fame and notoriety. Going after fame for fame’s sake could backfire. If the proverbial reality TV producers come a-callin’ don’t leap to say yes until you know what the show is really all about. “Snooki’s predecessor” might not be a role you want to be cast in. In affairs of the heart, Mars cranks up the heat to a white-hot temperature. You may have trouble pacing yourself, but do try as you don’t want to burn out a perfectly good connection by going too far, too fast. By the same token, Mars is definitely going to remind you that you’ve still got it. Summer flings don’t mean a thing, and hey, maybe fall ones don’t have to either. Just make sure to protect yourself accordingly, as this Mars phase makes you extra fertile. Baby fever could consume some Leos to a near obsession between now and November 16, and if you’re ready for a bun in the oven, you won’t have to preheat for long. Coupled Leos should bond in more active ways. Think: dancing, pairing up for sports, working on a joint creative project. There’s too much firepower to sit still and gaze into each other’s eyes now. That will just cause arguments to erupt. Move around! On the other end of the cosmic spectrum is Saturn, which begins a three yearlong tour of Scorpio and your domestic fourth house this Saturday. Home sweet home may feel like an elusive concept for a little while, as you’re due to make some changes at Chateau Leo. Creating more private time and space for yourself is a must. Some Leos will renovate or relocate. Others may consider renting a small studio or office outside the house if you can’t find a patch of peace amidst your noisy, demanding family. Slow and steady is the pace to take with these changes, so no need to rush. Saturn is the zodiac’s disciplinarian and taskmaster. While it’s here to create integrity and make us stronger as individuals, Saturn definitely serves up the tough love. One of the major themes you’ll grapple with during Saturn in Scorpio is how to be a responsible family member. You may need more support from your family during these three years, but make sure that it’s a fair deal for them too, so you’re not fostering unhealthy dependencies. Building your nest egg will also become a major theme. Living paycheck-to-paycheck is a no-go now, says Saturn. It’s time to start contributing to that retirement fun, learning the basics of saving (if you’re a beginner), and setting aside money for rainy days.


Cue up Kool And The Gang, ‘cause it’s time to celebrate. Taskmaster Saturn, which has been slogging through Libra since October 2009, moves into Scorpio this Saturday, lifting a huge weight from your shoulders. Having Saturn in your sign felt a bit like an extended tour through boot camp. Nothing has come easily to you these past few years; you’ve had to work twice as hard for every victory. Pause and give yourself a humongous pat on the back. While your usual perfectly coiffed ‘do may be more mussed with flyaways these days, you’ve got grit, drive, and determination that you never even realized were in you. Thank Saturn for the kick in the pants. This “personal trainer planet” DOES have your best interests at heart, even if it pushes you to agonizing limits as you build your strength. Many Libras totally revamped their lives while hosting Saturn, changing everything from marital status to career path to the city you live in. No matter what changes you’ve made, they have definitely given you backbone. But now, how about a little ease, thank you very much? You’ll be happy to hear that Saturn won’t be back to your sign for another 28 years. Now, the cosmic disciplinarian will tour Scorpio until September 2015, planting itself in your second house of income. The way you earn your daily bread becomes the new focus, as does your relationship with the Almighty dollar. How can you take the lessons of Saturn in Libra and monetize them? Working with a career coach or financial planner can help set you on a new path. A slow-and-steady evolution of your job may lead you towards a new pot of gold while Saturn is in Scorpio. Just don’t expect it to happen overnight. Saturn takes things one-step at a time, ensuring that everything is built with integrity and on a solid foundation. You must also learn how to manage your money more appropriately, so you can really make it last. Cutting corners in the financial realm now will backfire, and you’ll have to restrain some of your materialistic, impulse shopping urges. Libra, you know you love life’s finer things, but Saturn in Scorpio asks you to lessen your lust for luxury. Instead of overstuffing the treasure chest, pick out a few classic pieces that will stand the test of time. Learn to be satisfied with enough instead of going into the realm of mindless excess. Also this week, your ruling planet Venus heads into Virgo and your twelfth house of fantasy, surrender, and completions. A chapter in your romantic life may be drawing to a necessary close. Don’t resist this transition, Libra, as there is something far richer on the other side. You won’t see what that is until Venus enters your sign on October 28. If someone pulls away, let him/her go. Your hands-off approach will actually win you points, and give you a chance to see if s/he returns naturally without your influence. If you’re in a relationship, bring more poetic imagination and creativity to the mix. Skip the de facto movie nights and go see a live concert or dance the night away instead. Bonding over music and the arts will strengthen your unspoken connection. Write each other love letters, spend more time lounging without an agenda, go to as many costume parties as you can (the fantasy element of Halloween is tres sexy now). If you’ve hit a block, this is an optimal time to work through issues with a couple’s counselor. If you’re still dwelling on an ex, purge yourself of this person’s influence. It’s time to stop re-reading the old emails, gazing at the pictures, and secretly stalking his/her Facebook page. A new chapter in love begins October 28, so use the time till then to officially mourn and let it go. Work with a therapist if you can’t seem to get yourself out of a rut. Nourishing yourself with yoga, meditation, swimming and dance can also help immensely.


There’s no place like home…but is that a good thing, Pisces? Expansive Jupiter turns retrograde in your domestic fourth house until January 30, 2013 encouraging you to restore the harmony to your household and your personal life. In your drive to please friends, relatives and roomies, you may have allowed their expectations to run you ragged. You’re the clear winner of the Best Supporting Castmate award, but the price you pay may not be worth the accolades. When your head hits the pillow at night, you should feel a sense of peace, not anxiety and stress. What changes need to be made to ensure that you can relax? Begin implementing them this week. You may have to weather a few awkward conversations about limits and boundaries with people who you love. But the alternative—exhausting yourself and sniping resentfully behind people’s backs—is far uglier than speaking up for your needs. You’ll require a steady dose of “me time” during this Jupiter retrograde. Carve out relaxation time in your schedule, even if it’s just fifteen minutes of meditation every day. Anything you can do to make your home feel like a sanctuary will help immensely. Another reason to get Chateau Pisces in order? On Saturday, structured Saturn begins a three-year tour through Scorpio and your ninth house of travel. You’ll have to give your nomadic status a rest, as Saturn stalls travel plans and forces you to stay put more often than you’d like. If you do venture away from base, it won’t be a fly-by-night whim. Relocating to another part of the country or world is a possibility during this Saturn phase. Trips you take will feel like spiritual pilgrimages, or they will have a clear-cut and meaningful purpose. If you have an on-the-go lifestyle, your new challenge is figuring out how to maintain it without becoming totally unrooted. Saturn only comes to this part of your chart every 28 years, and this three-year window is a time where you will be called upon both to study and teach/apply what you know. You might write about it too, as the ninth house rules publishing. Whether it’s a memoir, work of fiction or blog, you’ve got stories to tell and the world wants to hear them. Working or training with a master can elevate your talents to a breathtaking high. Humble yourself, grasshopper, and let yourself be guided. Cross-cultural connections deepen and intensify during this Saturn phase. You may find yourself attracted to people from different backgrounds and far-flung corners of the world. Navigating the so-called differences will be a challenge you’ll enjoy embracing as you learn Le International Language of Love. On Saturday, go-getter Mars stokes your ambition as it grooves into Sagittarius and your tenth house of success. You’ll have the drive to go after a grandiose dream now, and the hustle to make it happen. Men become the star players in your professional ascent, so reach out to the prominent male colleagues in your orbit. Mars can cause aggravation too, and your patience with a few good men could wear thin. While these guys mean well, they aren’t exactly picking up all the clues and directives you’ve been sending out. Rather than get frustrated and impatient, figure out where the communication melted down. You’ll need to monitor your bossy streak too, so your leadership style doesn’t come across as a power trip.



Don’t worry, Sagittarius, you aren’t losing your edge. Go-getter Mars has had you in snooze mode since late August, but this week, it bursts into Sagittarius, lighting your ambitious fire once again. You’ll host the red-hot planet in your sign until November 16, marking the next six weeks as a power period for pushing forth your own initiatives and really leaving a mark on the world. When you’re all lit up with starpower like this, people line up to join forces with you. Contracts may be offered, but put down your pen, O’ Impulsive One. On Thursday, your ruling planet Jupiter turns retrograde in your partnership house, urging you to slow down on the deal making. Although it’s flattering to be so in-demand, you could also wind up spreading yourself too thin. Jupiter will be retrograde until January 30, 2013, and aligning yourself with the most strategic of partners is a must; in fact, you’re better off flying solo than getting into bed with someone who is only 80% right. This is also time to focus on strengthening the partnerships you’re already engaged in. How can you make those duos even more dynamic? Give love to people who have proven that they are in your corner. There’s more gold to be mined in these existing unions. If you’re in a romantic relationship, Jupiter retrograde is an ideal time to study together with your sweetie. That couple’s retreat in Maui? Take the plunge and enroll—Jupiter is in the zodiac’s travel planet, so the farther from home you go to learn, the better. If you’re single, revisiting a beloved travel spot could bring a romantic prospect your way. Start planning that trip for a holiday vacation and make sure your itinerary includes opportunities to mingle with the natives. Now, for the biggest news of the week: on Saturday, structured Saturn begins a three-year tour of Scorpio and your dreamy, flowy, mystical twelfth house. Saturn only comes to this part of your chart every 28 years, and it definitely marks a transition in your life. Although Mars has you in “Go!” mode, Saturn is simultaneously slamming on the brakes and insisting that you learn to operate at a totally different pace. Not easy for the zodiac’s Archer, as you’re used to racing off the moment an impulse hits. “But at what cost?” asks Saturn in Scorpio. Wasted time and money, connections that don’t pan out, exhaustion—enough’s enough. With Saturn in your twelfth house, you must surrender to divine timing and the natural rhythm of the universe. At first, this could feel like someone threw a huge bucket of ice water on your joie de vivre. You’re all about pursuing, hustling and “making it happen,” while the twelfth house is more about visualizing, letting go, and drawing things to you through the Law Of Attraction. Surrender, Archer. It’s time to clear the decks of that which is no longer in alignment with your spirit and soul. This three-year period will change you for sure. (Saturn will pop into Sagittarius for a brief visit from December 23, 2014 till June 14, 2015, but by and large, it will be parked in Scorpio for three years). There’s never been a better time to start a yoga or meditation practice, work with an energy healer or holistic practitioner, or dive into a spiritual/mystical study. Think of it as a much-needed retreat. It’s not that you won’t be busy or working hard, but you’ll learn how to do so without burning yourself out. Best of all, the twelfth house is where mentors, helpful people, and “guardian angels” reside. Rather than struggling so hard to do it all by yourself, it’s time to lean on the powerful people in your orbit. You might have to share some of the pie with them, but you’ll have a lot bigger pie to slice from—now that’s true sustenance, Sag.



Drive, discipline, and determination: your reign as a powerhouse begins anew this week. On October 6, taskmaster Saturn plants itself in Scorpio for three years, bringing some serious order to your court. Saturn only visits your sign once every 28 years, so yeah, this is kind of a big deal. Saturn is the “personal trainer planet,” which forces you to lift the heavy weights so you can get ripped and build those incredible muscles. Saturn is the planet of wisdom and authority, and a position of greater leadership and autonomy is calling your name. There’s a boot camp element to this Saturn phase, as you’re going to have to grit your teeth and push in order to maximize its benefits. But you are also entering a powerful new phase of growth. Your life begins going through a restructuring now: you may feel called to move, change jobs, end or start relationships, pursue a more independent career path, or take on greater authority at your existing job. You’ll need to have serious boundaries now too, as you simply can’t afford to spread your energy in too many different directions. Focus, focus, focus: that’s the Saturn way. While most Scorpios know the power of patience, you’ll need it doubly. Nothing will happen overnight; in fact, the stellar results you’re in line for will only come as a result of your strategic, consistent efforts. Keep putting one foot in front of the other. As Winston Churchill once quipped, “If you’re going through hell, keep going.” You’ll need to make this your mantra from time to time, as Saturn can definitely push you into uncomfortable territory where you feel totally out of your element. Do you have enough “me time?” With Saturn in Scorpio, you’ll need to carve out more room in your schedule for nurturing yourself. Make sure you have at least one private space to retreat to and lock the door at home, and no, the bathroom doesn’t count. You might even consider taking a solocation in the days ahead, or traveling to a meditation retreat over the holidays to realign with Numero Uno. Start exploring. Earlier in the week, social, romantic Venus sets up shop in your house of group activities. Until October 28, push yourself to be more of a joiner, or at least a participator. You’ll need your alone time, yes, but balance it out with some larger-scale social activities like parties, sports and networking events. Being among the throngs of people will wake up the single Scorpio’s libido, reminding you of how many options there really are out there. Ask friends to subtly play matchmaker, bringing a potential prospect to hang out with you and the group. That way you can see if sparks fly without feeling obligated or awkward. Coupled? Don’t download another movie or autopilot into “cuddling on the couch” mode. Socializing as a pair energizes your union. Instead of planning a party (too much work for you now!), organize a pub night at a local bar or get everyone rallied for a fun day of apple picking. Career-wise, you get a boost from Mars, which exits Scorpio and heads into Sagittarius until November 16. Sagittarius rules your income house, so you’ll have the drive to pursue new revenue streams. Polish up your resume, bio, and LinkedIn profile. Get new cards printed so that every aspect of your presentation sings with sophistication and success.



The Summer of Love may be well over for 2012, but you’re about to enjoy a full-on romantic renaissance. This week, your ruling planet Venus heads into Virgo and your passionate fifth house until October 28. Don’t let cooling temperatures chill your desire for amore. Glam yourself up and paint the town red with your sweetie by your side. Bringing the playful spirit back to your union will reawaken your attraction and you’ll want to be seen on the scene. (Hello, creative, glamorous power couple.) If you’re looking for love, give the effort the full-court press. Enlist a photographer (or a friend with superlative Instagram skillz) to shoot pictures for your dating profile. Attend events that allow you to mingle with suitable, compatible options. Hint: you may have to venture beyond your usual hotspots. Leave your gaggle of friends behind for a few of these events. You’re a lot more approachable when you aren’t surrounded by your entourage. This is a fertile time for Taurus too, so if you’ve caught the wave of baby fever, a pregnancy could be in the offing. Not dreaming of diapers at the moment? Don’t skimp on protection, Bull. Your creativity is at a fertile point too and this four-week Venus phase is an optimal time to develop an imaginative project or to revamp your style and try out an edgy new look. Adding to all this relationship energy is Saturn, which is begins a three-year tour of Scorpio (your partnership sign) this Saturday. Saturn only comes to this part of your chart every 28 years, and when it does, it brings a weighty, “serious relationship” energy to the mix. Casual dates are replaced by cohabitation, which could lead to engagement and marriage. You’ve never been one to take the whole love thing lightly, and Saturn’s influence will intensify your desire to play for keeps. But if you’ve been saying you want true love but only manifesting players and flash-in-the-pan hookups, you’ll need to evaluate your own approach. Saturn is an arse-kicker; while it can bring long-lasting results, they don’t come without discipline and hard work. You might even work with a coach or couple’s therapist to navigate the oft-tricky sea of love. A change in your beliefs and approach to dating/marriage is required to maximize Saturn in Scorpio’s promise of a long-lasting bond. For Bulls who have been slogging unhappily through a bad romance, Saturn’s entrance to Scorpio could herald the courage to make your exit. You’re a naturally hard-worker. If you’ve tried six fruitless ways to Sunday to fix a broken bond, it’s time to lay down your sword. Endings are not your sign’s forte; in fact, many Bulls struggle with abandonment issues, as you love your comforts and familiarities. But, move on you must if you want to enjoy the rich rewards that Saturn can bring when you’re working in tandem with the right person. Business partnerships will also be affected by Saturn’s tour of Scorpio in much the same way as romantic ones will. If you’re in a contract with a shady character, hire a lawyer and break it. Conversely, you may slowly and steadily build towards a long-lasting joint venture with a fellow powerhouse. On Thursday, enterprising Jupiter turns retrograde in your income house until January 30, 2013. Although this can slow down your ambitious efforts a bit, your diligence and dedication will pay off big time. This temporary lull also gives you time to work out your plan and ensures that you don’t put the cart before the horse or get swept up in a bad deal. Be patient with the process of hunting for work, raising capital and sussing out new income streams. Retrogrades rule the past, and people you’ve worked with in a prior incarnation of your career could step forward with exciting opportunities and connections. Scroll through your LinkedIn page and contact database and see which names jump out at you as good people to follow up with. Your reunion chat could turn up new sources of revenue.



Dynamic Venus tours Virgo from Wednesday till October 28, making you more magnetic than an iron cobalt alloy. Stop chasing, pushing and pursuing and just be still. You don’t have to work so hard, Virgo; all you have to do is be your fabulous self and you’ll naturally draw what you desire into your orbit. When Venus tours your sign, self-love is the order of the day. Forget about Klout scores and approval ratings. Instead, work on elevating your inner confidence so you don’t give a rat’s arse what other people think of you. It’s one of life’s great ironies: the minute you stop worrying about external validation is exactly when people line up to be part of your fan club. By the same token, Venus amps up your creative powers, encouraging you to express yourself with unbridled style and enthusiasm. If you love something (or someone) that’s all that matters, popular opinion be damned. If you’re not sure what’s next, start creating a vision board. Over the next four weeks, clipping images that attract you and pasting them onto a large sheet of paper can put the puzzle pieces together in an illuminating way. Let your subconscious desires do the work and don’t overthink things. If you find yourself in a social groove, go explore new activities without forcing yourself to commit. It’s time to dabble, to try a little taste of this and that, so that you can figure out the right recipe to your bliss. On Saturday, go-getter Mars kicks off a six-week tour of your domestic sector. You’ll feel revved up to renovate, relocate, or celebrate life at Chateau Virgo. Home becomes a more central hub of activity and the place where the magic happens. Set up a workout station and a home office, so you can stay on point with your routines without having to walk out the front door. Be warned: while you love to play the happy host, having too many houseguests WILL annoy you during this Mars phase. If people visit between now and November 16, make sure your schedules and lifestyles are compatible so you aren’t tripping over their aero-bed while you’re trying to start your day. On Thursday, risk-taking Jupiter turns retrograde in your career house until January 30, encouraging you to pace yourself in professional matters. Taking on too much too soon can leave you stressed and overwhelmed. Slow down and ensure that you don’t burn yourself out by being overly ambitious. It’s really okay that Rome won’t be built in a day, Virgo. You’ll still be in “Go!” mode, but you’ll want to streamline your efforts and only take calculated risks instead of epic gambles. Deepen your relationship to the VIPs and decision makers. While this will take some extra time and effort, the payoff will be grand. Retrogrades rule the past indicating that a former colleague could pave the way to your success over the coming four months. Reach out and reconnect. This is also a powerful time for healing your relationship with a father figure or important man in your world. On Saturday, structured, disciplined Saturn moves into Scorpio and your third house of local activity and everyday surroundings. Saturn will hold this position for three years, prodding you to become a more active participant at the office, in your neighborhood, and at the places you frequent. No more hovering on the periphery, analyzing people from your quiet corner. Saturn in Scorpio helps you develop your communication skills and socialize more strategically. It’s time to create more win-wins, become a sharper dealmaker, and partner up with people who are established and responsible citizens of the Earth.



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