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You’re baa-aack. This week feels like a “revolution from within” for Aries, as your bold, bright spirit comes flying forth. Uranus, the planet of liberation and sudden change, powers forward in your sign after a five month retrograde. Brilliant ideas that you’ve been sitting on since the summer could spring to life, finally shifting into tangible form. You’ll feel a lot more like your old self again, especially when among groups of people. Did you push away your community since July? You’re ready to reunite, understanding that being a team player doesn’t have to mean sacrificing your individuality. Take on greater leadership within the group and breathe new life into the bunch. Of course, Uranus’ energy CAN be unpredictable. This planetary U-Turn might bring a few rocky moments in your interactions with Team Aries. Will you stalk off in a huff or start a brawl? Let’s hope not, but lord knows your sign has resorted to extreme tactics when you’re frustrated about not getting your way. Rise above, Aries, as you’ll soon be able to sort through the tension without coming to fisticuffs. Open mouth, insert truth serum. On Monday, messenger Mercury moves into your ninth house, where honesty is always the best policy. You cannot tell a lie, Aries, but the way you broach the truth makes a world of difference. Diplomacy will not be your strong suit for the next few weeks so think twice before you blurt out the first words that come to mind. An edited version of your initial ideas will be met with a warmer reception. Your communications with people in other parts of the world will pick up pace. Nurture promising long-distance connections; whether for romance or finance. On the 13th, a new moon in Sagittarius awakens your entrepreneurial spirit. If you’ve ever dreamed of being your own boss (and what Aries hasn’t?) now’s the time to explore that route. Maybe you already ARE the one signing your own paychecks, so use this venturesome new moon for an expansion. Set up a Kickstarter fund, meet with VCs, do a trial run as a rep for a brand you believe in, hire a web designer to build the online portal for your future cupcake empire. Travel and higher education fall under the realm of this new moon. Will you ring in 2013 rocking in the tropics or camping out at a friend’s bohemian brownstone walk-up? Get vacation plans underway, initiating a bigger getaway before the corresponding full moon six months from now. And hey, if you happen to take that trip between December 13 and January 10, slip a sexy bandage dress and heels into the suitcase along with your flip-flips and oversized hat. With loveplanet Venus touring Sagittarius for this three-week period, international affairs and vacation flings may be in the offing. So too are cross-cultural unions, so keep your mind wide open as a lover from a faraway provenance could sweep you off your Jimmy Choos. Coupled Rams, circle this period for a romantic getaway a deux. Your relationship will take on a more honest quality too, and these authentic convos can bring you closer. A couples’ workshop can enrich your bond…especially if class is held on the beaches of Bali or another intriguing locale.



The radius of your social circle is set to expand this week…as if you weren’t already popular enough! On Wednesday, the Sagittarius new moon hits your eleventh house of groups, encouraging you to form fresh alliances and excise the ones that are draining your best energy. After all, your time is precious, Aquarius. Sure, you could take on the daunting task of being friends with the world; or, you could start being more selective about the company you keep…a better bet all around. This new moon plants the seeds that could develop into rewarding bonds over the coming six months. You’re naturally community-minded, so rather that letting an individual friendship consume all of your time, make it your mission to find your tribe. If you’re already a card-carrying member of the ideal organization, up your participation level and find a groove that fits with your current M.O. On Monday, chatty Mercury will enter Sagittarius until December 31 boosting your social energy further. While some people might hate the holiday crowds, you’ll revel in the crush of friendly faces, seeing the possibility in each person. As a matter of fact, Aquarius, you might just be awarded Life Of The Party status, a title you’ll wear with pride. A chance to collaborate with an exciting group of people could be a gift of this new moon-Mercury combo, so open yourself up to the idea of a joint venture. On Friday, social butterfly Venus also lights up this part of your chart, grooving through Sagittarius until January 10. You’ll be the great harmonizer on any team you’re participating in, capable of uniting disparate factions and figuring out how to make a motley crew of people work together like a well-oiled machine. Venus affects love and while in Sagittarius, you’ll be more of a romantic idealist than ever. Rules were meant to be broken, as your sign well knows. Choking down the 2.5 kids, house, and a car model of love is not your thing right now. How can you author your own love story, Aquarius, so that you actually want to play a starring role in it? Some heady talks lie ahead for coupled Water Bearers…let no subject be off limits. Focus too, on the friendship aspect of love. Have you forgotten to actually LIKE your sweetie, grown a little too accustomed to autopiloting through your habitual ways of interacting with one another? Get out of the “lather, rinse, repeat” mode and treat your honey with the same courtesy you’re extending to all of your new friends. In other words, actively listen and drop the assumptions. Believe it or not, there’s always more to discover about another, even if you’ve been together for years. Taking a class or workshop together can stimulate new growth in a relationship that’s been in sleep mode. Bonus points if traveling is involved with this quest! Get sporty together, too. That weekend ski trip might be the fresh powder your relationship needs to regain momentum. On Wednesday, your planetary ruler Uranus wakes up from a five month retrograde and powers forward once again. Your ability to communicate clearly and effectively will be restored…but watch out for the choppy transition. This could be an “open mouth, insert Manolo” kind of week if you aren’t careful. Uranus rules electricity and your words will have an extra charge. Slap on the proverbial circuit breaker so you don’t short out a promising connection with your high-voltage intensity. An unconventional partnership could be struck this week (likely a platonic one) that has dynamic duo written all over it. Look for ways to “pair and share,” stretching resources in clever ways and teaming up with another person to expand your reach.



Are visions of kale salads and Vinyasa flow classes dancing through your head? ‘Tis the season of overindulgence, but perhaps not for you. On Monday, Mercury enters Sagittarius and your health-conscious sixth house, summoning forth the wellness warrior in you. On Wednesday, a new moon, also in Sagittarius, continues this early call for vitality. Even if you don’t go balls-to-the-wall with those get-in-shape resolutions for another couple weeks, map out your 2013 goals this week. Take advantage of holiday offers and snag a membership to a luxe health club. A splash in the pool and a schvitz in the sauna can be a fun diversion this week, so bring your swimsuit when you pop by to grab the cardio class schedule for January. This new moon heralds fresh opportunities for work as well. If you’ve been angling for a promotion or lateral move, Wednesday is the day to get plans in motion. Cancers in search of gainful employment could hear the good word midweek, either being hired for a position or snagging a plum interview slot. Beautifying Venus joins the party on Friday, moving into Sagittarius and your healthy sixth house until January 10. Incorporate more natural elements into your self-care rituals. Try Josie Maran’s Argan oil products for skin and hair, check your cosmetics for the little bunny icon that denotes cruelty-free testing methods, add more plant-based foods to your diet to pump up your inner glow (mmm, avocadoes). Venus is the planet of love, and single Crabs might meet a mate while on your healthy-living quest. Let that motivate you all the way to the free-weight room, and try not to get all clammed up when the hottie with the rippling muscles offers to spot you. The sixth house also rules service, and who knows? A volunteer shift might double as a pick-up opportunity when the cutie collecting cans with you also turn out to be a kindhearted (and available) soul. If nothing else, your social life will get a surge from any do-gooder activities you partake in. You’re also getting the nudge to budget. Organize your finances into neat categories, including an entertainment fund. Knowing what you have to spend on parties makes you more mindful, and even resourceful. Why not get your name on the guest list and avoid the cover charge altogether (or at least get a reduced rate)? Necessity is the mother of invention, Cancer, so tighten your belt and use this week as an opportunity for creative financing. Beware the lure of the grapevine while Mercury holds this position. Warning: You are easily swept into gossip this week, which can derail your celebratory path. Although you have the perfect kernel of truth to help a friend solve her problems, keep it to yourself unless you’re expressly asked to share. Timing is everything, Cancer. Your well-meaning message could get lost in translation if you offer it up unsolicited, and you don’t want to come across as preachy or a know-it-all. Unconventional Uranus, which has been in a low power retrograde since July, resumes forward motion on the 13th. The radical planet has been touring your career house since March 2011, its station for seven whole years. A professional shift is underway for many Cancers. If you don’t literally change fields, you’re likely adopting new methodologies and future-forward approaches. Since Uranus rules the Internet, expanding your online presence may be a key part of your ascent. Got a website to build or update? Begin your search for a designer and developer this week, or, try your hand at building it yourself. As Uranus makes this U-turn, you could also find yourself thrust onto a new team or joining forces with a cutting edge crew in the name of prosperity. Don’t rule out the untraditional alliances as you may find that your skills blend beautifully with people from unusual fields. Your relationships with men may get a little shakeup from this Uranus shift. Consider it a good thing, Cancer, as you’ll be able to bring more authenticity into your communication as a result of any conflicts you weather. It’s possible that you require a little more freedom in these relationships. Use Uranus’ liberating influence to break out of confining or codependent dynamics and enjoy more equality with the guys in your life. Bye-bye, glass ceiling!



Embrace the surreal world! On Wednesday, a new moon in Sagittarius and your twelfth house will bring a surge of divine inspiration. Jot down any “out there” ideas that come your way midweek. Many of them won’t make a ton of sense on paper, but hey, where would J.K. Rowling be if she brushed aside that character named Harry Potter who invaded her head? This is the new moon of fantasy and escapism, so give your imagination its proper airtime. Pablo Picasso once said, “The purpose of art is washing the dust of daily life off our souls.” And as mired in the grind of the material world as your sign can be, that paintbrush or little book of poetry could be your salvation now. On Friday, radiant Venus activates a similar need for artistic expression, moving through Sagittarius and your twelfth house until January 10. For a rare moment in time, you’ll wear the rose-colored glasses, finding the beauty where others see only decay. In affairs of the heart, this can be both highly romantic and a slippery slope at times. While you’ll fall easily (and swiftly) into the arms of love, it will be harder to tell if your paramour is a player or a prince. Denial ain’t just a river in Egypt, Capricorn. If there’s a tan line on the ring finger, wounded bird symptoms cropping up (his “psycho ex” filters her way into every dinner conversation, you pick up the tab one too many times), or other red flags a-wavin’, take heed. The last thing you need this Christmas is to be swept into a vortex of codependence or scandal. Of course, this Venus-new moon combo may be just the thing to thaw your icy defenses and really let love in. If you’ve found a good one, then, by all means, surrender. A fairy-tale chapter in your union could be in store. Single Caps, create a vision board of the love you desire. This is a time where the “ask, believe, receive” formula can really work in your favor. On Wednesday, Uranus–the zodiac’s indie darling–wakes up from a five-month retrograde in your domestic quarters. Although you’re a traditionalist at heart, you might be decking the halls in a rather unconventional way this holiday season, hanging stockings on white stucco wall of a tropical cabana, wrapping a palm frond in twinkle lights. But even if you keep the holidays a sacred status quo, some stuck aspect of your living situation shakes loose. This could be disconcerting for some Caps who might be sharing their roofs with unexpected guests or relatives who desperately need a place to crash while the chips are down. Your work may take you away from a home a bit more often, forcing you to adapt to a more mobile lifestyle. Or, if you travel frequently, relatives could complain about their lack of quality time spent with you. You’re going to have to put some new systems in place, Capricorn, so your nearest and dearest know that they are loved. By the same token, a family member’s erratic behavior should not be allowed to mess up your reindeer games. Are you empowering or enabling, Capricorn? You are comfortable having people rely on you, but this can also drain you more than you realize. Ask your peeps to pull their weight this week. Uranus rules technology: Is it time to upgrade your household gadgets? From the surround-sound speaker system to the networked computers, dial up your geek squad and let them have at it. Ah, the conveniences of modern life and the comforts they provide.


On Monday, your ruling planet Mercury slips you a love note as it moves into your seventh house of relationships for three weeks. Fine-tune those flirting skills, Gemini (or just bring them out of storage). You know how to be demure and when you’re in relationships, you can also be demanding…but how about just being present and available? Resist the urge to run away when the mistletoe hovers close. Sometimes a kiss is just a kiss, so let yourself enjoy the moment and take a few, er, test runs. Of course, with Mercury in this position, attractions can get serious. Some Geminis will go from “me” to “we” in exhilarating ways, perhaps having an exciting announcement to share over the holidays (flash to the engagement baubles or co-signed leases). Mercury also helps you iron out the creases in a troubled union. Yeah, Gem, you’ve been coming down pretty hard on ‘em. Adopt an attitude of gratitude instead of faultfinding and your frog might turn back into a prince. The push for partnerships grows even stronger midweek, which is happy news for “twinsome” Gemini. On Wednesday, a new moon in Sagittarius and your seventh house of relationships opens the floor to new contenders. An attractive opposite could sweep in, your perfect complement in so many ways. Whether for romance, finance, or a creative collaboration, you’ll be overjoyed to be in the company of someone who knows how to pick up where you leave off. If your existing duos have been less than dynamic, the new moon reveals unexplored ways for you to activate your WonderTwin powers. A joint project could arise, interrupting the nitpicking and in-fighting, reminding you both of your shared purpose. You might take the bull by the horns and initiate this tag-team mission yourself, Gemini. Shifting your focus onto your co-created future instead of harping on the past can have a powerful impact on your bond. Whether you’re renovating the kitchen, co-writing a screenplay, or developing an entrepreneurial idea, let the creative juices flow. Hello, aphrodisiac. On Friday, loveplanet Venus also moves into Sagittarius and your partnership house, its home until January 10. The “C-word”—as in commitment—will be the hot topic in your life for the next few weeks. If your heart is no longer in a particular union, you won’t be able to lie to yourself about it, Gem. But you can be hasty when it comes to your hot-and-cold temperature shifts. You at least owe it to the one you once loved to try to sort it out. Venus’ harmonizing influence can help you see eye-to-eye, even if that winds up leading to an amicable parting of ways. If you’re feeling the love with someone, you’ll be eager to get serious and make your union more official…and permanent. Daunting stuff for a Gemini, indeed, but don’t be surprised if your holiday season involves heady conversations about a shared life (is that a ringbox in his pocket?) or, in the business arena, a lengthy contract that leads to stimulating work. Gamey Uranus wakes up from a five-month nap in your teamwork sector, putting you in a “the more, the merrier” mindset. If your social network has been tighter than usual, prepare for an influx of new friends. You may be introduced to an unconventional an edgy group…the very freethinkers you’ve been waiting for! Uranus is a liberator so if you’ve felt trapped in a team out of guilt or obligation, you’ll find the courage to break free in the coming days. Bonding with people through sports will be a blast. How about rallying your friends for a snowboarding weekend, or researching a ski house share for the winter months? You might even wrangle a group discount at the hip new gym near your office and get your coworkers inspired to break a sweat with you after work…the perfect way to beat the winter blues, Gemini.



How about a fresh start in the romance department, Leo? Mmm, doesn’t that sound nice… Wednesday’s new moon in Sagittarius shoots a love-dipped arrow right to your heart. But the flirty vibes begin on Monday, when social Mercury slinks into Sagittarius. You’ll be feeling like a Glamazon again, ready to fete the holiday season in pailletes, red-soled Louboutins, and a megawatt smile. On Friday, social, romantic Venus also cruises into Sagittarius, marking three weeks of off-the-chart amour. Your dance card will fill swiftly (let it!), or you could be swept into an intimate cheek-to-cheek with the one you love. Already spoken for? Get inventive! Co-create a project with your honey to keep your bond fresh. This is a fertile new moon and babytalk may translate as planning out a nursery renovation rather than just cooing silly pet names at each other. Not ready for the stork to drop by? Double-protect! If you’ve been dodging mistletoe like Julia Roberts does the paparazzi, stop! It’s time to emerge from the proverbial Taos, NM ranch and prepare for your close-up. The fifth house also rules fame, so in addition to puckering up for potential suitors you might just be posing for the cameras or postulating in front of a live audience. Public speaking and performing are the Leo path, even if you claim to be one of the shy ones. This new moon invites you to join the talent show and remember that all the world’s your stage. Here’s another memo, courtesy of Mercury, Venus and the new moon: yoga pants are not acceptable formal wear nor (unless you’re a Vinyasa flow instructor) suitable as your working wardrobe. Dial the glam squad and pull those Celine Dion sequined numbers out of the back of your closet. The larger-than-life diva in you is ready for a comeback! Dressing up, just ‘cause, makes your winter days brighter. With Venus beaming through this part of your chart until January 10, you’ll be the life of the party and the first one to drag people out onto the dancefloor. Viva la fiesta! Although you’re hurtling towards hedonism, you’ll have to watch your spending. Radical Uranus resumes forward motion midweek after a five-month retrograde. A sudden travel opportunity could crop up; or, there could be unrest in one of your long-distance relationships. If you planned to visit your parents out of state for the holidays or have reservations for a NYE vacay with a group of friends, don’t coast along without checking in. There could be tension brewing between you, unbeknownst to you. Resolve it now, before you’re gathered under the Christmas tree or on a jungle bus-ride to a ziplining adventure, neither of which would be the ideal time and place to have things blow up. Cross-cultural connections will simmer with spicy potential. You might even get involved in a global effort for peace or another political cause that links nation with nation. There’s a liberating energy to this Uranus U-Turn, so if you’ve been feeling trapped or stifled, look out world! No one’s putting Leo in the corner this week, that’s for sure. But try not to leave people totally in the dark. If you’re going to race off on an excellent adventure, let your loved ones know where they can reach you so they aren’t left wondering if it was something they said or did.



Wednesday’s new moon in Sagittarius breathes new life into your social network. Friendships emerge in some of the most obvious places…the ones you’ve been overlooking, Libra. You could strike a harmonious chord with a neighbor, coworker, even a relative close in age who you haven’t ever fully gelled with. Go ahead and invite Cousin Cassie to be your plus-one for one of the week’s celebrations. This new moon falls in your third house of dynamic duos so beyond enjoying each other’s company, a tag-team effort may be in the works, one that will make you both happier, stronger, and quite possibly, wealthier. On Friday, your ruling planet Venus also sets up shop in Sagittarius, the beatific planet’s home until January 10. You could very well become a local legend during this three-week period (Hello, Four Square Mayor!); or the bright new star, trending on the Twitterverse. That’s because this lunar-Venus combo will boost your popularity, both online and in real time. Shop locally, Libra, when scouting for supplies and social outlets. The hottest action is close to home. You might even collaborate with a neighborhood business for an elegant event (they keep the bar proceeds, admission at the door goes to your favorite charity) or find a venue to perform live in or to peddle your handcrafted wares. Sartorial Libras, get your Etsy on, or set up your own e-commerce site or eBay store. The Internet could pave your road to riches, or at least help you offset costs of your holiday splurges. Romantically, big surprises are in store, as radical Uranus wakes up from a five-month retrograde in your house of commitments on Wednesday. You may find yourself drawn to a totally unpredictable person, someone who falls waaaaay outside the definition of your usual type. Keep your mind wide open, Libra. No, you might not have picked this person out of a police lineup, but the Uranian element of surprise can be pure magic. This person may possess qualities that you never dreamed of, simply because they were beyond the scope of your imagination…and yet, turns out they are the perfect complement to your own. Suspend the need to know it all and allow yourself to be wowed. The Internet is Uranus’ domain, so even if you think you’ve winked at every cutie on OkCupid, try, try again. You could find the proverbial needle in the haystack after Wednesday, or at the very least, connect to an exhilarating new friend. Go ahead and ping BrownEyes79 or JazzBoyLA and set up a date by the weekend. If you’re in a committed partnership, you might feel a little bit claustrophobic as Uranus makes this shift. Don’t do anything rash! The radical planet can bring regrets if you leap before you look. Can you find freedom within a relationship? Of course you can, Libra, so there’s no need to bolt for the door when the line between “me” and “we” blurs beyond the comforts of your free-spirited nature. While you are one of the most couple-y signs in the zodiac, you can be quite indecisive when it comes to selecting your other half. As Uranus sends a surge of liberated energy your way, you’ll definitely need to carve out greater independence within your partnerships, both in love and other types of unions. Since Uranus will be in this part of your chart until 2018, you may be restructuring your relationship in a more long-term way. Make your own rules, Libra! If you need your own room, or even your own apartment, or want to keep separate bank accounts, it’s your prerogative. The one thing Uranus won’t allow is a blind adherence to tradition. Your love story is yours to author, so write the “happily ever after” that you’d actually enjoy.



It’s raining men…hallelujah! Wednesday’s new moon in Sagittarius lights up your tenth house, the gentlemen’s club of your chart, so to speak. There are more than a few good men out there, Pisces. Radar in on the booming baritone, tender tenor, and ballsy bass. The fellas will help you elevate your life in every way this week. Drop your guard and let them! Strategic alliances with these guys–for romance, finance, or other purposes–will crop up as the week continues. No need to shape the synergy into a formal structure though. You have six months to develop these connections into their meant-to-be state. The rubber will meet the road near the full moon (lunar eclipse) on May 25, which is the culmination point of events that begin this week. A lively boost to your career also comes courtesy of la luna. Work the holiday party circuit to nurture key connections and dissolve the formalities between you and the higher ups. You might end 2012 on friendly terms with your boss or an important client, sealing the deal on a promotion or sale with your genuine likeability. Rigid boundaries have never been your style anyway, Pisces, so go ahead and share the vacation photos and family pics from you iPhone while you wait for drinks at the company shindig. Of course, some lines aren’t meant to be crossed. Don’t drop your professional guard beyond the point of decency. An office sex scandal will not make for a happy holiday season, Pisces…we trust you’ll remember this. There WILL be temptation to dip the pen in the company ink, however, and in some cases it may be unavoidable. On Friday, loveplanet Venus moves into Sagittarius and your professional sector, blurring the lines between business and pleasure until January 10. Have you and your sweetie been kicking around ideas for a shared venture? You might be moving from bedroom to boardroom and back again. Single? You might meet someone at a work function who has stellar romantic potential. This will be perfect if you work in different departments and don’t run the risk of getting entangled in business dealings. But steer clear of the mistletoe if it hovers dangerously close to your coworker crush, the one you sit inches from each day. If the two of you have undeniable chemistry and a connection that can go the distance, it would be better to talk about it before you throw caution to the wind and start making out in the corner booth. For some Pisces, work could be the setting of a long-term love story that begins over the coming three weeks. But search elsewhere too, please. You may find yourself attracted to the traditional type, someone who can balance out your bohemian whimsy. There may be a notable age difference between you and your end-of-year crush, too. Is it love or a case of daddy issues cropping up? You’ll know for sure after January 10, so don’t draft any adoption papers…er, marriage certificates just yet. While you love being spoiled, it can also get suffocating if the dynamic is lopsided. Midweek, erratic Uranus wakes up from a five month retrograde in your second house of finances. While the planet’s U-Turn portends a creative approach to money management, this week could be a little choppy. Avoid making any mega purchases if you can, (yes, we know you have holiday shopping to do) until you’ve thoroughly researched and compared prices and models. An aspect of your job could change or you may find yourself wanting to bolt for greener pastures. Don’t tender that resignation in haste, Pisces. Uranus’ destabilizing influence can lead to regrettable decisions this week, so the more you can keep things status quo with your finances, the better. Big money ideas will be plentiful this week, thanks to messenger Mercury moving into Sagittarius and your business-minded tenth house on Monday. Do these plans require you to rub elbows with a more prominent crowd? Get your network on, strategically planting yourself among the movers and shakers and pouncing when you see a moment to make your move. A powerful man could become a major ally this week.



Pop the champers and let the confetti rain! Wednesday’s new moon in Sagittarius marks the date of your official cosmic New Year; the day the universe hits the refresh button on your life. Don’t wait until the 31st to map out your resolutions. This new moon is an optimal moment for planting seeds; seeds that will sprout in the coming six months leading up to the Sagittarius full moon (a lunar eclipse) on May 25, 2013. Given that the harvest date will be an eclipse, the results of your efforts should pack an extra punch. Dare to dream big this Wednesday, Archer. Sure, the actual game plan for may elude you, but you can take the very first step towards your ambitions and get the ball rolling. If you keep putting one foot in front of the other, ultimately, you will reach the finish line. This new moon is all about taking initiative and launching your independent efforts. You may have to fly solo for the first phase, but fear not. As tangible results emerge, your fanbase will form, and supporters will join your reindeer games. You have additional support from chatty Mercury, which tours your sign until New Year’s Eve. Cat got your tongue, Sagittarius? You’ll find your voice again over the next three weeks. The vaguely formed ideas in your head could very well be the seeds of genius. Discuss! They’ll begin taking shape through conversation so filter them into friendly chatter and begin getting feedback from others. If you’ve been sheltering your creative brainchild from outside criticism, Mercury emboldens you to present your work to the public. Hang a piece in a collective art show, rock the open mic, post a video on YouTube, create a buzz in the Twitterverse. You’ll be charm personified from Friday on when beatific Venus heads into Sagittarius until January 10. Venus visits your sign once a year, making you uber magnetic and influential. But just because you can attract people doesn’t mean they deserve to get past your red velvet ropes. Be discerning for a change, even if that makes your birthday party a smaller affair. Self-love is the order of the day while Venus roves your sign. You may wave farewell to a group that isn’t appreciating all that you have to give (be gracious, please). Why waste time with them anyway, when your Venusian powers can help you attract people who admire you AND deliver a great ROI? It’s an “ask, believe, receive” kind of week so let the universe install an upgrade to your social life. You’ll be more of a romantic risk-taker after Friday to. Get out of your head and back into bed. Those “where do you see this relationship heading?” conversations will be much more enjoyable in the context of spicy pillow talk. And if the answer is “I have no idea,” carpe diem. As you well know, some people are merely guest stars in a chapter of your love story, and that’s just fine. Relax and play if you’re single…and if you’re spoken for, give yourself permission to flirt a little more. An innocent peck on the cheek can still bring a thrill if you get planted under the mistletoe with a look-but-don’t-touch crush. There could certainly be some surprises in this arena though. On Wednesday, unpredictable Uranus rocks your Love Boat, when it wakes up from a five month retrograde in your house of romance, creativity and fame. If you don’t want that ship to capsize, you’ll definitely have to deploy some willpower…and watch your temper! Your anger could burn a small village midweek, and be a destructive force in your love life if you let it blaze unchecked. Of course, if you’ve been swallowing your true feelings for a while…look out! They could come out in quite an unedited rush. Find an uninvolved third party to hash out the turmoil before you take it up with your one-and-only. Version 2.0 of your rant will be far more constructive. Do you know the difference between fame and notoriety? Let’s hope so, as Uranus’ U-Turn could bring public attention your way. Hold yourself to a high standard, Archer. Like it or not, you’re a role model. Like Sag sister Nene Leakes, it’s the difference between season three of “The Real Housewives Of Atlanta” and the “Glee” years. Play it classy and you could find yourself zipping to the top of the charts in your chosen field.



Ready to freshen up your financial model? Lively discussions about money and work erupt this week, as Mercury decamps from your sign on Monday and moves into Sagittarius for three weeks. Make sure you include some fiscal goals in that new moon wishlist. But don’t leave these in the “someday, maybe” realm. Download a book from the money management section of Amazon, and find some real, live mentors who can share their secret to success. The path to fortune begins with an idea and continues with a conversation, so spark up dialogues with people who might be interested in partnering up for success. On Wednesday, a new moon in Sagittarius and your moneyed second house brings a wave of economic stimulus your way. This marks the beginning of a prosperous six-month cycle, so roll up your sleeves, Scorpio! Plant the seeds of a new business idea, put your name in the hat for an internal promotion, or start applying for jobs that fall directly in your wheelhouse. If you’ve been interviewing, the new moon may portend an actual offer. Cha-ching! For Scorpios who are gainfully employed, this is your money management moon. Are you stuck in an earn-and-burn cycle, increasing your spending in direct proportion to your paycheck’s growth? Revamp your budget, saving more and spending less. Of course, what you do with your disposable income also counts. Beautifying Venus will break ground in Sagittarius, the same sign as the new moon, from Friday until January 10, luring your inner material girl out of hiding. You can only tighten your belt so much, Scorpio. Funnel some extra funds towards a high-quality investment piece. A buttery leather bag, a thick wool coat with a fur-trimmed collar, a Vitamix blender, a high thread count sheet set: this year’s holiday gift-to-self should be an item that will stand the test of time and bring you joy every time you use it. The Venus-lunar tag team works to build your confidence all week, especially in the social arena. You could get a pleasant reminder of how valuable you are to other people. Let it sink in, Scorpio! Have you been working overtime for approval and acceptance? Pull back and let these people come to you. If your connection is genuine, they’ll be back; if not, well, you’re better off without them! Romantically, you’ll want to sink into a slow-and-steady groove. Willpower, Scorpio! A deliciously unfolding attraction will leave you aching with desire. The more you pace it, the hotter it will be, so wait a while before you invite anyone up to your apartment. Coupled Scorpios will have to come to new agreements about shared financial responsibilities. If you’re shouldering more than your fair share, ask your partner to pull his/her weight. Been the beneficiary of a Sugar Daddy or Momma? There’s a limit to people’s kindness; don’t stretch it past the point of decency. Maybe it’s time for you to step up your contribution level, Scorpio, and make sure your union remains on an even keel. Map out a budget together. Believe it or not, this can be a bonding experience that brings you closer, especially as it brings an opportunity to discuss your shared dreams. Thought you’d wait until 2013 to score a membership to that new health club with the infrared sauna or the yoga studio with the incredible raw juice bar? Your wellness warrior may demand an early pass as electrifying Uranus wakes up from a five-month nap in your vital sixth house. Self-care is downright liberating, rebooting your energy grid and making you feel amazing in your own skin. Uranus is a community-minded planet, so look for Nirvana in a crowded cardio class or while down-dogging on the mat within close proximity of other yogis. If you’ve been struggling with health issues, Uranus’ unconventional energy could lead you to a holistic healer, Chinese herbalist, naturopath, or other alternative medicine practitioner.



Ooh la la. On Monday, Mercury moves into Sagittarius and your seductive eighth house amplifying your urge to merge. At times you could get downright possessive, competitive, and jealous—whoosh! Retract those claws, Taurus. You don’t really mean to be catty like that, and besides, the walls have ears. If you find yourself getting a little too close for comfort with anyone, break away and get some air, even if you’d rather meld into an amorphous blob. Absence does make the heart grow fonder, so don’t let people get too used to you. Move around! You’re more attractive when you’re engaged in your own fabulous life. People will spill their secrets to you while Mercury holds this position until New Year’s Eve. If someone takes you into his/her confidence, honor and respect the information and keep it to yourself. Don’t let it slip out casually when you’re venting to another friend. The next three weeks are all about proving your loyalty…and yes, you are being tested. Loose lips sink ships so keep S.S. Taurus afloat by sealing this data in your personal vault, under lock and key. On Wednesday, the bawdy new moon in Sagittarius makes your Mr./Ms. Mojo Rising. Time to break that dry spell, Taurus. Bringing sexy back begins with you. Create more space in your schedule for relaxation and fun, which makes you more receptive to people’s advances. Dressing the part of the siren helps too. If your wardrobe requires a sensual upgrade, funnel a portion of that holiday bonus towards silky DVF blouses and a little spree at Kiki Montparnasse. An overwhelming sexual attraction could hit you like a bolt from the blue. Is it love or complete infatuation? It will take a couple weeks to clear up that fog so don’t start flipping through bridal mags after the first date. If meant to be, relationships sparked under this new moon could grow incredibly tight, fusing every aspect of your lives together with permanent glue. Come on, Big Money! Your finances are another focus of this new moon, enabling Bulls to boost your bank accounts through the sale of property, royalties, a commission-based job, even an inheritance. This is a “work smarter, not harder” new moon. If you don’t know how to get yourself out of the 9-5 or life-on-credit rut, now’s the time to begin your fiscal education. Work with a financial planner, join an investment club, head to a Debtors Anonymous meeting, or pick up your first Suze Orman book. You might even explore a network marketing business. The key is that you have to believe in the product your hawking; if you do, it could bring you great fortune. Remember, Bull: though complex, money management is not rocket science. Your sign is particularly talented in this arena, in fact. Over the coming six months (which lead up to the corresponding full moon in this part of your chart) you could radically alter your outlook on money and boost your prosperity exponentially. Life could get a little “woo-woo” too, as unconventional Uranus pulls out of park and ends a five-month retrograde in your soulful twelfth house. Heal and nurture your body through yoga, hydrotherapy, a diet that promotes quicker digestion and elimination (check out Kris Carr’s “Crazy, Sexy Cookbook”). Get into a meditative mindset more often. Less stress equals better health for you. Have you been holding a grudge against someone who was once a fixture in your inner circle? Although this person may not have lived up to your exacting standard, it’s time to extend the olive branch. You can be stubbornly unforgiving when you’re hurt. Alas, that’s been causing you more pain than anyone. How about cutting this person a little slack, Taurus? You’ll feel lighter once you do and happy to have this person back in your world. On the 15th, loveplanet Venus moves into Sagittarius, your eighth house, for three weeks and you’ll crave intense bonding. Go deeper with a few special souls in your life. A relationship could become almost too close for comfort though, so monitor your possessive nature. You’ll be a sucker for charm but you need more than magnetism, don’t forget. You can’t turn a player into a prince, but until January 10, you might just catch yourself trying. Choose wisely and you may be happily hanging the Do Not Disturb sign, giving Lady Chatterley a run for her money.



“A house is not a home unless it contains food and fire for the mind as well as the body,” said Benjamin Franklin. Has Chateau Virgo become merely a place to hang your hat between adventures? Wednesday’s new moon in Sagittarius breathes some excitement back into your domestic quarters. Your home may soon be the thriving hub or your social circle, the place where friends gather ‘round the communal table to share ideas and plan the New World Order. With chatty Mercury visiting the Archer until New Year’s Eve and social Venus also cruising through Sagittarius from Friday till January 10, the call to host a salon-style dinner party will be too loud to ignore. If you don’t have adequate space under your roof, team up with your close friends on this mission. This could be the week where you get a roving monthly (or even weekly) supper club underway. The interior decorating bug could bite, inspiring you to make your living space more functional. Set up a home office or a reading room, and maybe a meditation area where you can go to collect your thoughts. Some Virgos will be renting a U-Haul or hiring movers soon. If you don’t feel at home in your current digs, why stick around and suffer? Life is too short, so plant that For Sale sign in the grass or break the lease on the crappy, walk-up tenement apartment. Set up shop somewhere that stimulates you culturally and intellectually (a must for curious, brainy Virgo) while giving you easy access to nature (your earthy sign’s lifeblood). Since Venus rules romance, cohabitation may become a hot topic for Virgos; family planning, too. Baby fever may strike or you may finally admit to the impracticality of hauling an overnight bag to your sweetie’s six times a week and decamp there permanently. If you have kids, you won’t want to miss a family-friendly moment in the four weeks ahead. From portraits on Santa’s lap to “Monsters, Inc. 3D” matinees, to skiing the bunny hill, gather your brood together and let the memorable moments commence. If you’ve had a rift with a relative, Wednesday’s new moon creates an opening for you to patch things over. Take the initiative here and extend the olive branch. Yes, you probably need to set some new agreements in place, but you can do so with love, Virgo. Now for the not-so-G-rated portion of your weekly forecast. Unconventional Uranus, which has been in a low power retrograde since July, turns direct in your erotic eighth house, springing open the lock on your chastity belt. You may have found it hard to get yourself in the mood these past few months, or else you’ve been the erratic erotic, running hot and cold a little too quickly for your own liking. As liberated Uranus makes a U-Turn, you’ll be feelin’ kinda freaky again. Okay, more than “kinda.” Unleash the beast…but carefully please. Your bawdy nature doesn’t rear up too often, but you’ll be quite the wild child this weekend. Dress up and dance till dawn, snogging whomever you please under the mistletoe. You’ll definitely require a few crazy nights on the town between all that nesting. Besides, those glamorous couture numbers have better things to do than hang out in the back of your closet. You won’t have the greatest amount of willpower this week, not in the face of temptation. Your seductive powers could have the gravitational pull of Jupiter, which has been known to tear apart asteroids and has captured 64 moons. In other words, Virgo, use your charms intentionally so you don’t send any sailors crashing into the rocks…or worse, wind up stuck with someone who is just so wrong for you. Beamed selectively, you could lure a lover of unparalleled skills into your orbit, or bring out the tiger in the one you’re already sharing a bed with. Rawr!


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