The big thing on the majority of american’s minds after stuffing there faces from the holidays is a detox. not saying I’m perfect but I’m not guilty of it: detox does NOT cause you to lose weight.

I think often people think by doing it you can. Detox is basically flushing your system of all the crap you’ve eaten. Taking a step in the right direction. Its a perfect way to get into your new lifestyle/diet.

I personally have never ever bought a detox online. i like creating my own because no detox is a cookie cuter. each person has there own eating habits, and how much they eat, etc.

 I personally don’t eat much as the majority of people. I’m on a strict diet which has 80% gluten free items and barely anything processed. I would suggest not buying a cleanse online. Mostly because sometimes they can just make you sick; and also when your on a liquids only diet you might need more of something for lunch than dinner.

 here is an example of one of my ‘green’ cleanses


Breakfast: hot green tea, small strawberry protein shake (8 ounce): ( strawberrys, almond milk/soy milk (organic), ice, flax seed,)

Lunch- bolthouse protein plus parfait protein shake (25g of protein)- 15.2 fl oz; smart water (your size wanted), and have a back up bolthouse shake if your extra hungry: green goodness, carrot or any type of vegetable one.

 Dinner- 52fl oz bolthouse protein shake of your choice: either a vegetable or fruit one

 Snack- hot tea, water, and back up would be shake up crystal lite (0 cal if possible)


and repeat for how ever long you want! The longest I’ve gone is 3 days; but if you do go for a long period the first day is always the hardest! or go for one day. its a great way to help your body out!



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