Weekly Horoscopes





Cha-ching! Monday’s full moon in Taurus could bring a big money moment your way. This lunar event will be lighting up your second house of financial foundations, bringing your efforts over the past six months to a bountiful fruition. If you’ve been putting in the sweat equity, you could finally hit pay dirt, or at the very least, get a glimpse of the light at the end of the tunnel. A new revenue stream could flow in, which may come in the form of a job offer, steady client, or sale of one of your original inventions. If you’ve been struggling to pay the bills, this full moon could unlock the golden handcuffs that are keeping you chained to an overly lavish lifestyle. Simplify and scale back: that’s the message of this full moon. There’s a major difference between luxury and excess, Aries, and it’s possible that you’ve been burdening yourself with too much of a good thing. The two weeks following a full moon are the time meant for taking action. Dive into the nitty-gritty of number crunching, job hunting, or making your big pitch. You might negotiate an installment plan or settlement to pay off a bill that’s a little too big to handle in one lump sum. This full moon also illuminates your eating habits. With the cooling weather, those “salad days” may become less appealing, but that doesn’t mean you have to load up on heavy, energy-zapping fare. Gather recipes for warming comfort foods that are also healthy. Think: oatmeal with raw nuts and fruit and homemade soups. Also on Monday, communication planet Mercury shifts out of secretive Scorpio and into call-it-like-it-is Sagittarius. You’ll be dropping the truth bombs like nobody’s business, but be fair warned, Aries. Next Tuesday (November 6), Mercury will turn retrograde for three weeks, creating a period of mixed messages and potential communication breakdowns. If you’re going to open a giant can of worms, make sure you have the patience to really sort through the collateral drama that arises. Choose your battles wisely: some conflicts are just not worth stirring up. Remind yourself to live-and-let-live, when Preacher Aries starts spewing unsolicited advice from the pulpit. This Mercury phase could herald some exciting long-distance connections. Look beyond city limits when sussing out opportunities, both for business and pleasure. Your next partner in a joint venture could be someone living miles away from home base. This week, use Mercury’s magic to connect to these faraway folks. Wednesday is Halloween, and with the moon moving from stodgy Taurus into playful Gemini by the evening, you’d be wise to bring an easy-to-pull-off costume in a bag. You might not be head-to-toe in Victorian regalia this year, but slipping on a wig and unicorn horn to join friends for Happy Hour? That you can certainly do.



Home and family demand your attention this week, so give your inner circle an extra dose of love. With Monday’s full moon in Taurus lighting up your domestic sector, you’ll be feeling the tug of those apron strings yourself. Are there relatives (or friends who feel like family) you’ve been out of touch with? Get some facetime in early in the week, even if the miles between you require the use of a webcam. A home-based project could finally wrap up, one that you’ve been working on since the corresponding new moon six months ago. The coming two weeks are a power period for finishing these domestic missions. Don the painting clothes and finish adding color to your walls; call the electrician and have those hardwired fixtures installed. If you’re in the market for a new home, the full moon could usher in the perfect listing, or assist you with the sale of your property. This full moon also beams its light on your female friendships. Hey soul sister—you could find your kindred spirits among the girl-powered masses. In this instance, you’ll prefer a tight-knit crew where you can exchange ideas, find comfort and support, and really be known. Tension with one woman in your life could reach a boiling point this week. You’ve been sweeping her actions under the rug, but you can no longer ignore them. Watch out for your lightning bolt temper, Aquarius. You’re cool as a cuke 90% of the time but when you blow up, it ain’t pretty. Keep your anger in check if you decide to confront this woman so you don’t burn any bridges. Your social life gets another boost from Mercury, which moves into Sagittarius and your innovative, avant-garde eleventh house until November 14. Although you’ll have your inner circle to lean into, this Mercury phase will also boost your popularity. You’ll love losing yourself in the crowd this week—the more artsy, the better. You could turn people watching into an art form. Getting involved in a community effort brings an inspiring dimension to your world. Be a joiner, Aquarius, especially in the later part of the week as the energy of the intimate full moon dissipates. If there isn’t a group that appeals to you in your corner of the world, start one yourself. You could become the reigning queen of Meetup.com or the most-recognized face on the circuit. Halloween falls midweek and with the moon lingering in Taurus for the first part of the day, you might decide that staying home and passing out candy feels like your best bet. But bag up your costume and bring it along when you leave the house in the morning. The moon shifts into Gemini and your festive fifth house mid-day, bringing a dose of theatrical energy to boot. You might just be dancing on tabletops and making out with monsters once the sun goes down.



Get ready to raise a glass, Cancer. You’ll be toasting a shared victory this week, thanks to Monday’s full moon in your teamwork zone. A collaborative venture you’ve been part of for the past six months could reach to an exciting milestone or culmination. After the bubbly’s been popped and the confetti strewn, take a moment to reflect. Is there further for you to go with this crew or have you reached the limit of what you’re here to do together? Don’t force yourself to continue on out of loyalty, not if it means clipping your own wings while you wait for others to learn how to fly. There’s no need to panic about moving on if that’s what your heart is calling for. This full moon could bring an influx of new friends, raising your popularity to new heights. The coming two weeks will be an exciting time for your social life as you find yourself gelling with new groups of people. Get out and network if your contact database needs an infusion of fresh blood. Are you ready for your close-up, Cancer? Public attention could come your way as the full moon falls in your eleventh house of TV and technology. You could find yourself standing in front of the cameras or recording a video blog that has the promise of making you the next YouTube sensation. If you’ve been working on an online venture, Monday’s full moon is an optimal day to push the launch button and let the world see your efforts, even if it’s just Version 1.0 of the final product. A humanitarian or community project may be calling your name. Beyond allowing you to express your altruistic nature, this could provide the perfect opportunity to meet some new peeps who share your kind, charitable spirit. Also on Monday, Mercury moves into Sagittarius and your sixth house of healthy habits and efficiency. Instead of reaching for comfort food, start voraciously devouring books on nutrition, home organization solutions, and money management. Mercury holds this position until November 14, giving you the urge to whip your life into shape and keep it running like a well-oiled machine. Combine your social life with your get-in-shape agenda and you’ll quickly rocket to the success zone. Instead of meeting friends for dinner and a sedentary movie, join up for yoga and a vegetarian brunch, or start a walking/hiking group so you can take your conversations on the go. You might even rally your pals for a fascinating financial seminar. Learning together means you’ll have a built-in support group. One caveat: next Tuesday (November 6), Mercury will turn retrograde for three weeks, which is a better time for going backwards, reviewing and reconstructing than it is for putting something brand new in place. For this reason, you might want to keep your goals manageable. Building bookshelves is a better idea now than, say, knocking down a wall to build a walk-in closet. If you’re going to kick off a new fitness regime or eating plan, make sure it’s one that allows a measure of flexibility. When Mercury turns retrograde next week it can throw your schedule for a bit of a loop. Doing a 30-day yoga challenge or a 6AM bootcamp class might be best saved for your spring training. Halloween falls mid-week and alas, the moon will be in your sleepy twelfth house by the time the Trick-Or-Treaters roll around. You may have limited energy for passing out candy or tipping back pumpkin ales, so don’t force it, Crab.



Keep on dancing till the world ends. Monday’s full moon in Taurus lights up your fifth house of celebration, romance and glamour. Happiness, some would argue, is your birthright. The part of you that is addicted to struggle may disagree, but this week, ponder the notion that life can actually be enjoyable AND easy…at least every now and again. Devote the week to the pursuit of pleasure. This hedonistic turn might actually make you more productive, not less so. When you’re enjoying what you’re doing, or have a pleasant memory to linger on, you go through your days with a brighter spirit. Less dwelling on drama means fewer distractions and slowdowns. Open your heart, Capricorn. This full moon awakens your romantic spirit and brings some satisfaction for your love jones. The two weeks following a full moon are a powerful manifestation period. Pay attention to the people who come into your orbit now, as a flirty connection could quickly head into soulmate terrain. A crushable situation that’s been budding for the past six months could erupt in an obvious (and public) display of affection. In a relationship? This heart-healing full moon helps restore the love between you and your boo. It’s also a highly fertile lunar moment, so if you’ve had babies on the brain, a pregnancy could become a reality in the coming days. Not ready to be mama or dada? Protect yourself well this week so la luna doesn’t gift you a bundle of joy before you’re ready to handle that responsibility. If you have kids, give them extra attention this week. You’ll benefit from their company as much as they’ll appreciate that added show of support. The cosmic spotlight could shine on you as well, and some public recognition may be heading your way. Don’t be shy about pumping yourself up, especially early in the week when the full moon is most potent. Your five (or more) minutes of fame are due now. Get ready for your close up! You’ll also spend some time working behind the scenes now, too, as the muse is scheduled for a visit. Communicator Mercury moves into Sagittarius and your dreamy, fantasy-fueled twelfth house amplifying your powers of imagination. Bring more art and music into your everyday life to stimulate your own creativity. You’ll also need more time for quiet reflection while Mercury holds this position until November 14. Download guided meditation tracks to listen to first thing in the morning or before you hit the pillow at night. Getting your thoughts tuned in a powerful, positive direction helps you spot opportunity where you might otherwise miss it. Is there someone you need to forgive, Capricorn? Mercury gives you the power to let go and heal. You may or may not ever speak again, but releasing the hostile feelings and accepting that this person did the best s/he could with the resources s/he had, may bring you a much-needed wave of peace.



You’ve been ushering in the new at a manic pace since Jupiter entered your sign on June 11; but what about those lingering feelings about the old? It’s easy for you to get distracted by what’s staring you in the face, Gemini, especially if it’s new and exciting. That can also mean that you’re so darn busy that you wind up having a delayed reaction to any emotions that arose in the process of this transition. This Monday, a full moon in your twelfth house gives you permission to feel, deal, and heal. It’s natural to experience both joy and sadness in the face of a change. Should the waterworks turn on this Monday, we wouldn’t be surprised. They may even be tears of happiness or a sentimental mixture of enthusiasm and melancholic longing. Honor those feelings instead of brushing them aside. You might even do a ritual on Monday night to release what’s moving out of your life. Light a commemorative candle, write a farewell letter (and burn it ceremoniously, don’t send it), devote the evening to healing by picking up flowers and a fabulous dinner, soaking in the tub, and writing in your journal. The sooner you feel the emotions, the sooner they’ll move through you so that you can move on. This full moon may usher in a mentor figure or a powerful ally who can help you open doors that were previously closed. If someone bows out of a starring role in your life this week, take heart. A space is being cleared for new energy to come in, although you may have to sit with the empty space for a couple weeks. This full moon could inspire you to begin, or recommit to, a yoga or meditation practice. Add that soulful dimension back into your life if it’s been missing. A session with an energy healer, Reiki practitioner or massage therapist can also do wonders to help you let go of any stuck grief or pain. On a more upbeat note, your ruling planet Mercury is moving into Sagittarius and your partnership house from Monday until November 14. Creating and formalizing relationships with other people will become a greater priority now. As you find yourself wondering, “Where is this relationship heading?” don’t be afraid to speak up and ask. You don’t want to waste your time on anyone who isn’t seeking the same thing that you are from a dynamic duo. The sooner you screen candidates for the role of “your other half,” the better. That said, discussions about joint ventures and commitment—both in your professional and personal life—should be highly productive this week. Next Tuesday, November 6, Mercury will turn retrograde (backwards) for three weeks. This is a time when partners from your past may come back into the picture, or you may ping an old contact for a new collaboration. For this week, however, focus on new people. Flirt like a banshee, accept a blind date, cold call contacts, take more initiative with your existing connections. Signing contracts is not advised while Mercury is retrograde, so if you have some negotiations to wrap up, it’s preferable to push them through before the 6th, or to wait until after the 26th to sign on the dotted line. If you don’t have a choice in the matter, make sure you hire an attorney to read the fine print and ensure that you don’t get stuck in an unfavorable deal. The moon will move into Gemini from Halloween afternoon on. If you’re not in the mood to party with the costumed grown-ups, take a kid in your life Trick-Or-Treating. The playful spirit will be upon you and you’ll want to be out and about. If you do dress up yourself, consider jumping into a costume competition. With the moon in your sign, even a spontaneous get-up could score you the blue ribbon.



She shoots, she scores! Monday’s new moon brings an epic career triumph your way. You’ve been working hard towards this goal over the past six months, Leo. This week you could finally hit pay dirt or get your long-overdue recognition. For some Leos this could mean a big promotion, or even branching out on your own. If you’re feeling stuck in a thankless job, the full moon will prompt a shift. Find gratitude for what it offers (a steady paycheck for example) or begin the process of moving on. You might contact an executive recruiter for help with this mission instead of starting from the classified listings. The two weeks following a full moon are a powerful manifestation period and opportunity may knock during this time. Is there a gap in your skill set? Sign up for a workshop or training seminar that helps you bridge the divide and step into a new role with confidence. A few sessions with a career coach wouldn’t hurt either. Don’t wait for people to discover you, Leo. If you have a talent to offer the world, this full moon encourages you to shamelessly self-promote. Toot your own horn, brag a little. Just make sure you focus on what the benefits are to other people so they don’t label you an egomaniac. Also on Monday, you’ll begin channeling an Old Hollywood starlet as communicator Mercury moves into Sagittarius and your fifth house of glamour. Add more va-va-voom to your clothes, hair and makeup. More eyes will be on you between now and November 14. Your flirtatious nature returns full force and you’ll be nothing short of magnetic. Just be a bit more discriminating about who you magnetize. Next Tuesday (November 6), Mercury will reverse directions and go retrograde for three weeks. Lovers from the past could hear your psychic siren’s call. Do you really want them returning to your world? If calling them back in means that YOU will go crashing into the rocks, don’t even let yourself entertain the thought of a reunion. This week, focus on new prospects and try to keep your attention in that direction. If you’re in a relationship, this Mercury phase will make you a lot more passionate, creative and playful in the game of love. Talks could turn to co-creation, even babymaking this week. Don’t be afraid to go there. Just monitor your penchant for being dramatic. You could overwhelm your sweetie by coming on super strong or putting too much theatrical emphasis on your words. Your sense of humor can save the day if you overdo it on the “Glee” factor. Opt for a group costume theme for Halloween celebrations. Rally friends into dressing up together en masse and paint the town red as a posse.




Come on Libra, light that fire. Monday’s full moon in Taurus brings a passionate surge of energy to your sultry, seductive eighth house. Chemistry will be off the charts early in the week, and could erupt in a heated embrace (and then some). Don’t ignore those unspoken cues and clues. People’s body language is more telling than their words this week—yours included. Notice your own posture when you’re in the presence of others. Are you twirling your hair or leaning forward (signs of attraction and interest)? There might just be a crush you didn’t realize you had. Casual connections could become full-on commitments under the spell of this full moon. Your own urge to merge intensifies now and you might even experience a rare bout of jealousy or possessiveness. Should your Libran scales tip in the green-eyed direction, make a point to talk to a neutral third party about your feelings. Underneath the envy is an unexpressed desire. When you tap into that, you’ll be able to ask for what you want without coming across like a ranting lunatic. If you’ve been out of touch with your erotic appeal, this moon helps you reconnect to the lustier parts of your nature. Prioritize activities that help you get in tune with your sensuality and your body. Go dancing, get a massage, soak in a tub of aromatherapeutic bath salts, dress in fabrics that feel great against your skin. You need to be grounded in your own body before you can share the love with another. For some Libras, this might involve getting a few extra hours of sleep each night in the name of relaxing into a receptive state. The full moon could also bring a big money moment. The eighth house rules larger chunks of cash like earnings from investments, royalties, tax returns, inheritances and commissions. If you’ve had property on the market, this full moon will assist in bringing in a buyer. Getting in touch with your power is a big theme this week. Forget about being the peacemaker or placating people pleaser. When the opportunity arises to make a decision or stand up for what needs to be done, you’ll want to be clear, firm and directive. It’s time people see the powerhouse in you. Also this week, chatty Mercury moves into your third house of friendship, making a social butterfly out of you once again. Your ever-expanding contact database could swell to new proportions. Next Tuesday (November 6), Mercury will turn retrograde for three weeks, bringing old friends back into the picture. This week however, go forth on a networking spree, both online and in real time. If you’re in the market for a new car or mobile gadget, shop before the 6th. Mercury retrogrades are less-than-auspicious times for making purchases of this nature. You might want to book your Thanksgiving plans now too, to avoid the crossed signals that Mercury retrograde can bring to your itinerary. Halloween falls on a Wednesday, but you’ll be in no midweek slump. With the moon in Gemini and your adventurous ninth house, you might even take your partying on the road. Visit a friend a few miles out of town or caravan to a haunted house. You’ll be in the mood for something different. Sipping pumpkin ales at a swanky hotel bar could bring an opportunity for homebound Libras to mingle with out-of-towners, too.



It’s fun to be the toast of the town, but this week, you’re dreaming of distant lands. That’s because the sun is cruising into Scorpio and your wanderlust-stricken ninth house. While you might be too busy to jet off to the Greek Islands, try to squeeze in a short jaunt over the next month’s time. Whether you’re traveling for business, pleasure or a hint of both, there’s opportunity to be found beyond city limits. Expand your search radius when researching collaborators, clients, even dating options. The people you click with could be further from home base than you expect this week. One caveat: heavyweight Saturn is also in Scorpio, making it harder than usual to be your spontaneous self. You won’t be able to hop on a plane at a moment’s notice, so you’ll also have to develop these long-distance connections via the phone and Internet (hello Skype dates). An important person in your life may have moved out of town recently. Don’t let the relationship fade into obscurity. Begin planning your next face-to-face but make an effort to connect this week as best you can. Multicultural mingling is all the rage in Piscesville this week too. Make a point to diversify your social options and connect with people from different backgrounds than your own. This sun-Saturn meetup could awaken your entrepreneurial nature. If you’ve toyed with the idea of being in business for yourself, now’s the time to get serious. Pisces who already own their own companies, this week could bring a slow-but-steady expansion. You might even write a book or article about a subject you have expertise in. On Sunday, loveplanet Venus slinks into Libra and your sultry eighth house. Draw the drapes and hang the “Do Not Disturb” sign. The love you’re craving will be a private affair while Venus holds this position until November 21. Beware the clandestine affair. The thrills will wear off quickly, turning you into an obsessed mess—so not worth it. You could find yourself wearing more black now as this scintillating shade is de rigeur for Venus in the eighth house. Pisces in relationships, create more romantic one-on-one time with your sweetie. Intimate conversations are the glue that hold you together, but install the dimmer switch or bathe your bedroom in candlelight to create the perfect ambiance for bonding with your boo. Shhh! You don’t have to report every detail to the girls a la the legendary “Sex And The City” brunches. Deal with thing directly and keep your personal biz off the streets.



Bring on the body lovin’ vibes. Monday’s full moon in Taurus and your sixth house of health sounds the call for self-care. This is not about obsessing over that extra serving of food you ate or trying to mold your Sagittarius curves into some impossible ideal. Rather, Archer, it’s about feeling comfortable in your own skin, fueling yourself with foods that energize you instead of deplete you, and moving your body so you are appreciating all that it is here to do. Don’t allow yourself to slip into the seasonal sedentary groove. Find a form of exercise that buoys your spirit and warms you from the inside out like hot yoga, free-form dance, or a jam-pumping spin class. Is it time for your annual checkup? If you’re not loving your doctor, look around for a new one; ask friends for references. Getting medical care doesn’t have to be a form of torture. This is also a great week to start loading up on your seasonal “preventative medicine” options like Vitamins C & D, adequate sleep, massage, acupuncture, and so on. The sixth house also rules your daily work, so this full moon could bring some developments in the professional arena. Freelancing Sagittarians could lock in a steady client; Archers working 9-5 could find yourselves taking a step up the ladder to a more prominent position. If you’ve been “so over it” with regards to a particular job or aspect of your work, this full moon may herald a long-overdue change. It can be tough to let go of a steady stream of cash or “lather-rinse-repeat” responsibility, but don’t stay locked in the golden handcuffs. Create the space for something new and rewarding. You only have one life to live so why spend the majority of your waking hours doing something you hate? Survey your space, especially your workspace. It may be time for a cleanup mission or a more efficient way of organizing your books, papers and files. Who knows? You might just dream up your next big venture while piecing together that Ikea bookshelf. Also this week, chatty Mercury decamps to Sagittarius until November 14, making a silver-tongued devil out of you. Ask and ye shall receive, Sagittarius, so frame your requests judiciously. You could easily get overloaded with excess if you aren’t pointed and specific about what you want. If you’ve been hiding your light under a bushel, Mercury helps you step out and shine. Toot your own horn, self-promote, start a buzz in the Twitterverse. People are interested in your offerings and stand to benefit from what you bring to the table. One note of advance preparation: next Tuesday (November 6), Mercury will turn retrograde for three weeks. At that point, you may weather some additional misunderstandings if you’re too bold and saucy. This week, however, you should let it rip, no holds barred. Midweek Halloween celebrations should not be missed. With the moon in Gemini and your partnership house that evening, a masked moment could lead to a love connection, or a bonus opportunity to bond with the one you’re with.



Ready to play, “Let’s make a deal,” Scorpio? Monday’s full moon in Taurus ignites a flurry of partnership offers. This full moon falls in your seventh house of commitment, so these aren’t fleeting ideas or missed connections. People want to pair up with you for the long haul now, and who could blame them? In addition to your keen and intuitive sensibilities, you can be counted on to work your arse off when you want to achieve a goal. So the message of this moon is to be mindful of what you say yes to, as once you’re in, you’re in. Full moons are harvest times for seeds that were planted six months prior. A relationship that’s been brewing over the past half year could become “officially official.” (Do we hear bells?) Be it a little velvet box or a plum contract that’s offered, give the lone wolf schtick a rest and open yourself up to the idea of being half of a dynamic duo again. If you’re in a relationship, this full moon could bring a milestone moment or a critical juncture. Something’s gotta shift if you want to maintain your enthusiasm for the union. A new way to co-create could emerge, so make sure you have quality time in your schedule for your sweetie so that the two of you can connect on a soulful level. Ideally, this would be done face-to-face, but an extended Skype session might have to do for traveling Scorpios. Is there a legal matter that needs to be hashed out? The seventh house rules matters of justice so if you’re stuck at a standstill in a negotiation, hiring a lawyer might help expedite the solution. Also this week, communicator Mercury bids Scorpio adieu and moves on to Sagittarius and your second house of planning and financial foundations. Discussions about money become more prevalent as the week bodes on. Your mind will be on the details too, particularly, how to get them organized into a stable, sensible plan. You’d be wise to focus on this, Scorpio, since next Tuesday (November 6), Mercury will turn retrograde for three weeks. Talks about cash could get tricky then, as Mercury retrograde periods are famous for creating communication breakdowns. If you need to request a raise, find out about a bonus, hash out the division of a bill, settle a debt, work out a payment plan, or otherwise retool your budget, this is the week to dive into that. Halloween falls midweek, but that’s no reason to leave your costume hanging in the closet. With the moon in Gemini that evening, you’ll be feeling spicy and seductive. Zip into the sexy vampire garb and go cast a spell on someone who charms you in equal measure.



Step out and shine! Monday’s full moon in Taurus invites you to be your boldest, baddest self, no holds barred. You only get one full moon in your sign each year, so you’ll want to maximize its power. It’s a bit like having a cosmic spotlight thrown directly on you, so forget about hiding out. What have you been dying to share with the world? Expressing yourself, flaunting your talents, and proudly presenting an original idea is just what this full moon has on order. If you’ve been working towards an epic life change over the past six months, your efforts could finally come to fruition. This could be major for many Bulls; some of you may even relocate to get a fresh start in greener pastures. The two weeks following a full moon are a manifestation power period. A brilliant vision for what’s next could strike on Monday under this lunar light. Get into action and get the project rolling along, as the coming two weeks will provide some added wind beneath your wings. One caveat: you’ll likely have to pull this off as a solo venture. Comfort-loving Bulls aren’t always keen on doing things alone, but a full moon in your sign is a bit like having a cosmic Independence Day. Where have you been leaning too heavily on another for support? You don’t have to break up to break free; just cut the cords of dependency a bit so you don’t feel obligated to check in before you make a move. Also on Monday, communication planet Mercury heads into Sagittarius and your eighth house of mysticism and intensity for two weeks. While the full moon may push for independence, this Mercury phase moves in a contrary direction, prodding you to form deeper, more intimate bonds with people. Rather than spreading yourself too thin socially, radar in on a few key relationships that you really want to nurture and develop. Your interest in the mystical may be piqued, prodding you to read about the spiritual realm or transforming your life from the inside out. Download an Eckhart Tolle or Caroline Myss audiobook for your morning commute and arrive at the office with an enlightened outlook on each day. This Mercury phase makes you quite the minx as well, amplifying your powers of seduction. Be careful what—and who—you wish for, because chances are good, s/he’ll be wrapped around your finger. The way you visually communicate may shift as well, and you could find yourself drawn to darker clothes, smoky shadow, and outfits that are a bit sexier and form fitting. Meow! Beware jealousy! Your obsessive tendencies will be amplified by this Mercury phase and it’s important to remind yourself that people are not possessions. The next two weeks are an ideal time for doing behind-the-scenes research too—but don’t forget to stay out in the public eye as well, utilizing the energy of the Taurus full moon. Speaking of which, the moon will linger on in your sign for half the day on Halloween. If you dress up, opt for an easy costume to slip in and out of. By the time the afternoon rolls around, you’ll be feeling more like a workerbee than the life of the party.



Roll the dice, Virgo. Monday’s full moon in Taurus and your capricious ninth house gives you a bit of the gambler’s instinct. You are generally the type who plays it safe, but this full moon in nudging you out of the comfort zone. Don’t waste time stuck in analysis paralysis if a stellar opportunity comes your way early in the week. While you’re busy looking the gift horse in the mouth, the offer will have galloped away like a prize-winning steed. Instead, grab the reins, hold tight and let yourself be swept in a new direction. You’ve likely been working hard to pave the way for this situation to manifest. Full moons are the culmination point of new moon seeds that were planted six months prior. Your efforts of the past half year are finally set to pay off, especially with regards to entrepreneurial ventures, studying and teaching, or global relations. You may have to travel this week in order to finalize a deal. Even if you stay put, make an added effort to connect with people in other parts of the world. They are your lucky coins for the next two weeks. This full moon doses you with truth serum, and you can’t help but call it like you see it. As “The Four Agreements” author Don Miguel Ruiz advises, “Be impeccable with your word.” While you can’t hold back your honest expression, it’s important to remember that feelings aren’t facts. Before you state your emotions as if they are the final word, do a little soul searching. What is bugging you about the situation may have an extra charge because it triggers an unpleasant memory from your past. It’s not fair to punish people in the present for your unhealed pain. Tone down that firepower and do some processing of your feelings with a neutral third party before you blast anyone with accusations or “how dare you’s.” If you are a writer, as many Virgos are, this full moon could bring a publishing deal or other opportunity to get your message out to a broader audience. One thing’s for certain, this full moon is giving you the green light to branch out and expand! Your ruling planet Mercury makes a shift into Sagittarius and your fourth house of feminine energy. Get out and mingle with the girls. Jump in a women’s group or networking event that puts you in touch with the power babes. Mercury will remain in your fourth house until November 14, but next Tuesday (November 6), it will turn retrograde for three weeks. At that point, you’re likely to start reuniting with female friends from the past and long-lost relatives. This week, however, keep your eagle on trained on new contacts. You can scout out a hot connection better than most, and with your keen social style, you’ll quickly charm them into your camp. By the time the week ends, your circle of sisters will have expanded notably. Halloween could find staying up past your normal Wednesday bedtime, but not necessarily partying with the haunting masses. With the Gemini moon lighting your ambitious tenth house in the second half of the day, you’ll be burning the midnight oil on a project that could launch your career to a new high.


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