Weekly Horoscopes




The truth, hmmm..can the world handle YOUR truth, Aries? This Tuesday, communication planet Mercury dips into a three-week retrograde, cautioning you to be gentle and judicious with your words. You may not realize how intense your own firepower is, especially when you’re feeling passionate about the subject at hand. Although you have a point to get across, don’t invalidate other perspectives in the process. That could burn important bridges, Aries, which you’ll regret later. This retrograde stretches until the 26th and can cause miscommunications with travel plans. If you haven’t booked your Thanksgiving journey yet, be ultra-careful to work with reputable companies for your rentals and reservations. What seems like a too-good-to-be-true deal probably is. That said, this Mercury retrograde does create an optimal time for revisiting a place you loved in the past. Returning to a favorite vacation spot, or even becoming a regular fixture at a slightly-out-of-town hotspot could buoy your spirits. Weekend trip, anyone? You’re a seeker, Aries, and this retrograde can send you on a quest for higher truth. Read the work of modern day and ancient philosophers, and blend their wisdom into your own inspiring mix. Taking a class, joining a discussion group, even going on a spiritual or meditation retreat may be in the cards for you over the next few weeks. Retrogrades stir up the past. You may reconnect to an old teacher during this time or be asked to teach about a subject you know quite a lot about. People who you met on your travels may come back into your world. Can’t get that vacation romance off of your mind? Maybe it’s time you used Jean-Luc’s number after all. A cross-cultural connection could hit a snag with this Mercury retrograde. Understanding each other’s differing backgrounds won’t be easy for the next few weeks and you’ll have to work hard not to judge. Maybe the other person’s traditions and customs make no sense to you, or your culture’s ways seem impossible to explain. You might shelve these discussions for a few weeks or agree to disagree. Don’t worry, you’ll get past this “language barrier” eventually, so keep calm and carry on. The creative juices start flowing freely when Neptune turns direct on Saturday. The foggy planet of fantasy has been retrograde for over five months stalling some of your imaginative ideas at the gate. You’ll get back in touch with your artsy or musical side after the 10th. If you’ve been processing some heavy issues or mourning a loss while Neptune was retrograde, you can expect to feel lighter and freer in the days ahead. Seeing people for who they truly are was not easy during this retrograde, but Neptune’s direct turn helps you parse out the real ones and say buh-bye to the fakes.



Reunited and it feels so good. Messenger Mercury turns retrograde until November 26, and will be traveling through your house of groups and teams until the 14th. Circle the next two weeks as an optimal time to get the old crew back together again. Are you visiting your hometown for Thanksgiving? You don’t have to wait for your high school class president to announce a meetup. Facebook the people you actually liked and organize a get together. Rejoining an old organization may be just the thing you need to jumpstart your social life again. Just hold off on making any long-term commitments, as you may realize you’ve indeed outgrown this group a few weeks from now. As for the groups you’re currently involved with? That’s where there may be a little trouble in paradise. Mercury retrogrades are known for causing communication breakdowns. The peaceful vibes could devolve into competitive in-fighting for a few weeks, so do your best to stay out of the drama. Your cool, rational and objective outlook will come in handy Aquarius, and you may be called upon to help facilitate a win-win solution for all. Back up your digital devices! This Mercury retrograde will be hitting your technology house beginning this week, too. You don’t want important data or treasured photos getting deleted, but things like this have been known to happen during a Mercury retrograde phase. We know you’re dying for that iPad Mini or Microsoft Surface, but if you can just hold out a few more weeks, you’ll have the stars supporting your purchase. If you have to buy a new printer or modem, rush out on Monday to snag it before Mercury’s turn on Tuesday. On Saturday, hazy Neptune wakes up from a five-month nap in your second house of money. You’ll have greater clarity around your finances in the days ahead, but creativity is also called for when it comes to drumming up moneymaking ideas. Let your imagination take the helm. A prosperous venture may be sitting right under your nose. Are you wearing the golden handcuffs, Aquarius, imprisoned by possessions that are verging on being out of your price range? Scale back and simplify. Living with less reduces stress. You may realize you’ve been doing business with a few not-too-kosher types while Neptune was retrograde these past five months. Now is the time to sever those ties before you attract any bad karma your way. Neptune’s magical influence can be used as an attractive force, too. Create a vision board of images that evoke the spirit of prosperity. Place your finished project in the money corner of your house or office (the far left corner of the room or overall space), or near your desk so you can regularly glimpse a picture of the reality you wish to create.



Dot your i’s and cross your t’s, Cancer. Messenger Mercury turns retrograde in your sixth house of work and you’ll need to be hyper-vigilant about the details for the next few weeks. Don’t send off a presentation until you’ve had someone else proof it, and then re-read it yourself another time. Who are you responding to in that e-mail? One accidental push of the “Reply All” button could cause days of drama. If you have something snarky or negative to say, especially about a colleague, keep it off the servers, Cancer. Gossip has a way of traveling into the wrong Inboxes over the next few weeks. Don’t incriminate yourself in writing, even if you’re just responding to a bitchy thread started by someone else. If you need a license or certification, use the next few weeks to do the requisite research and training. Fill out the forms but if possible, wait until after 11/26 to get them certified when Mercury is in direct motion again. If you’re looking for work, retrogrades rule the past and people you once collaborated with could come back into the professional picture. Scroll through your old contact database or LinkedIn connections to jar your memory. If the lightbulb goes off, reach out and set up a lunch date to catch up and talk shop. Staying on track with a healthy routine could prove challenging with Mercury throwing your daily agenda for a little loop. For some Crabs, having a clear structure will help, and you might dive into a 7-day yoga challenge or utilize those sessions with a trainer to keep you on course. But if life is really super-hectic, be gentle with yourself. Beating yourself up because you grabbed an almond croissant at the airport or missed your regular workout day can cause a “why bother” spiral. Instead of being rigid, find joy in getting exercise where you can (walking on errands instead of driving, doing a 30-minute yoga DVD when you can’t make it to the studio) and making sure to eat enough each day so you don’t go into low blood sugar mode and cloud your food choices. Keep your immune system strong with preventative medicine options, too. Drop a tab of Emergen-C into your water bottle, keep evening plans low-key so you can get adequate sleep and schedule a treatment, like a massage or acupuncture, to keep yourself flowing along in a healthy groove. On Saturday, dreamy Neptune wakes up from a five-month nap and turns direct in your ninth house of travel, study and entrepreneurial ventures. You may feel a clear call from a distant land. If you’re ready to relocate, this could be the nudge you need, but that’s not necessarily how this will pan out. You might simply be holding some meetings by videoconference in the near future, or working more closely with an internationally based company. You’re a bit of a cultural ambassador now and Neptune’s direct turn could find you bridging the diversity divide and helping people from different backgrounds understand each other’s customs and ways. A creative passion or hidden talent could emerge as a potential business outlet in the days ahead. Don’t diminish the value of your offerings just because this gift comes so easily to you. People will be willing to pay good money for what you have to offer.



Welcome to the surreal world, Capricorn. Messenger Mercury turns retrograde until November 26 and for the next two weeks it will be moving backwards through your twelfth house of dreams, fantasy, and the subconscious mind. Feel like joining Alice in her tour through Wonderland? Your creative powers will be supersized making this a good time to pick up a project that you shelved or deep-dive into the obsessive finer points of your artistic, poetic, or musical passions. At times throughout the week, you may have to battle some dark thoughts. In the words of FDR, “There is nothing to fear except fear itself.” Use this Mercury phase to shine a light on the monsters under the bed. Rather than shove away the fears, examine them, drill down to discover the source of them. Usually a limiting belief or childhood experience is the culprit. Yeah, Capricorn, this Mercury retrograde is sending you on a therapeutic voyage. If only you could keep Freud or Jung on speed-dial. A wise mentor will just have to do. If you’re dealing with frustration around a situation that didn’t go as planned, throw yourself a pity party—literally. The only way to get past your feelings now is to go through them and move them out of your body. Whether it’s a party of one (you) or a guest list of many, give yourself permission to kick, scream, cry and beat up a mattress. Invite a posse over to throw darts at a picture of your former boss-from-hell or smash a papier-mache piñata of your ex. Go for a drive, pull over on a country road and scream at the top of your lungs. It feels good to lose composure like this, especially for someone who likes to keep up appearances as much as you do. Once you’ve had your moment, let this Mercury retrograde point you straight to the yoga studio. Get a meditative practice in place to quiet your mind. While Mercury is in your twelfth house till November 14, The Law Of Attraction is quite a strong principle in your universe. Holding a clear picture of what you DO want (rather than what you don’t) is the key to manifesting it. Get started on a vision board. A picture says a thousand words. A helpful mentor from your past may re-enter the picture this week, too. Reach out to this supportive guru and don’t let pride prevent you from confessing where you’re stuck. On Saturday, Neptune resumes forward motion after a five-month retrograde through your communication sector. Your friendships may go through an important shift in the weeks ahead. Some people you thought could be trusted may have ulterior motives and agendas while others who have been under scrutiny could prove their loyalty. Neptune is the planet of illusions, so its backward turn made it hard to tell the real ones from the fakes. Beginning Saturday, you’ll have an easier go of it. Don’t hang on to people out of fear or habit. If they aren’t worthy candidates, clear the space for new people to step in.



Reunited and it feels so good? Past partnerships come back into the picture, as your ruling planet, Mercury, turns retrograde (backwards) in your relationship house. The next three weeks may feel like a total time warp with exes and old friends Facebooking you. Plus, you’ll have to contend with your own insatiable curiosity to do a Google search on pals and lovers past. Time heals all wounds, but don’t put on the blinders, Gemini. People don’t generally change unless they’ve done deep inner work or consciously created experiences to help them evolve. If you’re going to re-open any doors, keep expectations in check and allow yourself to be pleasantly surprised if nothing else. If your separation from a sweet soul was only a matter of bad timing, this Mercury retrograde could bring an opportunity to finally forge a real bond. These types of relationships could be the conflict-free diamonds you’ve been mining for. It’s also worth noting that these partnerships don’t necessarily have to be of the romantic variety. Professional contacts with whom you paired up with successfully in the past could be your lucky coins for the next few weeks. If you’re already ensconced in a two-person venture, you may hit a communication breakdown point. Brace yourself for misunderstandings between now and November 26, and do your best not to start petty squabbles. You’ll have to choose your battles, Gemini, and perhaps adopt a mantra of “live and let live” instead of trying to control your other half’s life direction. Cooperation and compromise may require you to give a little more than you usually do now in the name of keeping the peace. On Saturday, elusive Neptune wakes up from a five-month retrograde and powers forward in your tenth house of career. If you’ve felt like you were walking through a minefield of office politics or perhaps experienced that your imaginative ideas weren’t quite gelling, you can blame Neptune’s backward turn. As the planet of fantasy resumes direct motion on Saturday, you’ll get your career mojo back. Spend time over the weekend pulling together creative ideas, visuals, and other presentation materials that you can share at next Monday’s meeting. People will be receptive to your out-of-the-box vision once again. You may still feel uncertain about where you are heading professionally, but with Neptune direct you’ll have greater clarity of purpose. That makes getting out of bed each morning a whole lot more inspiring, Gemini.



The cast of Glee called. They’d like their roles back, thank you very much. Your penchant for the dramatic intensifies, as communicator Mercury turns retrograde for the next three weeks. Little things will have a way of getting under your skin, so don’t let stress build up or you might just explode. A roaring lion is a scary sight to behold and you don’t want to cross the line from fierce to fearsome. Dancing, making art, running around with kids, and playing sports are ideal ways to blow off some of that steam before it starts coming through your nostrils, Leo. The people around you may have a way of blowing things out of proportion now, too. Brace yourself, Leo, as you might have to explain yourself a few times over before they get it. Retrogrades rule the past, and are an optimal time for picking up unfinished work and completing it. Did you shelve a creative or entrepreneurial project a while ago? Don’t be surprised if it beckons you to take it down from the shelf and dig back into it. For the next two of the three weeks, Mercury will be moving through your romance house, which could bring the ghosts of paramours past. Don’t be surprised if a text from an ex pops up or you get a Facebook request from an old flame. If your breakup was a non-toxic one, and more a matter of wrong timing, it might be worth it to chat and see if the fates are on your side. But reserve judgment until after November 26 when Mercury resumes forward motion. Don’t press your luck by poking around to see if there’s still hope with someone who broke your heart. This will disrupt the healing you’ve done. Let sleeping dogs lie, Leo. Stirring the pot during Mercury retrograde is a recipe for heartbreak. With Mercury in this position, the urge to revamp your style will be strong. Save the receipts! Did you buy that dress because you loved it or because of its label’s lure? Your stylista radar could be a little off for the next few weeks. Avoid permanent or long-lasting changes. This is not the time to dye your hair Katy Perry blue or ink your lover’s name on your body. On Saturday, dreamy Neptune awakens from a five month retrograde through your eighth house, lifting some fog away from your finances. Shared money comes into focus and you might find someone who is willing to put dollars behind your dreams in the days ahead. Learning about investments is smart while a planet is in the eighth house, but Neptune’s soulful influence wants you to put your dollars in places where you can also make a positive difference for the world. If you’ve been incurring debt during the retrograde, Neptune’s direct turn will help you get more command of the situation. Don’t keep racking up those IOUs, Leo. Next week you’ll want to set up repayment plans with the people you owe, and maybe even grab the scissors and cut up the credit cards for good.  A relationship that’s been mired in mystery could become a bit clearer. Soulfully sexy connections could evolve in a beautiful way over the coming weeks. Get ready: people are playing for keeps!



There’s a thin line between friends and frienemies this week, so brace yourself for some tense moments. Messenger Mercury turns retrograde in your third house of social networking, causing more than a few communication breakdowns between Tuesday and November 26. Although this may be unsettling to a conflict-averse, Libra, don’t run away. You may have been keeping the peace at too high a price, sweeping important issues under the rug. The mark of a healthy relationship is not necessarily one that is conflict free, but rather one where you can hash out your differences without destroying the love. Chill with the air-kissing and lighthearted “love ya’s!” People need you to keep it real now, Libra. Let them see you on a bad hair day or in your yoga clothes instead of couture. If you’ve chronically flaked, showed up late for parties, or canceled plans in the last minute, your pals may have a worthy litany of complaints levied against you. Own your actions, Libra: if you’ve disrespected people’s time like this, you can’t blame them for being upset or even losing faith in your friendship. Rather than defend yourself, apologize and own up to the error of your ways. Then, make a pledge—to yourself more than anyone—to amend this. For the next few weeks, write every plan in your calendar and set a reminder alarm. No double booking, please! Don’t cancel unless it’s an absolute emergency. Sure, a “better” plan may come along, but your primary mission is to strengthen your relationships by building trust and consistency. Stick to Plan A, Libra, even if you have to miss out on a Plan B. Retrogrades rule the past and old friends may come back into your orbit. It’s the perfect time to plan a reunion, so get the old posse together during the Thanksgiving break. Make sure you back up all your digital devices, too. Mercury retrograde could cause snafus with laptops, cell phones and other mobile devices. You don’t want to lose that important data! When sending out texts and e-mails be vigilant about who you’re replying to. Information has a way of traveling into the wrong hands for the next few weeks. If you don’t have something nice to say, please don’t put it in writing, Libra. On Saturday, dreamy Neptune wakes up from a five month retrograde in your sixth house of work and daily routines. Getting your day-to-day life back into a more manageable groove will be easier in the days ahead. Neptune’s energy is soulful and creative, so surround yourself with art, beauty and music while you go through your days. Watery Neptune is the legendary god of the sea, so drink more H2O to get your systems flowing. Skip the dehydrating sugary beverages and coffee in favor of juices and teas. Head to a sauna or hot yoga class for a detoxifying “schvitz” and make sure you’re taking care of your emotional health too, by leaving space in your life to sit down and feel your feelings.



Caution: power struggles ahead. Messenger Mercury turns retrograde in your career house this Tuesday, and will be traveling backwards until November 26. As a boundary-pushing Pisces, you’ve got your fair share of authority issues. Rules were meant to be broken…or just plain ignored…as far as you’re quietly concerned. But choose your battles now, Fish. Going head-to-head with the boss, taking on an entire steering committee, or even getting a teensy bit mutinous at work could backfire in a major way. Should these fractious desires start rising up, find a healthy outlet for your rebellion. The dance floor is always a good place for your sign to start, or you might just go kick some ass at an MMA or boxing class. PS: Some old daddy issues could be the underlying cause of your desire to act out. Process these in a healthy way (hello diary, hello therapy) and don’t turn the “authority figures” in your day-to-day life into projections of your parents. Retrogrades rule the past, and people from yesteryear can show up again during these cosmic phases. This is an optimal time to ping an old work contact who is thriving in his/her current career incarnation. There may be some new opportunities to prosper together; take the initiative to reach out. A former boss may be settled into a new gig, and in a position to hire you, too. Scroll through that old contact database and see whose names pop up as possibilities. Send out the “let’s do lunch” messages before the week is through. Your relationships with the important men in your life will be tested by this Mercury phase. Be careful not to take out your frustrations on the unsuspecting fellas in your world. They aren’t your emotional punching bags, Pisces, and just because you have a mood swing doesn’t mean the nice guys should have to suffer. Rewind and be kind. A man from your past could return, asking for a second chance with you. If it was only a matter of bad timing that kept you apart (and not something more toxic), you might keep an open mind and inch your way back into this union. Withhold judgment until after November 26 when Mercury turns direct again showing you the real deal. On Saturday, your ruling planet Neptune resumes forward motion in Pisces. Neptune has been retrograde for the past five months, creating a bit of an identity crisis for you. The little girl lost thing is over now, and you’ll soon have the clarity and confidence required to make a move on your own behalf. Since Neptune moved into Pisces this past February 5, you may have felt like starting over in some regard. If those plans stalled during the retrograde, take heart. You’ll be able to pick up where you left off once again, revealing the brand new you to the world in the weeks to come.



Anyone got a Magic Decoder Ring handy? Communication planet Mercury turns retrograde in Sagittarius this Tuesday, scrambling your signals for the next three weeks. You said potato (and quite clearly at that), but other people are acting like you said “potahhhto” when you totally didn’t. What’s up with that? Rather than resorting to fisticuffs as you accuse people of misunderstanding you, take a deep breath and explain yourself over (and over and over) again until they get it. Your trademark sense of humor will certainly be the most important arrow in your archer’s quiver this week. Laugh at the insanity of it all instead of getting worked into knots. You might also draw a protective shield around yourself to avoid these brouhahas. This next month is less about revelations and more about quietly building your brilliant ideas and projects behind the scenes. Retrogrades are an optimal time for researching and refining rather than powering forward with a production. Those gems you’ve dreamed up will gleam much more brightly if you spend more time polishing them now. Stage your big reveal after November 26 when Mercury is direct again. Before that, keep the critics at bay by keeping your lips sealed. Haters will for sure become imitators in December when they see what you’ve accomplished. Alas, they’ll be too late to the party by then to compete. Score one for Sagittarius! This Mercury retrograde could give you an itchy trigger finger when it comes to revamping your style, but avoid any games of Extreme Makeover: Sagittarius Edition. That prominent piercing, tattoo, or shaved patch of hair could become the bane of your existence so spare yourself the regrets and start a Pinterest page to capture ideas. Your tastes will fluctuate frequently for the next three weeks and you’ll be glad that Bengal tiger isn’t permanently inked on your shoulder come November 26. Hang a picture of the bald Britney Spears near your mirror if you need a reminder of exactly what happens when a Sagittarius goes on an impulsive spree. On Saturday, foggy Neptune wakes up from a five-month retrograde, powering forward in your fourth house of home and family. If you’ve been holding a grudge against a relative, Neptune’s turn is like a healing salve, allowing you to let go and let the love back in. Forgiveness doesn’t mean forgetting, Sagittarius. Rather, it’s a state of accepting that people are who they are. You can’t change them, nor should you waste your time trying. Instead, start focusing on the common ground and building bridges from there. You might be inspired to create a heartfelt tribute to a relative for Thanksgiving. How about a slide show, Powerpoint presentation, or just reading a letter of gratitude aloud to a loved one who has really gone the distance for the fam? If you’ve been locked into a codependent dynamic with a relative or friend, this Neptune shift can bring some freedom your way. Stop enabling this person’s bad behavior by making excuses or covering up. Rushing in for the rescue is preventing this person’s growth. The interior decorating muse may strike as well, so if you have a vision for a painting or other household project, get to work on making it happen. Living in a beautiful space is a must for your responsive sign, and Neptune’s influence can lead you to the perfect colors and “objet” to bring Chateau Sagittarius to life.



Money changes everything, Scorpio, a bit of wisdom you should keep in the back of your mind this week. On Tuesday, messenger Mercury turns retrograde (backwards) in your financial sector, making cash a touchy subject in your relationships. Mingling your money with other people’s is not advised at this juncture, Scorpio, at least not when it comes to the peeps in your personal life. If you do decide to open your wallet, or receive funding from someone in your circle, make sure the repayment plan is spelled out in black and white. Could you be okay with never seeing that money again? If the answer is no, forget the loan altogether. Are you 100% certain that you’ll be able to pay back what you owe? Unless it’s a sure thing, don’t think about taking it. Damaged relationships are not worth the price, so you may have to delay your gratification until you have the actual funds in your bank account. Retrogrades rule the past, so look there for renewed opportunities. Past colleagues could have job or client leads, or you might find a place for yourself in a company you’ve worked with before. Reviewing and revamping your budget would also be wise now. You may discover creative ways to scale back and be resourceful, lowering monthly bills in the process. If you’re in the market for a bigger purchase—one that’s either pragmatic or luxurious—use the next three weeks to research and shop around, but try to wait until after November 26 to make the buy. On Saturday, soulful Neptune powers forward in your fifth house of romance after a five-month retrograde. Affairs of the heart become a big focus in the weeks ahead, as your powers of attraction return. Have you been idealizing someone from your past? Neptune is the planet of illusions and fantasy, and its direct turn can cause you to see someone in a harsher, but more realistic light. Nobody’s perfect, Scorpio. The question is, can you take the better along with the worse? You don’t want to make excuses for bad behavior, but if you’re nitpicking about a smaller human error, you might just want to give your lover a Get Out Of Jail Free card. Charitable Neptune could also lead you to love through a volunteer opportunity. Get involved in a holiday goodwill effort. Who knows? You could meet The One while stacking donated cans at a food drive. Your creative juices begin to flow again with Neptune’s direct turn and the limelight is loving you. Smile for the proverbial paparazzi, as there will be plenty of eyes on you. If you’re a performer or have a presentation to make, spend Saturday rehearsing and adding in the bells and whistles. Your creative Scorpionic touches will take your efforts from good to great, even if they do require a tad bit of obsessing.



What exactly happened to that mellow, sleeping Bull? There’s fire coming out of your nostrils this week, as Mercury turns retrograde in your intense eighth house. Little things will have a way of getting under your skin for the next few weeks. Counteract this by keeping stress to a minimum. It’s all too easy to take things personally, and even get a little vengeful when they don’t go your way now. If you find yourself going down a jealous, obsessive, “I’ll show you” trail, get a hold of yourself and fast. It’s not that you would gore anyone with those bull horns (let’s hope), but the insidious comments you make about people can start a fiery feud. Rewind and be kind. If you must vent, do so to a neutral, levelheaded third party who can talk you down from the tree. Consider this damage control. Gossiping should be a no go—tone down the snark! Secrets will hold allure during this Mercury retrograde and you’ll also want to avoid getting tangled up in other people’s webs. See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil: that is your mantra until November 26. There are positives to this Mercury retrograde. As it falls in your eighth house of sensuality and erotic power, you can reconnect to your mojo in a major way. Take a dance class (S-Factor, anyone?), dress in fabrics that feel amazing next to your skin, redo your bedroom with a twist of boudoir. An old lover could return—although it may only be a temporary affair. If coupled, this Mercury retrograde allows you to create deeper intimacy with your sweetie and finally have an opportunity to rock those lacy, racy underthings for a receptive audience. Just watch out for your own possessive streak. Slapping ownership papers on anyone can be a buzzkill now. If there are trust issues to address, you won’t be able to sweep them under the rug this week—nor should you. Just make sure they are grounded in reality rather than a projection of your past hurt from other relationships. Retrogrades rule the past and someone you shared finances or resources with once before could return. Flip through your contact database and call people from your past. These reunions may result in a future business deal or other form of financial compensation for you. On Saturday, foggy Neptune wakes up from a five-month nap and powers forward in your eleventh house of groups. Who’s on Team Taurus and who is playing in another league? As Neptune gets its groove back, you’ll have a clearer picture of who you can trust and who’s gotta go. Working in a more collaborative environment can appeal to you now. You’ll get by with a little help from your friends, so don’t be afraid to call on them if you need support with taking a mission to the finish line. You’ve been there for them, Bull, and the payback is long overdue.



My, aren’t you sensitive, Virgo? This Tuesday, your ruling planet, communicative Mercury, turns retrograde for three weeks. Your emotions will be a lot more raw than usual and you’ll find it hard not to take people’s actions personally. For this reason, you’ll need to surround yourself with the most caring, compassionate souls in your circle. Punch a levelheaded friend’s number into speed dial, STAT. You’ll need her to talk you down from the tree when you’ve assumed the worst about a situation that isn’t anywhere near that drastic at all. That said, there could be some rifts among the important ladies in your life, which could leave you feeling stuck in the middle. Avoid taking sides or even pressuring yourself to play peacemaker. They’ll have to duke it out on their own—you have better things to do with your time than mediate now. This retrograde could exacerbate tension with relatives, too. Although you wish you didn’t have to go there, it’s probably high time you hashed out your issues. Get everything on the table before you gather for the Thanksgiving feast. This is not something you want to have blow up at a large family gathering, Virgo. Since Mercury will be orbiting through your domestic fourth house for most of the retrograde, you may feel inspired to host Thanksgiving and turn it into an epic event. Warning: planning could become a logistical nightmare if you don’t start off with a clear schedule and budget, and set guest list. Be firm about your limits. Mercury retrogrades are ideal times for research, so you could find yourself obsessing over cranberry sauce infusions and geeking out over roasting techniques. Your sartorial longings must be sated now. Whether they lead you to the kitchen or another “laboratory,” making something by hand and from scratch is the perfect distraction from the hurricane of feelings swirling around you. Got a décor project in mind? Wait until after November 26 (when Mercury resumes direction motion) to make any permanent changes to your home or begin any renovations, if possible. Mercury retrogrades are known for causing communication breakdowns, so dealing with contractors could be a nightmare now. You should do more research into prices to find a stellar deal, or have fun sourcing salvage and antique shops for a few one-of-a-kind pieces you might install in your home in December. On Saturday, foggy Neptune ends a five-month retrograde in your relationship house. If you’ve been ignoring an issue in an important partnership, you won’t be able to sweep it under the rug any longer. Neptune is the planet of fantasy, but its retrogrades can bring guilt and denial into the picture. Take off the rose-colored glasses and deal already. This will be healing for you, Virgo, but you’ll have to speak up clearly for your needs. Some Virgos could magnetize your soulmate with Neptune’s influence in the days ahead. Place yourself in situations and among people who share your vision and values.


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