Weekly Horoscopes



Are you ready for your close-up, Aries? With social Venus sashaying through Capricorn and your tenth house of prestige from January 8-31, you could find yourself in the public eye, presenting your ideas or your work to a large group of people. From gallery exhibitions to keynote speeches to sales presentations, it’s time to put your name on the map. Naturally, you’ll want to put your best foot forward and beautifying Venus is here to help. You might even work with a stylist to professionalize your image, or hire a branding specialist, publicist, or career coach who can refine any rough edges that you just haven’t had time to polish. Helpful men enter your world. Tap the great guys in your circle if you need a lift up the ladder of success. With business-minded Capricorn at the helm, you could hit on a brilliant idea for monetizing one of your innovative ideas. Kickstarter, anyone? Your friends and fans would happily donate a few bucks to see you realize your dreams. In love, Venus in Capricorn brings a weightier vibe, putting you in long-term planning mode. Coupled Aries, this is the week to co-create a vision for 2013 with your mate, and map out a few epic goals you want to accomplish together. Whether you’re renovating the house, adding a baby to the brood, organizing funds for your kids’ college tuitions or hiking the Incan Trail for your anniversary, it’s time to discuss something bigger than just “what are we making for dinner tonight, dear?” As your ambitious sign well knows, if you dream it (and plan it), you can do it. Single Aries will crave the companionship of someone older or a bit more established. You’re a power player yourself, and you need someone equally driven on your arm. Love with all the traditional trimmings is what Venus in Capricorn brings. You might have to tamp down some of those passionate flames and allow yourself to be courted in the old-school way for the next few weeks. Patience, Ram: good things come to those who wait when Venus is in Capricorn. On Friday, the 11th, the new moon in Capricorn brings fresh openings for your career. This is the beginning of a six-month cycle towards success, which culminates with the full moon in Cap on June 23. While you’ll feel fired up with ambition, don’t just play games you know you can win. Challenge yourself to move into a bigger league. Yes, your ego can take a temporary hit from being the little fish in the ginormous new pond, but your skills will grow exponentially when you’re working alongside masters. Rather than work the 9-5 grind, you might begin developing a product that can make you money in your sleep (need we say “Kickstarter” again?). Or, begin angling towards a raise and promotion. What will it take to climb that ladder a few rungs? This new moon encourages you to get the training or education you need to pull yourself on up. Leg-sports like soccer, kickboxing and skiing can help you get in great shape this winter. You might sign up for an indoor league, join a gym or buy that season’s pass to the slopes this week, too!


Fantasy or reality? Loveplanet Venus slinks into Capricorn and your mysterious twelfth house from January 8-31 making it hard to gauge what’s really going on in affairs of the heart. One minute, you’re head over heels in love and certain things are a go; the next, everything seems so elusive and unsure. Keep those supportive friends on speed dial, Aquarius. Reacting to your lover’s every ebb and flow will drive you to the brink. You want something solid, but everything is liquid. As challenging as this might be, you’ll have to provide the secure container for your life instead of trying to pour yourself into the mold that will suit your sweetie. Your creativity will be your saving grace this week, the very thing that anchors you during love’s manic current. Consume yourself with composing a song, painting, dancing, sewing, writing…whatever captures your imagination. Having a regular yoga and meditation practice can do wonders to ground you now. Much of the stress in your romantic life is happening as a result of your own anxious mind. When planets tour the twelfth house, the subconscious tends to go into overdrive, making you worry, stress, and overreact. Learning to quiet your mind and see fear for the illusion it is can help to remind you of this spiritual tenet: only love is real, Aquarius. Do what it takes to call yourself back into the present moment. One day at a time should be your mantra. You can’t control the form love will take so let your current situation unfold as it will instead of forcing the person to be “The One” or “So Not The One.” If you’ve got a good thing going on in the romance department, Venus in the twelfth house can take you on a sweet escape. Now’s the time for exploring fantasies and pushing the envelope a bit. (Costume party for two, anyone?) Rent that little cabin in the woods or slip off to a private beach resort before the month is through. You’ll have the most fun behind closed doors now; an element of taboo brings a bonus thrill. If you’ve hit a wall, you could have a breakthrough moment in couple’s therapy or by exploring the inner workings of your union in a shared workshop experience. You may have to make a sacrifice for a loved one this week, but be careful of codependence. Are you helping or enabling? While it’s fine to give generously, if doing so will cause you resentment or a personal hardship, explore a Plan B. There IS a solution that can benefit everyone so don’t just jump to be the happy helper at your own expense. For some Aquarians, parting will be such sweet sorrow. If you’re ready to end a relationship, separate temporarily, or mourn a loss, Venus envelops you in a a soft embrace, helping you sort through your emotional process. It’s not often that you’re overcome by feelings, but just go with it. You can’t feel life’s highs without also appreciating some lows. The struggles of this week are expanding your capacity to love deeply. On Friday the 11th, a new moon in Capricorn amplifies the energy of Venus, helping you to release that which no longer serves you. You’ll feel motivated to let go of the old, clearing space for the new to come in. But there’s no need to rush. New moons open up six-month cycles for manifestation. This one culminates with the full moon in Capricorn on June 23. Gently replacing a bad habit or old way of being with a new and healthy one is the best path to permanent change. That said, let the detoxing begin! This new moon would be an ideal time to start a cleanse, dive into a decluttering mission or purge your life of draining and excessive commitments. Creatively, this new moon could bring the seeds of a divinely inspired idea, one that manifests into a masterpiece by June 23. If you’re feeling creatively blocked, check out Julia Cameron’s classic tome, “The Artist’s Way” to get the muse a-flowing!


Dos, due, dva…call it what you like, Cancer, but two is your magic number this week. On Tuesday, the 8th, loveplanet Venus heads into Capricorn and your seventh house of partnerships until January 31. That shell of yours begins to soften, allowing you to ponder the possibility of turning your solo act into a dynamic duo. Whether for romance, finance, or a creative collaboration, pairing up with another person more than doubles your potential and possibilities. Naturally, you need to ally with someone you consider an equal. But this person won’t come wrapped in the exact same packaging as you; in fact, while Venus is in Capricorn, the law of “opposites attract” is in full force. Open your mind to someone who breaks from type and by all means, let your friends fix you up. Nothing ventured, nothing gained…will it kill you to meet for coffee, Cancer? No. So, stop grumbling, put on some damn lipstick, and go. It’s never a waste of time to funnel energy towards the pursuit of a dream, even if the universe doesn’t deliver your ideal lover or songwriting soulmate on the first try. And what about that relationship that’s building ever so slowly? Chemistry that’s been bubbling in the lab finally could form into a compound this week called “we.” No, you won’t find that one on the periodic table, but it will definitely be made up of two stable elements. Venus in Capricorn doesn’t have time for love that’s less than serious, so relationships spawned (or solidified) over the next few weeks will need to be made official. Don’t waste your time on any long shots now, Cancer. If you’ve given someone a fair chance and s/he’s not stepping up, you owe it to yourself to move on…or at least, put that person on the back burner and go explore other options. If you’re in a relationship, give your together time greater priority. As busy as life can be, you may have forgotten the fine art of romance. Circle at least one date night each week to give your union the care and feeding it requires to sustain itself. On the job front, Venus in Capricorn brings you harmony in business dealings. A legal matter may be settled with greater ease than expected over the next few weeks. Contract negotiations should go swimmingly, but enlist a lawyer nonetheless. Venus CAN bring out the people-pleaser in you and you don’t want to sell yourself short at the bargaining table just because you’re enjoying the good vibes with your future ally. That’s a recipe for resentment. A third party can ensure that you don’t make too many concessions. You might even revamp your look, opting for a flirtier style. Load up on the spa treatments and add more color to your wardrobe and makeup scheme. Taking great care of yourself keeps you in balance, especially since this week will be more social than your alone-time loving sign is accustomed to. On Friday the 11th, a new moon in Capricorn further energizes your seventh house, adding fuel to Venus’ fire. This could be the day where you spot your future husband across the room, decide to turn a casual dating scenario into a bona fide relationship, or begin a trial cohabitation agreement to see how you like living with the object of your affections. New moons plant seeds that are harvested six months later; in this instance, you’re looking at June 23 for the date of the Capricorn full moon. This half-year phase provides the breathing room your sign needs to test the waters before committing with finality. Just do try to advance things along a bit instead of remaining at a standstill. If a business offer or contract comes your way, try to negotiate a six month trial period instead of signing your life away before you’re 100 per cent sure about what you’re getting yourself into. Coupled Cancers will love the co-creation opportunities this new moon brings for you and your mate. How can you join forces for a tag team effort? Whether you’re planning a trip or a baby, renovating the house, starting a non-profit, or co-hosting a party, taking on a bigger “project” together will help seal your bond.


Trending this week: you, Capricorn! Charming, magnetic Venus pays her annual visit to your sign from January 8-31, lighting you up like the top of the Empire State Building. In case you were wondering…yes, you’ve still got it, Cap (three snaps in a circle!). When the planet of beauty, love and harmony orbits into your realm, you are nothing short of captivating. Your lineup of admirers is forming this week, and whether single or spoken for, you’re a rather irrepressible flirt right now. But in spite of all the attention coming your way, the relationship that matters most this week is the one you have with yourself. You’re a notorious perfectionist who raises the bar ever higher on life. Your ambition is admirable, but when is it ever good enough? You can be so hard on yourself, Capricorn, never pausing to enjoy or appreciate all the milestones in your life. Gentle Venus is here to remind you to relax those exacting standards just a little. You’re not going to lose your edge if you stop and give yourself a giant pat on the back; nor will you jinx your success by celebrating it. Quite the contrary: gratitude is a key ingredient in the recipe for manifesting your dreams. You didn’t get here by sheer luck ya know…you worked your arse off for it! Sure, there’s always higher to climb, but make sure you take a moment to thank the universe and yourself for getting to where you are now. Make a list of all the things you appreciate about your life from the smallest (your favorite coffee mug, the view from your bedroom window) to the big ones (your loyal friends, your health). This signals the universe to send you more of the good stuff—and hey, maybe that means you won’t have to work quite SO hard for the next leg of this journey. In love, Venus in Capricorn puts you in the lead position. Assert your needs instead of falling into the de facto provider mode or dutifully playing the martyr mate. If you struggle to ask for what you want in love, friendship, and other social situations, go to work on those demons. You deserve to be here, Capricorn, and you’re entitled to help yourself to a slice of the pie you so generously bake and share with others. Check out New York Times bestseller Debbie Ford’s “Courage: Overcoming Fear and Igniting Confidence” for a self-loving remedy. With Venus in your sign, you might even feel the lure towards a makeover. Does your image reflect the person you are today? If you’re frustrated by your entire closet enlist fashionable friend or a professional stylist to help you skillfully determine the look that suits you both inside and out. Friday marks the annual new moon in Capricorn, which you could think of as your cosmic New Year. The seeds you plant today will be ready for harvest on June 23, under the light of the full moon in Capricorn. Think carefully about what results you wish to create in the first half of 2013; you might even make a vision board, wish list, or goal sheet that you keep in a special place to remind you of what you’re out to accomplish. Then, get to work! Where is the gap between where you are today and where you’d like to be on June 23? This new moon wants you to invest in yourself and your dreams. Sign up for a training program, grant yourself an experience, start learning or building what’s required to achieve your aims. As you well know, Capricorn, putting one foot in front of the other is the way to reach the top of the mountain!


If you’ve been looking for love in all the wrong places, this is the week to refine your search. Romantic Venus moves into Capricorn and your eighth house of intimacy from January 8-31, making you ache for a deeper kind of love. Gemini, your sign has made the art of flirting and dating into a varsity sport. But for the remainder of this month, you’ll happily toss off that letter jacket and slip into something a whole lot cozier…not to mention sexier. The eighth house rules seduction, and with Venus in this position, you’ll seek greater intensity in affairs of the heart. Spice things up in the bedroom, but don’t stop there. You also require a meeting of the minds and hearts: a tall order for any one person to fill, but keep your standards high. Rather than having a rotating cast of suitors, while Venus is in Capricorn, you’ll want to pare down to just one captivating soul. Is it possible that you already know the perfect candidate for this position? You may have shied away from getting involved with this person because the connection seemed too heavy or serious. Or, you could be avoiding him/her because of a past stumbling block. Timing is everything, Gemini. With Venus in Capricorn, you’ll be ready to embrace a weightier bond, one that has the ability to stand the test of time. If you’re already in a relationship, you may grapple with bouts of jealousy and possessiveness for the next few weeks. The solution to these fits of envy, however, is counterintuitive. When the green-eyed monster rears up, don’t chase wildly after the object of your affections (yes, Gemini, it IS possible to scare people away by sending one too many text messages). Instead, pull back. Spending more time with “me, myself, and I” will give the relationship proper breathing room. It IS possible to be too close for comfort now too. Use that alone time to do personal transformation work like meditation, working with a life coach, or taking a self-improvement seminar. Or, get in touch with your inner minx. Slip on the boa, bikini, and ostrich feather mules and find your alter ego in a burlesque workshop; take salsa lessons (a good way to sharpen unspoken communication skills), discover your “erotic creature” with an S Factor lesson or DVD. Some Geminis will even opt to take a break from the dating scene altogether, choosing instead to re-center in yourself and dive obsessively into a creative project. With Venus in Capricorn until January 31, you could write a hit song, create a sculpture worthy of an Art Basel exhibition, or discover another incredible outlet for your imagination that will one day also put money in your pocket. On Friday, a new moon in Capricorn energizes the very same part of your chart. You’ll get another cosmic signal to bring sexy back in a soulful way. This could be the day where you lock eyes with The One (who might, incidentally, be the reflection staring back at you in the mirror) or decide to officialize a relationship with an engagement ring or co-signed document. This new moon ramps up your financial savvy, turning your attention to passive income streams, royalties, inheritances, commissions, and money made from sales. Between now and the corresponding full moon on June 23, you could make a lump sum of cash through an outlet other than the 9-5 route. You might even be inspired to learn about real estate sales—definitely worth exploring. Do you need investment capital to get a project off the ground? This new moon prompts you to write your business plan, put together a demo or proposal, and perhaps find an agent who can connect you to funding. Shared resources become a hot topic of conversation. If you’re in a relationship, begin exploring new ways of pooling your earnings and growing your savings so that you both can benefit doubly by June 23.


Bring on the bodylove! Sensual Venus slips into your sixth house of self-care from January 8-31, making healthy living a hi-pri item on your agenda. But ditch the “no pain, no gain” mentality, STAT. Venus is the planet of beauty and pleasure. Although its tour through Capricorn will make you break a sweat, punishing yourself is a no-go now. If you’re going to hit those intense Crossfit or kickboxing classes, mix in dance or Pilates to keep yourself in balance. Eating dry, boring chicken breast on lettuce for every meal is not the answer to great nutrition. Research healthy recipes that also taste amazing (yes, Leo, the twain can and shall meet). You might even invest in a raw juicer, high-speed blender, or a great set of pots and pans to keep yourself motivated. Harness Venus’ social energy and enlist friends to join you in your healthquest. Instead of meeting for another heavy brunch, join up at the juice bar after you’ve all done an hour of Vinyasa flow. We can practically guarantee that your conversation will be a lot more uplifting when you gather this way, plus, you can support each other in your well-being goals for 2013. The sixth house also rules your daily routines and work. Women may play a major role in the work you do while feminine Venus is in this part of your chart till the 31st. If you’re on the hunt for gainful employment, reach out to the ladies in your life. You’re definitely a charmer in interviews now, so put your feelers out there. If nothing else, you could connect to a future opportunity and get the download of what skills you need to sharpen in order to qualify. This might be as simple as registering for an online course or poring through a video tutorial over the next few weeks. You’ll also want to create more balance and harmony in your daily routines. If you’ve been burning the candle at both ends, it’s time to simplify! We love this list by Danielle LaPorte of “10 Really Lame Ideas & Beliefs To Let Go Of” and you might enjoy ticking a few of those off your list too: (http://tinyurl.com/admq2su). If it’s time to delegate, Venus will help you pinpoint an assistant, intern, or outsourcing outlet that can take some of that work off of your hands. Although you hate to part with your hard-earned cash, paying someone ten dollars/hour for a few hours each week can open up major space in your schedule—time that can be used for more profitable endeavors than running a bazillion errands. On Friday, the 11th, a new moon in Capricorn energizes the very same part of your chart, amplifying Venus’ call for self-care and efficiency. New moons kick off six-month cycles that culminate under the light of the corresponding full moon, so circle June 23, the date of the Capricorn full moon as your milestone moment. This Friday’s new moon could bring exciting news about a job prospect, possibly even a promotion within the company you already work for. If you’ve been having trouble getting motivated about those wellness goals, the new moon may light the way to the perfect support system. Social butterfly that you are, you thrive in the company of upbeat, can-do people. You might join a group or community that is committed to achieving the same results as you in this arena, or sign on with a coach, trainer, nutritionist, or private instructor who can hold you accountable and motivate you along your journey. If you’re overdue for medical checkups, schedule them now. Suffering is optional, Leo, and fatigue or winter mood dips might be solved with a simple, natural supplement (like say, Vitamin D) if you get yourself checked out by a pro.


How about a little chicken soup for that soul of yours, Libra? Your ruling planet Venus parks in Capricorn and your cozy, homey, and intimate fourth house from January 8-31. Over the next few weeks, you’ll crave more private time and one-on-ones. You’d rather huddle with your inner circle than entertain the masses now. Toss that bag of popcorn in the microwave and uncork the Prosecco. Pajama party hangouts at Chateau Libra will be the ideal way to kick up your marabou-slippered heels this week; or, if you’re feeling fancy, host an elegant dinner party for your closest of close. Venus is the feminine planet and the fourth house (Capricorn for you) governs women. The ladies in your life will be the star players for the next few weeks. Nurture your connections with them, whether you’re supporting each other through trying emotional periods or forming strategic alliances for professional purposes. Having a crew of powerful femmes in your corner is the quickest way to advance now. Just make sure you’re contributing in kind to keep the scorecard even. Gratitude alone won’t do the trick. You might have to volunteer a few hours of time to repay a she-mentor’s kindness. Little gifts never hurt either. Venus in Capricorn could prompt you to play amateur interior decorator—although with your aesthetic gifts, there will be nothing rudimentary about it. Whether you’re refreshing paint colors, slipcovering your seating with new fabric, or minimizing your decor scheme, don’t just go for off-the-shelf options. Peruse the design blogs, play with DIY ideas, mix salvaged pieces with new ones, put a signature imprint on your space. In the words of Ralph Waldo Emerson, “Love of beauty is taste. The creation of beauty is art.” For soulful extra credit points, pick up “Feng Shui Your Life: Second Edition,” by Jayme Barrett for ideas on how to get the chi flowing in your home, and by extension, your life. In affairs of the heart, romantic Venus’ tour of Capricorn finds you in a more serious state than you’ve been in for a while. Not only is your sensitivity heightened (beware those mood swings!) but you’re practically demanding certainty about the future. The nice guy/girl you cast aside in December could steal your heart again now. Don’t rule out the divorced dad with the heart of gold or the affable cutie who is sure to get the parental stamp of approval: those family-friendly types might just have the qualities you’re looking for Libra. On Friday, the 11th, a new moon in Capricorn fuels the roaring homefires of Venus. If you’re in the market for a move, you could be running to the realtor’s office or obsessively perusing the classifieds for listings that appeal. New moons are the starting point of six-month cycles, so it might take you between now and June 23 (the day of the corresponding FULL moon in Capricorn) to get fully settled in. All the same, this weekend would be a great time to begin any such explorations. If you’re happily ensconced in your home, you might make some bigger changes, such as welcoming in a roommate, turning the spare bedroom into a music studio or home office, and possibly even preparing for a baby. This is the new moon of motherhood, and some Libras could get serious about a pregnancy while others can begin strengthening/healing the bonds you have with your mom, daughter, sister or another important lady in your life.


Just friends…or a little something extra? Loveplanet Venus cruises through Capricorn and your eleventh house of amigos from January 8-31, blurring a few lines. You’re not imagining it, Pisces; those flirty vibes are definitely beaming your way…and it’s not like you’re discouraging them either. But do you really want to cross out of the friend zone with you-know-who? Changing your Facebook relationship status to “It’s Complicated” (again) can’t possibly be the best idea for you. Unless you feel this person has real long-term potential, keep it in the fantasy zone. But if your connection IS the real deal, surprise, surprise. Venus in Capricorn can have quite a stabilizing effect on your love life. You may be amazed by the ease with which you and your ami flow into couple mode over the next few weeks. Intellectual stimulation is a major turn-on now. Join a discussion group or book club and see if a meeting of the minds doesn’t lead to a sexy dinner date—especially after you discover you have so much in common that you just can’t stop talking. Getting involved in community activities can also bring you to the arms of love. Be a dabbler and a joiner for the next few weeks. Even if you don’t find your amour that way, you might just discover your long-lost tribe. Hello, kindred spirits! Coupled? Make a point to bring more cerebral activity into your bond. Pop a documentary into the DVD player instead of watching mindless fluff, invite the object of your affections to a lecture, political group, self-development workshop or other thought (and conversation) provoking event. Hanging out in a group setting will also enrich your bond. This is a stellar time to introduce your sweetie’s crew to your entourage and enjoy watching everyone mix. How about co-hosting a game night or casual dinner party to bring everyone together? Or get out and join a winter league of co-ed sports. The couple that plays together stays together, as the old adage goes. Single Fish could make a high-speed love connection through an online dating site, as Venus is touring your eleventh house (the part of your chart that rules the Internet) till the 31st. On Friday, the new moon in Capricorn further awakens your desire for community and collaboration. If you haven’t found your dream team, let the search begin! A group effort could culminate in a major victory by the corresponding full moon in Capricorn on June 23. This is the new moon of wishes and hopes—a few of Pisces favorite things. Set a few intentions for the next six months of your life, and don’t be afraid to dream big. You might even make a wish list (on biodegradable paper) and plant it in the ground for a symbolic ritual. Got an idea for a web-based venture? This new moon is an ideal time to get plans in motion. Have that app developed, put up an Etsy store, sell treasures on eBay, create an e-commerce business. The Internet could be the road paved with gold for you over the coming six months. You might explore passive income streams such as network marketing models or becoming an affiliate sales rep for another person’s product. The team effort is supported by this new moon, so why not use it to ramp up your financial future? If you’ve been struggling to get your fitness resolutions off the ground, try a group cardio class, Crossfit, or a winter league. The energy of other people will motivate and inspire you. If your friends don’t want to join you, don’t worry; you’ll make plenty of new connections with the people you’re breaking a sweat with.


Bring on the quiet storm, Sagittarius. Sensual Venus slips into Capricorn and your luxuriating second house, decreasing your manic pace and directing you to chill. So maybe that means a few less nights on the town; maybe you have to merge some of those one-on-one hangouts into a group affair. There are only twenty-four hours in the day, Archer, and between January 8 and 31, you need to spend a lot more of that time in repose. It’s finally time to use that hot stone massage gift certificate your friends treated you to for your birthday, or to schedule the spa pedicure Groupon before it expires! Pampering and self-care come as strict orders from Venus: you won’t be good for anyone else if you aren’t good to yourself. With your active mind, you can get so keyed up that you wake up in the middle of the night, your mind racing with ideas or unconsciously reviewing your to-do list. With Venus in this restful position, make relaxing sleep time a greater priority. Buy a new mattress if you don’t love yours, or redo your bedroom with soothing touches. Pick out a great pillow for yourself, opt for softer sheets, hang a blackout curtain over that annoying patch in the window where the neighbor’s porchlight always shines in. Treat yourself to an essential oil diffuser and let the gentle mist of lavender soothe you into aromatherapy-induced slumber. Venus’ creative influence will even call forth the interior decorator in you. Paint your walls a calming color, install a dimmer switch and sconce lamps, choose art that is gentle and beautiful. Keep books by your nightstand instead of using your e-reader, which can stimulate your brain and make it harder for you to fall asleep. (The printed page, on the other hand, can be a sweet lullaby.) In love, Venus also helps you to slow it on down. Relax into a domestic groove with your sweetie. Cuddling on the couch after cooking a simple meal together can be sheer bliss. If you’re on the dating scene, don’t force every get together to be a fairy tale redux. Enjoy low-key moments like conversation over coffee or wandering through a bookstore together. Holding hands and kissing will be more enjoyable than taking it to the finish line this week. Chillax, Sag, and enjoy some good old-fashioned TLC. Despite the mellow vibes, you won’t be slipping off for an extended sabbatical now. Your work life continues to buzz with activity as Venus’ influence ramps up the social aspect of your job. There’s truth to the statement, “it’s all about who you know,” so if your contact database is thin, start doing some strategic networking. Meet prospective clients and collaborators for coffee; nurture important coworker relationships by taking lunch together or making more added efforts to be friendly. Venus is the feminine sign, and a few key women in your world could help you increase your salary between now and January 31. On Friday, the 11th, a new moon in Capricorn energizes your second house of income, kicking off a fresh six month cycle in your financial sector. New job opportunities may crop up. Meet the universe halfway: if you’re on the hunt for more gainful employment, circulate your resume or reach out to a professional prospect. New moons are the launching date for events that culminate six months in the future. On June 23, a full moon in Capricorn will complete the cycle you begin on Friday, hopefully bringing you a summer windfall! A picture says a thousand words, so you might spend time this weekend creating a vision board of your desired financial future. Then, back it up with good old-fashioned facts and figures. Map out your 2013 budget and set some benchmarks for the first half of the year. You might even enlist a financial coach or planner to assist you with this process. Don’t worry, Sag, you’ll catch on quickly!


Flattery will get you everywhere this week, Scorpio: oh you silver-tongued devil, you! Charming Venus decamps to Capricorn and your third house of communication from January 8-31, blessing you with the gift of gab. You could sell Sumatra blend coffee to a Starbuck’s barista, making this an optimal time for marketing, sales pitches, and starting a PR buzz in the Twitterverse. People’s ears will perk up at your off-the-cuff ideas. At last! You’ll feel like the world is catching up…and catching on. If you were ahead of the curve in 2012, this week, you’ll be right on time. Go ahead and pitch once again. Second time’s a charm in this case. Venus in Capricorn will also do wonders for your social life. Come on out of your lone wolf hibernation mode. We know you love your “me time,” Scorpio, but you’ve also forgotten how much easier life can be when you’re part of a social network. Lively creative collaborations emerge this week: you could finally find a writing partner for your as-yet-unfinished screenplay, a startup funder for your small business idea, or the perfect motivating workout buddy. Of course Venus IS in exclusive Capricorn, so you won’t be hanging with any old random crew (as if!). Devote your time to people whose goals align with your own. That way, you can support one another in your ascents. As Venus rules romance, friends-of-friends may turn out to be hot prospects for dating–all the more reason to accept the invitation of a budding acquaintance to come and hang out with her entourage. Internet dating might send chills down your uber-private spine, but log in and give it a whirl. With Venus in your tech-friendly third house, amour may be a few mouseclicks away; you might also have success with speed dating or enlisting a matchmaker. Already in a relationship? Harmonizing Venus helps you smooth out the rough patches in your communication. You could finally have a breakthrough in understanding, perhaps even realizing how your own stubbornness has been interfering with the progress of your relationship. Admit it, Scorpio, when you dig your heels in, you almost refuse to budge for the sake of pride. Let go of that control and work towards a compromise: a win-win will emerge when you remember to treat your honey like a loving member of Team Scorpio instead of the enemy. On Friday, the 11th, a new moon in Capricorn warms up the action close to home. Who are the people in your neighborhood, your office, and your everyday environment? Get to know the locals, refresh your go-to scene with new options. You’ve discovered “your” coffeeshop, restaurant, Happy Hour joint, local tavern…we know, we know. But branch out! You’ve become a wee bit too insular in your creature-of-habit routine. A fresh social scene awaits your discovery! Six months from now, under the light of the corresponding full moon in Capricorn, they’ll be crowning you The Mayor of these yet-to-be-discovered hotspots. This new moon could also herald the arrival of a kindred spirit, someone who develops into a promising partner in one area of your life over the coming six months.


The world is your oyster, Taurus, and it’s time to find that pearl. Your ruling planet Venus decamps to Capricorn and your ninth house from January 8-31, sparking your wanderlust and your entrepreneurial nature. Vacation planning, or obsessively researching places you’d love to visit in 2013, could consume you this week. With financially savvy Capricorn in the picture, start a special vacation fund, and contribute a small amount to it each week. Before you know it, you’ll have saved enough for that summer culinary tour of Tuscany or Caribbean cruise. Even if you’re grounded at home base, seek inspiration from other cultures and parts of the world. Read Eastern philosophy, study shamanic traditions, take a Latin dance workshop: stretching your horizons opens your mind to fresh possibilities. Your creative ideas could become the seeds of self-employment. Experiment! Set up an Etsy store to peddle those crafty, DIY treasures you make, start an import-export business with a small selection of products, create an online course to teach people what you know. If you are a writer or mediamaker, this Venus phase could deliver the perfect inspiration for a book or documentary. Nothing ventured, nothing gained. Although your sign requires a modicum of financial security, you can kick things off as a side project and quit your day job (or not) once you’ve created a reliable revenue stream. Venus is the planet of amour, and the next three weeks could bring single Bulls into the arms of a lover from a different cultural background. Keep your ears peeled for spicy accents while you’re out and about! If you’re traveling from January 8-31, slip a sexy somethin-somethin in your suitcase. You might just get your groove back during your sweet escape. A getaway a deux could rev up romance for coupled Tauruses, whether you’re lounging at a resort or overnighting in a cabin in the woods. You’ll also enjoy playing sports together or getting into an athletic groove. Couples snowboarding lesson, anyone? All this adventurous energy is further amplified on Friday, thanks to a new moon in Capricorn and your ninth house. New moons are excellent launch dates although the results don’t manifest overnight. The seeds you plant on Friday will blossom for a summer harvest under the light of the Capricorn full moon on June 23. Give some added attention to those entrepreneurial ideas, publishing projects and vacation dreams this Friday. You might even make a vision board to keep the picture of your desired outcome fresh in your mind. Is your skill set lacking in comparison with your vision? This new moon will prompt some Bulls to sign up for training, workshops, seminars, online courses, even university programs. What you don’t know, you can always learn. You could find yourself at a crossroads in a relationship this week, afraid to speak your truth but suffering under the lack of honesty. Muster the courage to bring your authentic self to the table on Friday. Although you may lose an opportunity as a result, you’ll gain your freedom and sense of integrity, which is far more precious. Of course, speaking from the heart tends to create miraculous surprises. After the temporary turmoil clears, you could find yourself on ever more solid ground with the people you had the nerve to keep it real with.


Spring may be a long ways off, but Virgo, you’ve got the fever. Sensual Venus grooves into Capricorn and your fifth house from January 8-31, setting off sparks of romance, passion, and glamour in your world. While other people grumble about the cold and wrap into their Snuggies, you’ll keep on sparkling—socially and stylistically. The party is hardly over for you, Virgo; you’re just warming up! As far as you’re concerned, the lower temperatures just provide an opportunity to expand your collection of knee high boots and (faux) fur-collared coats. This Venus phase could awaken the desire to totally revamp your image or radically change your hairstyle (maybe it’s time to grow out those bangs after all). Be careful though: with chi-chi Capricorn in the mix, your whims could also get quite spendy. Working with a professional stylist, even for a single session, can help you narrow down options to cuts, fabrics, and colors that work best on you so you don’t waste another penny on clothes that look better on the hanger than they do on your bod. Romantically, you’re bringing the heat, and it’s your turn to take the lead in affairs of the heart. Venus in Capricorn will draw you to people of status, so keep your selection criteria a bit more exclusive. Power couple fantasies are dancing through your head, and your arm candy du jour has got to impress. It’s not that you need a Sugar Daddy/Momma…you just want someone who can hold his/her own with you. There could even be a notable age difference between you and your January crush. If you’re in a relationship, you’ll love dressing up and painting the sleepy winter scene as crimson as a tube of MAC Russian Red. Just be careful not to get SO hung up on appearances that you forget to see the real gold in people. No one needs to remind you that it’s what’s inside that truly counts (not that a well-groomed exterior isn’t a must for your fussy sign). And don’t get down on your sweetie for the occasional stylistic misstep. White socks with black shoes WERE made popular by Virgo Michael Jackson, after all. And even if you’d rather die than see this look revived by the love of your life, it’s a helluva lot easier to teach a person how to dress than to change his inner character. You’ll be craving the energy of the bright lights and the big city all week, but if the weather forecast only shows clouds, explore the possibility of a four-day getaway to a warm location before the month…or week…ends. Hook yourself up at home with a full-spectrum lamp to blast away the SAD-ness and start dosing on Vitamin D. On Friday, the 11th, a new moon in Capricorn amplifies Venus’ loving vibes. A sizzling new romantic interest could appear on the scene; or, you could enjoy the revival of amour (at last!) with the one you love. Talks could turn to engagement rings, even babies. This is a fertile new moon for you, Virgo, and a pregnancy may be in the cards; or, you could give birth to a creative brainchild. Your sunny optimism and dramatic flair will draw people to you like a moth to a flame. All that attention can get overwhelming for your modest sign, but don’t back away. This new moon is igniting an important six-month fame cycle, which is helping you to make a name for yourself. By June 23–the date of the corresponding full moon in Capricorn–you could see your name in lights or have an important new title printed on your business cards. Start working it, STAT!


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