Weekly Horoscope




Ready, set, expand! The morose clouds dissipate and optimism buoys as the sun moves into compatible fire sign Sagittarius for a month. That half-empty glass you’ve been gazing at is suddenly brimming with fresh possibilities. It’s time to reclaim your Action Jackson title and turn your anxieties into a proactive plan. Sagittarius awakens your entrepreneurial and risk-taking nature. Post a Kickstarter page for your latest invention, or stake your share of the e-commerce gold rush by selling your wares online. Nothing ventured, nothing gained, Aries, and your ideas could be more profitable than you imagine. Is your passport up to date? The pursuit of your grand visions could require you to travel, possibly even beyond national borders. Even if you stay local, the Sag sun anoints you ambassador for the next thirty days. Mingling multiculturally will be de rigeur, whether you’re boarding a plane or holding a planning meeting with an out-of-state (or overseas) collaborator on Google Hangout. The blending of different perspectives makes your ideas stand out from the pack. Do we hear bells? Schoolbells, that is. Sagittarius’ solar power makes you thirsty for knowledge. Sign up for that Spanish language intensive (you can practice your skills on a south-of-the-equator holiday trip after Mercury turns direct on the 26th), or if you’re looking for something both spiritual and pragmatic, learn a pitch-perfect strategy for marketing yourself in an online course like Gabrielle Bernstein’s “God Is My Publicist.” (http://www.hayhouse.com/event_details.php?event_id=1754&int_id=). Cue the Rihanna midweek for your official love song. On Wednesday, loveplanet Venus shifts into scintillating Scorpio, giving you “Only Girl In the World” syndrome for three weeks. Your lover need only have eyes for you, but possessiveness and jealousy could flare under this Venus phase. Get a grip on yourself, Aries: is your sweetie honestly hitting on the Starbuck’s barista, or simply thanking her for remembering to make his Venti Latte with soy milk instead of the bovine variety? You could be a little too quick to hit the panic button, getting shaken and stirred over obsessive thoughts. Get the facts before you react, and you’ll enjoy the uber-close bonding this Venus in Scorpio phase can bring. PS: Tiffany blue boxes are not to be ruled out for coupled Aries. Single Rams have serious sex appeal now. While you’ll be singing the body electric, don’t forget that you want someone to love you for your, er beautiful mind. You might even want to tone down some of the va-va-voom, so you don’t overpower (or scare away) the good ones, and inadvertently draw dates who only have eyes for your décolletage. In every realm, Venus in Scorpio blesses you with charm in spades until December 15. Need to woo investors for one of your projects, raise money for your favorite holiday charity, sell some property? People will practically empty their wallets for you now. We trust you’ll use this power for good, not evil, Ram. Thanksgiving time could find you restless as a wild colt, as the moon will be in Aries from Thursday early evening until late Saturday. Get the family-friendly activities out of the way early Thursday while the moon is still in Pisces. Though you can hold a grudge like nobody’s business, the desire to let bygones be bygones could bring a watershed moment between you and a difficult-to-deal-with relative. Hug it out, then, bolt to the bar where your childhood friends have convened before the Aries moon makes your temper flare. Of course, with the Sagittarius sun aflame, you might just skip the whole Anglicized holiday altogether and spend the long weekend under a beach umbrella in the tropics or volunteering with Hurricane Sandy cleanup efforts.



You’re, like, um, popular this week, Aquarius. With everyone wanting a piece of your time, you’re going to have to consolidate, turning one-on-one hangouts into group gatherings (grumbles from your sweetie or BFF notwithstanding). This spike in your eminence comes courtesy of the Sun, which moves into Sagittarius and your eleventh house of social networking for a month beginning on Wednesday. If you haven’t already eclipsed Facebook’s 5,000 friend limit, you might just achieve that milestone in time for Christmas. But is it really a numbers game, Aquarius? Not for you. With your affable nature, you make fast friends with folks, weaving your way in and out of cliques with the ease of a white-tailed spider. You can’t help it! You genuinely click with a lot of people. Alas, seeing you for a second time may be as likely as spotting a unicorn, but you can always stay in touch by liking each other’s status updates. Keep collecting those names: you never know when they’ll come in handy. You’ll have time for more focused intimacy a month from now when the Sun moves into Capricorn. Until then, blow with the wind, your bohemian spirit flying free. Geek is chic while the sun is in Sagittarius, so let your techie side out to play. Train yourself on the finer points of WordPress or Adobe’s digital suite so you can get your piece of the Internet fortune. The call of the blogosphere may be luring you with its sweet siren’s song. Those 1,000 word discourses you wrote on modern politics or the collection of family recipes you lovingly gathered on your regional tour through the French countryside could soon become a self-published oeuvre. Thank goodness you incarnated during the Information Age with the freedom to post your uncensored ideas at will! Midweek, charming Venus settles into Scorpio, blessing you with three weeks of bonus career mojo. ‘Tis the season for networking and doing your best to impress those key decision makers, the ones who cut your paychecks or fall into the “Dream Client” category. You’re the ultimate jeans-and-a-ponytail sign, but your professional presentation might need a sharper edge. Hit the Black Friday sales for a sophisticated wardrobe upgrade. That 15% discounted Alice + Olivia blazer will be worth fighting the throngs of bargain-crazed shoppers. Let the lines between business and pleasure blur a bit, too (as in rallying coworkers for Happy Hour, not sleeping with the married head of marketing, Aquarius!). This is a prime phase for strengthening relationships with the people you do business with. In some rare exceptions, a coworker crush may lead to a love that’s true. Don’t dip your pen in the proverbial company ink unless you’re looking to write a happily-ever-after story. Coupled Aquarians might team up on a venture with your partners. This can be a tricky tightrope act if you don’t clearly delineate duties, however. But if you come to a smart agreement on the front end, there’s strong potential to profit as a dynamic duo over the next few weeks. The Pisces moon makes for a lazy Thanksgiving Day. Nix plans to play Iron Chef and opt for pared down versions of the dishes you planned to wow with. Simple recipes can be every bit as delicious as the decadent ones, especially when they are served by a smiling, not-so-frazzled you. Watch the Macy’s parade in your bunny slippers, poke around Pandora for the perfect dinnertime station to set, bike to see a friend for an hour and catch up over gingerbread lattes. Yes, you may have to delegate some duties to the other hands in the house, but they might actually enjoy being included in the prep. By Thursday evening, you’re a regular Chris Rock (an Aquarius), when the moon shifting into Aries wakes up your wit and makes you the life of the party until Saturday night. Chin-chin!



Labelmaker? Check. Color-coded boxes from The Container Store? Check, check. Your systematic self comes out of hibernation on the 21st, as the Sun paces into Sagittarius and your sixth house of rituals and routines for a month. Bringing order to the Cancerian court is a hi-pri agenda item and one that could easily consume those four days off of work the Thanksgiving holiday brings. Not that the epicureans among you would miss a chance to cook a perfectly crisped bird with chestnut-oyster stuffing and a cranberry-Merlot reduction. But between shuffling roasting pans in and out of the oven, you might be bagging off the clutter for a giant Goodwill haul, piecing together shelves and obsessing over the hardcover-to-accessory ratio on your living room bookcase. A clear space is simply essential to a Cancer’s peace of mind. Organizing and simplifying helps you think better, too; good news since you’re also entering an uber-productive thirty-day work cycle. While cohorts are slipping off for gift-shopping or restlessly counting down days till the company holiday party, you’ll be a busy bee, burning the midnight oil in the name of meeting those Q4 measures you promised. Don’t slack, Crab! You could pull well ahead of the competition (in and out of the office), positioning yourself for a healthy holiday bonus or glowing 2012 annual performance review. The sixth house rules service, and the Sag Sun could light the way to a holiday charity effort that’s right in line with your values. Double-bonus: the other helping hands in this mission could be attached to some stellar new friends, people of character who can meet your strict guidelines for friendship. You’re also entering a monthlong wellness phase, albeit an inconveniently timed one. Have your cake and your pumpkin pie too, but don’t oblige yourself to finish all the leftovers just because you don’t want to waste food. Is there a Black Friday membership drive at the local health club? Lock in a low rate and sign up. A lively spin or Zumba class, followed by a schvitz in the dry sauna could be the perfect cure for your impending winter blues. Schedule those routine checkups and make sure you’re pumped upon preventative medicine to keep the flu at bay. Of course all work and no play makes Cancer a dull crab. Fortunately, loveplanet Venus rushes in for the save, grooving into Scorpio and your passionate, romantic fifth house until December 15. This is a bit of a romantic renaissance for you, Cancer, so open your heart to love. Stop averting the eyes of that obvious admirer who always seems to arrive at the local coffeeshop minutes after you’ve ordered your latte. You obviously share a similar taste in how you like to start your mornings…who knows? Maybe you could find common ground after sundown, too? Break the ice and say hello. It’s about time one of you did. Nothing brewing besides the morning Sumatra blend on The Clover? Give the old Internet dating world another (or a first) try. Your proactive approach signals the universe with an “I’m ready for love!” which is more than half the battle. Coupled Cancers, indulge in some passionate playdates while Venus hangs in Scorpio. Whether you’re renting scooters in The Bahamas or dressing up for the touring (or Broadway!) company’s production of “Wicked,” anything but a dinner-and-movie date will do. Talks could turn to babymaking, as some Crabs flirt with the idea of a wee one, or create more time to enjoy the kids you DO have. Your lust for luxury knows no bounds, but don’t barrel into those Black Friday sales without a budget. With Mercury retrograde until the 26th, save the receipts on any pricey purchases, as your tastes and desires will blow with the wintery wind. With the moon in Pisces for most of Thursday, you’ll feel rather restless. Let relatives pitch in for a while so you can get out and wander for part of the day. Your trademark sensitivity may go MIA as you blurt out your thoughts on family matters. Tell them how you REALLY feel, Cancer…or better yet, don’t. Preaching and giving unsolicited advice could be the death knell to a happy family celebration. Ride out your irritation till the evening, when you’ll be in a far more settled mood. A male relative or even a guy from your past could become your ideal social companion for the rest of the weekend.



Long winter’s nap, Capricorn? Your cosmic hibernation phase begins this Wednesday when the sun moves into Sagittarius and your dreamy, sleepy twelfth house. Turns out, even the zodiac’s reputed workaholic needs to take a breather. Although you can’t bail on every single social commitment, you’ll likely make an early appearance, only to be found curled up on your sofa, clutching a thick novel (or the remote control) before the clock strikes midnight. Don’t worry, you’ll regain your edge when the sun moves into Capricorn on December 22—just in time to fete the holidays. For now, grab the lavender eye mask and chillax. This is the final monthlong chapter of your annual zodiac cycle, a time meant for excising unwanted clutter from your universe. (Um, exactly what did you think was making you so tired in the first place?) Begin clearing your physical space and work your way into more emo terrain. While you may feel a bit like the Grim Reaper, the cruel-to-be-kind approach of releasing outmoded relationships is truly in everyone’s best interest. You know how awful it feels to be strung along, after all. Don’t leave anyone with false hope in any realm of your life, be it the milquetoast Internet date who you can’t bear to cross third base with, or the half-hearted hairdresser who seems foiled in her ability to paint your highlights all the way to your roots. Admit it, Cap: in spite of the convenience factor, you’re just not that into them. Kindly, gently (but firmly) part ways so you can all move on to more rewarding unions. A few things you WILL have the energy for over the coming thirty days—besides hauling half your basement to the Goodwill? Losing yourself in an “art for art’s sake” creative project (shush your inner capitalist when you start thinking “Etsy store!” before you’ve even finished molding the first piece of clay), volunteering for a charitable mission that speaks to your soul, querying mentors and elders for their “been there, done that” brand of wisdom. Heading over the meadow and through the woods to spend Thanksgiving with grandmother might just be the perfect plan for Thursday. Siblings could be the other star players in your Thanksgiving, at least in the pre-dinner part of the day, while the moon hovers in Pisces. Nab any bonding opportunities you can, whether you’re trading funny stories in the kitchen while peeling yams or sneaking off for a few hours of hooky early in the day (Life Of Pi matinee, anyone?). Your sentimental nature intensifies when the moon moves into Aries from Thursday evening till late Saturday. Family-friendly moments will not be short order, so take on the role of social organizer and keep everyone looped into the lovey-dovey vibes. While you’re kicking back on your couch this week, how about rewriting that match.com profile? On Wednesday, loveplanet Venus moves into Scorpio and your techie eleventh house for three weeks. A point-and-click affair could be in the stars for single Caps, so don’t let cynicism stand in the way of giving it a go. Already spoken for? Let your romantic idealism out to play. Make a wish list together with your honey, mapping out the adventures and experiences you’d like to share in the not-too-distant future. You might even make a vision board together. A picture says a thousand words and could be the catalyst that has you clicking the “Buy Now” button on that Sao Paolo New Year’s Eve package. Carpe diem!



Double down, Gemini! The era of the romantic risk-taker is officially in full swing and you’re ready to gamble big. Chalk it up to the Sun’s shift into Sagittarius, which ignites a monthlong tour through your seventh house of partnerships beginning this Wednesday. Finding your other half is an eternal quest for Gemini, the twin, and you’ve no doubt auditioned a rotating cast of characters for this role. You’re an ever-evolving being, so finding one person who can furnish all your needs (and hopefully elevate along a similar trajectory) can be a challenge. Don’t put all your eggs in one basket, Gem. You can work the buddy system with more than just one buddy. Find one person as your paramour, another to collaborate with professionally, and a third to be your songwriting partner. No matter what their purpose, your intention should be to find people whose talents balance out your own. Although it might seem easier to fill the vacancy with a kindred spirit, the law of “opposites attract” will give rise to a satisfying union. Strong-willed Gemini needs someone to challenge you, not another yes-man who will dissolve to mush in the face of your Svengali-like charms. Of course, with Mercury retrograde until the 26th, you might use this week for warm-up and prep. Where have you been neglecting Numero Uno? Self-love is the prerequisite for a mastery in loving another: book a spa treatment, revamp (or just vamp up) your wardrobe with a few Black Friday steals, and make sure you’ve had adequate downtime to putter about and just “do you.” When Mercury turns direct next week, you’ll be ready to go the distance with an eligible option. If you want to work on the first draft of your OkCupid profile this week, it wouldn’t be a bad idea. Already in a relationship? There’s room for growth, even in the happiest union. Sagittarius’ solar power prompts you to study the oft-puzzling subject of relationships. Spend some downtime at the bookstore, or sign up for that couples’ communication course. There’s always more to learn, Gemini, and interpersonal dynamics are a subject you find fascinating! Save some quirky delays due to Mercury retrograde, traveling together can be blissful this week. Bail early on family celebrations and hop a commuter flight to a cosmopolitan hotspot, reveling in the view from your 22nd story hotel room and ordering breakfast in bed (at 3AM) after a romantic romp through the city. Single Gems who are traveling could find romance on the road. That sexy suit sitting next to you on the airplane could turn into your Friday evening date, a good reason to talk to strangers. And hey, if your high school sweetheart is presently unattached and in town, you might revive the sparks for old times sake. Meow! Of course, you’ll need to be pragmatic about things. On Wednesday, loveplanet Venus moves into Scorpio and your structured, systematic sixth house. If you get TOO footloose-and-fancy-free, the alarm bells will go off, causing rounds of “Where is this heading?” obsession. Be clear about what you’re getting yourself into, if only to keep your own hopes and expectations in their proper place. Venus will hang in Scorpio until December 15, prompting a bit of an untimely health kick. While Thanksgiving deprivation is a no-go, you could whip up kale salad, gluten-free stuffing dish, or maple-sweetened yam puree to counterbalance the cream-based dishes and sugary desserts. Instead of lounging on the couch watching “It’s A Wonderful Life” for the fortieth time, lace up your sneakers and go for a run. The local gym or yoga studio might be open for holiday hours, luring you in to blow off steam. On Thanksgiving Day, raise a toast (via videochat, if need be) to a monumental man in your life. This guy has been your unsung hero and your thankful tribute will leave you all glowing with love. Bonus points if you can acknowledge him publically. Doesn’t everyone deserve to know how great a guy he is?!



Pucker up! On Wednesday, the sun blazes into Sagittarius and your fifth house of romance, passion, glamour, and fame. For the next month, you’ll feel as if a mistletoe was perma-hovering over your lovely head. No, Leo, that smoldering model-off-duty lookalike with the chiseled jaw is not checking out the girl behind you. (Um, he’s looking at YOU, Leo. Quick! Smile and make eye contact!) Your annual romantic renaissance is underway and the next thirty days promise to be drenched in lovin’ vibes. Although suitors may come out of the woodwork, you must also meet the universe halfway. Undo that prim secretary’s bun and whip your hair. You need to signal interest, or at least assume a non-threatening posture (as in “No, I’m not going to reject you and eat you for dinner.”) so that you’re easy to approach. Fortunately, this shouldn’t be hard for congenial, extroverted you. You’re quite the huntress yourself now. If you want to take the lead in the game of amore, the cosmos give you the thumbs up. Ready, aim, pursue! The Sagittarius sun also brings a bonus shot at fame and public recognition. Making a name for yourself always ranks high on the Leo goal sheet and this is your time to shine. So…you think you can dance, sing, paint, act, (insert creative talent here)? Do what it takes to slingshot ahead of the competition and leave your signature mark. A fierce competitor you are indeed, Leo, and while the auditioning process can be grueling, you’ll get valuable feedback (and grow exponentially) every time you put yourself out there before the proverbial panel of judges. Beyond the talent show circuit, you may be invited to comment as an expert on a panel or even on TV. Practice those on-camera poses in the mirror and prepare for your close-up. This is a fertile period for you Leo, a time that’s ripe for giving birth to new ideas and possibly even hosting a bun in the oven. For coupled Leos, baby talk could sound less like cooing in a falsetto to your sweetie and more like discussing nursery configurations or imagining out loud the potential of your future-firstborn. Keep the glam fairy on speed dial. Putting together a look book of potential style upgrades will get you inspired to hit the Black Friday sales. Save any drastic changes–like chopping your Jennifer Lopez locks into a Michelle Williams pixie or inking a Sailor Jerry pin-up girl onto your arm—until Mercury turns direct and restores clear thinking on the 26th. The family friendly vibes kick in on Wednesday too, when harmonizer Venus moves into Scorpio and your fourth house of kin. Noble Leos have soft spots in your hearts for your pride (aka the people you share DNA with). This Thanksgiving will find you in a sentimental-verging-on-shamelessly-sappy frame of mind. After you’ve handwritten “I’m thankful” notes and slipped them under everyone’s place setting, invite your somewhat-reluctant relatives to go around the table and say something appreciative about the person sitting to their right. There won’t be a dry eye in the house by the time you’re done with your little exercise. Can you feel the love tonight? Mm-hmm. With Venus in Scorpio until December 15, you could give domestic doyenne (and fellow Leo) Martha Stewart a run for more than just a few of her “favorite things.” Embrace your crafty spirit and delve into a DIY mission that doubles as stocking stuffers a month from now. The long weekend offers a chance to play amateur decorator and add some colorful touches to Chateau Leo. Then again, with the moon in Aries from Thursday night till late Saturday, you may be too busy, er, bonding with an old high school flame to be bothered with picking out paint swatches.



Is this the real you…or is it just fantasy? The Sagittarius Sun calls your alter ego out of hiding for a month, beginning this Wednesday. Like a born-again Hannah Montana, you’re ready to reveal—or simply to discover—heretofore-untapped aspects of your personality. Take-no-prisoners executive recruiter by day, sultry jazz singer by night? One of our favorite Libras pulls off this dichotomy without batting a lash-fringed eye; another is a city inspector who suits up in Ren-fair regalia after punching the government time clock. So, what’s your version of a double life? Your perfectly symmetrical scales are ready to be tipped, even slightly, so don’t resist. It’s this imbalance that forces you to recalibrate by stretching out of your comfort zone and finding new outlets for happiness. Mine for hidden talents, dabble with new hobbies, stretch the radius of your social circle and find out how you click with totally new types of people. Also this week…Make. Every. Word. Count. As if Mercury retrograde wasn’t signal-scrambling enough, your communication skills will be put to the test by the Sagittarius Sun. Fortunately, the Archer’s solar power will sharpen your ability to get your message across. Whether you spend the long weekend poring over a marketing bible (check out Marie Forleo’s B-School), sign up for sessions with a voice or public speaking coach, or drag your sweetie into a workshop on “mirroring,” you want to pack your words with their intended punch. Libra writers will get an inspiring boost for the next thirty days. Get that pitch to the publisher, hole up and work on the third chapter of your novel, finally post those brilliant blog entries that have been sitting, completed in Microsoft Word for god-knows-how-long. Your social life brightens considerably midweek. At last–you’re ready to emerge from that cocoon you’ve been tucked in for the past thirty days. Remember those people who call themselves your friends? They’ve been waiting for their social organizer (you!) to gather the gang together. Take it upon yourself to do just that. You might even host an orphan’s Thanksgiving on Friday for pals who didn’t get to enjoy a family-friendly celebration. Or, if you’re visiting your hometown, rally your high school posse together for reunion drinks, fake IDs no longer required (yeah!). Your means of transportation could change and it may be time for an upgrade in your getting-around-town plan of action. If you’re spending big bucks on taxis, maybe it’s time you explore ride-sharing options, finally download the bus schedule, or put a set of wheels on your holiday wish list. Just wait until Mercury turns direct on the 26th to drive anything new or used off the dealer’s lot. Also on Wednesday, your ruling planet Venus makes a shift. You’ve hosted Venus in your sign since October 28, a powerful time for connecting to Numero Uno. While you’ll hate to see her go, Venus’ move into Scorpio brings a grounded sensuality to your world. Let your tactile nature take the helm. Black Friday sales could lead you to the luxury home goods store for decadent, high-thread-count sheets and a Diptyque candle, followed by a splurge at the La Mer counter. While you’re at it, why not install a dimmer switch on your bedside lamp or overhead light? Proper ambience creates the bodice-ripping mood of the Venus phase—so courtesan chic. On Thursday, Thanksgiving Day, the moon will linger in Pisces and your sixth house of service until suppertime. Lend your helping hands to the world. Setting up and serving dinner at a local shelter is a great way to give back, but don’t forget that charity begins in the home. Before you race out the door, make sure you’re not shafting your dinnertime hosts with extra work. Waking up early to slice apples and peel potatoes says “I’m thankful!” better than any sentimental card possibly can. From Thursday night through Saturday, the moon will be in Aries and your partnership house. A sexy reunion with your high school crush may be in the stars; or, if you’re presently engaged, a chance to slip off with your sweetie for a holiday celebration a-deux (as in not curled up in your childhood bedroom pretending that it’s a romantic trip). Bon voyage!



Up, up, up the ladder you go. This Wednesday, the energizing Sun lends its beams to Sagittarius and your tenth house of career. Your ambitions will be supersized during this monthlong phase, pushing you towards unprecedented professional growth. While everyone else is heading “over the meadow and through the woods” you’ll be burning some midnight oil, perhaps utilizing the long weekend to pull ahead on an outsized mission. (But no BBM-ing your boss while the turkey is being served, please.) Your meteoric rise is a long time coming, so revel in the recognition that’s heading your way. No need to wait for the talent scouts and executive recruiters to come sniffing for you, although they might just. Draft a press release, light up the Twitterverse with a 140-character buzz, host a launch party or focus group. Getting the word out yourself gives you control over image and message, an added bonus. If your career feels stalled at the gates, harness the gambling instincts of the Sagittarius Sun and make a bold, proactive move. Sign on for a one-day-per-week volunteer apprenticeship with a prominent industry player, enroll in a training seminar, cold-call a potential dream client, or request an official performance review to draw the bigwig’s attention to your accomplishments. Note that Mercury will still be retrograde until November 26, so this week is more about preparing any behind-the-scenes materials for your big ask so you can pitch away next week when the messenger planet resumes direct motion. Working with men will be quite fruitful during this monthlong phase. Take your rightful place among the fellas, glass ceiling be damned. A guy who plays a leading role in your personal life may become a central focus of the next thirty days; perhaps you’ll even join forces on a work-related project, artfully mixing business and pleasure. TMI alert? Loveplanet Venus decamps to Scorpio and your honest-to-a-fault ninth house from Wednesday till December 15. Wearing your heart on your sleeve is fine, but relationships could unravel if you go spinning one too many yarns. Bare your soul, but do so selectively. Rehashing every detail from your past could turn your lover du jour cold. Does s/he really need to hear about the time your ex left you stranded at a Marrakesh airport or other tales from the vault marked The Insecure Years? No, Pisces, so stop painting pictures of yourself that downplay the confident, sexy badass you are today. Cultural barriers were meant to be broken, especially when it comes to love. With Venus in Scorpio, you could be swept off in an overriding attraction to someone from a different background or part of the world. Vacation romances sizzle with strong potential, but these aren’t merely of the “fond memory” ilk. Venus in Scorpio creates deep and abiding bonds. Who knows, Pisces? Someone you meet in your travels over the next few weeks (or a tourist cruising through your hometown) could become a real-deal romantic possibility, which might even lead to one of you relocating. Coupled Pisces, plan an early getaway from family festivities. Although retrograde Mercury can cause snafus with your itinerary till the 26th, hightailing it to a known vacation spot could be the sweet escape you need this weekend…even if you DO have to work on that report between romps in the sheets. With the moon in Pisces for most of Thanksgiving Day, you’re the veritable Pied Piper of playtime. Bundle up and take the kids, nieces and nephews to the city’s parade or other turkey-day themed events. Make sure there are toys set up for both the wee ones and entertainment for the adults (Glee Karaoke Revolution on the X-Box, anyone?). Take the lead in the thankful toasts around the table. You’ll break the ice and help everyone relax into an emo groove. Pass the tissues!



Viva la Centaur! It’s officially Sagittarius time as the radiant, life-giving Sun beams its rays into your part of the heavens beginning Wednesday. You are the zodiac’s giant star for the next thirty days, so let your larger-than-life personality out to play. Frankly, Sagittarius, it’s about time you did. Since planets have piled into Scorpio and your murky twelfth house beginning October 5, you just haven’t been the shiny optimist your friends know and love. In fact, you may have been plagued by some shadowy thoughts, even plunging into moments of depression here and there. Believe it or not, this phase was a necessary “evil.” After all, without darkness, there can be no light. By peering into life’s perplexing mysteries, you expanded your capacity to see the endless possibilities that are available to us all. Don’t fear this more balanced view of life. You’ve just gained a world of compassion for those people you’ve been brushing off as Debbie Downers and Negative Nellies all these years. In the sage words of Dr. Mehmot Oz, “The opposite of anger is not calmness, it’s empathy.” Perhaps you’re ready to give peace a chance with a new set of skills under your Victorian-inspired chain belt. Though your friends and family will be overjoyed to see you return to your happy place, no one will welcome this bright energy back more than you. Finally! You can get on with the business of being a Sagittarius, adventure-trekking your way through life like a global nomad, cultural ambassador, savvy entrepreneur, and lifelong student all rolled into one smiling package. Instead of gifting yourself another material object for your birthday, spring for a life-expanding experience, like that meditation retreat in Bali or perhaps something a little closer to home, like five sessions with an energy healer or canonized coach who you’ve wanted to work with for years. Of course, just when you thought this Scorpio intensity was simmering down, Venus serves up another surprise, decamping to the scorpion’s village from Wednesday through December 15. Affairs of the heart will still be rife with intensity for the next few weeks. The secretive allure of this Venus in Scorpio cycle could lure some Archers into dangerous liaisons. Oh, how you love the chase and challenge, Sag, but you’ll pierce your heart with your own arrows if you entertain a corrupt quest, like, say, chasing a married man or ignoring the red flags of a commitmentphobe. Stick to peeps who are on the up-and-up, even if they seem, well, a little boring at first. You’ll find better ways to get your kicks than getting pulled into the cesspool of an illicit affair. And “boring” has a funny way of evolving into highly entertaining in some cases. Wait and see. Besides, with the Sun in Sagittarius, you might as well have a giant cosmic spotlight beaming over your head. Think you can sneak around now? Guess again, baby. You might as well phone the tabloids yourself, your moves will be THAT obvious. The plus side of this is that you can harness this energy to draw attention to the things that you DO want the world to see. Just keep your nose clean, Sag, in romance and finance. Cutting corners could cut you to the quick. Alas, you must remain hypervigilant in your dealings, as it will be hard to tell fantasy from reality while Venus is in Scorpio through December 15—and doubly so this week while Mercury rounds out its final seven days of a retrograde. Although you’re easily swept away by charismatic types, reserve judgment for a few weeks. Everyone has a shadow side, after all. The question isn’t IF, but WHEN it will appear…and is this flaw fatal, or one that you can live with? In a relationship? This Venus phase will stir up buried resentments, especially if you’ve been doing your people-pleasing thing, trying to be the perfect partner at the expense of your self-expression. Some tough realizations and maybe a session or two with a couple’s therapist to “negotiate agreements” could be in store. Stop enabling your honey’s bad behavior: bottom line. Let “codependent no more!” be your rallying cry and spend some time this weekend curled up with the book by that same name. Letting go is never easy, but what a world of peace it will bring when you learn to live and let live. (Insert audible sigh.) Thanksgiving Day finds you in a family-friendly mood, courtesy of the domestic Pisces moon. Bond with relatives as you slice potatoes, measure cinnamon for the pumpkin pie, and set the table for the festive meal. You’ll be the life of the party come Thursday evening, thanks to the moon’s move into Aries. Put together a playlist and get your relatives on their feet, or slip out of the cableknit sweater and into your body-skimming dress and head out for a night of partying with your peeps.



Priorities, Scorpio, priorities! You can no longer declare #FakingItTillIMakeIt, a trending topic in your life, nor would you want anyone to accuse you of such things. As the Sun wraps its annual monthlong tour of Scorpio this Wednesday and moves on to Sagittarius for thirty days, project management is at the forefront of your mind. You had no shortage of incandescent ideas this November. Genius though they may be, some simply won’t make the cut. It’s time to excise the “truly doable” ones from the “maybe in another decade” notions. After all, you’d like to live to see these legacies come to life, wouldn’t you? Open up the Excel spreadsheet and crunch numbers, work through timetables and get a realistic idea of what these plans will take to pull off. Once you have a clear picture—albeit a slightly daunting one—you can get the gears in motion without worrying that you’ll have to sell the farm to fund your venture. Overall, this Sagittarius solar cycle is a time for working on your finances—personally and professionally. While you might gear yourself up to ask for a raise after Mercury turns direct on November 26, think about what you’re reaching for. Do you really need to earn more, more, more…or is your spending the real issue at hand? Enjoying an embarrassment of riches might be your destiny, but it’s not necessarily the key to your happiness; in fact, some of your possessions have you locked in a golden cage. Unburden yourself from these costly shackles. A Mazda sure as heck isn’t a Maserati, but at least you can drive it to the grocery store without worrying about the lack of a valet parking service. Enjoy luxury in a more measured way. In this week of being thankful, make it your mission to appreciate the things you have. Inventorize your closets: the treasures you were about to barnstorm a Black Friday sale in search of may already be in your collection. Doh! Not that you should become a total ascetic, of course. On Wednesday, Venus grooves into Scorpio for three weeks, bringing a dose of decadence to your love life. Here is where you’ll want to be lavished with affection, bathed in adoration, and generally worshipped like a high priestess on the mount. But before you demand that another deem you near-deity status, how are you treating yourself? Self-love is the order of the day when Venus cruises through your sign for three weeks each year. If you’ve been at the bottom of your own priority list, you can’t expect others to elevate you to the top of theirs. Put the focus on self care, pampering, and being kind to Scorpio. Yes, you should book the hot stone massage, cancel plans to help a friend paint her living room after you’ve had a plain exhausting day, even splurge on a little treat to tuck into your nightstand (whirr…purr). As you connect to those “And I’m worth it!” ideals, you’ll find your magnetism increases. Yep, Scorpio, by the time December 15th rolls around, not only will you be charm personified, but you may find that your dance card is dizzyingly packed. Wednesday and Thursday could bring a few amorous surprises, as the moon will circulate through Pisces and your fifth house of romance. Getting dolled up for dinner? A good idea, sure, but break out the hot rollers a day early and fete your four-day vacation at a glamorous lounge (or the closest thing you can find to it within five miles of your parents’ house). Flirt away—you won’t be feeling too shy! And if you happen to make out with the older brother of your high school crush, so be it. Time marches on! Take it upon yourself to dress up the Thanksgiving table with festive touches, like hand-lettered place cards (seating your Republican uncle far away from your Occupy movement, college-freshman cousin is a prescient move, Scorpio). Put together a playlist of intergenerational jams and you might just have the whole table singing and dancing before the night is through.



Hashtag: GenusPanthera. A fierce and sexy jungle cat you shall be for the next month, as the sun slinks into Sagittarius and your erotic, exotic eighth house. Let visions of little black bandage dresses (perhaps in a crumpled heap on the floor?) dance through your head as your seductive powers intensify. Pursuing your intended prey is more than half the fun now, so tangled limbs need not become the outcome of your hunt. Sometimes, it’s just fun to flirt and woo, a delicious reminder that you’ve still got it. Of course, if you’re ready to invite a VIP guest into your inner sanctum, know that your magnetism will be off the charts between now and December 22. Single or spoken for, you’ll feel more naughty than nice this holiday season. Be the spice in your sweetie’s pumpkin latte, using the element of surprise to rev up romance. A clandestine affair could woo some Tauruses, but that’s not the kind of excitement you need. Don’t foul up your fun by falling for false promises (“I swear we’re divorcing, we’re just living together temporarily for the kids”) or the carrot-on-the-stick hope of someday, maybe, s/he’ll come around. There’s no room for fifty shades of grey when the sun is in your eighth house, only black or white. You might find yourself delivering an ultimatum in the near future to a lover who seems permanently posted on the fence. Plan your speech this week but wait until Mercury turns direct on November 26 to hold those hands to the fire. Financially, this month of Sagittarius solar power could bring some windfalls. The eighth house rules lump sums of cash, like royalties, inheritances, and commissions. Pursue a big money opportunity or brainstorm potential passive income streams like setting up an affiliate sales website, or giving a network marketing business a go. Just make sure you believe in the product you’re hawking, Taurus, as your authentic endorsement is required to make this a go. Loveplanet Venus heads into Scorpio from November 21 through December 15, energizing your seventh house of commitments. If you weren’t ready to go from “me” to “we” before, that urge to merge will become nearly impossible to ignore. (Again, heed the warning about ultimatums and wait until after the 26th to deliver such demands.) The balancing act of relationships will be thrown under the stark light of a naked bulb. While you’re willing to shoulder more than your share of the burden at times, you’ve also been enabling your partner’s slacking ways. Restore equilibrium, STAT, before that argument about whose turn it is to unload the dishwasher boils over into breakup threats. PS: That means you’ll have to make clear requests, not expect the object of your affections to become an overnight clairvoyant. While Venus isn’t at her most comfortable in Scorpio, the coming three weeks could be earmarked as a romantic renaissance for many Bulls. Ring shopping may even become the Black Friday activity of choice for some of you! Thanksgiving Day finds you playing social organizer, project manager and family coordinator. Exhausting? Maybe for some people, but this is where your pragmatic skills can shine! Grab your whistle and clipboard and rally relatives into an action plan, assigning Uncle Bob to chauffeur guests from the airport and timing culinary activities to rival the kitchen of Le Cirque. Borrow a few folding chairs early in the week. You’ll be hosting a few Thanksgiving orphans ‘round your dinner table. Don’t overextend yourself though. Extra guests mean extra pairs of hands, so toss them an apron or a dishtowel so you can get some social time yourself.



Calling all Thanksgiving orphans! There’s a party at Virgo’s house and you’re the guests of honor. Your nurturing nature swells to outsized proportions this week, as the Sun grooves into Sagittarius, your caretaking fourth house. You can’t bear to think of a friend flying solo on Thursday night, so break out the folding table and set a few more plates. You DO share a zodiac sign with the late, saintly Mother Teresa, after all. In her words, “Loneliness and the feeling of being unwanted is the most terrible poverty.” Good thing, you’re around to extend the arms of love to the people you adore. Chateau Virgo will become a bright, warm hub of activity while the Sun is in this position until December 22. This sentimental solar spell spurs you to reconnect with childhood friends, even relatives you’ve fallen out of touch with. And with Mercury retrograde until the 26th, you’ll have double the desire to call these unforgettable figures from your past. Meet on Google Hangout, or face to face, if possible. Pull the aerobed out of the storage closet. You may be inflating it for a surprise guest, or three, in the days ahead. What can you say? Reliving the slumber party era is, quite frankly, your idea of a good time. From the midnight snacks to the homemade avocado-banana facials to the gossip whispered in hushed tones, this is the stuff a Virgo lives for! (Who wants to play Truth Or Dare?) Renovating, redecorating, or even relocating could be in the cards in the coming month. Does your home feel as inviting as a favorite bed-and-breakfast or is the clutter closing in you? Although you’re known for being a neat freak, you can also be a pack rat, Virgo. Curate! Group your amassed treasures into displays, as if your home were a design district gallery. Only show a select handful of pieces at a time—the rest should be neatly labeled and boxed away. You can rotate each season, or every month should you feel so ambitious, even announcing the new collection on display as an opportunity to host a little cocktail and hors de oeuvres soiree. In love related news, you’re all about twirling your hair and batting your lashes. Venus makes a move into Scorpio and your flirty third house from Wednesday through December 21. Log on to that dating site and check out the new chumps in town. You could point-and-click your way to love over the next three weeks. Remember: you only need to find ONE person, so search in earnest for your needle in the haystack. Heck, Virgo, you might unearth two or even three worthy options in the bunch. The single Virgo will be in no mood to settle down right now. Why limit yourself when you’re finally having fun at this whole dating game? Especially when there are so many holiday parties to troll, filled with the sexy and spruced up types you die for. Coupled Virgos, turn your dating itinerary into a field trip extravaganza, like driving to a Christmas tree farm to select your pine or snowboarding side-by-side on fresh powder. More activities leads to more, um, activity…if you know what we mean (wink-wink). On Thanksgiving Day, the moon will be in Pisces and your seventh house of partnerships. Declare your love in a “Baby, I’m So Thankful” tribute and don’t be surprised if your sweetie has something up his/her cable knit sleeve, too. Single? While the turkey is roasting in the oven, put your sister on basting duty and slip off for a reunion with your high school crush. Who knows? You might finally get some closure after all these years…or rediscover the joys of the backseat in your rental car—meow!


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