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Old habits die hard, but let ‘em go anyway. On Wednesday, a quarter moon in Pisces and your twelfth house of completions nudges you to take stock of your current life picture. What activities and commitments are draining your energy like a coven of Volturi vampires? Snip away the cords of guilt and obligation and release yourself from these binds. Although you will disappoint some people by taking your exit, you will ultimately feel relieved by your decision to stop making such huge sacrifices. ‘Tis better to give, but not at the expense of your own self-care and sanity. If you need support with breaking free of a toxic pattern, don’t hesitate. Suffering is optional, Aries, so don’t punish yourself by trying to figure out an overwhelming situation all by your lonesome. As they say, pride goeth before a fall. Put yours aside and you’ll remain on your feet. This quarter moon also calls forth the muse. The creatrix in you needs to make art for arts sake, so make time to paint, write poetry, or pursue another passion that’s been back burnered by life’s more practical demands. You might even declare Wednesday a detox day, opting for green tea instead of coffee, even drinking green juices, soups and smoothies for your daytime meals. Head to the sauna or hot yoga class for a cleansing sweat. This quarter moon is all about release on every level! On the 21st, the day of the solstice and the beginning of a new phase of the Mayan calendar, the radiant Sun begins a monthlong tour of Capricorn and your tenth house of leadership, success and ambition. Since this date marks “the end of the world as we know it,” won’t you consider being at the forefront of this new cosmic frontier? Your originality, insightful point of view, and ahead-of-the-curve vision will be just what the world is looking for. Like signmate Lady Gaga, bring your unchecked authenticity forth and guide people down the path to greater awareness. But again, you don’t have to go it alone. A planetary “Yod” formation could push you into a powerful partnership on the 21st. Join forces with another visionary and lead the way, dynamic duo style. This Yod could also bring great power on a local level. Working on your corner of the world can have a profound impact beyond city limits. Capricorn’s solar power brings blessings to your career too. While other people are checked out for the holidays, you might be burning some midnight oil, getting an edge on the competition. Men will be the star players in your world for the next thirty days. If you’re “so done” with work for the year, surround yourself with uplifting guys, or jet off to the tropics with your favorite fella (even if he’s just a friend). You’ve never had trouble taking charge and the coast is clear for you to do just that! The moon will be in Aries on Friday and Saturday, buoying your confidence, so these are stellar days to make your boldest moves.


Take the bull by the horns this Monday, as the Aquarius moon cheers you on towards bold action. Then, on Wednesday, pause and assess your resources. A quarter moon in Pisces and your second house of financial foundations wants you to indulge responsibly. Give your budget a once-over. Some belt-tightening is in order in certain expense categories, while other areas of your life are screaming for a spot of luxury. Recalibrate accordingly so you can treat yourself to a little somethin-somethin this Christmas without running out of rent money. If you’re not satisfied with your current income, this quarter moon may prompt you to get a moneymaking skill under your belt. You might use your holiday downtime to plow through an e-course or software tutorial that can spell money in the bank. Be creative! Setting up an Etsy or eBay shop could also provide some bonus bucks. Nothing ventured, nothing gained. Do you have clear agreements about finances with the people with whom you split the bills? While an awkward topic to broach, getting on the same page about money will bring a huge sense of peace to these unions. Hash it out! On December 21, 2012, you’ll feel like you’ve entered The Matrix. Not just because the Mayan calendar is beginning a new 5,125 year cycle, but also because the Sun shifts into Capricorn for a month, and your twelfth house of fantasy. Life takes on an ethereal quality until January 19, as if you’re wandering through a waking dream. This is the final month of your annual zodiac cycle, always a hazy time of year for you. On January 19, the Sun will flip over into Aquarius, igniting a brand new cosmic year. But in this prior month, you need to surrender that which no longer serves you and clear the decks for a fresh new year. Fortunately, you aren’t the type who has trouble letting go. Once you begin this decluttering spree, in fact, you might even get a little carried away. Don’t start giving away family heirlooms to the Goodwill or ex-ing friends off your Facebook account just because they haven’t called for months and failed to RSVP to your late-summer BBQ. Create a separate subcategory for them and move them back a tier. You don’t need to burn any bridges just because you’re feeling pumped up to clear the decks. DO declutter your physical space, Aquarius. It’s a lot easier to stay organized when everything has its place. And with the divinely inspired creativity that begins flowing through you on the 21st, you might hit on a brilliant idea while you’re piecing together that CB2 bookshelf. Cleaning up your psychic space is another grand theme, and one that you shouldn’t avoid dealing with. You’re a master at sweeping things under the rug, then, exploding when the pile gets too high. This recipe for resentment is one you’ve cooked up often…and inadvertently in many cases since you were simply trying to keep a situation from turning into a huge ordeal. But the truth is, these situations ARE a big deal, at least to your life, because they are causing you stress and unhappiness. While the Sun spends a month in Capricorn, muster the courage to address them proactively, even shuttling to the couple’s therapist, spiritual advisor, or energy worker for support. This is not necessarily a situation that you can hash out alone, so surrender to the support that’s all around you. Paying for an hour or two of sage wisdom can save you days of agony and keep your most important relationships intact. Now, back to that divinely inspired creativity…keep your eyes and ears open while you’re wandering about in your foggy daze. The muse is paying you a monthlong visit from Friday on, and your imagination is in fine form. You’ll see beauty where others see decay, which might lead you to snap an award-winning photo with your vintage Polaroid or 35mm camera, or to compose a song that rocks the indie charts. Making art for art’s sake could unleash a masterpiece, but it’s a Catch-22. The minute you stop caring what your audience thinks is the moment you’ll be free to truly create something breathtakingly original and magnificent. On Friday, the day that the Mayan Fifth World begins, three planets will also form a “Yod,” which astrologers also call “the finger of god.” In this Yod, soulful, intense Pluto and structured Saturn push their intense energy down towards Jupiter, which happens to be chilling in your fifth house of romance, creativity, glamour and passion. Holy soulmates, Batman! The people you meet near Friday could become major figures in your 2013 landscape—particularly men since Saturn is in your male-oriented tenth house and anyone you consider a spiritual mentor (Pluto’s influence). Jupiter is in a fertile position, and a serendipitous (even if unplanned) pregnancy could occur. If you have children, they will need special attention and affection from you near the 21st. Nurture their creative gifts and leadership, make sure they know they are loved and supported, as you are infusing them with confidence that they need to survive on their own in the world. Bold and dramatic expressions of love could come; or if it’s time to end a bad romance you’ll have all the fire in your belly that you need to clear the space for a better match to come along. For some Water Bearers, this will be the romantic high point of 2012, a day where you declare your undying love…but you can be damn sure it’s going to be intense!


The only thing constant is change, Cancer. This Wednesday’s quarter moon in Pisces and your risk-taking ninth house helps you figure out how to leap without falling into the abyss or clinging to the sides of the cliff. A calculated gamble is in the stars for you. Even though you’re backed up well for this, your heart still races at the thought of it. But consider the alternative. Hanging out in that comfort zone is really getting stifling, Crab, and you’re not here to live a “lather, rinse, repeat” kind of life. Traveling (internationally!) or signing up for a course of study may be involved; some Crabs may see the path to relocation clearly. Long-distance relationships, for romance, finance or another purpose, also come up for evaluation. How can you keep your bond tight across the miles? Are you forcing a connection rather than allowing the natural drifting to occur? Quarter moons are all about balance and you may need to pump up your efforts or just let go. You’ll have the ability to be quite candid now, so give the nice guy/girl schtick a rest. But do deploy some tact, Crab, or your important message could get lost in translation. This Wednesday is simply about speaking from the heart. Certain partnerships will grow more serious before the week is through. On Friday (which is also the solstice and the beginning of a brand new 5,000 plus year cycle of the Mayan calendar…no big deal…ha!) the radiant Sun shifts into Capricorn for a month, shining its bright rays on your seventh house of relationships. Draft the contracts, head to City Hall! You’ll want to make your dynamic duos “officially official” over the coming thirty days. Remember that relationships of any manner are a co-created affair. You can throw away the rulebook and make it work for you and your other half. Prepare to do some negotiating before you finalize the terms. Some Cancers will pledge your undying love under clouds of NYE confetti, or flash a ring finger sparkler around the holiday table…yep, it could get that serious for some of you. If you’ve been avoiding commitment like the plague, as many personal-space-loving Crabs are, this solar-powered cycle will open your heart. Ask friends and family to fix you up, attend weekend events where eligible options will be found, heck, work with a matchmaker. You need to meet the universe halfway with this quest. We’ve heard true life stories of people meeting their soulmates randomly on the street the very day they surrendered and posted an online dating profile. Send up some sort of signal that your heart is open to love. Coupled Crabs should make a conscious effort to go from “me” to “we” in your daily life. Too much separation can dull your connection. At the very least, devise a co-created project that lets you both flaunt your skills: maybe co-hosting a party on New Year’s Eve isn’t such a bad idea after all. On the 21st, planets form a “Yod” which is also called “the finger of god” among astrologers. Intense! Pluto and Saturn, two weighty planets, which are both in your love and romance houses, point right at Jupiter in your soulful, dreamy house of fantasy. This could be a stunning high point for amorous affairs, a day where you’ll literally be swept off your feet. The twelfth house can also rule the shadowy side of our emotions: guilt, addiction, codependence. If you’ve been locked in a bad romance, this Yod will point you straight to the exit sign. Grab your seat cushion (it does double as a floatation device), release the slides and make your escape! At the very least, you could be pointed towards the therapist’s office, or a life-changing book or seminar that enables you to break an unworkable pattern in the game of love. Think of it as taking great care of your emotional health. Surrendering is a must. Just. Let. Go.


Who are the people in your neighborhood? Wednesday’s quarter moon in Pisces prods you to evaluate the peeps who populate your everyday world. From coworkers to hanging buddies to the people living in your apartment complex, you’ll want to be more aware of your companions. How often do you rush right by without making eye contact or hold these familiar faces at arm’s length? No, you can’t be BFFs with the world, but make an effort to be more accessible this week. You could strike up a promising connection with a few great folks in your midst, and guess what? Rather than draining your time, these people can help make your life more efficient. Allow them to lift some weight off your shoulders; cooperation makes life easier for everyone. On the flip side, if you’ve been hanging on to friendships out of habit rather than desire, branch out. You’re a private person so you often keep people in the superficial acquaintance category, comfortable for you since it means they won’t pry into your personal biz. But this can feel frostier than that notorious snowman after a while. Opt for an early thaw this week, Capricorn, and find a social scene where you feel comfortable dropping your guard. This may require you to dabble a bit, but you’ll know when you’ve struck gold by the warm-fuzzy feelings that bubble up inside of you. December 21, 2012: the day the Mayan calendar resets itself, the winter solstice, and the beginning of your birth month as the Sun shifts into Capricorn until January 19. Pretty epic, we’d say! Your solar power emerges; this is the time to shine and express yourself without restraint. One of the independent ventures you’ve been developing behind the scenes this December could take flight. Get your projects and passions into the public eye. Start a buzz, plan your big reveal for early January, Tweet like mad. People need to see what you’re up to and what you’re capable of—and you have permission to brag a little, too. You’ll feel fired up and adventurous, ready to explore some terra nova. If you haven’t plotted out a holiday getaway, the spirit of spontaneity could sweep over you, prompting you to race to the passport office or accept a friend’s invitation to come chill at his ski house. Even if you’re stuck at home, embrace any new experience that comes your way. Cautious Capricorn will be willing to let your hair down, at last! Your friends and family love it when you loosen up in this way. But wait…there’s more. As if the 21st wasn’t active enough, a trio of planets will shape into a “Yod,” a formation also known as “the finger of fate.” In this Yod, your ruling planet Saturn and transformational Pluto will push their energy down towards Jupiter which is hanging out in your sixth house of healthy habits, eco-chic efficiency, and daily work. Saturn’s energy is calling for greater community cooperation while Pluto is pushing you to step forth as a leader. As we enter what the Mayans refer to as The World Of The Fifth Sun, a time where humans must learn to live in balance with Mother Nature, your earth sign wisdom will definitely be needed. You’re a master of resourcefulness, and while you love your finer things, you are never wasteful or excessive. Modest luxury is the Capricorn way and your role may be to guide people in living consciously and sustainably without feeling deprived. You might start modeling that with the way you honor the upcoming holidays. Prepare your table with ethically raised meat and organically farmed produce. Shop at conscious companies and support local businesses, wrap in recyclable papers and skip the throwaway stocking stuffers. Share your ethos with your family; they might be inspired to join your reindeer games. This Yod could bring some changes at work and you may get news of a leader stepping down or shift into working with a new team. Health-wise, this Yod sends a message to de-stress! How can you work more cooperatively with your colleagues to allow yourself greater downtime and regeneration? You’ll have to let go in order to grow, so don’t be afraid to delegate.


As you wind down for the holiday break, Wednesday’s quarter moon in Pisces and your tenth house of professional aspirations will have you evaluating the direction of your career. Where could you step it up a bit and where could you streamline? The message of this quarter moon seems to be “work smarter, not harder.” Put on your executive cap instead of using so much elbow grease. There’s still room for a Q4 coup, and this quarter moon could bring opportunities to put your name on the map or at least, seal your esteemed place in the company org chart. Don’t kick back into party mode just yet, or you could miss this precious window. Delegating, outsourcing, or utilizing existing resources more effectively is the name of the game. Focus on relationship building at work this week; it really is all about who you know. Or, if you’re on the hunt for employment, stock your beaded clutch with business cards and hit the holiday party circuit with a dual intent to network. It’s not too late to send a meaningful holiday gift to a professional contact you want to nurture. Skip the cheese and sausage basket and send something original; the signature Gemini style. Your relationship with an important man comes under assessment too. Although you’re simpatico, you aren’t fully gelling. Figure out the missing link midweek by asking him what he sees, and genuinely listening to (and digesting) his answers. December 21 is not just “the end of the world as we know it,” but also the beginning of an intense and seductive monthlong phase. On that solstice day, the radiant Sun beams into Capricorn and your erotic, exotic eighth house. Gone is the commitmentphobe in you. The stakes are high in Geminiland now! Not only will you be playing for keeps in all that you do, but you’ll adopt an all-or-nothing approach. If you’re not all the way into it, you just can’t be bothered. Be careful not to go too Queen of Hearts on anyone though (as in, “Off with their heads!”). You might later regret cutting someone off so harshly. Skip the de-friending sprees and instead, just focus intently on the connections that you want to strengthen. You might slip off into a little love bubble with your boo, or opt for one-on-one time with a few specific people, screening out the rest of the world as you get to know each other better. You’re sexy and you know it, Gemini, and you might start expressing your erotic side a bit more openly while the Sun spends a month in Capricorn. Black is your new black, and this smoldering hue suits you in every way now. In relationships, attract; don’t pursue. Chasing does not become you, Gemini. Instead, create a tantalizing environment around yourself and you’ll quickly draw people into your orbit. The eighth house rules the blood, so if you’re feeling the seasonal sluggishness, it might be more than just the weather. Get checked for anemia or up your iron intake. If you don’t eat red meat, dark leafy greens, artichoke and dried fruit (especially prunes) are all iron rich; you could try a supplement, too. On Friday the 21st, planets will form a mystical “Yod,” with transformational Pluto and structured Saturn pushing energy right towards Jupiter in Gemini. This day could mark a huge shift in your personal power as you realize that loving yourself is your birthright. A challenging situation may force you to stick up for yourself. In so doing, you will let people know that you are not to be messed with. No, Gemini, you won’t need to come to fisticuffs. Just assert your power and show people that you know what you’re talking about. Prepping early in the week may be necessary, so if you know you’ll be spending time with people who will question your expertise, come to the table armed with facts, visual cues, and anything else you need to make your point crystal clear.


You work hard for your money, Leo, but is your money working hard for you? Wednesday’s quarter moon lands in Pisces and your eighth house, nudging you to evaluate your assets. By choosing better ways to invest your cash, you can grow your wealth at a faster rate…now doesn’t that sound nice? Explore your options, from auto-transferring a set amount of each paycheck into an IRA account to investing in a promising startup to learning about the sale of foreclosed properties. Your diligent searches could reveal a promising path to prosperity before the week is through. Pick up a Suze Orman book if this is all Greek to you. The way you share your finances will also come into focus. Negotiate more suitable terms so that you aren’t butting heads or feeling resentful every time you write the check for a utility bill. Style-wise, are you feeling like your sexy self lately or has your Snuggie become like a second skin? This quarter moon fires up your mojo, getting you back into mistletoe mode. So maybe you won’t be rocking the backless cocktail dress or the open-toed shoes. Devise a warmer party ensemble that still makes you feel like the feline siren supreme. It will be a lot easier to motivate off the couch once you do, and the party circuit needs you. Ready to deliver an ultimatum? A relationship that’s been mired in fifty shades of grey must become more of a black or white situation, or you could lose your mind. Figure out what YOU want, then present an enticing picture to the object of your affections. If s/he still doesn’t bite, you may have to move on…or at least pull back and explore other options for yourself. On the 21st, the Sun beams into Capricorn and your sixth house of healthy living. This is a powerful spot in your week, since it also marks the solstice and the beginning of a new era in the Mayan calendar. With all that energy afoot, you’ll want to consider self-care from a more holistic, mind-body-soul perspective. It’s not just about eating your greens and working out (though this certainly counts). Look at the big picture of your life and how everything is interconnected. Are you absorbing too much stress at work, getting enough sleep, allowing yourself to put up healthy boundaries with the people in your life? The way you go through your days when you’re not wearing yoga pants or Nikes also dictates your well-being. It’s time to simplify, eliminating activities that drain you or stress you to the point of emotional eating. Hiring an assistant for a few hours may be the best money you’ve ever spent. Go ahead and put that yoga punchcard on your holiday wish list too. Much of the Mayan prophecy for the post-2012 world involves a new era where humans sync back up with nature and get back in flow with the Earth’s rhythms and cycles. Perfect timing, since this monthlong Sun-in-Capricorn cycle is all about eco-chic and sustainable living. Green your gift-wrapping using recyclable paper; or outfit presents in pretty fabric that people can keep or give back to you. Give your life a once-over, looking for ways to lower your carbon footprint like ride-sharing, going paperless by creating PDFs instead of printing everything out, using chemical-free cleaning products, and so on. Daily changes add up to a big difference, especially in this “new world,” that begins. On Friday the 21st, three planets will form a “Yod,” a triangular pattern also known as “the finger of god.” Pluto and Saturn, which are in nurturing, service-oriented houses will be pushing their energy towards Jupiter, which is in your house of groups and humanitarian efforts. This could be the day that your future non-profit is born; or, you could dream up a web-based service that helps people manage their lives in a groundbreaking way. For certain you’ll be pushed by this Yod to play a new role within communities that you belong to. You might almost feel like the mama lion, the one who calls your crew into action and creates a closer, more family-like environment for all involved. Rawr!


Seasonal sluggishness, begone! Wednesday’s quarter moon in your house of healthy habits calls forth the wellness warrior in you. This lunar moment is all about recalibrating your systems and bringing your Libran scales back into balance. Have you been woefully indulgent, sneaking every frosted sugar cookie on the tray into your mouth (spike…crash!)? Or have you been depriving yourself of pleasure, assiduously avoiding anything resembling a Pfeffernusse? Gym rat or couch slug…if you’re on either end of the spectrum, it’s probably time to seek a middle ground. Let yourself enjoy in moderation this week, Libra. A few of your routines are rigid beyond belief while others could use some stricter guidelines. Readjust and you’ll find yourself in a happier flow. The Mayan calendar resets itself on Friday, also the day of the winter solstice, when the Sun blazes into Capricorn and your family-friendly fourth house for a month. The Sun rules our self-expression, so if there’s any hint of a domestic god(ddess) in you, s/he will come flying forth. Chateau Libra may be your favorite locale between now and January 19; or, you could find yourself cozying up in the comfort of a beloved relative’s abode. Got that Libran flair for interiors? Play amateur decorator and (re)beautify your space. A small renovation project could entertain Libras who are staying home for the holidays. Not in the mood to pick up a power drill? Libras requiring a change of scenery might visit a dear childhood friend or take a girls’ trip with a nurturing-yet-fun female relative. Get the plans in motion this week and consider slipping away before 2012 ends if possible. Though family vacations can be stressful, you’ll have a better-than-expected time taking a journey with your brood over the coming thirty days. (Four tickets to the Magic Kingdom, please.) All in all, Capricorn’s solar power makes you a potent force in your family and your inner circle of friends. Do you want to reinvent yourself in the eyes of your peeps this year? It’s no fun being cast in the same role that you’ve been stuck in since childhood, after all. But your breakout performance requires you to show, not tell. Save the self-congratulatory updates for another time and instead, be the change you wish to see in your family’s eyes. When you can walk your talk, you’ll win their respect and admiration in a new way. Gentle humility scores you props, as does integrity. Show up on time for the gift-wrapping party, go the extra mile to help with pre-holiday prepping, be of service to your fam without expecting anyone to applaud you for your efforts. Be someone your crew can count on, even if that means promising less so you can truly pull off the things you give your word to. Are you in the market for a move? Spend the weekend poring over the real-estate listings or researching neighborhoods that hold appeal. This is an optimal time of year for you to relocate, at least, according to the stars (the snowy U-Haul drive may tell another tale). Of course, if there is indeed a move in the works, don’t be surprised if it takes you further from home base than expected. On the 21st, three planets form a life-changing “Yod.” Pluto and Saturn, which are stirring up change and restructuring your domestic life push their energy down to Jupiter, which is jetsetting through your ninth house of global adventures. As we enter what the Mayans call The World Of The Fifth Sun, your calling may be discovered on a different part of the planet. Will you perhaps set up shop on another continent? For some Libras this is a distinct possibility. Of course, in our digital world, you might not even have to travel to connect to this faraway land. The Yod could push you towards an international opportunity that can be enjoyed via Skype, or connect you to an expat in your own town. You might even be adopted into another culture right before Christmas Eve…a feat only someone as fluid and universally loving as you can pull off. As for amour, Friday and Saturday are the week’s hotspots, with the Aries moon spicing up your partnership sector. Single Libras, be open to a cross-cultural connections. Coupled? Turn your last minute shopping expedition into an excuse for a romantic road trip. After all, wouldn’t your family adore those one-of-a-kind gifts you drove three hours out of your way to score? And if you stop along the way for a little roadside romp, it’s can remain between you, your boo, and your four wheels. Meow!


Your resolution revolution begins early this year. This Wednesday’s quarter moon in Pisces sounds the call for self-reflection. Are you happy with the shape your life is taking? Quarter moons allow you to recalibrate and tweak, keeping everything in balance. What circumstances and relationships are feeding your soul? These are the areas of life you’ll want to put more energy towards. Are there people in your life who constantly put you down or make you feel “less than”? While you don’t want to assume a victim complex, these people can definitely trigger some of the pain that you’re still sorting through. Drawing them into your life (even to hash out painful arguments…again and again and again) is keeping you stuck in pain. Give yourself a chance to deal and heal by cutting off communication for a while. This is for your sanity’s sake, Pisces! Of course, if those people happen to be relatives you’ve invited to gather ‘round your holiday table, you might not have the option of nixing them from your roster. Get your psychic shields in place this week. Is there a levelheaded friend you can call for a few minutes of venting when dear old dad pushes your buttons? You might already pre-empt the drama by deciding which topics of conversation you will not engage in. Get your first line of defense in place with a prepared response, a graceful way of changing the subject and heading touchy topics off at the pass. This quarter moon may illuminate one of your buried desires, an experience you’ve been secretly longing to have. Well, how about investing in Numero Uno for a change? If you’ve been squirrelling away some cash, you might dip into that fund to give yourself this life-altering experience as you usher in a new year. Friday is December 21, 2012, the day a new 5,125 year cycle of the Mayan calendar begins. This is also the day the Sun begins a monthlong tour of Capricorn and your idealistic, community-oriented eleventh house. Part of the Mayan prophecy involves a new world where humans will have to work in greater accord with nature, dissolving boundaries and embracing the spirit of oneness. Sounds good to you, actually. Cue the retro-80s, Quincy Jones produced Christmas Carol, “We Are The World.” You may find yourself at the vanguard of this boundary dissolving lovefest as the Mayan Fifth World begins. With your compassionate nature, you have a gift for uniting people and turning their attention towards meaningful pursuits. Whether you devote more time to a charity, host a fundraiser party, or take on more of an organizer’s role among your peeps, you could find yourself at the center of a consciousness-raising effort between Friday and January 19 while the Sun beams through your eleventh house. Reaching people through the Internet is another grand theme, as the eleventh house rules technology and social networking. You might use the holiday downtime to get a blog or website live or to start an online store to peddle your wares (Etsy, anyone?). A network marketing business may call your name. If you truly believe in the product and its benefits, this might be your path to financial freedom. As if the 21st weren’t intense enough, there’s one more bit of news. On that day, three planets will cluster into a “Yod” formation, also known as “the finger of fate.” Structured Saturn and transformational Pluto are both in worldly, philosophical and idealistic houses in your chart. Together, they’ll point their considerable energy right towards Jupiter, which is lounging in your fourth house of domestic affairs. The message? Think globally, act locally. Although you’ll feel like you could take on the world, start with your corner of it. And are you walking your talk? The personal is political, Pisces, so before you start preaching, make sure your own house is in order. That way, you can authentically bring forth your magic without fearing you’ll be found out as a hypocrite. No one expects you to be perfect; just make sure the high-minded mission you pursue takes into account people’s humanity…especially your own!


Get your friends-and-family plan back on track this week, Sagittarius. Wednesday’s quarter moon in Pisces funnels your attention towards your domestic life and closest personal connections. Does your inner circle feel like a cozy love bubble or a source of stress? Realign priorities with the people living under your roof. Devise a cooperative system together so that you’re not overburdened—nor falling into the role of the accidental tyrant. You’re a firecracker, Sag, and when you want things done a certain way, you can be quite dominating. Some Archers will need to soften this week, allowing for greater compromise, even handing the reigns to a relative. Ultimately, this will be a relief for your independent spirit—c’mon, you didn’t REALLY want to be in charge of everyone’s life anyway! Your relationship with a female relative needs nourishing and rebalancing. How can you create space for both of your needs so that your “sister act” becomes a hit? Ask questions, don’t preach; there’s a chance you’ve misinterpreted her intentions. Workaholic Sagittarians, power down the laptop and enjoy some family time; keep your iPhone in your bag while you’re sharing a cup of cheer with friends. Being powerfully present makes a huge difference to your peeps. Not that you’ll be able to close up shop on career demands. On December 21, 2012—the day the Mayan calendar begins a new 5,125 year cycle—the life-giving Sun leaves Sagittarius and shifts into Capricorn for a month. Capricorn is the ruler of your second house of planning and financial foundations. As this cosmic shift occurs, you will be called forth as a grounding force, the resourceful pragmatist, and in some cases, the abundant provider. Hey, somebody’s got to hold it together here, and it looks like you’re it. You’ve enjoyed having the Sun in your sign for the past month; in fact, you might be feeling a little bit partied out by the 21st. Of course, with the moon in Aries on Friday and Saturday, you might have one last hurrah, wildly dancing in what the Mayans call The World Of The Fifth Sun, an era when humans will learn to live in harmony with Earth. You’ll feel like a high priestess rocking out to a ritual dance to be sure, so why not visualize planetary healing while you’re losing yourself in a powerful beat? By Sunday, you’ll want to downshift into a mellow groove, at least until New Year’s Eve. Slowing down allows for greater sensuality: you might just enjoy the magic of the moment! Simplify plans that require rushing or a scary-huge budget. It’s like you’ve been sent on a monthlong solar retreat, so relax and enjoy. Book an Ayurvedic or hot stone massage, work on that painting you keep putting off, play music often exploring new Pandora stations and sampling Spotify playlists; experiment with healthy recipes and get out into nature whenever you can. A crisp walk through the winter wonderland will be downright rejuvenating; a snowshoeing, skiing, or sledding expedition could be a blast. And yes, focus on work too. Between December 21 and January 19, you can get your career into a manageable flow, so that you can “work smarter, not harder” and spare yourself stress. New job opportunities start cropping up too, so pop a stack of business cards into your tuxedo jacket or sequined clutch. This week’s holiday parties could easily double as networking events. Keep your mind on your money in every way. You might take a few hours this weekend to map out your 2013 budget and projections. Planning ahead with finances ensures that you have enough play funds as well as the security of savings. Check out mint.com and mvelopes.com if you don’t have a money management system in place. This isn’t rocket science O’ Impulsive Spender! Make a list and check it twice before you go shopping this weekend. Those last minute splurges could do you in if you aren’t careful. There’s one more rather intense moment this week, which happens to fall on the 21st. Three planets will form a “Yod,” which astrologers refer to as “the finger of fate.” Transformational Pluto and structured Saturn will point their energy down towards your ruling planet Jupiter, which is currently chilling in your partnership house. For some Archers, this Yod could reveal a meant-to-be partnership, one that could literally knock you off your Jimmy Choos with its power and intensity. For others, the Yod could bring a stunning revelation about an existing partnership. You’ll see where you need to surrender and where you need to be more vigilant. The changes you wish to see in your relationship begin with you. Enlightening for sure, so once you get your wakeup call, roll up your sleeves and get to work on strengthening that bond.


Take a chance on romance…but not romanticizing. This week’s quarter moon in Pisces will allow you to see people for who they really are and then decide if you love them or love them not. It’s easy to get caught up in the dream, projecting hoped-for qualities onto others. But alas, Scorpio, this leaves you living in the promise of what might never be, and may actually interfere with your ability to form a genuine connection with another. Nobody’s perfect, but you might just enjoy people’s flaws more than you realize. These aren’t always signs of damage, but rather unique traits that separate works of art from mass-produced copies. You can find the beauty in people’s quirks this week and deepen you adoration in the process. But in some cases, this eye-opening look will show you the truth: that you’re just not meant to be together in this lifetime. That’s a tough one for you to accept since your attraction has been known to border on obsession. You’ve gotta have faith, Scorpio: this quarter moon can help you clear an empty space for a genuinely fulfilling candidate to float in. Let go! On the flip side, if you’ve been holding a perfectly good person at arm’s length, this lunar spell can snap you back to your senses. Open your heart, Scorpio. It’s not every day that someone comes along to love you like this. The cosmic spotlight swings your way this week too. You’ll have a bonus chance to start a buzz, which might even mean making a public presentation or performing onstage! Do you know the difference between fame and notoriety? Make sure of that, as every move of your ascent will be on display. Avoid cutthroat tactics or manipulative schemes meant to help you get ahead. The win won’t be worth the accompanying agony. This is your life, not an episode of “Mob Wives.” Capiche? Friday is December 21, 2012, the much-anticipated beginning of the Mayan Fifth World, a time prophesied to elevate the collective consciousness and teach humans to respect the Earth’s rhythms and resources (global warming, you’ve been warned!). Not just any old moment in human history, but one that your mystical sign should embrace. You’re a thinker, a feeler, and a born intuitive, and you’ve felt this shift coming for a while. You’ll soon find plenty of takers for those deep conversations about the future of the planet that you love to have. The 21st is also the day of the winter solstice, when the Sun blazes into Capricorn and your third house of communication for a month. Silent meditations, begone! You’ll have an incredible way with words now, so write, speak, record lyrics to a song, or otherwise find a way to verbally express yourself. You might even start a discussion group or a think tank to kick around new ideas and get the wheels of your own genius turning. Tag team efforts help you grow by leaps and bounds. Is there someone whose work you admire or whose talents you feel would dovetail well with your own? Wondertwin powers: activate! Teaming up in a partnership will magnify your individual talents exponentially, and you’ll love bouncing ideas off another great mind. The cosmic spotlight also beams on your local environment. Who are the people in your neighborhood? As you prep for next week’s holidays, support the individually owned businesses along with the big box stores. You don’t want the mom-and-pop shops to be reduced to mere pop-up shops, right? It’s these little fish that give your ‘hood its unique character so vote with your dollars, Scorpio, and help them stay afloat. Siblings, cousins, and friends in your peer group will be your favorite ones to roll with for the next month. If you want to strengthen your bond with your sister or baby bro, now’s your chance! As if the 21st weren’t intense enough, there are three planets forming a “Yod,” which astrologers also refer to as “the finger of god.” Pluto in Capricorn and Saturn in Scorpio are revving up your need to express yourself. These two heavenly bodies will push their transformational energy down towards Jupiter, which is chilling in your erotic, exotic eighth house (the house naturally associated with Scorpio). Look out world! You might get hit with an explosive surge of kundalini energy that day and you want to be ready for it. Don’t block your own sex appeal or tamp it down out of shame. This is pure life-force energy, Scorpio, and you want it to radiate from every pore. Lucky is the recipient of your magnanimous magnetism! If you work in a buttoned up environment, that might be good reason to take Friday off, citing holiday prep as your excuse. No one has to know that you’ve slipped off to Agent Provocateur, followed by a vigorous power yoga class, pumping yourself up for a seductive night that starts on the dancefloor and ends with a marathon makeout session. Now doesn’t that sound a lot better than repressing your desire to be seen for the siren you are, only to have the feelings come out as anger, rage, or other destructive feelings? We think so, Scorpio, so plan ahead so you can be in your scintillating element the day that one world ends and another begins.


There’s strength in numbers, Taurus. Wednesday’s quarter moon in Pisces and your eleventh house of groups helps you align with the right team. Working with people who have integrity and solid values is the only way to go. If you’ve fallen in with a shady bunch, pull yourself away, STAT! Embrace your inner hippie: finding new ways to pool resources—like organizing ride-shares, buying together in bulk, hosting clothing swaps–means you’re doing your part as a sustainably minded citizen. (The Earth thanks you.) Evaluate your social circle, Bull. Although you might die trying, you can’t be BFFs with the world. By the same token, you don’t want to be an elitist, screening out TOO many people from your inner circle. Quarter moons are all about restoring balance and this one helps you form a proper posse, or figure out how to manage the hundreds of people you call your friends. Group hangouts may soon become de rigueur for a busy bee like you. Your humanitarian nature will be piqued by la luna, so squeeze in a midweek volunteer post or pass the hat around your office to gather a larger donation for your chosen holiday cause. December 21 marks the solstice and the official reset-point of the Mayan calendar. On this day, the Sun beams into Capricorn and your ninth house of faith and optimism. If the Mayans were right, this is the beginning of a new era. For a change, you’ll be the one reminding everyone to look on the bright side instead of worrying about what might go wrong. Planets form a “Yod” that day, which pushes energy towards your second house of finances. A promising partnership (perhaps even a long-distance one) could bring a windfall your way. Thinking outside of the box, and being willing to try another person’s approach could also boost your income before the year is through. You might even have to travel to nab that brass ring. Capricorn’s solar power broadens your horizons, pulling your attention to other parts of the world. You’ll have extreme wanderlust for the next thirty days. The luckiest Bulls will find themselves booking tickets that also require a passport. Chilling in a Moroccan riad or trying out the swim-up bar in a Caribbean resort…now THAT would be your ideal picture for ringing in 2013. But if life won’t let you get away, act like a tourist in your own town. Take that guided historical tour, meet friends for a cup of cheer at a swanky hotel bar (you might even meet some sexy out-of-towners), explore the up-and-coming area of your city, mingle multiculturally. Entrepreneurial Bulls can expect large doses of inspiration to flow in. Whether your toes are in warm sand or your bunny slippers over the coming month, keep a notebook handy to capture the brilliant business ideas that flow in. Long-distance relationships percolate with possibilities. Stay up late to Skype your sister-friend in Sydney or that business lead in Mumbai. If you’re looking for love, stretch your search radius by a few good miles. Romance is not always geographically convenient, but if you feel the sparks, take a gamble and pursue. Coupled? Book a getaway-a-deux before January 20, even if it’s just an overnight jaunt. If you’ve been dying to enroll in a class—particularly one that involves experiential learning—call it your holiday present to yourself and sign up. The Capricorn Sun awakens your sporty spice, too. Put that gym membership on your wish list, or start a special savings account for the winter yoga retreat you’re dying to attend. In the early part of the weekend, you could find yourself swamped and borderline resentful about how much you’ve taken on. Don’t just plow ahead, trying to prep a gourmet holiday celebration all by your lonesome! Enlist the troops and delegate. With the moon in Taurus on Sunday, you’ll need some unstructured “me time” to play as if there weren’t a care in the world.


How deep is your love? Wednesday’s quarter moon in Pisces brings back the balance in your closest partnerships, whether these unions are for romance, finance and other purposes. Your generous nature may have led to overgiving—uh-oh. If you find yourself seething with resentment, or generally disinterested in your partner, it’s likely that you’ve reached too far into your reserves. But don’t go pointing the finger of blame. It takes two to tango, Virgo, and you’ve just found yourself stymied by the very trap you laid for yourself. Figuring out when to keep giving and when to pull back is a lifelong struggle for your sign. Fortunately, this quarter moon brings the appropriate check and balances, helping you regain equilibrium before you fly too far in either direction, neither tapping yourself out nor running for the hills. There’s a middle ground called negotiation, so get the conversation flowing about what you need and what would make your other half happy. It’s time to steer your relationship back into a proactive direction. If you find it too hard to broach these topics, bring in the big guns like a counselor, couple’s therapist, manager, or a spiritual advisor who can weigh in and help mediate. Presently flying solo? This quarter moon illuminates opportunities for joint ventures. An attractive opposite could come into your orbit, or you could approach someone about uniting tag team style. Ahhh, December 21, 2012: the fated day finally arrives this Friday. Cue the Britney Spears, Virgo, because you’ll want to keep on dancing till the world ends…and begins again. This is the reset date of the Mayan calendar, the end of one 5,000-plus year cycle and the beginning of the next one, known as The World Of The Fifth Sun. It’s also the day that that bright ball in the sky heads into Capricorn for a month, starting a fire in your fifth house of passion, celebration, romance and glamour. The new world is looking pretty bright from the eyes of a Virgo. As well it should. Much of the Mayan lore surrounds the need for humans to become one with the Earth and her natural rhythms again. That’s right up your alley, as you’re totally the zodiac’s natural woman (or man). Your sustainable living ethos and conscientious nature could find you at the vanguard of positive world change. This could actually be (gasp!) fun! You won’t feel like a freak anymore for upcycling your clothes, eating organic only, insisting on paper over plastic, riding public transportation, and squirrelling away resources for a rainy day. And if you haven’t gotten in touch with your earthy Virgo side, the post-2012 world could call forth the boho babe from within. You’ll be the life of the party while the Sun is in Capricorn till January 19. Pamper yourself with a holistic spa treatment like an Ayurvedic massage; indulge in (ethically-produced) luxury, dress up at any and every occasion. This is a “when you look good, you feel good” time of year. Sing, dance, and play often. You might feel guilty doing so when others are suffering, but your joy raises the vibrational frequency of the planet. The universe wants you to be happy, Virgo…let it be so! In many ways, it’s a charitable act. The fifth house rules fame and you could put your name on the map in a major way after the 21st. Step into the limelight and accept your due props, putting your signature stamp on all that you do. Now is the time to publicize your offerings too, so send out the press releases, buzz away in the Twitterverse, plan a party to launch an initiative right after the holidays. Just focus on the benefits your offerings will have for others instead of fixating on what’s in it for you. When you come from a place of service, your gifts will be well received and you won’t get tripped up by your own ego. Romantically, Capricorn’s solar power loosens up your restrictions and calls forth your wild side. Purr…purr…pounce! Seduce your target, then, take command. This is your time for taking the lead in affairs of the heart. Modest though you may be, you’re not averse to PDA between now and January 19. But will those Instagram shots of your makeout sesh embarrass you in the morning? Probably, so get a room! The 21st could be an incredible day for your professional life if you play your cards right. On that day, three planets form a “Yod,” which is also called “the finger of god.” Pluto and Saturn will push dynamic, starstudded, and attention-getting energy towards Jupiter which is nested in your tenth house of career. You could capture the attention of an impresario in your industry or make a huge splash with one of your discoveries. Your relationship with an important man in your life gets a vigorous push and you may be forced to discuss the issues that lie between. Consider it a cosmic clearing, even if the conversation is well beyond intense. You’ll be glad when it’s over, but equally relieved to have everything out in the open. If you see an opportunity to make a splash at work, jump on it! This might be just the thing that seals your place near the top of the org chart when 2013 begins. Are you down with the crown? Here’s hoping since you could feel like royalty before the week is through.


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