Come again

“Jil was sitting alone, wearing sunglasses. She’d seen me, too. So for the next ten minutes there was this really awkward situation where we were looking at each other, and neither of us knew what to do. Until I thought, ‘Okay Raf, you’ve got to be the gentleman.’ I walked up to her table, which was was only about twenty metres away but I felt like Moses on his exodus through the desert. I reached her table; she took off her glasses and shook my hand. That was nice. Then she started ranting about the way the Prada Group had treated her house, and the way seamstresses were being laid off and ateliers shuttered, and I really wasn’t in the mood for that. She went on like that until her friend joined us, and Jil introduced me to her friend, saying: ‘This is the man who takes really good care of my brand. I’m really happy that he does that.’”
Raf Simons on the first time he met Jil Sander



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