so i’ve always been in love with low cal vegetarian

meals, and lately i’ve been in this experimental mood..

IMAG1095 IMAG1094



And this one doesn’t take much and little time. It was

my dinner last night.

All you need is:


oil (1 table spoon)

one whole raw tomato

basil spice


Parmesan cheese (YUM!)

your favorite kind of bread

any other spices

cook all together at 450 degrees for 10 minutes.


I prepared mine with:

health full nutty grain bread[80 calories per slice]       160 calories

whole tomato                                                                            23 calories

minced garlic  (2 tablespoons)                                            10 calories

olive oil       (1 tablespoon)                                                     120 calories

basil spice (2 tablespoons)                                                     1 calorie

italian spices                                                                               0 calories

parmesan cheese (2 tablespoons)                                         20 calories

so all together only 334 calories for dinner!


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