Weekly Horoscopes



With the moon and expansive Jupiter linking up in Gemini this Monday the 21st, you’re set to expand your social horizons. Through Wednesday, network like your life depended on it. Say yes to invitations from new friends and intriguing acquaintances, show up at industry gatherings and office happy hours. Your dabbling could lead to a fateful friendship with someone who can introduce you to an exciting new world. You may step into a bigger role or responsibility at work or in your local community this week, perhaps one that involves organizing people socially. There’s no getting around it, Aries: people see you as a leader. If you’ve been hiding your light under a bushel, step out and shine. You could expand your reach and start a huge buzz using social media in the early part of the week. Make every one of those 140 characters count! This moon-Jupiter meetup can activate partnerships, generally of the platonic variety. A kindred spirit could show up, and your united efforts could bring a huge boost to both of you. Global Jupiter’s influence might even connect you to a long-distance ally. Who says you can’t collaborate successfully over Skype? On Thursday, the Cancer moon faces off with Pluto in Capricorn stirring up trouble with someone of the opposite sex. You could be locked in a major power struggle especially if you try to pull rank or use tears to manipulate. The only way to resolve this is by being cool and compassionate. Really take time to listen and respect what the other person has to say, even if you wholly disagree. Keep that hotheaded streak under your hat. Although you may feel passionately about the issue you’re discussing, if you bring too much heat you could totally burn this bridge. You may feel pulled between the demands of work and the needs of your inner circle. Rebalance before the workweek is through. Don’t abandon your peeps for that demanding project. Instead, clue them in and let them be of support to you. Maybe they can help you stuff envelopes, pick up supplies, or just have a hot meal waiting for you after that backbreaking day at the office. On Saturday the 26th, get ready for your close up! The full moon in Leo shines a spotlight on your efforts of the past six months. If you’ve been working hard to create and build, your shot at fame may arrive this weekend, making you a local celebrity or even a national one. You may feel inspired to publicize your efforts of late, so use the two weeks following this full moon to send out press releases or make your pitch. If you’re a performer, this two-week phase could see you snagging a lead role, booking an exciting gig, or making a killer presentation (cha-ching!). Romantically, this full moon could be a huge bright spot on your 2013 calendar. One caveat: la luna will be forming a challenging square to Saturn, insisting that you take these dalliances seriously. Love or lust: that is the question? You may have trouble distinguishing the two, confusing the romantic high with the real deal. If you’re torn between two lovers, this full moon will help you make the wise choice, opting for the one who can go the distance (with a proven track record to boot) even if s/he is slightly less exciting in comparison to Option 2. The fertile fifth house is where this new moon lands and might even portend a pregnancy! Do we hear bells? This could be the day a velvet box is proffered on bended knee, especially if your love has been growing steadily over the past six months. If you’ve been off the market for a while, glam it up and get out and mingle. The two weeks following Saturday are prime time for flirting, dating, and maybe even meeting The One.



Keep the glam squad on speed dial early this week. On Monday the 21st, the moon and Jupiter meet up in your chic and theatrical fifth house, giving you the incentive to play with your style. Are you overdue for a hair appointment, feeling blah about your wardrobe? This simple maxim holds true: when you look good, you feel good. Give yourself the green light to do a little shopping or head to the salon. You might streak a funky color in your hair or add some neon brights to your wardrobe. Bring back that edgy creativity you’re known for. Standing out in the crowd has always worked to your benefit. Who knows? You might even get discovered for a media appearance or more publicly prominent role. The moon and Jupiter will both travel through your fame zone until Wednesday (Jupiter is stationed there till June 25). If you’re a performer or public figure, you’ll feel motivated to get your name on a playbill or marquis. You might shoot a demo reel or video blog, or get yourself to an audition early this week. Nothing ventured, nothing gained. Romantically, this moon-Jupiter combo ups the ante on passion. Big, bold and sweeping gestures are what you’re in the market for. Take the lead in affairs of the heart. Who cares if it’s a school night? Dress up and hit the town early with your sweetie or crush du jour in the week. Jupiter’s global influence could even bring a cross-cultural connection or a long-distance love affair that holds plenty of promise. If you’ve been holding yourself back in any way, look out world! It’s full frontal Aquarius time this week, quite a sight to behold. Just make sure these antics are truly your self-expression, not just an attempt at shocking people. The world will warm up quickly to the authentic you, not the caricature of who you think you should be. On Thursday and Friday, healthy living is the name of the game. Don’t fall off the wagon with your resolutions just because it’s birthday time for you. On Thursday in particular, you’ll feel tempted by one of your old vices. You already know how this destructive story ends. Don’t even open that door, Aquarius. Willpower is a must! Also, steer clear of taking on any extra assignments or responsibilities towards the end of the week. Someone could guilt trip you into offering up your time, but this will lead to exhaustion and resentment. Refuse to play the martyr role: there are other alternatives to solve this issue that burning yourself out. On Saturday, the full moon in Leo lights up your relationship house bringing a seal-the-deal energy to the weekend. A partnership–for romance or finance–could become “officially official” over the coming two weeks. Or, if you’ve been verging on a breakup, this full moon can give you the courage to walk for good. While it’s never easy to say goodbye, if you’re clear there’s no more further you’d like to go, do everyone a favor and lovingly say your goodbyes. At the very least, you might need to take an extended time out. This full moon is forming a challenging square to Saturn in Scorpio and your tenth house of career. Business legalities must be attended to. Is there a contract you need to sign, Aquarius, or a key decision maker who you need to win over? Don’t put this off! The two weeks following a full moon are the time of harvest…and one of your ambitions is ripe for the picking if you’re willing to play the game.



The week kicks off to a fantasy-fueled start. With the moon joining Jupiter in your twelfth house from Monday the 21st to Wednesday the 23rd, life is but a dream. Wear the rose-colored glasses with pride and look for the best in people. These three days are best served focusing on creative pursuits and fostering heartfelt emotional connections. Romance could take on a fairy tale quality for some Cancers. Who cares if it’s a weekday? You can still surprise your sweetie with a memorable night before, er, humpday. Make a dinner reservation, pick up two tickets to a show, and plan some behind-closed-doors entertainment for the afterparty. The twelfth house rules sacrifices, and as a Cancer, you find it romantic to make them in the name of love. Early in the week, an opportunity to prove your affections in this way will arise. But be certain that you aren’t giving up TOO much for your sweetie, friend, or relative. Resentment will ensue if you forgo too much; plus, you could wind up pressuring people by leaving them eternally indebted to you. Are you caught in a bad romance? Jupiter’s get-up-and-go energy could prompt you to say goodbye for good. You’ll make a dramatic exit, Cancer, but don’t get carried away. The point of this exercise is to shut the door, not prompt a player to chase after you, thus spawning another exhaustive chapter in the soap opera. Healthwise, this moon-Jupiter union finds you longing to reboot your system. You might do a three-day raw juicing or try a food-based cleanse like Dr. Frank Lipman’s “Be Well.” On Thursday and Friday, the moon will be in Cancer, turning you into Action Jackson once again. It’s results you’re after now, and you’ll do your best work by flying solo. Your patience for overly complex dramas and messy entanglements could snap. Hello mood swing! Although you’re on a mission, don’t mow people down who get in your way. Remember, you trained people to have certain expectations of you. If you suddenly go from Mother Teresa to Mommy Dearest on them, they might just toss you in the “psycho” category. And you’re so NOT that! But your moods CAN be extreme later this week. Rewind and be kind. Patience is a virtue you’ll need to remind yourself of this on Thursday and Friday. On Saturday, shake that moneymaker! The full moon in Leo lights up your second house of income bringing a groundswell of good fortune to your financial life. In the two weeks that follow this full moon you could snag a new job or promotion, or get major props for the work you’ve done over the past six months. If you’ve been squirrelling away your savings, you have la luna’s permission to indulge in a luxe purchase. How about a spa weekend, Cancer? Leo’s decadent beams help you to relax, relate and release in elegant style. One caveat: This full moon will form a hard angle to Saturn in Scorpio and your fifth house of fame and leadership. Humble thyself, Cancer. Modesty and temperance are key ingredients in the recipe of your success. You can’t let anything go to your head this weekend or you could fall out of favor with your fans or amour. Celebrate your victory inclusively, thanking everyone who helped you along the way and being generous with your hard-won prizes. In love, this full moon reminds you to appreciate the little things. Those occasional over-the-top gestures pale in comparison to the steady flow of support you receive over the years. An attitude of gratitude will keep your devoted entourage locked and loaded.



Be bold at work early in the week! On Monday the 21st, the moon joins lucky Jupiter in your sixth house for three days, bringing lots of buzz and activity to your career. Although you’re ambitious, you tend to play it safe when it comes to money matters. But Jupiter the gambler nudges you to take a chance early this week. Pitch an idea at the 10AM meeting, invite an exec to lunch to talk about your growth within the company. Flip through your calendar: was there a promising lead from late 2012 that you forgot to follow up with? You could get a stalled project or collaboration off the ground (finally!), simply because you stopped being “polite” and picked up the phone. Expect to feel revved up about fitness early this week, too. Shake up the status quo and experiment. If you’ve been a die-hard at Crossfit, try a yoga class to stretch those bunched-up muscles; if powerwalking’s been your thing, get your Channing Tatum on with an upbeat cardio dance class. You’ll work different muscle groups and give your body a reboot of sorts. Do you have the right tools of the trade? You might invest in home equipment like 5-pound handweights, a jumprope, or proper running shoes. What you eat is just as important, so add to that list a high-speed blender for your protein shakes or a raw juicer for a morning fix of kale-apple-ginger shots. On Thursday and Friday, the Cancer moon lights up your seventh house of relationships, putting partnerships in the spotlight. From fitness buddies to long-term lovers to creative collaborators, you’ll find great success in pairing up with another go-getter as the workweek draws to a close. But keep your wits about you on Thursday! The moon will face off with Pluto in Capricorn, making it easy to get steamrolled by an Alpha type. Wait…wha? That’s the role YOU usually play, Capricorn, so it might just derail you to realize that you’ve been overpowered. Rather than getting caught up in a fight for dominance, negotiate a compromise that’s a win-win…or bow out quickly and find someone who wants to operate from a level playing field. On Saturday, the sidewalk melts when you step on it thanks to an erotic full moon in Leo. Ooh la la, Capricorn! You’re impossible to resist and even harder to handle. Someone who likes a challenge will be all over you, and truthfully, you’ll enjoy the cat and mouse games. Just don’t let them wage on for TOO long. This full moon can pave the way for an incredibly intimate connection that stands the test of time. Some Caps will circle Saturday as a memorable anniversary, as la luna might just leave you with a ring on THAT finger or a contract signed in ink. Financially, the Leo full moon could bring a big payoff from an investment, sale of property, royalties or commission. Some Caps might even receive an inheritance or settlement check. Over the coming two weeks, you’ll be fired up about giving an area of your life an extreme makeover, too. Adopt an all-or-nothing approach if you want to effect a real change. You’ll need to cut out some vices all the way in order to see the stellar results you crave.



Lift that gag order and express yourself. With the moon and big-talking Jupiter in Gemini from Monday the 21st till Wednesday the 23rd, the first half of this week is all about making bold assertions. Be the attention-grabbing headline, everyone’s been waiting for. These are three stellar days for taking risks and making a splash in the public eye. Don’t hold back at the ten o’clock meeting or while you’re out on a dinner date. Bring some theatrical flair and keep people entertained…even if they DO think you’re a wee bit out there. Better to be a starpowered eccentric than to be dubbed boring or to feel like an insignificant fly on the wall. Jupiter double-doses you with truth serum, and honesty is definitely your best policy in the first part of the week. But make sure you temper your truth with tact, too. You can still get your point across (and be witty) without throwing anyone under the bus. One of your entrepreneurial ideas can really take flight. Invite a few sharp friends over to be your test pilots. Let them give you honest feedback, which you can then incorporate into your plan. If you’ve been waiting for the right moment to launch a fitness initiative, now’s the time. Branch out! Just because hip-hop dance was your obsession in 2012, doesn’t mean you should keep autopiloting to the same studio. Mix in a yoga class, Tracy Anderson Method, or cycling; this week is about experimenting. On Thursday, brace yourself for a financial clash. Someone could hand you a bill that’s way higher than your initial agreement entailed, and you’ll have to stand up for yourself. You could find yourself at odds with your sweetie over a financial matter or get stuck picking up the tab for a friend with lighter pockets. Although you don’t mind helping out, it’s not your job to subsidize other adults. Instead of seething with resentment, draft up an IOU and let this person pay you back (with interest if you choose). Watch your jealousy on Thursday and Friday too! Possession may be nine tenths of the law, but it doesn’t apply to human relations. If you find yourself getting a wee bit too attached to someone, take a little space. Absence not only makes the heart grow fonder, it also helps you keep your head on straight. On Saturday the 26th, it’s dynamic duo time again, thanks to the full moon in Leo and your house of twosomes. A connection that’s been budding over the past six months could become an official collaboration or joint venture. You could also meet someone with true BFF potential this weekend. At last: the kindred spirit you’ve been waiting for to accompany you through your whirlwind social itinerary! This full moon may bring one partnership to its peak potential, illuminating your need to move on. Don’t hang on past the expiration date, Gemini. If you’ve come to a fork in the road, part ways for a while. Your paths may cross again, but for now, you need to explore separate journeys. If you’re a writer or mediamaker, this full moon could bring accolades and attention to your work. You might be inspired to start a blog or get rolling on your memoir at long last. Let your story be heard!



Call in the new recruits! On Monday the 21st, the moon links up with Jupiter for three days in your house of group activities. You’re ready to cast a new member (or three) for the Leo dream team. There’s definitely strength in numbers now, and having other people working alongside you towards your mission will expand your reach. This could play out in many ways: maybe you’ll start a band and finally record that album you’ve had in your head for years, maybe you’ll start training for a marathon with your three best friends, maybe you’ll kick a network marketing business into high gear or find a grantwriter to help you raise funds for a nonprofit you want to start. Whatever path you choose, don’t do it alone. The first three days of the week are the perfect time to find your tribe and let the collaborations commence. If your current support system is thinner than Anne Hathaway in Les Mis, get out and mingle. Wander outside your comfort zone, socializing with people from different walks of life. Let your mind be opened to new philosophies; you might even sign up for a self-development workshop before Wednesday is through. If you’re a blogger or run an online business, the first three days of the week could bring a spike in pageviews and an opening to a new customer base. Cha-ching! On Thursday and Friday, it’s time to let go so that you can grow. With the Cancer moon lighting up your twelfth house of completions, you may come to the natural conclusion that it’s time to say goodbye to a situation you’ve outgrown. Naturally, you’ll feel considerable sadness as you close the door…and close it all the way. You can’t keep one foot in the old world and expect to properly heal and move on. For the time being, you might have to shut off contact with a person from your past while your heart recovers from a disappointment. On the flip side, don’t let your fears prevent you from opening your heart to a promising new person in your life. Although surface appearances might not spell “your perfect match,” there may be more brewing below the wrinkled T-shirt and worn out jeans than you realize. Explore. A one-on-one hangout towards the end of the workweek can be revealing. Beware a guilt trip on Thursday! A cunning person could play you like a violin, plucking every one of your heartstrings for his own gain. If you find yourself making too many sacrifices or feel that someone is asking something unreasonable of you, trust your gut and turn down the request for your support. At the end of the day, it’s your job to set boundaries, Leo. Remember that “No.” is a complete sentence; you don’t have to justify your reason for not wanting to go there. Saturday is the high point of your week! The annual full moon in Leo makes this your official day to shine. One of your passion projects could hit a high note, catapulting you into the public eye. Or, you could finally download inspiration from the universe to get a solo endeavor underway. You’ll have lots of fuel in your tanks for this in the two weeks following the full moon, so cancel any plans that interfere with your ability to develop your genius idea. Don’t waste the weekend puttering around the house. You need an adventure, one with plenty of opportunities to show off, flirt, and take in fresh scenery. How about a spontaneous visit to your supersocial friend who lives a couple hours away (by plane or car)? A weekend fling with a cutie in her crew could be just the thing you need to get your groove back. If you’re in a relationship, this full moon might bring a surge of independent energy. Don’t throw your boo (or your BFF) out with the bathwater though. Negotiate more freedom and “me time” and your connection might actually improve. Absence does make the heart grow fonder, after all.



Ready, set, expand! On Monday the 21st, the moon and globetrotting Jupiter align in your ninth house of travel, recalibrating your GPS. Widen that search radius, Libra. The opportunity you seek may be a few miles further from home than expected. Take the initiative to contact someone in a different territory. It might just lead to a lucky travel opportunity or a collaboration across the miles (thanks, Digital Age). The moon and Jupiter will travel together in this part of your chart through Wednesday, energizing cross-cultural relationships close to home, too. Mingle multiculturally, cross the proverbial tracks. You’ll enjoy seeing how “the other half” lives, and might even get adopted as an honorable member of the tribe. Even if you aren’t ready to use your 2013 vacation days yet, get travel plans in motion early this week. Where will your next passport stamp come from, Libra? Start reading the travel blogs and TripAdvisor.com reviews. Survey friends for their favorite global destinations. You might just inspire a few travel companions to join you this journey, even if you don’t actually take off until the summer. Having a world-expanding experience to look forward to will certainly make it easier to get through the winter. On Thursday, keep your cool as the moon and Pluto face off. A troublesome woman could interfere with your ambitions, threatening to throw your big plans off kilter. Let this be a wakeup call to take command and be a lot more hands on at work. Although you don’t have to be a micromanager, it’s important that you oversee every aspect of a project now if you want it completed to your exacting standards. You could end the workweek on a high note if you stay on top of the details and don’t let emotional dramas derail you. Although you can’t control how others will act, you CAN control your reactions. Don’t let the crazymakers take you from simmer to boil in 0.2 seconds. Just because they are upset doesn’t mean you have to race to make it all better or waste precious hours composing a response to their emails. Keeping a cool head and addressing things logically will help you sail to success on Thursday and Friday. Prioritize too. It might be best to leave these conflicts on the back burner and focus on taking your mission to the finish line. On Saturday the 26th, chill the Veuve Clicquot and get ready to pop the cork! The full moon in Leo could bring a team effort to an important milestone mark, one that’s worthy of celebration. Clink glasses, then, go into brainstorming mode. Collective genius could strike over the coming two weeks. If you’ve been working primarily as a solo act, this full moon could inspire you to turn things into a joint venture. Use the two weeks following Saturday to assemble your dream team, or send out the search parties for this very purpose. There’s one caveat: this full moon forms a challenging square to Saturn in Scorpio and your second house of finances. Money or clashing values could become bitter issues of dispute in a group and you might decide that it’s time to break up the band. Try to do so with love, Libra. Although it pains you to separate, you have better things to do with your time than force a square peg into a round hole. Better you should disperse and pursue your individual interests than to ruin the camaraderie by trying to force a compromise that will satisfy no one.



How well do you know the people in your everyday world, Pisces? On Monday the 21st, the moon joins Jupiter in your personal sphere for three days paving the way for intimate conversations. Although you may pass relatives and roomies on a daily basis, you’re feeling out of touch with them. Schedule one-on-one time with a few select members of your inner circle this week so you can bond and find new ways to support each other. Get away from distractions and really focus on the pure, unadulterated conversation. You might even slip off to a cozy little bistro for dinner, shutting off your digital devices so your dialogue isn’t perpetually interrupted by beeps and blings. Jupiter’s honest-to-a fault influence will give you the courage to address an unworkable issue with family or the people who live under your roof. You hate to rock the boat, but this is eating away at you. Get it off your chest, Pisces. It can help to mock the conversation with a levelheaded third party before you address it head on. But make sure you discuss by Wednesday, while the moon-Jupiter union makes you both forthright and diplomatic. Talks could turn to family expansion, cohabitation, how best to raise the kids, or simply improving the dynamics of your everyday interactions. Come from a place of compassion and allow people to be innocent until proven guilty rather than the other way around. Your relationship with food comes under the microscope early this week too. Are you eating because you’re hungry or because you’re trying to escape from drudgery? While food can indeed be comforting, make sure you aren’t stuffing down any emotions that need to be expressed. Start collecting recipes that are both healthy AND nourishing. Simultaneously, strip away the stressful influences from your life or find a supportive friend to talk about what’s bugging you instead of holding it all inside. On Thursday and Friday, you’re ready to play! With the moon in your festive fifth house, the dancefloor beckons. Glam yourself up: you might pop by the makeup counter to find the perfect shade of red lipstick for your skin tone, or pick up a pretty new sweater or peplum jacket to brighten your winter wardrobe. Some may accuse you of being a bit of an attention whore towards the end of the workweek. (Guilty as charged!) The performer in you is dying to come out and play, so find a proper outlet. Grab the karaoke mic, hop on stage for amateur night, or regale your friends with tales at a dinner party. You’re an irrepressible flirt as well, which is all good as long as you don’t bat your lashes in the wrong direction. It bears repeating that anyone who is already taken is not a proper candidate for your charms. You might think it’s all a harmless game, but that cheeky attitude could incite a riot. Spare yourself the drama and only slink up to the single ones…or give your full attention to the one you’re already with! Saturday’s full moon, in your house of healthy living, awakens the wellness warrior in you. If you’ve been treating your body like a temple for the past six months, this could be the day where you finally slide into those skinny jeans or see the rippling muscles in your Michelle Obama arms. Have you fallen off the self-care wagon, the two weeks following the full moon are prime time to reboot. Find a way to make fitness fun like burning calories on the dance floor or in a lively class with a fun (and flirtworthy) community. Rally friends for the mission. It will be a lot easier to get to spin class if you know your two BFFs will be on a bike to the left and right of you. This full moon could even bring an exciting work opportunity your way! But as it forms a hard angle to Saturn in Scorpio, you may have to sacrifice a bit of freedom in order to move on up the ladder. Is it really worth it, Pisces? Only you can decide that. Having enough flow and independence in your daily schedule is a must for your dreamy sign. Any job that’s too structured or rigid will not bring you joy for long. Hold out for something better…this full moon may bring just the burst of inspiration you need to call up a headhunter, shop around your resume, or schedule a sit-down with your boss to talk about revamping your position.



With the moon and Jupiter nestled in your relationship sector from Monday the 21st through Wednesday the 23rd, you would do anything for love…yes, even that. This bountiful, optimistic planetary duo could restore your belief in the power of amour, giving you the confidence to get out there and try again. You might just drop to a knee and propose early this week…or drop a strong enough hint to convince your sweetie to do the same. And with worldly Jupiter in the mix, it’s anyone’s guess how far you’ll travel to satiate the needs of your heart. A long-distance connection could heat up early this week or you might feel the soulmate sparks with a sexy someone who’s rolling through town. If you’re in a relationship, your 2013 vacay could be a hot topic of conversation early in the week. Even if it’s months before you board a plane, train or cruise ship, exploring potential destinations can rev up the excitement in your union. Let the planning commence! You’re definitely willing to gamble in affairs of the heart early this week, but Jupiter’s overarching beams could also create a little denial. You can’t turn a player into a prince, Sagittarius, so make sure you’re working with great raw material instead of trying to stage an extreme personality makeover with the one you love. Changing someone’s unfortunate style choices is one thing; trying to amend his character flaws is an exercise in futility. Businesswise, the first three days of the week are ideal for discussing contract, scouting out new deals, and looking for partnerships in other territories. You might join forces with someone who is doing similar or complementary work in another city, expanding your reach and connecting your respective audiences or customer bases. Think: bundled services, joint offerings. On Thursday and Friday, the Cancer moon could give you a case of the moody blues. Hang the Do Not Disturb sign and work in private if you can. Delving obsessively into a creative project can bring you back to being your sunny self. Have you made your 2013 vision board yet? Invite a few close friends over on Thursday night to clip beautiful and inspiring images and collage them into a pictorial representation of your hidden dreams for the year ahead. On Saturday, set your GPS for a distant land once again. The full moon in Leo and your ninth house could bring an exciting travel opportunity, or a chance to connect with powerful people on the other side of the world. A media project or entrepreneurial venture could garner major attention; if you’re a writer, you might even get a book deal or plum assignment that will put your name on the literary map. You could find yourself in a teacher’s role this weekend, demonstrating something you’ve worked hard to master over the past six months. Feel like you need to polish up your skill set? This full moon could illuminate an exciting course of study that helps you grow emotionally and spiritually as well. Swill that truth serum, Sag. You could have a major heart to heart this weekend as the full moon prompts you to be more authentic. Given that la luna is forming a hard angle to Saturn in your twelfth house of release, the truth should definitely set you free…from guilt, obligation and any shame you’ve been feeling from holding something inside. But it bears repeating, Archer: don’t forget to use tact so your message doesn’t get lost in translation!



Abracadabra! With the moon and lucky Jupiter side by side from Monday the 21st till Wednesday the 23rd, you may feel the call of a daring transformation. Whether you’re radically altering your hair color (Scorpio Katy Perry’s blue, perhaps?), moving to new digs, or otherwise asserting your individuality, you’ll thrill at the idea of making a big change. But don’t be rash, Scorpio. In spite of Jupiter’s wide-eyed optimism, wherever you go, there you are. Although it can bring a temporary distraction to shift the externals of your life, this won’t turn you into a different person. So by all means, chop ten inches off your locks, pull up stakes and move to LA for the winter, post a tell-all blog entry…but do it because it thrills you, not because you think it will change your life. Then again, you might stick to a more temporary change, or do something risky on a much smaller scale; something that won’t have a permanent impact on your life, something you can undo by Thursday if you’re not feeling it then. A long-distance love connection could heat up under the moon-Jupiter spell, and you can feel the scintillating sparks across the miles! There’s something so very sexy about the experience of longing and delayed gratification. Fire up Google Hangout and have a digital date or pen an old-fashioned love letter. You might even create a dating profile in a zip code you’ve always wanted to live in. Ya never know, Scorpio… If you’re in a relationship, make a point to get out and be adventurous with your sweetie early in the week. Jupiter’s thrillseeking energy can turn up the heat on your connection through travel and sports. Have a dinner date at the farm-to-table restaurant forty minutes from home to give yourselves a fun change of scenery. Meet at the Kickboxing gym and get the adrenaline pumping, then, go home and get Olympian in the bedroom. Anything but the ordinary will do from Monday through Wednesday. On Thursday and Friday, the moon in Cancer serves you a huge shot of truth serum, and you just can’t hold in your thoughts for another minute. But who are you venting to, Scorpio? On Thursday, destructive Pluto forms a direct opposition to the moon warning of burning bridges. Unleash the uncensored version of your rant to a neutral third party and spare the person-in-question from complete obliteration (which you WILL regret later). Wait until the weekend at least to deliver a toned-down version of your complaint. You’ll be a lot more effective when cooler heads prevail. This moon-Pluto faceoff could illuminate a thrilling educational opportunity. You may have the chance to learn alongside someone you consider a master. Travel will likely be involved with this quest, and it may fall into the realm of “experiential learning” rather than anything that requires you to crack the books. If you get the urge to sign up for a potentially life-altering class (even locally), follow that intuitive hit and enroll. On Saturday the 26th, the full moon in Leo opens up a stellar two-week phase for your career. If you’ve been working hard over the past six months, your due props could arrive in the form of a raise, promotion, or dream project. You may be publicly recognized for your capabilities, but if no one comes scouting for you, don’t despair. Take matters into your own hands and start promoting yourself. Ask for a performance review so the higher ups are aware of what you’ve been up to. If you work for yourself, ping those dream clients and get a power lunch on the books. You might even make a business deal official over Huevos Rancheros and mimosas this Saturday! The only downside of this full moon is that it forms a challenging square to Saturn in Scorpio. You run the risk of being a little TOO assertive (or downright aggressive) in your business dealings now. Or, your maverick ways, while impressive, could leave the execs doubting your ability to head up a team. You might have to work a bit harder than expected to snag the professional opportunities this full moon can bring. Your relationship with an important man could reach a milestone moment with this full moon. Again, tread lightly here. This fella may be on the verge of putting a ring on it or offering you a business proposal, but if you push too hard, you could feel the snapback from Saturn in Scorpio. Breathe, have faith, and be patient. Let go of the picture of how this wish should be fulfilled or you’ll just wind up disappointed. This is not your story to write alone, after all, Scorpio, so give the guy a chance to step up in the way he knows best to do. Gratitude is essential, so award more points to him for trying than for trying to do things “perfectly.”



Shake that moneymaker! On Monday the 21st, the moon and Jupiter align in Gemini, buoying your confidence on the financial front. The two celestial bodies will travel in tandem till Wednesday, bringing opportunities for you to increase your earning power and boost your income. Set up those planning meetings and client lunches, send out a fleet of resumes and follow up on interviews. You’ll want to take the initiative in all things work related in the first half of the week! If you’re ready to take on a bigger assignment (and by extension, a bigger paycheck) prepare a pitch to deliver to your boss. Spell it out in black and white so no one has to stretch too hard to see the possibilities. Your willingness to color outside the lines and be a bit more of a risk taker could bring rewards by Wednesday. Think bigger: Jupiter’s global influence also encourages you to ping a prospect outside city limits or expand your search radius. Telecommuting is all the rage, Bull, so who says you have to report to a desk each day? Explore the idea of importing a product or having one developed out-of-state (or overseas); then, there’s always the worldwide reach an online store can bring (hello Etsy). On Thursday, a faceoff between the Cancer moon and Pluto in Capricorn creates a communication snarl. You were just calling it like you see it, but your candor sparks a major conflict with someone who isn’t quite so accustomed to all that honesty. Temper your truth with compassion and diplomacy so your message doesn’t get lost in translation. Also, be careful about what you put in writing. A snarky email that was “just a joke” could wind up in the wrong Inbox, leaving you in a compromised position. Unless you have something nice to say, don’t type anything at all. On Saturday the 26th, the full moon in Leo lights up your domestic fourth house bringing home and family into the spotlight. Although there could be some cozy moments ahead this weekend, all will not be quiet on the Taurus front. This full moon forms a challenging square to Saturn, forcing you to balance inequalities and deal with emotional conflicts. You could finally get resolution to a family feud, custody case, or roommate clash. If you’re sharing an address with your sweetie, you’ll need to discuss a better way of divvying up responsibilities—from bringing home the bacon to scrubbing down the loo, to aligning your social schedules. With the full moon in festive, arsty Leo, this is a great weekend to channel your inner Jonathan Adler and kick off a short-term decoration project. You might even be inspired to host a dinner party this weekend, inviting your inner circle to an elegant affair at Chez Taurus. Do you need to move? If your living situation is off-kilter, this full moon could prompt you to make changes, even breaking a lease if necessary. Bulls with property on the market could finally find a buyer, although you may have to negotiate a little more than you’d hoped. Don’t let stubbornness stand in the way of sealing the deal!



You’re quite the baller early this week, Virgo, so aim high with your ambitions. On Monday, the 21st, the moon syncs up with lucky Jupiter in your career house. You’ll have three stellar days for climbing the ladder of success. Expand your reach: with globetrotting Jupiter in the mix, the business leads you’re looking for may be further from city limits than you expect. Who knows? They might even be overseas. Be on the hunt for growth opportunities, too. There might be a chance to move up internally at your current job so sniff around. Whatever the case, you’ll have your hands full with work and may stay late at the office in the early half of the week just to get ‘er done. Good thing you like being productive! A leadership position may be handed to you, or may simply fall into your lap. Spend time getting organized so you can delegate by Thursday. A man you adore may be ready to take on a bigger role in your world: quelle surprise! Don’t stick a pin in his balloon by grilling him about his intentions or questioning his motives. Savor in the fact that he wants to build something more meaningful with you and trust that you’ll work out the who-what-when-where-how, slowly but surely. On Thursday and Friday, warm up those spirit fingers! With the Cancer moon in your teamwork zone, you’re the head cheerleader of your crew, the one who motivates others to get into action. The project you were assiduously sweating through in the first half of the week can go farther faster if you call in recruits or turn it into a joint venture. On Thursday, it’s essential that you keep drama to a minimum. Although you could be ticked off by someone’s selfish actions, flying off the handle will derail the entire mission and kill the group’s morale. Address the issue later…and pull the offending party aside for a chat instead of calling him/her out in front of everyone and causing a huge scandal. On Saturday, welcome to the surreal world. The full moon in Leo lights up your twelfth house of fantasy, supersizing your imagination. This is great energy to funnel towards a creative project, or, if you have a reliable romantic partner, planning a dream date. But if you’ve hit the skids with someone in your life, brace yourself, Virgo. You may be saying a final farewell, one you know is long past due. It’s never easy for you to say goodbye since you care so deeply about the people in your world. But if the connection is zapping the best of you or forcing you to delay your dreams, it might not be worth hanging on to. At the very least, bring in support from a savvy third party like a mediator, spiritual mentor or therapist. You could use some outside help to untangle the emotional knots. This full moon may also prompt a major decluttering mission. Purge your space of excess, bring order to the chaos. Make “gift bags” for your friends who will appreciate the carefully selected items from your stash that you just never use. Minimalism might not be your style, but it sure feels good to let go of some of those packrat purchases, Virgo.


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