Weekly Horoscopes

DECEMBER 31 – JANUARY 6 Horoscopes


Wardrobe! Styling! With the moon in starpowered Leo this New Year’s Eve, fete the new year in true glamazon style. Stop by the salon for a blowout and mani-pedi. Make sure you break in those heels before hitting the dance floor. There’s a strong possibility you’ll want to stay under the strobe light, smoke machines and multicolored lasers until the sun comes up. The moon’s theatrical influence makes it a great night for a costume party too and like Aries Lady Gaga, you’ll wow with your over-the-top getup. Romantic opportunities will be plentiful too under this lunar light. The question is not, will you be kissed at midnight, but rather, by whom (and by how many others along the way…meow!)? Although you’ll enjoy being among the throngs of revelers, you’ll need to take frequent fresh air breaks, too. The moon will be facing off with rash Mars and the crowds could make you superaggro if you’re squeezed in too tight. Try to avoid general admission events and celebrate among a more selective bunch where a guest list and a dress code are required. If you’re in the throes of amore, you might ditch the soiree before the ball drops and head off for a private celebration for two, not to emerge until January 2. As the week progresses, your ambitious nature comes to the fore. From Monday, the 31st, through January 19, messenger Mercury will cruise through your tenth house of professional aspirations. Success is hardcoded into your high-achieving DNA, Aries, so what epic goals do you want to accomplish in 2013? Lively discussions will ensue if you bring this topic to the table. Let friends, family, and colleagues weigh in. They can give you amazing feedback, which helps you avoid pitfalls in the year ahead. With Mercury in this position on NYE, you might have the best time ringing in 2013 with a group of great guys and leaving the girls behind. Lean on the goodfellas in your universe during this three-week Mercury cycle. Their pull-no-punches approach to life can help you unwind from emotional drama and get yourself refocused on the exciting bigger picture that lies ahead. Your ruling planet Mars forms a festive angle to lucky Jupiter all week, boosting your popularity immensely. You can create a major splash both online and real time: a mere Facebook status update or Tweet could be the trending topic heard ‘round the world. This is also a stellar week to launch a website, blog or other online venture. Adopt a team-spirited approach when you head back to work midweek. You’ll have an easy time finding allies and forming collaborations—and the extra eyes, hands, and minds will make your ideas that much stronger. If your contact database is a bit thin, motivate yourself to a networking or Meetup group where you’ll have an easy time connecting with people whose life paths are similar to the one you’re currently treading down. Don’t insist that you’re “not a joiner,” Aries. Yes, we know you’re the zodiac’s staunch individualist, but even you will get by with a little help from your friends.


Bonnie and Clyde, Kurt and Blaine, Selena and The Biebs…with the Leo moon lighting up your relationship zone this Monday, you’ll want to ring in 2013 with a special someone by your side. If you start the evening off solo, you might not end it that way. But the sexy stranger you snog under clouds of confetti could have greater potential than you realize. Don’t be so quick to write it off as “a moment.” Exchange digits and get together later in the week. You might still click when the champagne goggles are off. There could be a little trouble in paradise, so brace yourself. Mars in Aquarius will directly oppose the moon, and a passionate discussion could turn into a heated debate, one that has you storming out the door or leaving your love interest in the lurch. Declare any hot-button topics off limits for the night. You can revisit later in the week AFTER the ball has dropped in Times Square and cooler heads prevail. Someone’s competitive energy could throw the evening off balance on the 31st, too. Leave the divas out of your plans (or on the curb to hail a taxi) and roll with friends who know how to cooperate and go with the flow. Some Aquarians will be digging a more soulful NYE. Mental Mercury flows through Capricorn from December 31 through January 19, activating your dreamy twelfth house. A midnight meditation or spiritual ceremony may be your preferred way to ring in 2013. This Mercury phase lends itself to fantasy, so a costume party or live concert could bring the sweet escape you crave. Watch your champagne intake! Your sense of limits and boundaries will not be at its best during this three-week period and you could put a hurting on yourself by overdoing it. When the confetti’s been swept away and your party clothes sent off to the dry cleaner’s, Mercury declares it detox time. Kick of the new year with a juice cleanse, or a few hot yoga classes that help you sweat out the toxins and get your systems flowing again. Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate. Yeah baby, it’s cold outside, so sip caffeine-free teas instead of spike-and-crash coffee or cocoa. Mentor figures will crop up over the next few weeks and you may decide to study directly under a guru, coach, or spiritual advisor. Are you ready for your close-up, Aquarius? A shot of fame could come your way too, as energetic Mars trines expansive Jupiter in your attention-getting zones all week. Put yourself out there, but don’t be surprised if the scouts come searching for you. Your big, bold personality could attract an equally flamboyant person and a starpowered romance or creative collaboration could ensue. Hello, power couple!


The Leo moon whets your appetite for luxury this New Year’s Eve, and you’ll prefer to ring it in with a posh and elegant affair. As the zodiac’s epicurean, you might find yourself gathered around a large, candlelit table, enjoying the prix fixe tasting menu at an upscale restaurant with your eight closest friends. Warning: celebrations can get rather spendy this Monday so don’t go overboard with the bottle service or buying round after round for your nearest and dearest. Blowing your bank balance on one fabulous night is never a wise move, especially for a security-minded sign such as yours. Agree upon a budget in advance with fellow revelers, so the fun isn’t spoiled by differing financial expectations. Also on NYE, communicator Mercury moves into Capricorn and your seventh house of committed relationships for three weeks. Romance could heat up, and get serious, between the 31st and January 19. You’re pickier than most in affairs of the heart, so if you’ve actually met someone who turns you on, it’s damn near a Miracle on 34th Street! Are your affections returned in kind? If so, you owe it to yourself to give this union a chance. Discussions could turn to “our future” as the ball drops on Times Square and you may surprise yourself by changing an autonomous plan into a couple’s affair. Be flexible, Cancer! Single? Donning your fancy frocks will not be a wasted effort this year. Celebrations could serve up a lasting prospect. Swallow your fear and make eye contact. Smile, say hello (yes, we know this is extra credit work), even spark up a conversation. The more affable you appear, the more approachable you’ll be. Hello, midnight kiss! With Mercury in Capricorn, work the buddy system in all that you do. Want to get those 2013 fitness resolutions flowing? Pair up with a friend who has similar goals and motivate each other to Zumba or spin class on a thrice-weekly basis. Lucky Jupiter and energetic Mars will form a heavenly trine all week, amping up your creative powers. You’ll make epic strides by working behind the scenes; in fact, while others grumble about having to go back to work, you’ll be eager to dive in and make headway on a passion project. A mentor figure could appear, ushering in new opportunities and taking you under her wing. Seek and ye shall find, especially when it comes to advice from a wise and experienced source. On the emotional front, you’ll feel more in command of your feelings than you have for a while, and may be shocked by your ability to clearly express your needs—and put up boundaries–in a particular relationship. Your willingness to say “thanks, but no thanks” could catch people off guard and help you command their respect. They thought they had you wrapped around their fingers but ha! You’ll show them. Just don’t get too caught up in the cat and mouse games. Giving chase is one thing, but driving people crazy with mixed messages is quite another. Certain relationships can grow incredibly intimate under the influence of the Mars-Jupiter duo. The sensual and poetic energy of these planets’ placements could pave the way for some off-the-charts romance and fantasies realized in action. Don’t let worries of “will it last forever?” prevent you from enjoying the moment and allowing an amorous contender get closer to you. How will you ever get to happily ever after if you can’t break the ice in the first place? Let things advance to the next stage of the game and try taking the relationship one step at a time instead of spiraling so far into the future with worry and anxiety.


Ahh New Year’s Eve, one of the few nights each year where it’s socially sanctioned to tart it up a bit and rock those daringly sexy numbers. With the flamboyant Leo moon in your seductive eighth house all night, you may be flashing more skin than you would on the average day. But if exhibitionism isn’t your thing, just remember that sexy is as sexy does. Your siren’s song will be quite audible, and you could lure a sailor into a quiet corner for deep conversation and a “I hope nobody catches us” midnight makeout session. Hot! Although you’ll love turning heads, you might prefer to slip away from the crowds for some one-on-one time this NYE, especially if you’ve met a charming someone who has captivated your attention. Don’t forget to clue your friends into your whereabouts. You could get so caught up in the moment that you forget them altogether–and they wind up filing a missing person’s report. Coupled Caps might eschew the party scene altogether and opt for an intimate night in, feeding each other champagne and strawberries, and enjoying some spicy pillow talk. But how close is too close? Mars will oppose the moon on Monday night, which could cause attractions to heat up a bit too quickly. Someone could irritate you by being overly possessive. (Help…air!) You may be prone to bouts of jealousy yourself, but get the facts before you react. Things may not be what they appear at first glance. Money could also become a tense topic, thanks to the moon versus Mars. Get on the same page about spending before dragging your entourage to that $100 per head party or the club with the three-drink minimum. One thing’s for certain: you’ll have a lot to say between December 31 and January 19. Communicator Mercury cruises through Capricorn for this three-week stint, making you a regular Chatty Cathy. Hang with the extroverts, but be careful not to monopolize the conversations. These are dialogues you’re engaging in, not The Capricorn Show. That said, the stars sanction a bit of shameless self-promotion. If you have a project, idea, or offering to put out to the public, you can attract major attention over the next three weeks. But don’t go signing any paperwork just yet. Your whims could change with the wind while Mercury is in your sign. Dabble, explore, network and mingle, but don’t commit to anything long-term right now. A better option may come along; at the very least, give yourself a chance to taste the rainbow before you become an official member of anything. You could give yourself a headache from overthinking so quiet your “monkey mind” with sports and upbeat physical activities. Find some fresh powder to ski, sled, or snowboard down; jump into the Crossfit or boot camp cardio class and you’ll be too pumped up on serotonin to worry ‘bout a thing. That said, work WILL kick off at a clipped pace this week, and happily so. Energetic Mars and lucky Jupiter form a powerful trine, helping you make a splash in the professional world as 2013 begins. Get your ducks in a row and put systems in place, STAT. You might start with an office cleanup mission before you bury yourself under a mountain of work. Pursue job leads if you’re in the market for a change; or, create your own job description and see if you can’t convince your employer to give you a new title.


With the Leo moon lighting up your third house of dynamic duos on NYE, you might limit your guest list to two. You’ve got places to go, people to see, and your celebration could be a multi-leg adventure of party- and club-hopping. Rather than corral a larger crew, pinpoint a wingman/woman and work the circuit as a twosome. You can help break the ice with the cutie your friend is crushing on, then pass the baton and let their midnight kissing commence…or vice versa. Sparks could fly with someone from a different background, or a sexy traveler who happens to be rolling through your town to ring in the New Year. With Mars facing off with the moon on the 31st, passion and emotions will run high. You could easily get swept up in the moment, following new friends (ones you meet that evening) on a spontaneous detour. Just keep your own GPS fired up and handle your own transportation, so you’re clear exactly where it is you’ve wound up taking the party. You might need to bounce before this group is ready to. Sayonara, baby. Also on the 31st, messenger Mercury slinks into your seductive eighth house for three weeks, calling forth the siren in you. You’ll have added allure all week, and can easily magnetize people into your orbit. But you’re not interested in the random fan; it’s power that you’re attracted to, and you might even fall for a charming bad boy/girl. Make sure your NYE wingman is aware of your coordinates should you decide to slip off into a darkened corner for intense conversations or a little midnight makeout sesh. Mercury gives you a secretive, CSI quality, and you might not realize how elusive you’re being. You’ll be attracted to all things mysterious between now and January 19, but beware the green-eyed monster! Your jealous streak could make an appearance before the week is through, and yes, Gemini, you ARE overreacting. Get the facts before you start flinging accusations. Your barbs can sting and even do permanent damage in some cases. Later in the week, keep your mind on your money. A fascinating investment opportunity could come your way or you may have a chance to sell one of your possessions or a piece of property for a hefty price. Go-getter Mars and lucky Jupiter form a heavenly trine all week, blessing you with charisma and giving you the green light to take an entrepreneurial risk. If you work for yourself, pursue the dream client or find a way to leap into a bigger league. You might even score an opportunity with an overseas or out-of-state company who is in need of your offerings. If someone else signs your checks, how can you bring more of an enterprising spirit to the work you do? Act as if you have a personal stake in the company and bring your innovative ideas to the decision makers. Your initiative will impress them even if they aren’t ready to implement your vision just yet. This Mars-Jupiter trine may also portend a travel opportunity. Make sure your passport is up to date as you could be hopping a flight to Mumbai, Mexico City, or Munich on matters of business or pleasure.


With the moon in Leo on New Year’s Eve, you’re bubblier than a crate of Veuve Clicquot, the life of the party, and a total showstopper. Lead the charge on festivities, taking it upon yourself to keep things lively and exciting. An active night on the town is what you’ll crave with great food, warm company, and lots of dancing. Oh, where IS that Kim Kardashian wig or the Katniss Everdeen archery getup? A costume party, or one requiring formal attire, could fulfill your need to sparkle and shine for the masses. You may be too restless to stay in one place for too long which could lend itself to a night of party hopping. But with admissions skyrocketing on this pricey night, your budgetary restrictions may force you to stay put. A club with rotating deejays could sate your need for variety. You’re the clear alpha on this evening, but try to share the spotlight too. With the moon and Mars facing off, another Queen Bee in your party could hurl some competitive vibes in your direction if she feels crowded out by your zeal. Be careful, as her stinger is sharp and can catch you off guard. You can avoid this altogether by being mindful to include everyone’s ideas in the plan and by taking pregnant pauses between jokes and stories so that others can step forth and shine. When the champagne fog has cleared, you’ll be oh-so-ready to dive into those healthy living resolutions. From December 31 through January 19, thoughtful Mercury will tour your sixth house of wellness, getting you in the perfect frame of mind to tackle your sugar addiction or blast through seasonal sluggishness. You might even get a home solution in place, setting up the Wii Fit or making room for your mat and some classes on yogaglo.com. And when you’re back to work, it’s ready, set, organize! Mercury helps you whip your schedule and systems into more efficient shape so you can start off 2013 from a place of grounded clarity. Download apps to help you stay on your game. From food diaries and fitness trackers to scheduling programs, technology is your friend, Leo. You might even find yourself obsessed with reading about natural remedies and scheduling preventative medicine treatments such as acupuncture and deep tissue massage before the week is through. Your social life gets a happy boost all week, thanks to a Mars-Jupiter trine. Stay open to the possibility of forming a lively partnership or getting more involved in a group endeavor. Let your friends introduce you to their hobbies, activities, and social networks. Their recommendations can breathe unexpected life into your coming year whether they’re inspiring you to try a new sport, introducing you to a thought-provoking discussion group, or lighting the way to a self-development course that rocks your world.


The more will indeed be the merrier this New Year’s Eve IF you leave the drama queens out of your plan. With the Leo moon lighting up your eleventh house of groups, you’ll love losing yourself among the throngs of revelers, meeting friends-of-friends and being your silliest, most out-there self. The one hitch comes from Mars. The red planet will be directly opposing the moon on NYE, which could bring a personality clash, and possibly even some romantic competition. Don’t assume you automatically have dibs on your latest crush. If you want to ensure that midnight kiss, you’re going to have to make it obvious that you’re interested…or someone else could slip in for the 11:59PM steal. Cover your back in the transportation department, too. A difficult person in your entourage may decide to break off early, and if you’re depending on him/her for a ride, your own fun could be shortchanged. On the 31st, social Mercury moves into Capricorn and your cozy, domestic fourth house until January 19. Some Libras might opt out of the party scene in favor of family time. A bustling house party could be right up your alley (hey, you might even be the host!) especially if you know most of the guests. But whether you stay in or go out, you’ll want to keep a small posse of close friends near at all times as you’ll be feeling equal parts sentimental and celebratory. With Mercury in this position for three weeks, you’ll do some of your best work behind closed doors. Consider setting up a home office or studio space where you can call forth the muse and get creative. Women will play a prominent role in your first few weeks of 2013. Go out of your way to introduce yourself to the powerbabes in your midst. Set up lunches, coffees, and getting to know you hangouts. Mercury also provides an opportunity to deepen your relationships with relatives and roomies. Create an actual plan with the people who live under your roof, whether you’re staying in to watch a movie and make dinner together or caravaning to the slopes to hit the fresh powder en masse. Romantically, this week could bring lots of boundary-pushing surprises. With lusty Mars and “why not?” Jupiter forming a heavenly trine to each other, you’ll be willing to color outside the lines in affairs of the heart. Open your mind to a different type of person. Someone from a vastly different upbringing or cultural background could hold the key to your heart. If you’re traveling, here’s hoping you have a sexy somethin-somethin in your suitcase. A vacation romance could be written in the stars; you may also connect with someone who lives a definite distance from your home base. Stay open to the possibility of a long-distance connection, too. Love is not geographically bound, Libra. If you’re an entrepreneur or mediamaker, the Mars-Jupiter trine could bring fame and recognition your way. Debut your latest offerings. You might even gain an international following!


Don’t hate, designate. As in consider signing on to be the designated driver this New Year’s Eve. You love your bubbly, perhaps more than the average bear, but with the Leo moon lighting up your uber-responsible, health conscious sixth house, you might prefer to remain in control this Monday night. You’ll still have plenty of fun keeping your wits about you and making sure your peeps are shuttled around safely. But if you do decide to imbibe, monitor your intake. With Mars facing off with the moon, boundaries can melt away quickly, leaving you drowning your 2012 sorrows in flute after flute. Yikes! This could get messy, Pisces, if you aren’t careful. You might opt to infuse a ceremonious vibe into your New Year’s celebration, ohm-ing in 2013 at a meditation circle, vision-boarding party or spiritual gathering. New Year’s Eve doesn’t always have to be a rager, Pisces; this year, calming, grounding vibes might be just what the doctor ordered. Besides that, opportunities to mix and mingle will be plentiful for the next three weeks. From December 31 through January 19, communicator Mercury flutters through your eleventh house of friendships and groups making a total social butterfly out of you. Adding the component of community helps you rock your resolutions so get your friends in on your plans or be a joiner this January. Think: team sports, group exercise classes, writing groups, craft nights, network marketing business models, and support circles; explore the world of Meetup.com if you need help scouting out people who are on a similar path. Geek is chic during this Mercury phase, making the next three weeks the perfect time to sharpen a digital skill, take an e-course, or finally learn how to use that critical piece of software that can help you boost your income. If you have a blog or website to build or refresh, the project could consume you for the next three weeks. It really IS all about who you know now. Pisces on the hunt for love could find a hot prospect through the introduction of friends. Coupled Fish, make a point to get out more and socialize as a couple. An important mentor figure could arrive this week, likely a woman thanks to a helpful alignment between Mars and Jupiter. Ask, believe, and receive: if you didn’t wind up making a vision board on NYE, create time this week to collage your wishes and send your dreams to the universe. You could be consumed by a decluttering mission, both at home and your office space. You might even consider doing a cleanse or juicing for one meal a day this week, just to get your systems a-flowing again. Out with the old, in with the new: for once, you’ll have no trouble letting go of that which has passed its expiration date!


Hello, high roller! With the Leo moon lighting up your happy-go-lucky ninth house this New Year’s Eve, you’re ready to take a gamble on some serious entertainment. Anything but the ho-hum house party will do this December 31. You might just find yourself at the blackjack tables or checking out a sequined-Spandex-clad Shania Twain in Vegas. You need excitement and bright lights…and maybe even a karaoke machine. If tickets out of town aren’t in the cards, consider renting a downtown hotel room so you can: A) sate the travel bug in some small way, and B) party till the breaka-breaka dawn and not have to worry about finding a designated driver. Mingle multiculturally. A cross-cultural kiss may be in the stars as the confetti streams down. Plant yourself among the tourists for a while too. Sparks could fly with an out-of-town traveler; at the very least, you’ll make friends with people in a brand new port. Some Sagittarians will have to celebrate independently. Alas, a Mars-moon face-off indicates that your go-to partner-in-crime could have other ideas of how best to fete the end of 2012. Don’t sacrifice your vision of the perfect night just to please this person. If you can’t find a suitable compromise, break off on your own and reconvene next year. Keep your mind on your money on this pricey night. From December 31 through January 19, Mercury installs itself in your budget-conscious second house. Some belt-tightening is in order, Sagittarius, and you’ll want to sit down later in the week to spec out your 2013 financial plan. This three-week Mercury phase lends itself well to talking shop and striking up business deals. You’ll have a leading edge with regards to job interviews and client pitches too, so if you’re looking to drum up some fresh income streams, the speedy messenger planet will lend an assist. You could hold a bit of tension in your shoulders this week, so if you splurge on anything, let it be a healing massage. Be sure to drink lots of water post-treatment to flush out the toxins that are released from your muscles; that way you won’t wind up sore after your rubdown. If you’ve felt a secret urge to be a contestant on “The Voice,” or just learn how to use your pipes more effectively, you might even sign up for a few singing lessons to get the New Year off to a fun start. Dynamic duos will be a grand theme of the week too as energetic Mars and expansive Jupiter (your ruling planet) dance together in a harmonious trine. Initiate lunches and hangouts with people you feel simpatico with. Whether for friendship, romance, or a creative collaboration, you’re ready to welcome some fresh blood into your world. This Mars-Jupiter trine also brings strategic alliances at work. Pairing up with another go-getter or joining forces with a fellow entrepreneur can help you expand your reach in an epic way. In love, conversations about the future will be playful and energizing. Single Sagittarians could meet a potential mate through the introduction of mutual friends, the Internet, or even a speed dating event!


Let’s hear it for the boys! With the Leo moon hanging in your tenth house of goodfellas, you’ll have a blast ringing in 2013 with a lively group of guys. Make it a co-ed celebration and go out of your way to make friendly chit-chat with men. You could make the acquaintance of one dude who proves to be an important figure in the year ahead. Slip a few business cards in your jacket pocket or beaded metallic clutch. You might just make a fateful career connection while the champagne flutes are being passed around. Black tie affairs could be right up your alley this NYE too, so say yes to that elite invitation, don the cocktail attire and go. You’ll love rubbing shoulders with the elite; bonus if proceeds from your pricier-than-expected admission ticket go to charity. Mars will face off with the moon on NYE, indicating that a sensitive woman could attempt to throw a wrench in your plans. You may also get a guilt trip from family or close friends for choosing to branch off on your own for the evening’s celebration instead of including them in your every move. You can’t please all of the people all of the time, Scorpio. Don’t miss a stellar opportunity just because you’re unable to score a “plus one” ticket. On Tuesday, keep the kettle on. You may need to coat your poor throat with honey and herbal teas after talking so much the night before. But the gregarious vibes aren’t going away anytime soon. From December 31 through January 19, communicator Mercury is buzzing through your uber-social third house making you quite the butterfly. New friends will pour in at every turn and you’ll be feeling flirtier than ever. Single Scorpios could go on a serious dating spree; coupled Scorpios are ready to add more playdates to the roster with your one and only. Think: ice skating, sleigh rides, couples’ snowboarding lessons, a weekend trip to the tropics. Let the games begin! Social networking, both online and in real time can help you start a buzz for a project that’s near and dear to your heart. You’ll have lots of support from the locals, so stir up neighborhood support for your ideas, or loop in friends who can help champion you. Your personal life gets a happy boost from Mars and Jupiter which are forming a friendly trine to each other all week. These abundant, energizing planets can help you become fast (and real!) friends with a few people who you’ve been wanting to know better. You may feel like you’ve gained a small entourage before the week is through, a close-knit crew who you can count on for mutual support and encouragement. Take the initiative to invite these special people out. Host a small dinner party, or gather at your favorite secret gem of a restaurant. Then, let the bonding begin! Life is so much more enjoyable for you, Scorpio, when you feel like you’ve got trustworthy friends to rely on and share your inner life with.


With the Leo moon warming your coziest quarters this NYE, an intimate celebration is on deck for you. Watching Times Square from your television is certainly an option, but don’t relegate yourself to solo time in your Snuggie. Host a house party, or don your “festive casual” best and pop by a pal’s place for champagne and chillaxing. A family-friendly, all ages affair might be up your alley this year too, whether you have kids or not. Mars opposes the moon that night, which could bring tension with a relative or close friend. Stay away from hot-button conversations and if it seems you have different ideas of what constitutes a good time, don’t force the togetherness. You’ll see each other next year…what’s the big deal about spending an evening apart? Don’t be surprised if visions of vacation rentals start dancing through your head before the stroke of midnight. On the 31st, mindful Mercury moves into Capricorn and your global ninth house until January 19. Multicultural mingling can open doors to fresh opportunities during this three-week phase. Who knows? You might even get a second wind on NYE and head out to the salsa club or snog a sexy traveler who’s visiting from another part of the world. If you didn’t manage to squeeze in a holiday vacay, all is not lost. Capitalize on the uber-low post-holiday fares and specials and plan a getaway (if only for a weekend) between now and January 19. You love a bargain like nobody’s business and this is your moment to cash in and see the world for the price of a song. Mercury sprinkles your world with sporty spice, revving you up for those 2013 fitness resolutions. Organize your socializing around physical activity in the coming three weeks. You might rally enough friends together to get a group discount at the Pilates studio or gym in your ‘hood. Renting a cabin in the mountains with your crew for a three-day ski-cation could be just the thing to wipe away your winter blues. Then again, ziplining through the jungle and swimming with the dolphins could be an even better bet. Go-getter Mars forms a friendly angle to expansive Jupiter all week helping you make a splash at work. Your creative, can-do spirit will wow the higher-ups or woo a prestigious client. Get those power lunches on the calendar, Bull; the money you spend on the tab is an investment in your future success. You might even pinpoint a mentor figure, someone who feels called to take you under his wing and help open doors. The best way to connect this Yoda figure is by offering up your helping hands. Be the “celebrity apprentice,” volunteering a few hours to help take a project to the finish line. You might even meet at a charity event, so connect to a cause you believe in and network while doing good for the world.


New Year’s Eve could be a sweet escape for you, as the moon hovers in Leo and your fantasy-fueled twelfth house. Go undercover at a masked ball (or host a costume-themed bash yourself); head to an electronic music show and lose yourself in the beat until the breaka-breaka dawn. The twelfth house is super soulful, so before you hit the party scene, you might just find yourself in the lotus position, chanting at a group meditation or sending up prayers at a spiritual ceremony. Do be mindful of your champagne intake, Virgo. Boundaries could blur under this lunar light, making you prone to overdoing it. You don’t want to be the angry drunk or the staggering buzzkill puking on the curb all night (ew). But suppressed feelings could surge forth on Monday and you’ll need your wits about you in order to deal with them proactively not by drowning your sorrows in a bottle of Prosecco. And yes, romantic potential IS high, not only on the 31st but until January 19. On NYE, communicator Mercury (your ruling planet) shifts into Capricorn and your fifth house of romance making you a master flirt. You haven’t lost it, Virgo, even if you’ve felt less than amorous these past few weeks. Take the lead in affairs of the heart. Your forward approach may shock people initially, but it will also be a turn-on. Discussions could turn to babymaking too and a pregnancy could be in the cards for Virgos who are ready to go there. Wardrobe! Styling! Dial up the glam squad and get your hair, nails and makeup done on the 31st. Then, keep the fabulosity going after the party’s over. When you look good, you feel good between now and the 19th; you might even opt for an edgy new hairstyle or color treatment. A scalp massage can stimulate new ideas; grab yourself the at-home tool from the drugstore and get your cranium into the creative zone. You might even get a shot at fame as the week progresses, so arm yourself with publicity materials, elevator pitches, and clever Tweets and start a buzz on your own behalf. Shameless self-promotion is sanctioned by the stars this week. How else will people know about the amazing things you’re up to? Life is too short to wait to be discovered. You’ll get a cosmic shot in the arm around those 2013 fitness goals too. Energetic Mars and can-do Jupiter form a happy trine all week, revving you up to get physical. Scout out a studio that has an upbeat vibe and is also conveniently located. If you have to go too far out of your way, you’ll never enjoy that membership. Work takes off with a gallop as well. Get those pitches out! You could snag a plum assignment or a land a dream contract simply because you were willing to be assertive and diligent. The early bird catches the worm!


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