Weekly Horoscopes

October 15th- October 21st


Happy week fortunes!



Monday’s new moon in Libra brings a fresh start in the realm of partnerships. While you’re more comfortable being a solo act than a dynamic duo, you’re not destined to be a lone wolf in this lifetime. Rather, Aries, you need to join forces with people who cherish your individuality and encourage you to grow and flourish. Someone who fits that description could arrive ceremoniously this week, so keep your heart and arms wide open. This could be a case of “opposites attract,” so drop expectations about what type will suit you. To adapt an expression: man plans, the universe laughs. A complementary force will mirror aspects of your personality that you might not discover while hanging with a kindred spirit. As someone who loves to be challenged, you’ll thrive in a union with someone who isn’t afraid to lovingly call you out on your BS when you’re going down the wrong path. If you’ve been casually dating someone, the urge to make it official could strike. Commit and see what unfolds. You’ll know if this path is right for you six months from now, under the light of the corresponding full moon in Libra on March 27, 2013. Aries in relationships, consider this new moon your fresh start. If you’ve been together a while, your relationship may be autopiloting down a comfortable-yet-snoozeworthy path. Get your hands back on the wheel and generate some heat and excitement. A co-created project will help you bond, especially if you develop something that plays to both of your strengths and gives each of you a specific domain to lord over. This could span the range from starting a band to building a house to hosting an epic Halloween shindig. This lunar Libra energy also reminds you that sharing is caring. Have you been a little too territorial or private lately? Let your honey into your secret universe, Aries. Share your toys and make more of an effort to communicate. You might think that the “So, how was your day?” conversations are droll, but they can actually be the glue that holds a couple together. Speak up! Some Aries could find themselves on bended knee this week, or surprised by the appearance of a little velvet box.  Say yes to the dress, would ya? On the financial front, this new moon rules the legal realm. A new contract could be offered to you or you may extend an official offer to someone who you’d like to join forces with. If a relationship is past the point of no return, either in your personal or professional life, severing ties may require legal counsel and this is the week to dial-a-lawyer. Peace, love, and harmony are what this Libra new moon is calling for, so extract yourself from stressful, no-win situations and let serenity reign supreme.


The world is your oyster this week, and Monday’s new moon in Libra helps you find a pearl. This might actually be a pearl of wisdom, since Libra is the ruler of your ninth house of higher education. You’re a born seeker, Aquarius, always searching for liberating truths and ideals. Is a class or training program calling your name? This is the week to enroll and start a course of study. You may find that this class falls into the realm of non-traditional education or experiential learning. Apprenticing or interning with a master in the field you’re looking to grasp would provide invaluable hands-on training that money can’t buy. Libra’s lunar light energizes the realm of relationships, and hey, couldn’t we all learn to improve in this arena? You might find yourself drawn to a course that helps you strengthen your interpersonal skills, or enrolling in a couple’s workshop with your beloved. Since you never care about marching to the same beat as the rest of the world, here’s some news you’ll appreciate. This new moon wants you to take a vacation. While everyone else is sinking into back-to-work mode, you could be enjoying those low season travel deals in fabulous and far-flung corners of the world. (Passport please!) If you can’t slip away now, get to planning a getaway that you’ll take by the corresponding full moon on March 27, 2013. Even dreaming about a future trip will put you in an inspired headspace, so poke around those travel blogs and read reviews on TripAdvisor.com for firsthand accounts and recommendations. Off the beaten path is where you’ll thrive, so you might split your time between chi-chi hotel accommodations and tiny eco-chic cabanas. Your entrepreneurial nature is sparked by this new moon, so if you’ve been angling towards becoming your own boss, get those wheels in motion. What starts as a side business this week could evolve into a thriving venture over the coming six months. Your work may get published, so if you’re a writer or mediamaker, submit to agents, magazines, or blogs; or, start your own blog and share your keen Aquarian insights with the world. Cross-cultural relationships simmer with potential, both for business and pleasure. Cast a wider net as you search for new members of your tribe. You can’t judge a book by its cover this week.



This week is about finding—or creating—that little patch of peace that your sign so dearly craves. Monday’s new moon in Libra energizes your domestic fourth house, reawakening your nesting instincts. Channel Jonathan Adler and play a little game of interior decorating. You may be feeling like a décor overhaul or just a swap to the color scheme. Painting a wall, refreshing your duvet cover and throw pillows, or reconfiguring the furniture can do wonders to spruce up the place. For bonus points, take a peek at a bagua map and work some Feng Shui magic into your scheme. Placing objects in pairs, for example, is said to promote relationships. Put a plant in your money corner for financial growth; make sure that your bed is accessible from both sides and you may soon have someone to keep you warm at night. Cancers in the market for a move will get a happy boost from this new moon. Spend Monday evening poring over the Real Estate section of the paper or checking online listings. A fateful find could lead you to your dream home. If you’re selling property, plant that “For Sale” sign on your front lawn this week while la luna is providing an added push. Family relationships fall under the spell of this new moon. Is it time to let bygones be bygones and start a fresh chapter with someone in your clan? Delicate Cancer, when a dear friend or relative hurts you, it cuts you to the core. We wouldn’t dare suggest that you’re oversensitive…we’re just saying, are you ever going to let it go? Holding on to resentment is like drinking poison and expecting the other person to die. If you’ve been issued an apology or five, maybe it’s time to forgive. No, the two of you may never be as thick as thieves again, but you can learn to co-exist harmoniously. This is as much for your sake as it is for the other person’s. A powerful new woman, or group of women may come into your orbit this week. Stay open to cool and inspiring women; initiate friendships with them yourself. These alliances could open up new dimensions in your life over the next six months. Emotional eating alert! You often process your feelings through food, Cancer, and the new moon could touch on that very nerve. Changing your home alone can send you running for the cookie jar, but don’t just autopilot through this bingefest. Instead, call up friends and discuss what’s coming up for you. When you talk about your emotions, the urge to stuff them down dissipates. Recommended reading: “Women, Food, And God” by Geneen Roth.


Calling all Capricorn tycoons—and honestly, doesn’t that include pretty much every Capricorn? (Rhetorical question, Goats.) Here’s some news that will make you straighten up the collars of your Chanel suits: Monday’s new moon in Libra falls in your ambitious tenth house, bringing a windfall of energy to your career. It’s time to push the button on an ambitious mission that you’ve had in the works, or to rejoin the working world if you’ve been in vacation mode. New moons are a time for planting seeds and this week is more about sowing than reaping rewards. The bountiful bumper crop comes six months from now, on March 27, 2013, when the full moon in Libra lights the skies. Turn your focus to making new connections, getting a mission started from the ground floor, hiring a coach, or taking any seminars you need to bring your skills up to snuff. Leadership training or a business class (check out Marie Forleo’s Rich Happy & Hot B-School at rhhbschool.com) could also bring an inspiring dimension to your work life. Your destiny is to climb to the top of the heap, Capricorn, but the higher you ascend, the more support you’ll need from outside advisors and seasoned mentors. Otherwise, it can, as they say, get rather lonely at the top. This is a goal-setting new moon. In your quest to take on the world, make sure you aren’t overloading yourself. This new moon in Libra is here to teach you to streamline and prioritize. Pick the top tier goals that you’d like to accomplish in the next six months and reserve the others for another time and place. Since Libra is the sign of partnership, the old adage, “it’s all about who you know” certainly rings true. Grabbing the brass ring may involve four hands instead of two and this week could bring the perfect “other half” for a dynamic duo.  There will be new openings with the important men in your life this week, too. Boyfriends, brothers, fathers, sons, the guys at work–give the fellas your primary focus now. Partnerships with men that begin this week could evolve into prosperous unions. If the male species puzzles you like some endless enigma, check out the work of Alison Armstrong at understandmen.com, an insightful glimpse into the inner workings of the minds of men. PS, ladies: they have feelings too, they just express them differently than women. Learning to work more collaboratively with the dudes will open up a fulfilling new dimension in your life, so make it your mission to get some great guys on Team Capricorn.


Monday’s new moon in Libra reawakens the romantic in you, directing you to get back into a sultry, passionate headspace. Go ahead and Netflix “The Notebook” if you must, but please don’t plan on spending the whole week at home watching it over and over (and over) again. New moons are initiators of action, so whether you’re single or spoken for, this is your time to take Cupid by the bow and shoot some arrows towards your intended target. Single Gems, get back on the prowl. With your vast network of friends, it wouldn’t hurt to ask pals to hook you up with eligible prospects. Being the zodiac’s chattiest sign, you don’t usually have a problem meeting people in person, so get out and mingle with people who share common interests. Attend Meetups, take a workshop, go to an event that focuses on a topic you adore. Internet dating can be especially fruitful for your gearhead sign…plus no one IMs like the wind quite like you. Wink, chat, ping a few hotties. You might even pose for a photo shoot and get some gorgeous new pics up for your profile. Coupled? Use this new moon to bring back the loving feelings, or take them to another heady level altogether. Renewing vows, even if it’s not done as an official ceremony, can bring a bonding moment. You might even write new vows to your sweetie if your relationship has evolved to a different space since the wedding bells clanged. Baby-talk (and not the goo-goo-ga-ga variety) could become a hot topic this week, as this is a new moon of fertility. If pregnancy is not on the agenda for you now, protect yourself accordingly. Otherwise, discuss your wishes openly, and explore IVF or other fertility treatments if necessary. If you have children, this new moon awakens a beautiful new chapter for your bond. Make more room in your busy schedule for hanging with the important kids in your life. This new moon will also send the spotlight searching for you. It’s time to put yourself “on display, on display, on display,” as New Jersey “Real Housewife” Melissa Gorga crooned. Fame is coming your way, and you could truly make a name for yourself between now and the Libra full moon on March 27, 2013. What mark do you want to leave on the world in the coming six months? Boldly put yourself out there. If you own a business or are a performer of any variety, this is a great week to work with a branding specialist so you can ensure that your external message aligns with your soul’s intentions and gifts.


Oh, who are the people in your neighborhood? Action heats up on the local scene, thanks to Monday’s new moon in Libra and your third house of hometown happenings. You won’t have to travel far to find what you need; in fact, you may have been overlooking the obvious. Instead of autopiloting through your daily routines, pay attention to your surroundings. Read the flyers tacked to the bulletin board while you wait for your morning latte. You might find a posting for a class or workshop that will completely rock your world. Smile and make eye contact with people who catch your interest; spark up a conversation if your warmth is returned. You’re due to make some new friends now Leo, and they might be living on your block or in your building. This new moon is boosting your social life in a big way, helping you connect to your kindred spirits. The third house rules platonic partnerships, and you could join forces more formally with someone with whom you have tons in common. Forget about sussing out attractive opposites—this is not the time to work that hard. Like attracts like under the light of this Libra new moon, and you’ll delight in discovering people with true BFF potential. You have a habit of overcommitting yourself, but this new moon encourages you to be more of a dabbler. It’s fine to try before you buy (and try, try again). Even if you’re thrilled by a new activity, hold yourself back from signing up for the yearlong or lifetime membership. You’re more likely to enjoy the things you discover this week for a six-month period, then, evolve into something beyond. If you’re not thrilled with your ‘hood, let the lunar beams light the path to discovery. Explore new areas, especially the up-and-coming, artsy ones that are right in your sign’s creative wheelhouse. You thrive in the company of fanciful, entrepreneurial people, so a neighborhood with one-of-a-kind boutiques, experimental restaurants, and a thriving social scene would be right up your alley. You may find yourself commuting back and forth between two locations this week as well—something that may become a regular routine for you over the next six months. Instead of grumbling about the travel time, see the silver lining. Download audiobooks for the ride and you’ll have tons to talk about when you arrive at your destination. Exploring a new city—even if you’re not immediately at one with it—will awaken new interests and slumbering parts of your personality. Are you in the market for a new set of wheels? This new moon could lead you to the car dealership, or maybe the local haute-transport bike shop. Go ahead and push the button on this purchase instead of deliberating endlessly. You might also upgrade your mobile gadgets this week, like your cell phone, laptop, or e-reader. In personal relationships, the grand theme is improving communication. Have you really been listening to dates and mates, or just waiting for them to stop talking so you can jump in with a story about YOUR life? Before you excitedly gush about how you can totally relate because X happened to you, take a breath. This is the perfect week to practice the mirroring technique, whereby you repeat back to a person what they just said to you. For example, “If I heard you right, honey, you are telling me that you feel like X.” Not only will this make the other person feel validated and understood, it will make you the most popular person in town. People rarely listen to one another, Leo, and bringing your keen ears to the conversation makes you a joy to be around. Don’t worry, you’ll get your airtime, too.


Ready to feel like the master of your own universe again? Monday’s new moon in Libra opens to a clean page in your life. This is your cosmic New Year, a day where you officially get to hit the refresh button and start from scratch if you so desire. You’re an “other-focused,” people-person by nature, but this week is about putting Numero Uno first. Yes, Libra, it’s okay to be a little selfish in the name of personal growth and development. Sit down with a pumpkin spice latte and a pristine new notebook and jot down your wishes for the year ahead. Focus specifically on what you’d like to accomplish by the corresponding full moon in Libra, six months from now on March 27, 2013. Is there a business venture you’d like to launch, a project you want to revive, a class you want to take, or a personal initiative you want to dive into, like, for reals now? The Libra new moon says, go for it! Take the first step this week, while the lunar forces are fueling your tanks. You’ve been known to endlessly deliberate, but where does that get you? Stop spinning your wheels, shift into drive and take action. In your personal life, have you found yourself growing a wee bit too reliant on other people, or vice versa? Klingons, begone! Mark Monday as your personal Independence Day and liberate yourself from these entanglements. Pepper the week with solo activities—even a solocation. Sure, it might feel a little awkward at first, sitting at a restaurant or film festival alone, or taking yourself on a vacation. But you’ll quickly find that “me, myself and I” can be great company, plus becoming comfortable hanging solo is a huge confidence booster. Think of it as a social experiment, if nothing else. The performer aspect of your personality will be awakened too. Got something to share with the public? All the world’s your stage, Libra, so go ahead and shamelessly self-promote. As long as you focus on what you’re providing for others instead of seeking their validation, your fanbase will quickly balloon.


Are you in or are you out? Monday’s new moon in Libra lays down the gauntlet, pushing you to make an all-or-nothing decision. Although you may feel backed into a corner, consider this a good thing. Sitting in the grey zone is stalling your progress, Pisces. While choosing either direction will cause you both gains and losses, at least you’ll be in motion once again. The truth is, you already know what to do about this situation. Your instincts have been whispering the answer in your ear (and sometimes shouting it into your conscience) for a while now. The trouble is, you’ve been second-guessing yourself. Not that anyone could blame you. This IS a big deal, Pisces, and it might just change the flow of your daily life. Don’t be afraid to let go of structures and circumstances which you’ve outgrown. Conversely, don’t be afraid to dive into the new with both feet. Refusing to answer your calling is like sleepwalking through life. You might have to make a ballsy request on your own behalf. Summon the chutzpah and ask for what you want. You’ll be surprised how easy it is to get a yes from people this week as Libra’s lunar spell imbues you with added charm and charisma. This is an intense new moon for sure, but also a dead-sexy one. If your mojo’s been slumbering, the wakeup call will come this week. You may feel distance in an intimate relationship, but it’s well within your control to get the lovin’ back on track. Scale back and simplify your commitments so that you have undivided time and attention to give to the object of your affections. Relationships require care and feeding after all, so slip into the lacy black La Perla and summon your seductive powers for this mission. A new romantic interest could arrive on the scene, shooting erotic energy in your direction, but also sending you on a bit of a cat and mouse chase. Enjoy the game, Pisces, at least for a little while. The uncertainty of when or if this will explode into a passionate embrace makes the week h-h-hot for you. Concentrating at work, however, may be difficult. Behave! On the financial front, this new moon highlights big money opportunities, such as investments and sale of property. If a move is in the cards, this is the week to stick that realtor’s sign on your front lawn. You could also make a mint selling goods through an online auction. Someone may offer to put dollars behind your dreams. Hire a lawyer so you don’t wind up giving away too large a slice of the pie.



Warm up those spirit fingers, Sagittarius. Monday’s new moon in Libra gets a team effort percolating, one that you’ll be feeling totally “rah-rah!” about. Independent though you may be, you can’t deny that there’s strength in numbers. This new moon helps you suss out joint venture opportunities that still allow you to maintain your own identity. You could form a collective instead of merging into a nameless, faceless blob with other people. This new moon is here to help you find your tribe, even if that means starting from the ground up. Print up some cards and get out on the networking circuit, both in real time and online. Other people’s ideas and energy will buoy your spirit and get you thinking outside of the box again: pure genius. If you already have a great group of connections, host a party or event to bring them all together. Happy Hour or a weekend meetup at a cool pub will do just fine. This doesn’t have to be a fancy shindig; keep it simple and mellow by making lively conversation the focus. Your crew is the original melting pot, so this should be a divine social experiment. Drop your expectations: your Wall Street protestor pal might just click perfectly with the buttoned up lawyer friend. Got an online venture in the works, like a website, blog, podcast, or maybe even an Internet-based course you’d like to teach? Shift into developer mode this week and harness the lunar forces to launch your initiative into the stratosphere of success. Start a buzz on social media sites for any projects or plans you’ve been working on. Your ideas could trend like mad on Twitter, so share, share away. Some Sagittarians may even find themselves in front of the cameras this week since TV is ruled by the part of your chart (the eleventh house) that this new moon is lighting up. Would your life story be interesting fodder for a documentary, news segment, or even a reality show? (And we mean this in a tasteful way, please note, although Sagittarius Snooki IS on maternity leave.) Make your pitch, Sagittarius; and don’t be surprised if the cameras come to you. New moons are the time where seeds are planted, but they often take six months to unleash a bumper crop. If there’s a lull between offer and opportunity, chalk it up to the lunar cycle playing out according to its own timing. Your five (or more) minutes of fame are still in the works. Keep on shining, Sag.



Relax, relate, release. This Monday’s new moon in Libra and your twelfth house of transitions helps you to let go of something that you’ve outgrown. Few people can hang on to the past quite like your nostalgic sign, but when you’re finally done, you’re done. You’ll be feeling the “so over it” vibes this week in ways that may surprise you. It’s possible that you never thought you’d actually feel that way about THIS situation, but here you are, unable to muster a drop of enthusiasm for it. Identity crisis, anyone? It’s time for a change, and you can no longer deny it. You must either close the door on this situation or find a way to totally reinvent it. Don’t panic: Choice B is a completely viable option. You’re a Scorpio, after all, the sign of phoenix-rising-from-the-ashes transformations. So if you’re gonna stick it out, what aspect of the situation needs to “die” so another can be reborn? Some tough conversations are ahead for you this week as you let the other people involved know that you’re ready for this overhaul. That doesn’t mean you have to turn your allies into enemies. Be strategic about how you present this to them so they feel included rather than rejected. In other words, don’t point the finger of blame. This is about YOU, after all, and your need to explore greener pastures. How can they support you if they are to remain in your life? Think of some proactive solutions before you have “the talk.” This past October 5, Saturn began a three-year tour of Scorpio, calling for you to restructure your life in an epic way. That journey is already underway, but this week is about parting with the aspects of your past that you don’t want to bring into your new life. Cutting ties with toxic people is a must now. There will be a period of mourning involved, which is natural when you let go of something you once loved or felt defined by. Give yourself space to feel the feelings; it’s part of making a healthy transition. On a lighter note, this new moon brings an incredible surge of creativity your way. Keep a notebook or dream journal handy all week. Divine inspiration could flood into your consciousness, waking you up in the middle of the night to compose a song, write a letter, or make a sketch of a future large-scale painting. Don’t ignore the muse when she comes a-calling, even if that means cancelling a plan so you can stay in and work on a project you’re passionate about. Play more music as you go through your week to cue your imagination. Also, give yourself over to the “dance, dance revolution.” Rocking out to a live show or incredible DJ will feel like a spiritual experience this week, and dancing is the perfect way to release any pent-up feelings that are stuck in your body. You’d also benefit greatly from starting (or ramping up) a yoga or meditation practice, doing sessions with a Reiki practitioner or energy healer, or getting involved in a spiritual community that speaks to your soul. Recommended reading: Gabrielle Bernstein’s “May Cause Miracles.”



Green, clean living is the name of the game for you this week. Monday’s new moon in Libra reawakens the wellness warrior in you, inspiring you to take great care of your body once again. New moons are times to plant seeds; the harvest comes six months later. By March 27, 2013—the dates of the corresponding full moon in Libra—you could be glowing with vital life force energy. H-h-h-hot! Unless you truly have a medical issue, the all-natural route is the way to get this party started. Purge your fridge and cupboards of fatty, sugary, processed foods and start fueling yourself with natural replacements. The fewer ingredients there are on the package, the better; and bonus if said ingredients come straight from the produce aisle. Pre-order your copy of green goddess Kris Carr’s “Crazy, Sexy Kitchen” cookbook and begin watching the bonus cooking class videos this week. You’ll be the freshest chef on the block, which may even inspire a vegan dinner party this weekend. Veggie soups, raw juices, and meatless Mondays may be de rigeur in Casa Taurus in the days ahead. Hello, inner glow! Don’t forget the importance of movement. Harness the inspired lunar energy to get a fitness routine underway. If your work life is supersocial, opt for a meditative modality like yoga or solo runs on the track or treadmill. Are you hungry for human contact? Jump in an active, upbeat group class where you might even make a few new friends. This new moon also activates a fresh chapter in your work life. A new contract may be extended at your existing job or you could be up for a raise or promotion. If you’re on the hunt for gainful employment, la luna is on your side. Put your feelers out there, troll the job boards, ping some LinkedIn contacts and send off your resume. Since this new moon is in Libra, the old adage, “it’s all about who you know” rings oh-so-true. Reach out to your existing network for job leads. You might even be able to hook up a friend-in-need with a position, too. A service opportunity could arise, or you might rally your officemates towards a holiday season charity opportunity like a coat or food drive. ‘Tis better to give!



Structure, systems, routine: the holy trinity to a Virgo indeed. Monday’s new moon in Libra helps you bring some order to your court in a way that is also creative and pleasurable. It’s important that you simplify and scale back now, in the name of giving yourself some breathing room. Less is definitely more, especially if you radar in on the big fish instead of the school of minnows swimming around. It can be tough for a curious sign like yours to screen out distractions, so you’ll have to be more disciplined. Turn off those digital devices when you’re trying to git ‘er done, and create clean, quiet spaces to work and relax. A big focus of this new moon will be on your financial foundations. It’s no secret that you can be frugal, but when the urge to splurge strikes, you’ve been known to head to the full-price racks at Bergdorf. Hey, you work hard for your money, so why not enjoy it? Perhaps, you could learn to be a little less feast-or-famine in your spending habits though, so that you can spread out the enjoyment of your cash instead of squirreling it away for special occasions alone (or blowing it all in one epic purchase). Libra is the great balancer, and this new moon is here to remind you of the B-word: budgeting. Create expense categories both for the necessities (rent/mortgage, electric bill, car note, savings) and the indulgences along the way (hair treatments, shopping trips, haute cuisine). You may actually see ways to trim the fat from your “necessities” category. Rake through monthly statements with your eagle eye. It’s possible that there’s a forgotten recurring charge or three to cancel. Wouldn’t you rather spend that money on a lovely dinner than an unused subscription? (Rhetorical question.) If your economic plan is to pray that there’s always enough, bring in the big guns. A meeting with a financial advisor can help you get set up in a smart way. Look into software programs for money management, or take an online course. Mother Nature lures you into the crisp fall air this week, bringing serenity with her fresh air. Bundle up and take your socializing al fresco. Photograph the changing leaves, sip pumpkin spice lattes while you walk through the park, squeeze the last few days out of an outdoor café. When it comes to love, slow and steady is the pace for the week. Let yourself be wooed, seduce (don’t chase), and pace your interactions. You’ll get more pleasure from holding hands and kissing than anything else, even if you’ve been with your love for years.


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