Weekly Horoscopes




Bodice-ripping desires overtake you this week, thanks to Tuesday’s solar eclipse in scintillating Scorpio. Like a spiraling surge of kundalini energy, this eclipse fills each cell of your body with lusty desire. Resistance is futile, Aries, so surrender to the feelings, even if you don’t necessarily act upon them. Getting in touch with what turns you on will make you feel alive. This eclipse will do wonders to get the creative muse flowing and you might spend the rest of the week obsessively working on a musical or artistic project. Your urge to merge could intensify under the luminescence of this eclipse, and a two-person venture could become a sealed deal, faster than you can elope to an Elvis-impersonating officiant in Vegas. Scorpio rules your eighth house of sex, money, power, and transformation, so these are all arenas where you may see sudden developments. Shared resources, such as investments are highlighted. If you’ve been developing a project, someone may put big dollars behind your dreams. Solar eclipses bring sudden opportunities, but the timeframe for capitalizing on them is also short. You’ll be forced to act fast, which isn’t usually a problem for impulsive Aries. There’s one caveat to all these ecliptic developments, however. Messenger Mercury is still retrograde until November 26, and this Wednesday, it scoots back from Sagittarius into Scorpio. Mercury retrogrades are less-than-ideal times for signing contracts or starting relationships. That said, should the eclipse open up a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, you might not be able to stall till the 26th. Don’t bypass something that is truly wonderful just because of a Mercury retrograde, Aries. Just do the appropriate research and background checks to ensure that anyone you get into bed with (literally or figuratively) is totally kosher. There could be some concealed information and you don’t want to wind up in a shady deal or falling head over heels for a well-disguised lothario. But if you do your due diligence, this eclipse could be the beginning of a truly magical shared chapter in your life. Retrogrades rule the past, and Mercury retrograde could bring a few players from your past back into the picture. If they are of the “safe, non-toxic” variety, go ahead and explore the potential for a round two. On Saturday, your ruling planet Mars moves into Capricorn until December 25, igniting an ambitious ascent up the ladder of success. You may feel as if you’ve outgrown your current position and find yourself impatient to move into a bigger league. Take the bull by the horns. What is standing in the way of the success and prosperity you crave? If there are any holes in your experience or skill set, take it upon yourself to fill the gap. The old adage, “it’s all about who you know” will ring quite true. If your contact database is lacking helpful VIPs, get out and network. You might even apprentice alongside a master, but what’s more likely is that this Mars phase propels you into a position of greater prominence and leadership. You could even be pinged publically for your expertise. Get ready for your close-up, Aries, and you could make quite a name for yourself by Christmas Day. Helpful men enter your orbit, so let the guys in your circle open doors for you; and don’t be shy about asking them to do so.


Keep that powersuit pressed and ready. Tuesday arrives with an energizing solar eclipse in Scorpio and your ambitious tenth house. You’ve been getting cosmic hit after hit in your career sector since early October when a succession of planets began moving through Scorpio. This eclipse is like a shot of rocket fuel, propelling you to get out of the armchair and into action. Eclipses literally and figuratively reveal shadows. Hidden prospects for prosperity may come into view, but you must act fast during an eclipse as the window for capitalizing on it can be quite short. The lights may become temporarily dimmed on an opportunity you’ve been fixating on, but don’t stress. This only forces you to look in another, even more promising, direction. You might have overlooked that obvious goldmine if not for the eclipse. Helpful men may come into your orbit near Tuesday, so let’s hear it for the boys. Some of them may even be returning visitors from a former chapter in your life. On Wednesday, social Mercury retrogrades back into Scorpio until turning direct on November 26. Get ready for a few blasts-from-the-past, especially when it comes to the fellas in your universe. You could reconnect to an old boss or client as well. Pursue, since retrogrades are ideal times for revisiting the past and seeing if there’s a chance for a second go ‘round. Do withhold final judgment until after the 26th when Mercury is direct again though. The downside of Mercury retrograde is that it could stir up tension with a few colleagues, particularly the male ones. Your issues with authority could be rankled as well. Don’t be a rebel without a cause, Aquarius. One vainglorious moment of telling the boss where to shove it could lead to years of burned bridges. So not worth it! While you’re busy building results in your outer world, you’ll be drawn to working on the inner self as well. On Saturday, motivator Mars moves into Capricorn and your twelfth house of the subconscious until December 25. Mars will prompt you to be more charitable and compassionate with the people in your world. Your heart opens in a huge way, but don’t forget to set healthy limits. Where have you been falling prey to martyrdom or taking on too much weight to help other people? You could feel the burnout in a debilitating way if you don’t get your boundaries in place during this Mars phase. Rather than trying to shoulder too much responsibility on your own, let go of some commitments that are just not bringing you suitable rewards and satisfaction, especially in the emotional realm. If a relationship has grown too close for comfort, Mars helps you find the proper balance. Uttering the word “no” will not be easy, but it’s one of the most important ones to have in your vocabulary now. Leave space in your schedule for people who give as good as they get. When you do give, focus on a humanitarian mission that aligns with your desire to make the world a better place.



Cupid’s golden arrows could pierce your cynical (yet secretly super-sentimental) heart this week, so get ready for a romantic revelation. Thought you were above those emotions? Guess again. On Tuesday, a solar eclipse in Scorpio energizes your amorous, glamorous fifth house. A new opening for love could come like a bolt from the blue. If you’re already in a relationship, you could find yourself awash in feelings for the one you’re with. These could span the range from awe to anger, but whatever you’ve bottled up will come rushing out, ready to be dealt with squarely once and for all. Sharing your true feelings, for better or for worse, is the only way a relationship can remain authentic. Stop being polite and start getting real. There’s nothing like a lover’s quarrel to rev up the sparks, as long as you keep cruel and cutting words out of the equation. For some Crabs, this solar eclipse could herald a pregnancy, as the fifth house rules fertility. Even if no bun winds up in the oven, a magical child could arrive in your life, like a niece or nephew or friend’s kid who could use your special brand of caretaking. Tap into your nurturing nature and be the chicken soup to this child’s soul. Are you ready for your shot at fame? The cameras may come a circling near Tuesday’s eclipse, or an opportunity to present your ideas to a large audience. Don’t let your shyness stand in the way of your carpe diem attitude. Focus on providing something meaningful for the world instead of worrying about what others will think of you. There’s one challenge being thrown in the mix, however: on Wednesday, Mercury retrograde slips back into Scorpio and your fifth house, moving in reverse through that part of your chart until resuming forward motion on November 26. Your communications with people could become heated and dramatic, so you’ll definitely have to choose your words carefully. Old flirtations may spark up again. It ain’t over till it’s over, Cancer, so if you feel like checking in with a lover from your past, don’t be surprised. Just don’t go poking around in those toxic dumping grounds. You don’t need to swill from the same vial of poison if you already know it will be the death of your self-esteem. That said, if it was only a matter of bad timing that kept you apart, it could be worth it to check in again. But no need to recycle romances. On Saturday, lusty Mars moves into your seventh house of committed partnerships until December 25. Your magnetic appeal will draw many an admirer your way and you’ll find it easier to attract people who want to play for keeps. In your career, start working the buddy system more aggressively. A joint-venture or sharing of some aspect of your work could prove to be profitable now. Mars CAN aggravate issues in existing partnerships, so get ready to go toe-to-toe with someone who doesn’t understand the meaning of playing fair. You’ll find yourself in warrior stance more often than not; just don’t underestimate your own firepower. These discussions are delicate and you don’t want to burn any bridges by being too angry or aggro.



Get ready for another popularity spike. Tuesday’s new moon in Scorpio and your eleventh house of groups also happens to be a solar eclipse. Unforeseen opportunities appear, as eclipses are known for revealing shadows. Don’t be so certain that you don’t fit in with that group or that another crew is the only one in which you belong. The eclipse could reshuffle the decks in your social life, leaving you ensconced among a totally different entourage. You don’t necessarily have to leave one community to join another. The eclipse could also bring a sudden expansion, allowing you to widen the radius of your inner circle. Network, network, network. On Wednesday, social Mercury retrogrades back into Scorpio, where it will remain until turning direct on November 26. Since retrogrades stir up the past, the Mercury-eclipse combo could reunite you with a group you’d strayed from or help you to seamlessly bring together your tried-and-true crew with your evolving posse of new friends. It’s a great week to plan a reunion, perhaps getting your old pals together during the upcoming Thanksgiving break. This eclipse could also launch an online or technology-based idea into orbit. You might just come up with a hit for a prosperous mobile app or e-commerce site mid-week. You might meet the perfect partner for a project, or find love through a social networking or dating site. One caveat: Mercury retrograde phases are known for causing snafus with digital data. If you have a web venture to launch, you’d be best off planning the debut this week, but doing the official unveiling when Mercury is fully direct in early December. Give yourself ample time for the getting-to-know-you phase with anyone you meet this week, as you might not have a totally clear read on them until after November 26. The most invigorating news of the week comes on Saturday when ambitious Mars lands in Capricorn until Christmas Day. Mars hasn’t visited your sign since December 2010, and you’re long overdue for a hit of the warrior planet’s firebrand motivation. If you’ve been slacking or in a slump, it’s time to wheel and steer yourself back to the seas of success. Mars helps you promote your talents, pump up your popularity, and rebuild your reputation on an even stronger foundation. You’ll want to present yourself as bold and capable, erring on the side of being a little cocky rather than coming across as meek. Hello, dynamo! There’s plenty of fuel in your tanks and now is the time to take on a grand endeavor. If it seems a little out of your league, you’ll know that you’re on the right path.



It’s a “work first, play later” kind of week in Geminiland, but your efforts will yield notable results. On Tuesday, a solar eclipse in Scorpio electrifies your sixth house of efficiency and routines, bringing a big, bright opening for your career. Eclipses reveal shadows, like previously unseen opportunities to make a name for yourself and scoot on up the ladder of success. You might even discover a position in another department that has your name written all over it. Don’t be surprised if the week ends with you making a happy lateral move to a position within the same company that is a far better fit for your talents. Arrive to the office (if you work in one) on Tuesday armed with an elevator pitch and some visual presentation materials. You may have a chance to make an impromptu pitch to the higher ups or a client you’ve been dying to do business with. Brevity is the soul of wit, Gemini, so steal the show with your concise bullet points that go straight to the point. You can save the showmanship and long stories for another day. On Wednesday, Mercury retrograde moves back into Scorpio and your sixth house, too. People you worked with in the past could reappear on the scene, becoming noteworthy players in this week’s saga. A project that got shelved a while ago may pick up steam, as retrogrades bring the past back to life. Don’t be afraid to pitch again if you think there’s life left in it. This eclipse-Mercury mojo also brings an opening for your health. If you’ve been blowing off yoga in favor of cocktail hour, it’s time to flip the script. Barefoot on the mat in Warrior I is where you belong, or perhaps doing an Insanity workout in your living room. A nagging health issue should not be ignored, especially if it’s one that has bothered you chronically. Instead of diagnosing with Dr. Google, call up someone who’s completed med school and get those aches and pains dealt with once and for all. On Saturday, lusty Mars heads into Capricorn and your scintillating eighth house until December 25. You might add a pole-dancing workout to your fitness regimen, like Sheila Kelley’s S-Factor which is designed to help you commune with the “erotic creature” who lives within you. Your pursuit of nookie could become more fierce and fervent. Be careful not to get tangled up in any dangerous liaisons, as you could find yourself tempted by the lure of a bad boy or a secret affair. Financially, this Mars phase gives you a daring edge. Learn about investments and how to put your dollars into promising places. Could the downturn of the real estate market be the basis of your future fortune like Gemini Donald Trump? You might even explore foreclosure sales or pool funds for the development of an up-and-coming neighborhood. If you have a project that is in need of funding, this Mars phase gives you the courage to pursue investors, VCs, and companies that may be willing to put dollars behind your dreams. Record deal, anyone?



All is hardly quiet on the Leo homefront this week. On Tuesday, a solar eclipse in Scorpio brings a jolt to your domestic sector, prompting you to get into action around any stalled household projects or family-related plans. You may suddenly hear yourself agreeing to host Thanksgiving 2012 or you could be pumping up the aerobed to accommodate an unexpected relative crashing on your living room floor. If you’ve been in the market for a move, this eclipse could speed up the process, prompting you to switch real estate agents or surf the rental listings with greater intensity. Eclipses illuminate shadows, bringing to light the things we don’t necessarily want to look at…even if they are the things that are in our best interest to examine. Or, if you’ve been overlooking the obvious, you could have a total “Doh!” moment this week as you realize what’s been sitting right under your nose all this time. Better late than never, Leo, so don’t waste time berating yourself; just get in gear with these home-related revelations. Spending part of the weekend organizing the basement or color-coding your closet might be shockingly enjoyable. Your dealings with women will be impacted by the eclipse and a new group of female friends could invite you to join their inner circle. Solar eclipses are like mini launching pads, and an all-girl (or majority female) effort you launch this week could evolve into something quite prosperous by the corresponding lunar eclipse next April 25. There’s one wrench in the works, however: Mercury retrogrades inches back into Scorpio and your fourth house on Wednesday, and remains there until turning direct on November 26. Mercury retrogrades are less-than-ideal times for signing contracts, and information tends to get scrambled during these phases. If you’re shopping in earnest for a new place to live, use the next two weeks for researching neighborhoods but if possible, wait until the 26th to sign the lease. Of course, life doesn’t always move according to Mercury’s plan, so if you must quickly nab the keys to your new home make sure you thoroughly inspect it to make sure there aren’t any hidden fees or other unpleasant discoveries lying below the cute façade. If a family feud has been brewing, get it settled now, before you gather ‘round the Thanksgiving table. That carving knife does not need to be wielded like a weapon, Leo. Should you find yourself hosting festivities, project manage in advance and make sure everyone has a clear task in writing so the event goes off without a hitch. The retrograde could bring a childhood friend back into the picture, so if you’re heading back to your old hometown, take it upon yourself to organize a reunion. On Saturday, go getter Mars moves into your sixth house of efficiency, health and daily routines. Whipping your life into shape will be a huge motivation for you between now and December 25. Grab your light saber and cut through the clutter and BS. Out with the old, and please don’t fill those empty spaces with anything new! Although the holiday season can come with lots of sugary treats, this Mars phase pumps you up for a health kick. Balance out those pumpkin spice lattes with green teas and invigorating workouts. Avoid the deprivation mindset and find inspiring reasons to be active (skiing, snowboarding, ice skating, dancing till dawn…to name a few). Your work life could become quite busy and a little stressful too during this Mars phase. Don’t let this be the reason you skip another yoga class. Taking care of your body brings greater clarity of mind.



There’s a thin line between friends and frienemies this week, so brace yourself for some tense moments. Messenger Mercury turns retrograde in your third house of social networking, causing more than a few communication breakdowns between Tuesday and November 26. Although this may be unsettling to a conflict-averse, Libra, don’t run away. You may have been keeping the peace at too high a price, sweeping important issues under the rug. The mark of a healthy relationship is not necessarily one that is conflict free, but rather one where you can hash out your differences without destroying the love. Chill with the air-kissing and lighthearted “love ya’s!” People need you to keep it real now, Libra. Let them see you on a bad hair day or in your yoga clothes instead of couture. If you’ve chronically flaked, showed up late for parties, or canceled plans in the last minute, your pals may have a worthy litany of complaints levied against you. Own your actions, Libra: if you’ve disrespected people’s time like this, you can’t blame them for being upset or even losing faith in your friendship. Rather than defend yourself, apologize and own up to the error of your ways. Then, make a pledge—to yourself more than anyone—to amend this. For the next few weeks, write every plan in your calendar and set a reminder alarm. No double booking, please! Don’t cancel unless it’s an absolute emergency. Sure, a “better” plan may come along, but your primary mission is to strengthen your relationships by building trust and consistency. Stick to Plan A, Libra, even if you have to miss out on a Plan B. Retrogrades rule the past and old friends may come back into your orbit. It’s the perfect time to plan a reunion, so get the old posse together during the Thanksgiving break. Make sure you back up all your digital devices, too. Mercury retrograde could cause snafus with laptops, cell phones and other mobile devices. You don’t want to lose that important data! When sending out texts and e-mails be vigilant about who you’re replying to. Information has a way of traveling into the wrong hands for the next few weeks. If you don’t have something nice to say, please don’t put it in writing, Libra. On Saturday, dreamy Neptune wakes up from a five month retrograde in your sixth house of work and daily routines. Getting your day-to-day life back into a more manageable groove will be easier in the days ahead. Neptune’s energy is soulful and creative, so surround yourself with art, beauty and music while you go through your days. Watery Neptune is the legendary god of the sea, so drink more H2O to get your systems flowing. Skip the dehydrating sugary beverages and coffee in favor of juices and teas. Head to a sauna or hot yoga class for a detoxifying “schvitz” and make sure you’re taking care of your emotional health too, by leaving space in your life to sit down and feel your feelings.



If you find yourself rushing to the passport office this week, we wouldn’t be surprised. Tuesday’s solar eclipse in Scorpio may bring an out-of-the-blue travel opportunity, one that requires you to cross borders and possibly flash your citizenship papers. This eclipse is the first in a series on the Scorpio-Taurus axis that will last for the next two years. While weighty Saturn is keeping you closer to home than you’d prefer, these eclipses will send you on fantastic voyages every six months. They may be permanent relocations or quick little jaunts, but whatever the case, they will bring a measure of excitement to your life. The first of these eclipse-related journeys comes this week, perhaps literally or figuratively. If you buy a ticket, you may be moving into new territory with the people close to home. Scorpio is the ruler of your expansive, adventurous and philosophical ninth house. Since this is a solar eclipse, and thus arrives with a new moon, it will evoke a fresh start or a heretofore unseen opening to break beyond your perceived limits. For some Pisces, this eclipse may herald an opportunity to study alongside an amazing teacher, or the inspiration to give your entrepreneurial dreams the attention they deserve. Who knows? You may finally get that consulting business off the ground or get serious about opening that vintage clothing boutique. You’ll be feeling mighty fortunate near this eclipse, and will have the courage to act independently, without opinion-polling 1,001 people. Multicultural mingling could lead to an international affair or business dealing early this week as eclipses have a way of speeding things up, illuminating hidden opportunities. There’s one caveat to all this ecliptic progress, however: messenger Mercury is still retrograde (backwards) until November 26, and on Wednesday it scoots back into Scorpio and your ninth house as well. Travel plans could be bungled or slowed down by Mercury’s influence, so do make sure you have your ID in your bag and arrive at the airport or train station well in advance of your trip. Before you sign any contracts or leases, do your thorough due diligence (and then some). Retrogrades are best used for research and review, so if you can stall until the 26th before making any actual moves, you might want to. Alas, life doesn’t always work according to the planet’s advised schedule. Just have a good CYA plan in place if you have to take a gamble and leap this week. Someone you met during a past vacation or business trip could also figure into the week’s most scintillating scenarios. On Saturday, go-getter Mars activates the team player in you when it zips into Capricorn and your eleventh house of groups until December 25. You can’t fly solo in every area of your life, Pisces, nor should you. Adopt a more community-oriented approach and you’ll see major progress in a stalled area of life by Christmas Day. Mars is a stressor though, aggravating tension within a group during these six weeks. The urge to go rogue on your posse will be strong now and then. Don’t be a rebel without a clue, Pisces. Compromising your vision doesn’t have to mean that it becomes watered down. Be more patient when it comes to hearing other people’s ideas. Participating in a group fitness effort, particularly one with a charitable bent, like that 5K run for breast cancer awareness, would be a powerful way to bond with the world.



Anyone got a Magic Decoder Ring handy? Communication planet Mercury turns retrograde in Sagittarius this Tuesday, scrambling your signals for the next three weeks. You said potato (and quite clearly at that), but other people are acting like you said “potahhhto” when you totally didn’t. What’s up with that? Rather than resorting to fisticuffs as you accuse people of misunderstanding you, take a deep breath and explain yourself over (and over and over) again until they get it. Your trademark sense of humor will certainly be the most important arrow in your archer’s quiver this week. Laugh at the insanity of it all instead of getting worked into knots. You might also draw a protective shield around yourself to avoid these brouhahas. This next month is less about revelations and more about quietly building your brilliant ideas and projects behind the scenes. Retrogrades are an optimal time for researching and refining rather than powering forward with a production. Those gems you’ve dreamed up will gleam much more brightly if you spend more time polishing them now. Stage your big reveal after November 26 when Mercury is direct again. Before that, keep the critics at bay by keeping your lips sealed. Haters will for sure become imitators in December when they see what you’ve accomplished. Alas, they’ll be too late to the party by then to compete. Score one for Sagittarius! This Mercury retrograde could give you an itchy trigger finger when it comes to revamping your style, but avoid any games of Extreme Makeover: Sagittarius Edition. That prominent piercing, tattoo, or shaved patch of hair could become the bane of your existence so spare yourself the regrets and start a Pinterest page to capture ideas. Your tastes will fluctuate frequently for the next three weeks and you’ll be glad that Bengal tiger isn’t permanently inked on your shoulder come November 26. Hang a picture of the bald Britney Spears near your mirror if you need a reminder of exactly what happens when a Sagittarius goes on an impulsive spree. On Saturday, foggy Neptune wakes up from a five-month retrograde, powering forward in your fourth house of home and family. If you’ve been holding a grudge against a relative, Neptune’s turn is like a healing salve, allowing you to let go and let the love back in. Forgiveness doesn’t mean forgetting, Sagittarius. Rather, it’s a state of accepting that people are who they are. You can’t change them, nor should you waste your time trying. Instead, start focusing on the common ground and building bridges from there. You might be inspired to create a heartfelt tribute to a relative for Thanksgiving. How about a slide show, Powerpoint presentation, or just reading a letter of gratitude aloud to a loved one who has really gone the distance for the fam? If you’ve been locked into a codependent dynamic with a relative or friend, this Neptune shift can bring some freedom your way. Stop enabling this person’s bad behavior by making excuses or covering up. Rushing in for the rescue is preventing this person’s growth. The interior decorating muse may strike as well, so if you have a vision for a painting or other household project, get to work on making it happen. Living in a beautiful space is a must for your responsive sign, and Neptune’s influence can lead you to the perfect colors and “objet” to bring Chateau Sagittarius to life.



Money changes everything, Scorpio, a bit of wisdom you should keep in the back of your mind this week. On Tuesday, messenger Mercury turns retrograde (backwards) in your financial sector, making cash a touchy subject in your relationships. Mingling your money with other people’s is not advised at this juncture, Scorpio, at least not when it comes to the peeps in your personal life. If you do decide to open your wallet, or receive funding from someone in your circle, make sure the repayment plan is spelled out in black and white. Could you be okay with never seeing that money again? If the answer is no, forget the loan altogether. Are you 100% certain that you’ll be able to pay back what you owe? Unless it’s a sure thing, don’t think about taking it. Damaged relationships are not worth the price, so you may have to delay your gratification until you have the actual funds in your bank account. Retrogrades rule the past, so look there for renewed opportunities. Past colleagues could have job or client leads, or you might find a place for yourself in a company you’ve worked with before. Reviewing and revamping your budget would also be wise now. You may discover creative ways to scale back and be resourceful, lowering monthly bills in the process. If you’re in the market for a bigger purchase—one that’s either pragmatic or luxurious—use the next three weeks to research and shop around, but try to wait until after November 26 to make the buy. On Saturday, soulful Neptune powers forward in your fifth house of romance after a five-month retrograde. Affairs of the heart become a big focus in the weeks ahead, as your powers of attraction return. Have you been idealizing someone from your past? Neptune is the planet of illusions and fantasy, and its direct turn can cause you to see someone in a harsher, but more realistic light. Nobody’s perfect, Scorpio. The question is, can you take the better along with the worse? You don’t want to make excuses for bad behavior, but if you’re nitpicking about a smaller human error, you might just want to give your lover a Get Out Of Jail Free card. Charitable Neptune could also lead you to love through a volunteer opportunity. Get involved in a holiday goodwill effort. Who knows? You could meet The One while stacking donated cans at a food drive. Your creative juices begin to flow again with Neptune’s direct turn and the limelight is loving you. Smile for the proverbial paparazzi, as there will be plenty of eyes on you. If you’re a performer or have a presentation to make, spend Saturday rehearsing and adding in the bells and whistles. Your creative Scorpionic touches will take your efforts from good to great, even if they do require a tad bit of obsessing.



Partnership possibilities could come out of the blue this week, thanks to Tuesday’s solar eclipse in Scorpio and your seventh house of dynamic duos. Solar eclipses occur during a new moon, bringing new beginnings in an exciting blaze of glory. These joint venture possibilities may have been hidden in the shadows for a while, only to be illuminated by the energy of Tuesday’s solar eclipse. This eclipse is the first in a series that will be touching on the Scorpio-Taurus axis for the next two years. They are especially significant since they’ll be activating your sign and the sign opposite yours (Scorpio). The first ones to touch Taurus won’t happen until next April 25 and May 10, but the energy is already underway beginning this week. Fasten your seatbelt, it’s going to be a wild ride as you are pushed to evolve both personally and in partnerships at a pace that’s faster than the one your methodical sign is used to. This week, give the renegade routine a rest and start working the buddy system in all areas of life. Whether for business or pleasure, the rule of opposites attract applies heavily this week. You may be surprised by how much the people you’re drawn to break from type. Keep your mind open as you sort through a bevy of new candidates, and even review people from your past as prospects. On Wednesday, social Mercury, which will be retrograde from November 6-26, scoots back into Scorpio as well, bringing business partners and lovers of yore back into the picture. Did THAT person really just send you a Facebook friend request? Oh no he didn’t…wait, oh yes, he did. Brace yourself for some ghosts coming out of the woodwork this week, Taurus. Should it only have been a matter of bad timing that kept you apart, this retrograde could bring the second-time-around opportunity to stoke the embers of your synergistic attraction. But recycling a bad romance or hostile merger, hoping that this time around it will go differently? Bad idea, Bull. Leave those toxic relationships buried in the cemetery of unpleasant memories and keep your eyes fixed on the future. The eclipse-Mercury retrograde combo also provides an opportunity for you to get clear about what you want in a partner. You may have some illuminating insights this week, and finally break free of a pattern that’s been haunting you for years, possibly a lifetime. This may actually mean walking away from a relationship that is no longer serving you in order to pave the way for a fulfilling replacement. On Saturday, spicy Mars moves into your travel sector until December 25, activating your wanderlust. You’ll be craving greener pastures, exotic locales and multicultural mingling in lands where other languages are spoken. Start researching an international vacay, but wait until Mercury turns direct on November 26 to book those tickets if you can. Getting out of Dodge for a smaller trip during the Thanksgiving break could be a huge refresher. Just take extra care to book with reputable companies and double check all the data fields before you hit the “Buy Now” button on a non-refundable ticket. Your entrepreneurial side will be sparked by this Mars phase, luring you out of that play-it-safe zone you tend to keep your career sequestered in. Even if you don’t quit your day job, begin developing your visionary ideas as a side gig. They could take off at a galloping pace by Christmas Day.



You’re a regular Michael Musto this week, Virgo, full of arrow-sharp critiques, humorous observations, and newsworthy gossip that could rival the pundit’s Village Voice blog. While you have no trouble getting anyone’s ear, are you being socially sated in return? There are friends and there are acquaintances-masquerading-as-friends, and this week, you might be feeling a little light in the former category. Enter Tuesday’s solar eclipse in Scorpio, sending a high-voltage jolt to your third house of communication and comrades. A new chapter in your social life has officially begun and it might happen so fast you won’t even have time to review applications. The kismet discovery of your tribe—or at least a new member of it—will be enlivening. What a relief! You won’t have to play the role of the entertainer, you can kick back and “just be,” enjoying lively conversation and comfortable silence in equal measure. One of your existing acquaintances could be upgraded in status, becoming an official collaborator and the other half of a dynamic duo. While this is likely to be more of a platonic connection than a romantic one, there will be lots of creative chemistry afoot. People from your past will also play a starring role in the week as Mercury (which is retrograde from November 6-26) scoots back into Scorpio and your third house this Wednesday. Don’t be surprised if an old pal pings you out of the blue. You might even get a text from an ex, or someone you dated briefly, but never quite got the romance off the ground. While time heals all wounds, don’t reopen these doors unless you’re sure the connection is as “safe and non-toxic” as a jar of Play-Doh. Back up all your digital files once again and get the car tuned up before taking any long drives. Mercury is now affecting your information and transportation house and you don’t need any faulty alternators or flat tires while driving over the meadow and through the woods for Thanksgiving at Grandma’s. If you’re thinking of purchasing a new vehicle or mobile device, research now, but try to hold off until Mercury turns direct on the 26th before making that purchase. On Saturday, red-hot Mars moves into Capricorn and your playful, passionate and ardent fifth house until December 25. Hello, romantic renaissance! Mars hasn’t visited this part of your chart since December 2010, and its re-entry will shoot surges of kundalini energy up your spine. Yes, Virgo, you’ve still got it. Flirt with wild abandon, dance, let your hair down, and play like a kid. Box up the sweater sets and slip into the sequined scoop necks and body-con bandage dresses. Getting in touch with your own physicality makes you feel like the siren you are. Prioritize pampering and self care—it’s not selfish to hire a babysitter so you can get back to your cardio boot camp or yoga class. This Mars phase also brings a bonus shot at fame. You’ll feel driven to be numero uno and pumped up to make a name for yourself. Just remember the difference between being famous and being notorious. Although you realize that critics follow genius, you don’t want to be a sensationalist in the name of acclaim.


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