Weekly Horoscopes



Keep on bringing your A Game this week, Aries. Until Friday the 18th, the sun is blazing through Capricorn and your tenth house of professional honors, where it’s been stationed in since December 21. This could be a huge week for your career if you’re willing to push ahead with full Aries ambition. Snap out of the lingering holiday daze and roll up your sleeves. Sign on for networking events and show up for those committee meetings. This week could find you hobnobbing with executives and elite people in your industry. And yes, you should wear something a little (okay a lot) more professional. Whatever the “uniform” is for your industry, polish yourself up and put it on. The media spotlight may swing in your direction, or, you could find yourself making a presentation to a prestigious group of people. (Hello strategic photo opp!) Recognition is coming your way, whether you’re being praised for your diligence by the boss or lauded by the public for your latest offerings. Rather than waiting to be discovered, start a buzz yourself. Let your competitive spirit out to play; you might even enter a competition and snag the gold. Offer to be the celebrity apprentice for someone you admire and can learn from; or, if you’ve been feeling overburdened by the growth of your career, start the hunt for your own second-in-command. Write up a job description and start interviewing candidates. An intern or part-time assistant can lift a huge weight off your shoulders, opening up time for you to concentrate on higher-paying tasks. Helpful men are a text message away, so reach out to the powerful guys in your circle. One of these fellas can make a fateful introduction or boost you up the ladder with his advice or endorsement. On a personal level, give your favorite guys some extra love this week. Instead of being all bossypants about plans, do something THEY want to do for a change. (Would it kill ya to go to a sports bar or brewpub, Aries? No…in fact, you might just feel right at home once you get there.) On Saturday the 19th, get ready for a popularity spike! The sun joins your ruling planet Mars in Aquarius for a month, lighting up your eleventh house of community. Mercury also heads into Aquarius for three weeks on that day, bringing an added surge of social butterfly energy. The weekend could be a whirlwind with party invitations, brunches, movies and ski trips. Make it a group thing instead of burning yourself out trying to meet everybody one-on-one. Do a little social experimentation and bring people together from disparate factions of your life. You might be surprised by how well the buttoned up engineer bonds with the go-go dancing free spirit. Who knew? Where you’re struggling in life, it’s time to drop the rugged individualism and adopt a team-spirited approach. Turn a solo project into a joint venture; get the band back together. Sign on for that 10-week bootcamp cardio class or nutritional counseling group and let other people motivate you and help you stay accountable to your goals. Got a website to build, software to learn, e-commerce site to set up, or an app to invent? Geek is chic while the sun is in Aquarius through February 18. Dive into tech mode and start developing! Your dot com dreams could spell money in the bank in the days ahead.



Here’s a white flag, Aquarius. Now would you please surrender already? You’ve been hanging on so tightly to an idea, belief or situation, yet nothing seems to be clicking into place. Perhaps the universe is trying to tell you something: it’s either not the right time or not the right fit. Let this one rest for a bit while the chips fall where they may. With the sun spending its final five days in Capricorn and your twelfth house of completions, this is the week to release your grip. Letting go doesn’t mean giving up–quite the contrary. When you stop clinging so tightly to a view of how things “should” be, you create space for new possibilities to flow in. Miracles arise in the unknown realm, after all, not the man-made universe. On Saturday the 19th, the sun blazes into Aquarius, officially kicking off your birth month. Don’t you want to start your new year of life with a fresh, clean slate? Dragging baggage from 2012 along for the journey is not advised. Forgiveness may be the missing ingredient in the healing equation. Who’s the person you’re blaming for your current state of unhappiness or unrest? Although you may be justifiably angry, dwelling in the rage is only bringing you down. This person failed to meet your expectations, yes. But perhaps the problem is that you wanted more than s/he could give in the first place. Take your Svengali down from the pedestal and try to accept his/her human foibles. No, this doesn’t necessarily mean you should write another chapter together now, but at least you can take some space with love. Then again, are YOU the person you need to forgive? You set the bar high, O’ Achieving One, and demand a lot of yourself. But newsflash: you ARE a mere mortal. Absolve yourself of guilt and shame and stop beating yourself up. Nothing good can come of dwelling in that emotional quagmire. A session with a healing practitioner, therapist, coach, or mentor can help you sort through the tangled feelings and cut yourself some slack. Reach out to your circle of support before Friday and let your friends be there for you, too. If you’re healing from a medical issue or lingering winter malaise, just chill this week and don’t keep pushing yourself and relapsing. Getting lots of R&R will see you back on your feet by the weekend. Now, back to Saturday, the bright and shining moment in the week! On this day, the sun AND Mercury both move into Aquarius, making you Lady Gaga expressive. The sun will hang in your sign till February 18; Mercury until February 5. Adding fuel to this incredible fire is go-getter Mars, which has been parked in Aquarius since New Year’s Eve. Pumped up with that much starpower, there’s no holding you back now. It’s time to unleash that offbeat, playful, can-do Aquarius spirit that draws people to you like a moth to a flame. You’re motivated to reinvent yourself, refreshing the Aquarius brand with a new look and feel. Don’t be surprised if the weekend finds you swiveling in the salon chair while your hair is streaked with varying shades of neon, or shopping for one-of-a-kind accessories at a funky consignment shop. All the world’s your stage beginning this weekend, so find a way to flaunt your talents. Head to an audition, sign up for an amateur night competition, shoot a video series of yourself doing what you do best. The world is captivated by watching you in action now! With all this renewal energy afoot, registering for a training, self-development workshop or educational retreat would be the best birthday present you can gift yourself this year. This might even be a career-related move, something that is bound to put money in the bank. In love, your independent spirit soars again. Have you been a little needy, clingy, or overly involved since the holidays? Ugh, Aquarius, Nagging Nelly is not the role you’re here to play. Reinstate your “live and let live” mantra and give the one you love some breathing room. You’ll be doing yourself the biggest favor of all, since YOU are the one who actually requires more freedom. Absence makes the heart grow fonder.



Continue developing those promising partnerships this week, Cancer, or casting for the role of “your other half.” The sun spends the final five days of its monthlong tour through Capricorn, energizing your seventh house of relationships. From creative collaborations to romantic relationships to joint business ventures, you could radar in on the perfect complement for your life. An attractive opposite could fit the bill, which might even surprise you. Don’t just gravitate towards the same old type. You’ve been in that movie before, Cancer, so why reprise the role when you already know how the story is going to end? Challenge yourself to give someone different a chance: nothing ventured, nothing gained. Coupled Crabs, devote more time to the one you’re with. You could have a breakthrough moment of understanding this week if you’re willing to hash out a conflict lovingly and peacefully. Do you need to restore more balance to your bond? You care…deeply, Cancer, but that mothering energy can sometimes be smothering energy…and wouldn’t you rather be a Hot Mama than Mommy Dearest to the one you adore? Pull back and stop trying to fix your honey’s every complaint. It’s not your job to make it better or even offer advice. As you well know, sometimes people just need to vent. Listen, nod, say a few compassionate words, then, trust that your sweetie or BFF can work it out on their own! (They really can.) If you have legal matters to sort out, or a contract that needs to be reviewed, go into legal beagle mode. Don’t represent yourself in these affairs unless you have a law degree (and even then…). Hire an attorney for a couple hours’ time to review the documents. It could pay off in spades later on. On Saturday the 19th, guess who’s bringing sexy back? (Um, we’re talking about you, Cancer.) The sun swoops into Aquarius and your erotic, exotic eighth house until February 18, bringing out the minx in you. Although you’re quite the charmer, you’re also craving intimacy and playing for keeps. One relationship in particular could get serious enough for a contract, as in “let’s put a ring on it,” or “let’s put some ink on it.” There’s definitely an all or nothing vibe here and you want to know if people are in or out. It may be necessary to deliver an ultimatum this weekend. Hey, life is too short to waste on people who aren’t serious about you! This monthlong Aquarius cycle could do wonders for your finances, bringing in big money opportunities through investments, royalties, or commission. Got property to sell? You could get a pretty penny for it before February 18, even if you DO have to drop your initial price a bit to get it off the market. This is a time for sharing resources, pooling funds, even getting investment dollars to build your dreams. If you have an invention or idea, look into posting a Kickstarter page. Your adoring friends and fans would happily donate a few bucks to see you realize your brilliant dreams.



Stay focused on your personal goals this week! The sun is wrapping up its annual monthlong tour through your sign. On Friday the 18th, it will exit Capricorn, so capitalize on those life-giving rays and be bold! The workweek is all about taking initiative. Push your projects into the public eye, make sure the VIPs and decision makers are aware of your latest ambitious moves, send out a pitch or press release. Your competitive nature is out to play and you’re in it to win it. It’s okay to brag a little; shameless self-promotion is fully sanctioned while the sun is in your sign. This is definitely a week for talking about BIG ideas. Remind yourself that it’s not selfish to be self-focused–as long as you’re not leaving others in the lurch. Reschedule weekday social plans ASAP so you can fully concentrate on hitting a benchmark by Friday. You will need to screen out distractions in order to work on your masterpiece, which might require you to work in solitude. Or, take a firm leadership role, delegating tasks instead of getting your hands dirty with busywork. This is a powerful week for self-expression. Get thee to the proverbial stage! Your audience will be spellbound, so if you have a presentation to make, it should be a slam-dunk. Who knows? You might get scouted while you’re out running errands, so dress to impress. If you’re bored with your wardrobe, give your style a radical makeover. You might just kick off a trend in the process. Dabble with different hair colors and bold makeup schemes. Weave some bright color in with the heather grey and undyed wool your sign so loves. The cheery hues can actually motivate you to be more active. On Saturday, the sun bids your sign adieu and moves on to Aquarius, your second house of planning and financial foundations, for a month. Mercury also heads into Aquarius until February 5, amplifying that energy. Although the manic pace of your life will slow a bit, you won’t mind. Over the weekend, you’ll finally have room to breathe and get your life back into a manageable flow. Pop on the project manager’s hat and get into efficiency mode. You’ve had many brilliant ideas while the sun was in Capricorn. Now’s the time to assess what will be required to really pull them off. Map out timelines and schedules; work up a budget and determine what people-power and resources will be required to pull off your grand ideas. Once you break the grand vision into smaller steps it will feel a lot more doable. Are you on the hunt for more gainful employment? Aquarius’ solar power can help you cinch a great position, or figure out what skills you need to gain in order to move on up the ladder. If you need to polish up your business materials, like a resume, personal website, cards, or slide presentation, enlist a graphic designer or download a sleek template and font set to give the Capricorn brand a sophisticated upgrade. Image counts in a big way, especially when you’re making a first impression. You’ve never been the excessive type, but you do like your luxury. With the sun in your second house until February 18, comparison-shop for a high-end item that you can use and appreciate every day. Those little treats keep you motivated to work as hard as you do. As an earth sign, fresh air and nature rejuvenate you, and the active Aquarius sun calls you to bundle up and play in the great outdoors. Try snowshoeing, get a ski pass, practice your figure-8s on the outdoor ice rink. Then, warm your bones by dabbling with healthy comfort food recipes. It’s time to nourish yourself, Capricorn, and you could have a blast this weekend experimenting with crockpot recipes or cooking up a batch of sweet potato bisque to share with a group of friends. Nutrition and natural health will be big themes between January 19 and February 18. You might even work with a nutritionist or ayurvedic health practitioner to develop recipes that energize your particular body type. Before you pop the OTC pills for every ache and pain, try herbal supplements or even using food as medicine. Changing your diet might be the very thing that brings you vibrant health this winter. Experiment!




How’s that magical mystery tour going, Gemini? The sun spends its final five days in Capricorn and your seductive, secretive eighth house before moving on to Aquarius on Saturday the 19th. Since the holidays, you’ve likely felt more introverted than usual, preferring intimate one-on-ones over any raucous gatherings. Losing yourself in books, meditations, and behind-the-scenes projects may have consumed a good deal of your time. Sure, your friends are about to send out a search party, but what can you say? Even the zodiac’s extrovert needs a breather from the social scene from time to time. Give yourself until the weekend to hide out in this low-key groove. It’s not that you’ll be a total shut-in, of course; in fact, you may be having plenty of fun bonding with your BFF or entertaining your amour du jour in your boudoir. You may have been surprised by the depth of your own feelings at times since December 21, so continue exploring them this week, giving your heart priority over your head. Your willingness to be vulnerable makes it safe for others to do the same. Drop your defenses and keep it real. Your so-called flaws are also your greatest charms. At work, you’ll need to exert your power and command this week, so don’t hide out in your office for the entire eight hours each day. Although you’ll require greater privacy to accomplish your big goal, it’s also important that people know that you are available to participate as part of the team. Plus, it looks like you’ve got a little competition. Don’t let a colleague steal your crown just because s/he is more actively involved in playing the political game. If you want to remain a contender, you’ve gotta shake hands and kiss babies too; it’s all a part of doing business. Capricorn’s solar power can also help you seal an important deal or secure funding for a project you’re pushing through. By Friday, you might have to strategically deliver an ultimatum to someone you work with (or someone you adore). You can’t keep pursuing a particular relationship without some kind of formal commitment—there’s just no security in that, Gemini. Will you move ahead or just move on? Try to get that resolved by the end of the workweek. On Saturday the 19th, your jovial, happy-go-lucky energy returns when the sun blazes into Aquarius until February 18. Warm up those social butterfly wings, and dust off your suitcase while you’re at it. As you re-enter the world of people, you might just decide to travel to see a friend living in a warmer climate. Traveling for work is another distinct possibility for Geminis in the coming four weeks. Is your passport up to date? You might find yourself flying overseas to check out the division in Mumbai or the London office. Or, just get outta Dodge for pleasure’s sake. Chillaxing in the tropics for six nights and seven days can revive your overworked brain. Back at home base, it’s time to get sporty. Aquarius’ solar power revs up your physical nature helping you stay true to those 2013 fitness resolutions. Although you may love your home fitness videos, you’ll also enjoy the social aspects of exercising at a gym or studio; you might even join a skiing club and hit the slopes with a dedicated crew. If you’re an entrepreneur, you’ll feel inspired to grow your business in the month ahead. Spend time this weekend watching webinars and training videos that can help you build your brand. You might even sign up for a real time class or networking group that can put you in touch with others on a similar path.



Mission: Efficiency is becoming mission critical, Leo, so spend this week whipping your life into shape! The sun spends the last five days of its monthlong tour in Capricorn and your streamlined sixth house. Harness that solar power to clean house and organize, clearing the clutter from your physical and mental space. With your lust for life, you like to sample, experiment and explore. But this often leaves you with a mountain of trial-sized bottles, swag and freebies you’ll never even use. And let’s not even talk about your Inbox. You’re not alone, Leo, so don’t beat yourself up. It’s just that you’ll have to make some tough decisions and ask yourself: should it stay or should it go? From birthday cards you’ve saved for over five years to messages you’ve been meaning to respond to for months, you need to create some systems. Productivity expert Elizabeth Bowman has some answers that can help. Her downloadable webinar like “Digital Clutter: Tips for Organizing Electronic Files,” or “Email Management 101: How To Have An Empty Inbox” might just change your life: http://innovativelyorganized.com/products. If your environment already looks like a spread from House Beautiful, attack the clutter that’s in your mind. Are you spinning out, obsessing, dwelling and overthinking things? It’s time to get your Zen back by creating a daily meditation practice that quiets your mind. Turn off the telly and put down the e-reader at least an hour before you go to sleep. Instead, pick up a book or magazine that’s printed on paper (much easier on the eyes and more restful for the brain) and plug in an essential oil mister. Get those twinkling, beeping, blinking gadgets out of your bedroom (that means stop using your iPhone as your alarm clock). All those light-emitting diodes can interfere with your ability to shut off your brain and stop thinking about the day. If you live in a studio apartment, devise a clever way to wall off your computer, using a bookshelf, Shoji screen or curtain as a divider. Make a master list of all those to-do items that are clogging up your mental channels. Scrawl down everything that’s keeping you up at night from sending a belated holiday gift to picking up dry cleaning to finishing that 2012 annual report. Then, examine each item: can you outsource or delegate these? Do! Which commitments are out of alignment with the new direction of your life? Drop those, STAT. You can’t be all things to all people, Leo, and the sooner you stop trying, the happier you shall be. On Saturday the 19th, the sun blazes into Aquarius for a month, lighting up your seventh house of partnerships! If you worried you’d be going at it alone at work and play, guess again. Mars has been hanging out in Aquarius since December 31, and on Saturday, Mercury also joins the Water Bearer party. That means you’ll have three powerful planets lighting up your house of dynamic duos this weekend (and all three will be there until February 5!) Call up the glam squad and get thee to a party. If you’re on the hunt for love, the odds of finding someone with long-term potential just skyrocketed. Already in a relationship? Breakthrough moments are ahead where you can finally strike a mutually-rewarding compromise and balance. It’s a wonderful time to co-create, so team up with your sweetie and plan a party or map out your shared goals for 2013. Business partnerships heat up, too. Why go at it alone when you can be four times as productive with a collaborator in the mix?



Blood is thicker than water this week, Libra, so don’t forget the ties that bind. It’s all too easy to take loved ones for granted, especially being the zodiac’s social butterfly. But you don’t want to leave a friend in the lurch as you flutter off to flirt or chat up every intriguing character in the room. While the sun remains in Capricorn and your domestic fourth house until this Friday, the 18th, the rule of thumb is family first! You might have to sacrifice your social fix in the name of showing your loyalty to your inner circle. These peeps have been there for you through thick and thin. Don’t make them question your allegiance. A home-based project could consume you during the workweek, forcing you to rush back from work to meet with contractors or continue the arduous task of de-hoarding your closets and putting fresh coats of paint on the walls. If you’re not feeling thrilled with your home or workspace, use this week to zhush. Pick a color palette (you might like a crisp white scheme with minimal pops of bright) and set up a clever organizational system. Sort clutter into groups and pack it away in pretty, labeled storage boxes (trip to The Container Store, anyone?). Peruse the design blogs like designsponge.com and shelterness.com and for organizing ideas. You might even get clever with recycled, salvage or repurposed materials. One girl’s junk is another’s treasure. On Saturday, the 19th, your glamour card is reinstated. Toss off those painter’s overalls and slip on your party clothes. The sun blazes into Aquarius and your festive, romantic fifth house until February 18, kicking off an early start to your 2013 Valentine’s Day. Take the lead in the game of love. Your flirty forwardness will be a total turn-on as long as you don’t get TOO aggressive (as if). Doll yourself up and pose for a few new photos and post them to a dating profile. Give friends your blessing to fix you up on dates. Don’t be so absorbed in your iPhone while you’re out and about. The cutie standing behind you in the latte line could become your Saturday night date. Make eye contact, smile, and pay attention. In a relationship? Revive the sexy, playful spirit with a dress-up date this weekend. Be each other’s arm candy and paint the town crimson as an enviable power couple. While you’re feeding each other Tiramisu in that revolving restaurant on the 52nd floor, talks could even turn to engagement, cohabitation, even babymaking! With both Mars and Mercury joining the Sun in Aquarius for the next few weeks, this is definitely a fertile time. Plan—or protect—accordingly. Spending time with the kids who are already in your life will light you up. Their youthful outlooks will remind you to be less jaded; perhaps you forgot how fun it was to cut loose! Libra performers, find your way to an audition. The limelight is beckoning until February 18 and your big break could finally come. Nothing ventured, nothing gained. You’ve had more than enough of these winter blahs, too. Appoint yourself social organizer and get the party restarted among your circle of friends. From movie nights at the IMAX theatre to weekend ski trips, there’s no reason why anyone has to shiver on the couch all sad and lonely till spring. In your case, odds are high that you’ll have someone to keep you warm.



Spirit fingers! You’re the motivating force in the group this week, the one who rallies everyone towards an exciting common goal. The sun is in the final stretch of its annual tour of Capricorn and your eleventh house of community. All for one and one for all, that’s your mantra until Friday the 18th. If morale is dipping on Team Pisces, find a way to shore everyone up. Create a diversion, rallying the troops into a fun activity where guards are dropped and laughter replaces stress. After that, give an inspiring pep talk, reminding everyone of the mission that drew you together in the first place. You CAN turn the tide here, Pisces, perhaps even finishing the week with shared victory. If you’re working on a web-based initiative, like building an e-commerce site, developing an app, setting up an eBay or Etsy store, or otherwise marketing yourself through the ol’ world wide web, give your efforts a big push during the workweek. You could make major strides towards your dot com dreams, which might just spell money in the bank. Where motivation is flagging, adopt a community-spirited approach. Call on the smart, supportive people in your world to snap you into action and hold you accountable. There’s no need to go it alone, Pisces; that’s simply doing life the hard way. On Saturday the 19th, relax, relate and release. The sun downshifts into Aquarius and your dreamy twelfth house until February 18. This is the final solar phase of your annual zodiac cycle, a time best used to release the old so you can make way for the new when the sun enters Pisces a month from now. Life has an ethereal quality and you may prefer to dwell in fantasy this weekend rather than live in reality. You’re definitely wearing the rose-colored glasses now, but be careful not to get taken for a ride in the game of love. Denial ain’t just a river in Egypt, Pisces, so if you see a red flag, investigate and deal with the truth. This doesn’t have to be a dealbreaker, but you owe it to yourself to find out. Mental Mercury also decamps to Aquarius from Saturday till February 5 fueling your creativity and powers of imagination. This weekend, lose yourself in an art project, compose a piece of music, write poetry like your name was Elizabeth Barrett Browning. You might just invent a new genre before your birthday arrives! But do take time to decompress, Pisces. It’s now time to hand the bullhorn and pompoms to another cheerleader and give the social organizer role a rest. Lighten commitments and create more solo time in your schedule to lounge, dream, and chill in a tub of Epsom salt and lavender-neroli scented bubbles. Your psychic gifts are supersized while the sun visits your twelfth house, but here’s some advance warning: while it’s flattering to be everyone’s go-to oracle and therapist, set your limits…or set your rates! If people require help that goes too far above and beyond the call of duty, make sure you’re being compensated for your time in some way. Letting go of a toxic vice or relationship is another theme that will be prevalent until February 18. You don’t let go easily, but it’s time to cut any messy cords that are keeping you bound to trouble. You might circle the next month for mourning, healing and recovering your emotional balance. It’s a process indeed, so give yourself all the space in the world to feel, then, deal.



Make love, not war Scorpio. The sun lingers in Capricorn and your third house of dynamic duos until Friday, the 18th. Look around: those colleagues you grumble about, the neighbors you breeze right past, the other regulars at your go-to haunts…there’s a kindred spirit among the ranks, someone you really should be talking to. Forget what your mama told you. Make an added effort to spark up conversations with strangers this week. Take the initiative in friendships, too. A casual acquaintance or coworker may have BFF, business partner or creative collaborator potential. Extend an invitation for lunch and see where the conversation leads you. A lively dialogue could get you lit up about life again. Don’t forget: teaming up with positive people expands the possibilities that are available to you. The tempo of your life is definitely accelerated until Friday. You may have to commute or travel to accomplish your week’s agenda. Make the ride as beneficial as possible. Download a motivating audiobook to inspire new thought. Check out Scorpio Gabrielle Bernstein’s “May Cause Miracles,” or, if you’re the entrepreneurial type, Seth Godin’s “Tribes.” On Saturday the 19th, the sun downshifts into Aquarius and your cozy, domestic fourth house for a month. On that same day, communication planet Mercury also heads into Aquarius through February 5. You need a break from all that running around! Prune the excess from your schedule so you can spend more time in the comforting enclave of Chateau Scorpio. Not that you’ll be lolling on the couch the whole time you’re there. The Aquarius sun is energizing and productive. Set up that home office, download workout videos and break a sweat in your living room, or jump on the rebounder and get your heartrate up while you’re watching Season 3 of Downton Abbey. If your lifestyle keeps you on the move, you’ll need to figure out how to bring home on the road. Pack a mini scented votive and fleece slippers into your carry-on bag; you might even bring a mobile display to set up on the hotel dresser, like a couple framed photos of loved ones. Are you in the market for a move? Spend the weekend poring over listings and getting in touch with realtors. If you’ve had a For Sale sign on your lawn for a while, Aquarius’ solar power could manifest a buyer by February 18. Get the place staged or consider lowering the price just a little to generate interest and get things flowing. Love where you live? Give your space a little nip/tuck. Refreshing a few paint colors, curtains or the artwork on the walls can breathe new life into the space. Aquarius’ social vibes could make your home a thriving hub of social activity. Get a dinner party on the books before February 18 and show off your culinary flair. Invite an old friend or dear relative to couchsurf at your place. Being surrounded by your nearest and dearest will warm your heart from Saturday on.



Choose quality over quantity this week, Sagittarius. With lusty Jupiter as your ruler, you’re always hungry for “more, more, more.” But with the sun in conservative Capricorn until Friday, the 18th, restricting your bountiful appetite can be a good thing. We’re not telling you to deprive yourself, Archer, but rather to be more selective. It’s better to spend on a luxury item that will stand the test of time than to bring an armful of clearance item cheapies home with you. The same holds true for the food that you eat. Cook a smaller batch with high-quality ingredients and take time to chew and appreciate each bite instead of inhaling whatever’s on your plate. Fire up the slow cooker and try new stew or cassoulet or pick up Kris Carr’s “Crazy, Sexy Kitchen” for recipes that are clean, green and delicious. At work this week, use your voice! Stick up for a project you believe in, vocalize your opinion, let people know where you stand. Don’t allow your inner people-pleaser to take the helm. It’s better to be respected than liked at the moment, and your keen insight can save people from making a costly misstep. Continue to map out your 2013 budget, trimming the fat wherever you can. But don’t just focus despairingly on the expense column. What can you do to boost your income? This would be a good week to journal on your limiting beliefs about money. What negative thoughts come up when you think about creating abundance? These very notions, such as “I’ll never be wealthy” or “If I have more, others will suffer” can barricade you from earning. Write a list of all those negative thoughts. You might even burn it in a little ritual and replace with a money mantra like, “Abundance is the universe’s plan for me,” or “When I thrive, everyone thrives.” Check out Marianne Williamson’s The Law Of Divine Compensation for a soulful and inspired outlook on money. If you’re doing well financially, how can you give back? Treat a struggling friend to a massage or self-development workshop, share tips from your own success story on your blog, find a charity that appeals to you and donate a portion of your income to the cause. This keeps the good karma flowing, Sagittarius, signaling your gratitude to the universe and opening you up to receive more. On Saturday, it’s time to flutter forth from your cocoon and be the social butterfly again. On that day, the sun swings into Aquarius and your garrulous third house through February 18 and Mercury also joins up with Aquarius until February 5. Network, network, network! Partnership opportunities that have been popping up all month could become more official. Do you have an idea for a class or workshop (either online or in real time)? Give it a test run on a few friends: this could spell money in the bank! Fire up the e-reader: you may need to brush up on pop culture and news in order to stay relevant and get the wheels of inspiration a-turning. The good news is, you’ll absorb information at lightning speed while Aquarius’ solar power sharpens your mental acuity. To say you have the gift of gab would be putting it mildly now. With your witty one-liners and helpful advice, people love hearing what you have to say. Record a podcast or video blog, get to work on that self-improvement book that’s been whirling in the back of your mind, shop yourself around as a motivational speaker. Your willingness to dabble and experiment will open new doors. Instead of planning the rest of your life out, how about just trying something once and seeing if you like it? On the physical fitness front, you’ll be motivated by people energy while the sun beams through Aquarius until February 18. A local gym or studio could become your new community center, creating an opportunity to bond with neighbors while you hit the boxing bag or tighten your core in Mat Pilates. Pinpoint a friend to be your fitness buddy and keep each other motivated and accountable to exercising…and having fun doing it!



The sky is the limit, Taurus: remind yourself of that this week as you fight the urge to force a blossoming idea into a rigid structure. Your natural inclination is to whip everything into a plan, but this can short-circuit the creative process. It’s not time to play project manager yet, Bull. That’s because the sun is spending its final five days in Capricorn, wrapping up a monthlong tour through your ninth house of travel, philosophy, and entrepreneurial ventures. Use the days until Saturday, January 19 to explore, research, experiment, and take risks in the name of growth. Wander outside your comfort zone and see what people in other parts of the world are doing. You might glean a genius idea from an Eastern technique or find megadoses of inspiration from raw, street style creativity. Multicultural mingling can open your mind to a whole new world of possibilities too. Branch out and make a point of meeting people whose backgrounds and lifestyles are radically different from your own. Take a gamble and cold call someone you’d like to do business with. Your willingness to take a dare could be the rainbow leading straight to the pot of gold. You might even feel like playing hooky from work one day this week and frankly, the planets endorse it. Take a Wednesday off to go snowboarding or to hang out with a friend who’s in town for business. A change of scenery gives your brain room to breathe and you’ll actually be far more productive after you’re had some playtime. On Saturday the 19th, the sun heads into Aquarius and your career sector, joining go-getter Mars and mental Mercury there. Now is the time to kick your ambitions back into high gear. With the sun in Aquarius until February 18, the next month will be quite active for you professionally. Streamline your brilliant ideas into a business plan; have an invention officially trademarked. Some Tauruses might decide to rejoin the corporate sector after a long hiatus. If you’re feeling the 9-5 vibes, spend the weekend polishing up your resume and shopping for an interview outfit. Let your social network know that you’re on the hunt. Friends or former colleagues might just hook you up. For other Bulls, the radical Aquarian energy will prompt you to build your own business. Focus on the bottom line: what is the profit margin for the idea you want to launch? How much of a market share can you capture, and how big would your prospective audience be? Let’s face it: while you may be content to live a modest life, you DO like your financial security…and a few luxe treasures here and there. Put your time towards a business model that can actually put money in the bank. And if your first idea turns out to be a no-go, keep on brainstorming! You could hit on your “Eureka!” idea before February is through. The men in your world will play a more prominent role between January 19 and February 18. Give your favorite fellas more of your quality time. One of these guys could be your future business partner, husband, or the person who hands you your golden ticket. Let’s hear it for the boys!



“Romance is the glamour which turns the dust of everyday life into a golden haze,” wrote novelist Amanda Cross. With the sun beaming through Capricorn and your ardent fifth house until Friday the 18th, make it your mission to bring more of Cupid’s sparkle into your world. Doll yourself up, flirt like a Kardashian sister, enjoy a few playdates with lovers and/or friends. A partner is not required to create the spirit of amour. Whether single or spoken for, make sure you’re romancing yourself this week. Play your favorite music while you dress in the morning, surround yourself with beauty (a vase of lush roses on your desk and nightstand do wonders), treat yourself to lunch at your favorite bistro and slip off on your breaks for a mani-pedi, massage, to try on lipstick colors or buy a sweet accessory. When you look good you feel good…or at least a whole lot better. You’re not one to run out of the house looking like a scrub, but dial up the glam a few notches from Monday through Friday. It will boost your mood, which in turn makes you more radiant. If you’re single, send out the search parties. Let friends fix you up, post a profile to a dating site you haven’t tried before, swallow your pride and go to a singles’ event. At the very least, plant yourself among some eligible options. You’re not going to meet your dream date sitting around at home watching “Mob Wives” marathons! Coupled Virgos, take the lead in love. Where do YOU want the relationship to go? You may have babies on the brain and with Capricorn’s solar power in the house, a pregnancy could be in the stars before the week is through. Discussing the future possibility of kids, or figuring out how to better parent the ones you have could be hot topics too. But do try to approach any conversations about “our future” with a playful, creative energy. You’re a worrier, Virgo, and you could inadvertently pressure your sweetie (or totally turn him/her off!) by addressing the issue from a place of fear and anxiety. Shouting, “I need to know WHEN you’re going to propose!” seldom inspires one to put a ring on it. Relax, breathe and try the, “Wouldn’t it be amazing to have breakfast in bed together every day?” approach. Paint a delicious picture of the future and above all, BE the person your sweetie would want to spend a happily ever after with. If you haven’t scored your shot at fame or received due recognition for your work this month, take matters into your own hands. Be your own publicist (or hire one) and get the word out. Tweet, throw a launch party, send out an email announcement, and speak up at the afternoon meeting. It’s okay to brag a little, Virgo—people are interested in hearing about your latest and greatest ideas. Focus on what’s in it for them and you won’t come across as an ego-tripper. If you’re a performer of any variety, get thee to a stage. That midweek amateur night or Tuesday audition could bring your big break. On Saturday the 19th, it’s time to trade your Christian Louboutins for cross-trainers. The sun blazes into Aquarius and your sixth house of healthy living until February 18, blowing the whistle on your bad habits. Have you been slipping on self-care, being more of a hedonist than a health nut? Twas the season, but now it ‘tis not. Bring some order to your court. Sign up for that gym or yoga studio or rev up slowly by going for 30 minute walks each day. Download an app to track fitness and food intake. You’ll actually feel back in the flow by adopting this more disciplined groove. Spend the weekend getting your schedule in order, syncing gadgets and making sure every appointment is plugged in. The pace picks up in your work life while the sun is in Aquarius. Go-getter Mars has also been touring Aquarius since December 31, doubling the power of these solar flares. Talk about taking the bull by the horns! Come Monday of next week, you’ll be off to the races, setting up power lunches, cold-calling leads, and making an impressive name for yourself in the office. If you’re ready to take on a new position or get down to work on a stalled project, you’ll have plenty of fuel in your tank, and might even put in a few hours this weekend to get the ball rolling.

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