Weekly Horoscopes





You’re sexy and you know it, Aries. With the sun kicking off a monthlong tour of Scorpio and your erotic, exotic eighth house your mojo is definitely rising. Tap into your deeper desires and hidden fantasies, and discover another layer of turn-ons. Privacy is a must for this exploration however, so having a trustworthy partner is a no-brainer here. Alas, with Scorpio’s badass allure, you could find yourself attracted to trouble. There are safer ways to get your kicks than trying to tame a player, ones that won’t leave you stressing and obsessing for days after the deed is done. Steer clear of other people’s property, if you will, and choose people who are both stable and stimulating (and available) at once. This is a time where bonds can truly intensify. You could share your life with another in a “happily ever after” way that feels quite permanent. Don’t expect these unions to be 50/50, divided-down-the-middle affairs though. You and your “other half” will bring unique talents and resources to the table, so celebrate your differences instead of trying to become Siamese twins. The same holds true for platonic connections, as this Scorpio cycle will bring an urge to merge with other people for business and creative purposes. This is a hot time to invest in someone’s brilliant inventions, or better yet, develop one of your own. Don’t stress if funds are tight. Someone may offer to put dollars behind your dreams or you could amass the startup funds from Kickstarter. There’s only one slowdown to the process. Heavyweight Saturn is also in Scorpio, and this week, it’s traveling at a close degree to the sun. The expression “fools rush in” is apropos here, as Saturn wants you to pace your development and ensure that anything you create is built on a foundation of stability and integrity. Are you ready for an extreme makeover? With the sun and Saturn linking up, you’ll have the motivation to make a huge personal transformation. This is an “out with the old, in with the new” situation, so you’ll have to let go of the past in order to maximize what’s possible. Don’t be afraid to let go of that vice. Though the detox won’t be easy, when you’re on the other side, you’ll feel the joy of freedom. On Sunday, loveplanet Venus grooves into Libra and your seventh house of partnerships until November 21. Here’s another push to join forces, Aries, so stay open to the idea of a joint venture. Venus rules women, so your partner for a monthlong project could be of the XX chromosome set. Co-creating with your sweetie will also be a fulfilling experience, whether you’re hosting a party, renovating an area of your home, or developing a business idea together. Single Aries, make an effort to get out and mingle, as Venus in Libra is one of the best annual cycles for meeting a mate.



Get ready for another power surge. Since Saturn moved into Scorpio two weeks ago, there’s been a planetary push towards professional growth. This Monday, the sun begins a monthlong tour of Scorpio, blasting your ambitions with solar power. Expressing yourself through your career will be a big focus for the next month. While you aren’t the type who is defined by your job, it’s important that your work be a true reflection of your values and capabilities. If you’ve toyed with the idea of starting your own business, you might just get the nerve to go for it now. While the sun illuminates optimistic possibilities, Saturn’s mantra is “take it slow.” A little schizo, perhaps, but you’ll be able to bring a balanced approach towards your ascent for the next thirty days. This sun-Saturn meetup may herald a giant leap, and perhaps the end of an enjoyable-but-tired slacker phase. Before you tender any resignations, see if there are opportunities for growth at your current gig. A subtle tweak could make a huge difference, especially if you are able to create more autonomy for yourself. It’s not like you need a boss breathing down your neck—that’s death to your inspiration. But don’t fight authority at every turn O’ Rebellious one. Learning how to be a great leader yourself means learning how to respect other leaders in your mix. Men will be the star players in your world while the sun is in Scorpio for a month. Make room for the fellas in your plans. You may feel more comfortable being “one of the guys” than getting all girlie now. An older, established man can open doors for you this week. We’re not talking sugar daddies here, Aquarius, but rather someone who will hand you the ball and you’ll pick up and run with it. With Halloween parties dotting the weekend’s agenda, you might even go drag king with your costume. Forget about being the gangster moll; slip on the top hat and pinstriped suit and go undercover as Don Corleone himself. On Sunday, romantic Venus heads into your ninth house of travel and cross-cultural connections for a month. Got a trip planned between now and November 21? Slip that LBD into your suitcase if you’re single, as your journey is bound to serve up a side of lovin’. Coupled Aquarians, bring more adventure into your partnership. If you can’t take off for a fall vacay, schedule a weekend overnight or extended day trip over the coming four weeks. Taking a workshop on love and relationships can bring a boost, whether you enroll as a single or a couple.



On Monday, the sun decamps to Scorpio, lighting up your fifth house of glamour, romance and celebration for a month. You’ll have no trouble adhering to the pleasure principle this week, Cancer. There’s a hedonist living inside each crab, one who loves to eat, drink and make merry. With the sun in Scorpio, you’re ready to break every teetotalling rule in the book. But not so fast, Cancer! Stern, structured Saturn is also in Scorpio and this week the two heavenly bodies will be traveling at a close degree to each other. While it’s fine to fiesta, your mantra should be “all things in moderation.” If you’re going to bake a batch of brownies (and eat half of them in one sitting), try the gluten-free variety. Need to go unleash with a wild night on the town? Count your martinis instead of tipping them back mindlessly. Overdoing it while Saturn’s in the house is never a wise idea. But here’s the good news: with the sun and Saturn cosmically conjoined, you could make a huge splash in the public eye. Wardrobe! Styling! You love to be comfortable, but you don’t have to sacrifice your sexiness in the process. Media exposure may be coming your way, so get ready for your close up. If you haven’t taken that on-camera or public speaking training yet, look into workshops or one-on-one consultations. A little polish and a few confidence-boosting techniques are the only things that may be standing between you and the recognition you deserve. It’s time to let people see you in action, working your magic and putting a face to your behind-the-scenes efforts. Romance could really rev up over the coming thirty days, so try to be a bit more of a soft-shelled crab. While your heart yearns for closeness, your defenses can be impenetrable. Fortunately, this sun-Saturn combo makes you quite resilient and more willing to take a chance on romance. You might even find yourself in the role of the pursuer or initiator. Seize the moment! Your boldness will pay off in spades. If you’re in a relationship, bring more “structured playtime” back to the mix. The old date night schtick may seem conventional, but it might be the best way to ensure that you and your honey get some quality time together. On Sunday, beautifying Venus grooves into Libra and your domestic quarters for a month. Sprucing up Chez Cancer could become a near-obsession for some of you. Get that Pinterest board up to gather ideas and inspiration. This Venus phase could bring some much-needed family harmony, too. You’ll be able to peacefully resolve a conflict with relatives (or one in particular) in the days ahead. Extend the olive branch and agree to disagree. Then, make any troubling topic off-limits to avoid future conflicts. You have plenty of common ground to focus on, after all.



Power down your PC and go join the party people. The sun rockets into Scorpio and your hypersocial eleventh house this Monday, marking a month of mingling with the masses. Socialize strategically, but don’t be a snob. Making friends from all walks of life is a hallmark of this cosmic phase; in fact, the more offbeat and innovative the group, the better. You’re ready to explore some out-of-the-box solutions to the stuck areas of your own life. Alas, your conventional crew just won’t be able to provide those for you. The indie types however, will open your eyes to amazing new possibilities. Warm up those spirit fingers! If morale is lagging on Team Capricorn, you’re the one who will motivate the troops back into action. Because you’re a workaholic by nature, you’ll need to set clear boundaries with coworkers and people, as they would come to expect that you will be on call to work with them 24/7. Even a taskmaster like you needs a break and this is the time to take it. You may need to rely on coworkers more than you’re comfortable with. Let go of control. They’ll figure out how to get the job done, even if you aren’t there to breathe down their necks. Imbue them with confidence and inspiration and you’ll be amazed by what the collective can produce. Your ruling planet, Saturn, is also in Scorpio, and this week it’s traveling in a tight configuration with the sun. Since Scorpio rules your eleventh house of technology, this is an optimal week for working on your web presence. Get your personal or business site built or updated, polish up your social networking profiles, ignite that long-held dream of having your own blog. Connecting with people online could also serve up fruitful connections for your career–a good excuse to spend more time on Facebook and Twitter, seeing what your old pals and former colleagues have in the works. Reach out if you see an opportunity to collaborate with a successful someone in your sphere. Your humanitarian nature is also sparked by this sun-Saturn meetup. Get involved in a cause or community effort that speaks to your soul. You could also meet some truly caring people this way. On Sunday, Venus moves into Libra and your tenth house of men. Socializing with the fellas is on tap, as Venus holds this position until November 21. This is a great time to deepen the bonds you share with the men in your life, from fathers to sons to guy friends to husbands. An attraction to someone, notably older or younger than you, could spark up too. You’re an old soul, Capricorn, but legend has it your sign ages in reverse. It’s not uncommon for you to find yourself in a relationship with a decade between you and your mate. If you’re already spoken for, this Venus phase brings a wave of power couple energy your way. Dress up and hit the circuit with your sweetie on your arm. You’ll enjoy being the envy of the town, but don’t get too caught up in image or you could also alienate people and provoke jealousy. Alas, “don’t hate me because I’m beautiful” is not going to cut it as a response. A little humility goes a long way to keep your fabulosity in balance.



This Monday, the sun kicks off a thirty-day tour of Scorpio and your sixth house of well-being. While the candy corn and bite-sized chocolate bars are hardly in short order, you’re prodded to embrace a healthier lifestyle. It’s not that you should eliminate your joie de vivre, but some moderation is in order. Maybe you should sip a seltzer instead of a Stoli or Sauvignon Blanc…at least for a few nights of the week. Add more greens to your plate instead of starches and center your socializing around heart-rate-boosting activities. Meet friends for yoga and vegetarian tapas; pass over the lounges and opt for venues that have dance floors. All things natural, eco-friendly and organic will appeal to you now, which may herald a change to your eating habits, not to mention the beauty and cleaning products you use. You know the old chestnut about an apple a day. Preventative medicine is the best kind of all, so book a session with a holistic healer, chiropractor, masseuse or acupuncturist to keep your body tuned up. Since the sixth house rules digestion, consulting a nutritionist would be timely. You might also read about food combining, as putting together specific groups of food has been show to either slow down or speed up the body’s ability to process it. Your work life gets busy while the sun is in Scorpio for the next month, too. Adding to that push is weighty Saturn, which moved into Scorpio on October 5, and will be traveling at a close degree to the sun all week. Saturn rules authority figures, so make sure you’re getting in good with the decision-makers now. A little pandering to the higher-ups may be in order, so prepare to put in a couple pro bono hours to show your dedication. You may be foisted up the ladder to a greater role of authority yourself. Because of Saturn’s influence, this boost will bring a lot of additional responsibility your way. Forget about the fist-pumps and spirit fingers. Your leadership role will require you to both motivate the troops AND walk your talk. In other words, Gemini, you’re going to be one busy bee for the next month. Take advantage of it! Whether you’re working as the apprentice or the head honcho, you’re poised to make huge strides for your professional life as a result of your elbow grease. On Sunday, loveplanet Venus bestows you with added charm as she moves into Libra and your passionate, romantic fifth house for a month. Although you’ll be working hard at the gym and the office, your love life will be a huge bright spot now. Single Geminis can expect a romantic resurgence to take place. Let friends play matchmaker for you, smile at sexy strangers, plant yourself among the eligible and flirt to your heart’s content. Sometimes a kiss is just a kiss, sometimes it’s more. Drop your expectations and enjoy the moment. Coupled Geminis may find themselves have the baby talk, or eagerly co-creating in another way. Schedule more “play dates” with your sweetie as fun is the glue that bonds you now. If you’re a performer, this Venus cycle offers you a starpowered month on the stage. Get in front of the crowds and let yourself shine—you’ll be well received by the masses. Has your style been “meh” lately? Venus is the cosmic beautifier and brings a dose of creativity to your fashionista’s flair. An edgy new hairstyle or wardrobe upgrade could be just the thing to make you feel like your sparkly self again.



Pack away those butterfly wings. The sun downshifts into Scorpio and your cozy, domestic fourth house for a month, sending you back to your leonine lair to recharge. Home is where your lion’s heart is, whether you’re lounging on an oversized sofa or entertaining guests with your signature creative flair. You’ll definitely need more room in your schedule for personal time now. Although it’s hard for you to turn down invitations, you simply can’t afford to spread yourself so thin. Besides, charity begins in the home. Turn some of that beneficent energy towards your nearest and dearest. Spending time with close friends and family should be a priority for the coming thirty days. Your peeps need some of that bright, shiny spirit, Leo. Host an intimate dinner party before the week is through. This might even turn into a roving supper club where you and your guests take turns playing host. Keep the headcount small so that dinner table conversation can be enjoyed by all. The ladies in your life will play a starring role while the sun is in Scorpio, and these bonds could really strengthen this week, too. That’s because serious Saturn is also in Scorpio, bringing a weighty energy to the mix. Does your circle of female friends need an overhaul or upgrade? You may have been putting up with some less-than-savory behavior from a woman in your life. If she is unwilling to change her ways, your only choice may be to take a break; or, in extreme cases, have a full-on friendship breakup. Toxic friends have a way of spilling their pollutants into your life, Leo, so don’t let them sink you like the Exxon Valdez. Choose female friends that are happy, proactive, positive, and on a successful path—not ones who constantly need you to rescue them. A powerful woman could take you under her wing this week, helping you develop your career and realign with your dreams. You may see an opportunity to nurture a younger woman at work who is a go-getter herself. With the sun and Saturn cosmically conjoined in your fourth house, a home-based business idea could really kick into high gear. At the very least, do some development work on any such ventures. Being your own boss: that’s the Leo way. All the better if you can work from your own lair, even if it starts out as a side business. Halloween parties will be plentiful this weekend, and theatrical Leo can’t miss the opportunity to flounce around in costume. You may have to push yourself a little to get out of the house, but once you do, you’ll be in good spirits. Party-hop with a close-knit crew of friends. You might even opt for a shared costume theme: the Kardashian sisters or cast of Glee, perhaps? On Sunday, romantic Venus restores your flirty nature when it decamps to Libra and your third house for a month. You’ll have the gift of gab, so while you’re lounging in silk pajamas, why not IM an online cutie or three? Internet dating will yield particularly successful results for Leos on the prowl between now and November 21. Try, try again. Coupled Lions, this Venus phase is all about strengthening communication. A co-created project can help you bond with your sweetie. Write a song together, remodel an area of the house, take a couple’s workshop.



Green is the new black in Libraland this week, as the brilliant sun joins heavyweight Saturn in Scorpio. Your finances become a big focus now and it’s time to get serious about how you’re making and handling your cash money. While the sun brings a dose of go-getter optimism, Saturn warns with a cautionary tale. A little schizo, yes, but together, these two heavenly bodies bring a savvy, sensible balance to your balance sheet. You may feel motivated to pursue a job lead, woo a plum client, or completely overhaul your company’s branding with a sophisticated update before the week is through. Just remember, Saturn’s mantra is “take it slow.” Shuttering a perfectly profitable enterprise or tendering your resignation before you have a new gig lined up would be a misstep now. Fortunately, Libras understand that good things come to those who wait. Take toddler-sized steps (as opposed to baby ones) and your big leap will come before you know it. And what to do with your bounty once you’ve earned it? You’re the zodiac’s original Material Girl/Guy and money has been known to burn a hole in your charmeuse-lined pocket. This would be the week to enlist a financial planner or start using money management software to track your earnings if your budget is OOC. Another way that green is your new black? When it comes to your connection to Mother Nature herself, you’re more glamorous than earthy, but you do understand the concept of natural beauty. Wrap yourself in that cashmere scarf and take a walk through the fall foliage, dare to break a nail picking apples or get your J-brands dusty on a hayride. Being out in the fresh air is a huge boost to your spirit. Nothing will quite calm your senses like being out in fresh air and open sky, and hey, if you want to book a sea mineral facial at the organic spa, the planets endorse that choice wholly. Rev up your inner-outer glow with smart nutrition, too. Meet a date at a farm-to-table restaurant, shop at the perimeter of the store (as in the produce section), try a green soup recipe using seasonal ingredients like kale. On Sunday, loveplanet Venus makes its annual stopover to Libra, blessing you with a megadose of charm. Your love life goes shooting to the stratosphere and suddenly, everyone wants a piece of your time. Don’t let your dance card get too full too fast. You can afford to be choosy now, Libra—and assertive. Ask for what you want from your partner, hold loved ones accountable to their promises. It’s your time to make the first move, so scrap the rules about courtship and pursue your target. Self-love is as important as love from another when Venus visits your sign. Leave room in your schedule for “me time” as you’ll enjoy flitting about like a social butterfly without any obligation to stay put. This is a stellar time for developing a creative project, so expect many visits from the muse while Venus is in Libra until November 21.



It’s fun to be the toast of the town, but this week, you’re dreaming of distant lands. That’s because the sun is cruising into Scorpio and your wanderlust-stricken ninth house. While you might be too busy to jet off to the Greek Islands, try to squeeze in a short jaunt over the next month’s time. Whether you’re traveling for business, pleasure or a hint of both, there’s opportunity to be found beyond city limits. Expand your search radius when researching collaborators, clients, even dating options. The people you click with could be further from home base than you expect this week. One caveat: heavyweight Saturn is also in Scorpio, making it harder than usual to be your spontaneous self. You won’t be able to hop on a plane at a moment’s notice, so you’ll also have to develop these long-distance connections via the phone and Internet (hello Skype dates). An important person in your life may have moved out of town recently. Don’t let the relationship fade into obscurity. Begin planning your next face-to-face but make an effort to connect this week as best you can. Multicultural mingling is all the rage in Piscesville this week too. Make a point to diversify your social options and connect with people from different backgrounds than your own. This sun-Saturn meetup could awaken your entrepreneurial nature. If you’ve toyed with the idea of being in business for yourself, now’s the time to get serious. Pisces who already own their own companies, this week could bring a slow-but-steady expansion. You might even write a book or article about a subject you have expertise in. On Sunday, loveplanet Venus slinks into Libra and your sultry eighth house. Draw the drapes and hang the “Do Not Disturb” sign. The love you’re craving will be a private affair while Venus holds this position until November 21. Beware the clandestine affair. The thrills will wear off quickly, turning you into an obsessed mess—so not worth it. You could find yourself wearing more black now as this scintillating shade is de rigeur for Venus in the eighth house. Pisces in relationships, create more romantic one-on-one time with your sweetie. Intimate conversations are the glue that hold you together, but install the dimmer switch or bathe your bedroom in candlelight to create the perfect ambiance for bonding with your boo. Shhh! You don’t have to report every detail to the girls a la the legendary “Sex And The City” brunches. Deal with thing directly and keep your personal biz off the streets.



You’re getting slee-e-e-e-py. On Monday, sun retreats to Scorpio and your dreamy twelfth house for a month, making it time to downshift into a mellow groove. This is the final chapter of your annual zodiac cycle. One month from now, the sun will be in Sagittarius, lighting you up with go-getter verve. But before you can bring in the new, you’ve gotta be out with the old. With disciplined Saturn lining up with the sun in Scorpio, roll up your sleeves and do some serious decluttering. Clear your physical space of excess and never-used goods. Your junk is another’s treasure, Sagittarius, so donate it to charity or to a loved one who will use and appreciate it. Organizing the basement or attic might just be your idea of a good time this week. Besides, you don’t need to bring any baggage into your cosmic New Year, which begins when the sun hits Sagittarius on November 22. That includes the emotional variety. Are there still some claim checks lingering in your subconscious? Even an optimist like you can’t psyche herself out of her own deeper feelings. It’s time to process any pain, fear, or anger that you’ve been too busy to deal with. You may be mourning a loss of some sort, or adjusting to a major transition. Give yourself the space to heal, and call in supporters. From therapists to shamans to energy healers to spiritual gurus, people who understand the hidden realm are the ones to lean on. Your escapist tendencies could flare up, but running away only creates a temporary relief. That said, it wouldn’t hurt to get away from your usual environment, even for a day trip, this week. Go somewhere serene, where you have space to hear your own thoughts, but also a place that stimulates your creativity. A country antiquing mission or dinner at a farm-to-table restaurant could be just the thing. Your imagination will be in rare form while the sun is in Scorpio, and with Saturn’s help, you could turn a divinely guided project into a total masterpiece. Make sure there’s room in your schedule to write poetry, paint, decorate, play music—whatever form the muse takes. This sun-Saturn meetup may bring a powerful mentor into your world. Behind every successful person is a fleet of coaches and advisors after all. Instead of struggling, bring in the big guns this week. Someone who has mastered the skill you’re trying to learn can spare you a costly mistake. If you haven’t put a yoga or meditation practice in place, this is the week to do so. A calm inner world is the key to surviving the insanity of the outer world. Om shanti, Sag. On Sunday, your popularity begins to climb when social Venus moves into Libra and your eleventh house of friendship. So many people, so little time. How will you accommodate your desire to be amongst the people and your need for a little more solitude? Make it a group thing, Sagittarius. You simply won’t have the energy to see people one-on-one now, but make a fun night of it with your posse and you’ll bring the double bonus of introducing all the cool people in your world to one another. If you’re looking for love, this is a great way to meet someone new. Tell your friends to bring their friends, and the mystery guest could turn into your Halloween honey.



“Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm,” said Ralph Waldo Emerson. With the sun moving into Scorpio for a month beginning Monday, it’s time to trade your under-the-radar cool for a more outwardly expressive M.O. This is the beginning of your annual “birth month,” after all, a time where the planets hit the reset switch on your life and give you a chance to start fresh, build anew, and totally reinvent yourself if you so desire. Some Scorpios have been busily rebuilding a major area of your lives. That’s because on October 5, structured Saturn began a three-year tour of your sign, reminding you, in the words of Scorpio Ru Paul, that “you’d better work!” But work doesn’t have to feel like drudgery now that the brilliant, beaming sun has entered the picture. This week, the sun and Saturn are traveling at a close degree to each other, bringing both optimism and practical magic to the mix. Summon your inner contender and jump into a competition. You’ll be motivated by a challenge now, so don’t just play the game you’re certain you can win. You’ll grow more by playing slightly out of your league, and with your “never say die” attitude, you might just be the rookie who blows away the veterans with your burst of skill. This sun-Saturn union may prompt a desire to be the boss, either for a division of someone else’s company or perhaps your own. It’s time to make a climb up the ladder one way or another so don’t shirk the added responsibility that is set to come your way. Saturn’s mantra is “slow and steady wins the race,” so don’t expect this ascent to take place overnight. Some Scorpios may have to seriously earn (or re-earn) your stripes, by working diligently under a master. The next thirty days could bring exponential growth, however, so put your pride to the side and do what needs to be done. If you’ve thought of working as a consultant or an independent contractor, the stars are nudging you to explore this more self-directed path. Watch your aggro edge though! Your patience may be shorter than you realize this week, and those snippy little barbs you shoot at people won’t just roll off their backs. Don’t risk turning allies into enemies by allowing yourself to be short with people. If you find yourself getting edgy, take a time out. It’s likely that you’ll be needing spots of “me time” throughout your days, even if they only last for ten minutes while you sip tea and listen to meditative music through the headphones of your office computer. The weekend’s Halloween celebrations will be good fun for you. After all, any opportunity to assume another identity and shroud yourself in disguise is right up your sign’s alley. On Sunday, loveplanet Venus moves into Libra and your twelfth house of fantasy until November 21. Being swept away on a sweet, romantic escape is a strong possibility, but don’t get carried so far out to sea that you lose sight of home. There’s a tendency to lose yourself in love during this phase, or don the rose-colored glasses instead of seeing people for who they are. If you’re in a relationship, you’ll be delving into some deep waters together for the next four weeks. Don’t be afraid to go there…discussing the good, bad, and ugly clears the air and makes your union stronger.



The sun kicks off a monthlong tour of Scorpio and your seventh house of relationships this Monday, making two your magic number. Pairing up with other people is the name of the game. Give the renegade, lone wolf schtick a rest and begin the search for your perfect complement. Even if you ARE able to do it all by yourself, that approach is exhausting. It’s time to call for backup, Taurus, and be buoyed by the energy of another person. Saturn, the disciplinarian, is also in Scorpio, making it essential that you partner up with capable, trustworthy people who can walk their talk. Whether for business or romance, you don’t want to be left holding the bag while your partner runs around having a good time. Have you been over-compromising just to keep the peace in a relationship? You have needs too, Bull, so make sure you express them and bring back the balance. This is a week where casual relationships could move into a more serious state. From cohabitation to engagement to conjoining bank accounts, if your love is solid, making things official will help you feel more secure and centered in your bond. Opt for a couple’s costume theme for weekend celebrations, a fun way to creatively connect. Bonnie and Clyde, Kim and Kanye, Kurt and Blaine—it’s your call, Taurus. If you’re single, the motivation to search for true love will be awakened once again. The sun-Saturn meetup gives you both a brightly optimistic and cautious outlook, which is a healthy balance for your loves-to-be-in-love, Venus-ruled sign. It’s easy for you to get excited in the early flush of amore, but for the next thirty days, you’ll really need to pace your inner romantic so that you don’t project qualities onto people that don’t truly exist. You’re better off saying, “Next!” than shoehorning someone in the soulmate category. The sooner you let go of almost-but-not-quite-enough, the faster you’ll get to The One. Keep your favorite pen handy. You may be inking a sweet contract or deal this week. Conversely, you could finally break free of an obligation that no longer suits your needs. The lawyer’s fees will be a drag, but if that’s what it takes to expedite this closure, pony up. On Sunday, your ruling planet, Venus grooves into Libra for a month, lighting up your sixth house of self-care. Pamper yourself the healthy, natural way. From aromatherapy soaks in the tub to seaweed wraps to organic facials, schedule a spa treatment (hello Groupon!) before the week is through or play home spa and relax. Spend more time in nature, keep your schedule lighter, and make a point of eating clean and green. Your natural glow will be restored, adding to your proverbial Klout score. Bonus: the more relaxed you are, the more receptive you’ll be to true and healthy love.




Kindred spirits, unite! Your urge to merge intensifies this week, as the sun kicks off a monthlong tour of Scorpio and your third house of dynamic duos. These partnerships aren’t all going to be the happily-ever-after sort; in fact, many of them may be formed on a fleeting or project-by-project basis. Even if it’s merely a magic moment you share with fabulous people this week, so be it. You’ll thrive when exchanging ideas and energy with other creative and innovative people. Pairing up on projects will breathe new life into them. You might even unite with a sibling or old friend for this mission! Forget what you heard about opposites attract. This monthlong phase is about finding your tribe; people who share your quirky passions and far-reaching fetishes. As the zodiac’s trivia hound, you tend to research your way down a fascinating trail, and can become obsessed with the obscure in a way that is quite inspiring. There are others like you, Virgo, and it’s time to locate them, both online and in real time. Your circle of friends is set to swell during this social phase, but there’s one caveat. Structured, disciplined Saturn is also in Scorpio and will be traveling at a close degree to the sun all week. It would be all too easy to bond over superficial interests now, but Saturn is prodding you to dig deeper before you bestow anyone with a BFF label. If you want to develop a lasting bond, make sure your connection goes beyond the surface—and that will require you to drop your own mask and keep it real. Let people see you on a bad hair day, too. If the love and support is still there when the chips are down, you’ll know that it’s all love. Get your car tuned up or your commuter pass refilled. You may find yourself shuttling between two locations over the coming month, which can be both energizing and exhausting. There is opportunity to be found in another location now, so expand your search radius when sniffing it out. While the bi-city trek can be a pain at first, once you develop these connections, you’ll be able to work it with ease. Be patient…and diligent. Carpooling to work or taking public transportation can add more free time to your day. You have better things to do than stress over traffic—like watching a movie on your iPad, returning calls, or closing your eyes for a catnap. On Sunday, loveplanet Venus bids Virgo farewell and moves onto Libra. While your mojo won’t rage at quite the same intensity, you’ll be able to bring more structure to your romantic universe now. Do they love you or love you not? You’ll be craving more certainty and may need to let someone go who simply can’t get serious with you. Coupled Virgos, take your dates out to nature. Hold hands on a hayride, pick apples and bake pies together, roll around in a bed of bright red leaves while nobody’s watching you.



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