Weekly Horoscopes



Think globally, act locally, Aries! On Wednesday, January 30, lucky, benevolent Jupiter wakes up from a four-month nap and powers forward in Gemini and your third house. Translation: action is definitely heating up close to home for you. The people in your neighborhood could become your greatest supporters while Jupiter holds this position until June 25. Alert the local media if you have something buzzworthy in the works. You might just find yourself the cover story in the Arts & Leisure section of the Sunday paper or giving a bold interview on the morning news. The third house rules partnerships, usually of the platonic variety, and a dynamic duo could get off the ground this week. You may have already met your “other half,” as Jupiter has been in Gemini since last June 11. But the retrograde–which began on October 4, 2012–could have stalled your plans to collaborate. Second time may be a charm, Aries, so give that promising partnership another shot. If you have an idea for a mobile app or online store, call the developers! You could strike gold, Aries. Some Rams may wind up commuting between two cities at a more frequent pace over the next five months. This can be both exhilarating and exhausting, so make a plan to take home on the road with you. Think: Spotify playlists of your favorite songs, framed mini photos to set up at each destination, on-the-go snacks that don’t throw your nutritional goals out of whack. And don’t forget the audiobooks for your journey. Your mind is extra hungry for knowledge during this Jupiter phase. On Friday, February 1, your ruling planet Mars drifts into dreamy Pisces and your twelfth house, activating your subconscious mind. Divine inspiration comes flooding in while Mars holds this position until March 11. Make time for your creative side to flourish, Aries. You might even dive into Julia Cameron’s classic tome, The Artist’s Way, for this journey. Rather than forcing and pushing, Mars in the twelfth house wants you to use The Law Of Attraction to manifest. Check out Gabrielle Bernstein’s May Cause Miracles for a day-by-day guide to getting in the flow of the universe’s abundant offerings. Do watch out for that paranoid streak of yours, Aries. Mars can aggravate your fears and anxieties for the next six weeks, prompting you to blow things waaaaaay out of proportion. Working with a coach, therapist, shaman, or spiritual guide can help you make sense of the madness. Drop that stubborn streak and get a mentor. Life doesn’t have to be such a struggle, even if you WOULD prefer to do it all on your own. Also on Friday, loveplanet Venus shifts gears, moving into Aquarius and your affable eleventh house for three weeks. Call off the skywriters and cancel the reservation at the stuffy “romantic” restaurant. In affairs of the heart, you need to adopt a more playful, laid back approach until February 25. A bit of a bummer if you’d been dreaming of an intense V-Day moment, but your telenovela moment will come in March. Group hangouts can serve up plenty of romantic bonding opportunities, especially if you and your sweetie merge your respective social circles. Keep it down to earth. Bowling, karaoke, heading to the club en masse…sharing good times is what it’s all about. Single Rams could meet a hot prospect this way too. There’s nothing better than falling for a friend of a friend, after all, since you can also check references without hiring a P.I.!


Rock that Gangnam Style, Aquarius! Your flashy, fame-loving side is back with a vengeance this week as jovial Jupiter wakes up from a four-month nap on Wednesday the 30th. Jupiter has been touring Gemini and your fifth house of self-expression, romance, and recognition since last June 11; but on October, the beneficent planet turned retrograde, lowering the houselights and dropping the curtain on your big act. Friends may be on the verge of sending out a search party to find you, but thankfully that won’t be necessary. Between Wednesday and June 25, Jupiter will go full speed ahead in your fifth house, putting you back in the limelight where you belong. Get thee to a stage, podium, pulpit or soapbox. Whether you’re performing, presenting, preaching or teaching, people will love watching you in action. You might even sign up for an improv or acting workshop, if for no other reason than to gain greater confidence standing in front of a room full of people. Your romantic life gets a happy boost from Jupiter too, and the next five months could be filled with amorous adventures. Color outside the lines of conventionality and give a different type a try. With jetsetting Jupiter in the mix, a long-distance relationship should not be ruled out. You might even meet someone while you’re traveling; or, if you’re already spoken for, get plans in motion for an epic vacation a deux that you take before late June. Baby fever could strike in a major way after Wednesday, so if you’ve been dreaming of onesies and Bugaboo strollers, get a bit more proactive about making it happen. If you’re a parent, your kids could demand more attention while Jupiter holds this position until June 25. Get more involved in directing their playtime. From children’s theater to ice skating lessons to scout troops, you could be the ever-present figure, guiding their creative growth. And hey, you might just like the bonus playtime it brings for you, too! On Friday, February 1, Venus stops by for a visit to Aquarius and hangs out till February 25. As if Jupiter wasn’t already amping up your starpower enough, hosting Venus in your sign makes you charm personified. People will be magnetized to you, and you might have to turn those one-on-ones into group hangouts due to popular demand on your time. Wardrobe! Styling! A glamorous makeover may be in the stars, and it might even involve a dramatic change to your hair color or style. Bring that Aquarian innovation to your closet and mix the quirky vintage pieces with the futuristic ones. No one could duplicate your eclectic style, and that’s just the way you’ll like it. Also on Friday, go-getter Mars changes signs, leaving Aquarius and moving on to Pisces until March 11. You hosted Mars since New Year’s Eve, which has been both energizing and exhausting. You may have found that your energy was scattered in a few too many directions, making it hard to focus or get anything off the ground. As Mars sinks into the stable groove of your second house, you can slow down and think things through from a pragmatic AND creative perspective. Your work life gets busy and Mars could lead you down the trail of a new income stream. How can you monetize those big ideas you dreamed up last month? Consider working with a business coach who can help you map out the path to financial fortune using your own ingenious ideas. Warning: your work life can get stressful too if you don’t stay organized. There can be a tendency to take on too much with ambitious Mars in this house, but don’t burn yourself out by trying to wear every single hat. Many hands make light work, and can free you up to focus on tasks that will bring you the big money, not just the peanuts.



All aboard for le voyage fantastique! Worldly Jupiter ends a four-month retrograde in Gemini and your surreal twelfth house this Wednesday, January 30. Divine inspiration begins to flow again and your slumbering artsy side awakens. Pull the paint set, guitar, poetry journal, or video cameras out of cold storage. There’s a masterpiece bubbling in you that’s ready to come forth. You’ve had Jupiter in this part of your chart since June 11, 2012—and let’s get real: it hasn’t been the easiest time for you. Why? Well for one thing, Jupiter in the twelfth house is a highly nomadic phase best used for backpacking across Europe or taking a sabbatical in a hut on a Tanzanian beach. But you’re the zodiac’s homebody, and pulling up the stakes on your life is not something you’re apt to do. Plus, you need certainty to feel secure, yet everything feels more liquid than solid since the summer. At times, you may feel like Dorothy getting ripped away from Auntie Em by the forceful gale of the tornado. And while you may have landed in some beautiful, Technicolor Oz, it’s an unfamiliar environment, which always causes you agita. Breathe, Cancer, breathe. Jupiter is teaching you the power of surrender while it remains in Gemini until this coming June 25. Your resistance to change is being swept away and you’re going to learn so much about yourself in the coming five months. Like a giant cosmic spotlight, Jupiter’s been illuminating many of your buried psychological blocks since last summer, your fears and anxieties. While Jupiter in the twelfth is definitely a time for healing, its methods are not subtle. And with the planet in retrograde since October 4, you may be feeling rather raw and vulnerable. Get the support you need over the coming five months, be it a great mentor, a wise spiritual counselor, or a whip-smart therapist. And take heart: Jupiter in the twelfth house is a time when many people meet their soulmates. As you release your fears, your most pure and loving self emerges. There’s no better state to be in than this when it comes to magnetizing The One. If you met someone who left you breathless last June, only to find the connection fading when Jupiter went retrograde in October, your second shot at love could be in the stars between now and June 25. Or, you could meet someone with his/her qualities…but even better! Attachment is not going to be rewarded by Jupiter now, so stop obsessing over the package you want your dream lover delivered in and keep an open heart. The universe will bring what’s best for you. On June 25, Jupiter will enter Cancer for a year, making all this struggle well worth your while. You’ll get a chance to hit the restart button then and the changes you make in the second half of 2013 will be epic. Until late June, however, keep focusing on what you need to shed. You can think of the next five months as a giant cosmic detox. In spite of all this, the travel bug may indeed bite before the week is through. This Friday, February 1, go-getter Mars decamps to Pisces and your jetsetting ninth house for six weeks. A trip to the tropics or a B&B within driving distance could be just the thing to rejuvenate you, especially if the getaway includes using your scuba license or relaxing before a stunning view of a lake. (You ARE a water sign after all.) Or, you may choose to travel in the figurative sense, signing up for a self-awareness seminar or local “retreat” that centers around soulful subject matter. Loveplanet Venus also switches signs on Friday, moving into Aquarius and your intimate eighth house until February 25. An unspoken connection could explode in an intensely passionate (and highly secretive) love affair. While you prefer your privacy, clandestine encounters will break your heart. Leave the unavailable types alone, even if they are the sexiest things you’ve seen in years. Your 2013 Valentine can be a really special soul if you choose wisely, possibly even someone who’s been lingering in the friend zone for a while. For the next few weeks, Venus wants you to enjoy your sensuality AND your self-worth. If you haven’t been feeling at home in your body, start incorporating more movement into your days. Walk instead of driving those few blocks for your coffee, eat lighter foods, take regular dance breaks throughout your day (they work, we swear it!). You might even try a burlesque workshop or a pole-dancing class like S Factor that helps you get in touch with your own “erotic creature.” Meow!



Buzz, buzz, you busy bee. This Wednesday, January 30, energetic Jupiter awakens from a four-month retrograde and goes full speed ahead in Gemini and your sixth house of daily routines. Your work life, which is no doubt already active, gains even more momentum. With Jupiter in this position until June 25, your career is definitely going through a growth spurt now. Jetsetting Jupiter could even send you traveling or relocating for your career, or working with a long-distance collaborator. Brace yourself, Cap: chaos may ensue as you get a grasp of all the new responsibilities that fall into your lap. You simply won’t be able to pull this all off on your own, so start assembling a team of assistants or people you can outsource part of the job to. If you’re still in the early phase of your career, this Jupiter cycle might anoint you Right Hand (Wo)Man, giving you an opportunity to support a powerful person and learn as you go. Stress levels tend to increase when Jupiter visits this part of your chart, so keeping your well-being in balance is a must. Although many Caps are healthy eaters, could your diet use a detox? Cutting back on sugar, wheat, dairy, caffeine, and processed foods can have a huge impact on your vitality. You can do this gradually to avoid detox symptoms, but see what happens if, for example, you slowly decrease your coffee intake and replace with a morning mug of hot water, lemon and ginger (with a dash of anti-inflammatory Turmeric for a bonus boost). Sporty Jupiter gets you revved up about fitness now, too. Since life will be so busy, you might not have time for those 90-minute hot yoga classes or the marathon runs. Exercise DVDs and downloads may be the way for you to go. If a 20-minute cardio circuit workout with free weights in the living room is all you can do, so be it. Anything is better than being sedentary, and you’ll find that exercise buoys your energy levels once you get started. On Friday, February 1, romantic Venus bids Capricorn adieu and moves into Aquarius and your grounded second house. It’s definitely been fun hosting the planet of amour these past three weeks, but you could also use a little more stability in the love department. Now, Venus slows it down, giving you time to be affectionate, cuddle on the couch, hold hands, and enjoy those delicious courtship rituals. Someone you dubbed boring early in the week could become surprisingly attractive to you this weekend. There’s something nice about predictability, which you’ll soon come to appreciate again. A relationship that was speeding towards who-knows-where could slow considerably, giving you time to think about the practicalities of it all. In spite of the highs, is this bond really the best for you? Now you’ll be able to use your head again and really think it through. Coupled Caps remember that the little things do mean a lot. Although you’re uber-busy, make time to give your sweetie some undivided attention. Considerate actions, like picking up the dry cleaning or bringing a hot mug of tea to your beloved can keep your connection warm and adoring. Try to include your honey in your social life too. On Friday, go-getter Mars heads into Pisces and your house of friendship through March 11, a stellar time to get out and play with your amigos. What do you need, Capricorn? Everything can be found within a degree of your social network. Mars gives you the chutzpah to ask your peeps for help. Put your pride to the side and just ask. Why not? You’ve certainly been there for them a-plenty and they’ll gladly return the favor. Mars can be rash so keep yourself calm and centered during your commutes. You’re prone to road rage and reckless driving for the next six weeks if you get too impatient about where you need to be. Download a soothing meditation CD or calming music to play while you’re on the road. Plug in a few motivating audiobooks too like Seth Godin’s “Tribes” or the Napoleon Hill classic, “Think And Grow Rich.” You could crack the code on a fascinating subject while you’re on the way to that 9AM meeting.



You’re ba-ack! Lucky Jupiter powers forward in Gemini this Wednesday, getting you back in the saddle again. You’ve hosted Jupiter in your sign since last June 11, which has been incredibly rejuvenating for you. Some Geminis upended your entire lives since last summer, starting a radical and adventurous new chapter in your lives. But on October 4, 2012, the benevolent planet slipped into a low power retrograde, stalling your initiatives and taking some of the wind out of your sails. Fear not, Gem. With Jupiter going full steam ahead from Wednesday till June 25, you can pick up the ball and run with it again. If you didn’t dramatically alter the direction of your life last year, your fresh chapter may unfold over the coming five months. You might take a brand new job, move across the country, say “I do,” leave one relationship and start another, or start that business you keep talking about. There’s definitely an extreme makeover vibe with Jupiter cruising through your sign. If you love the life you have, Jupiter enhances it by encouraging you to travel, study, and expand on a spiritual level. This is the planetary gambler after all, so take a risk on one of your long-held dreams. Luck is most certainly on your side. One caveat: happy-go-lucky Jupiter can cause us to overshoot the mark. Before you go flinging yourself into the wild abyss, make sure you’ve read the safety precautions and have done the proper research so you land on your feet. On Friday, February 1, go-getter Mars grooves into Pisces and your tenth house of career. Your creativity is your calling card on the professional front, Gemini, and people count on you to deliver fresh, groundbreaking ideas. With Mars in this position until March 11, you simply can’t keep quiet at those 10AM planning meetings anymore. Share your offbeat vision and take greater ownership of the projects you’re working on. There might even be a promotion in store. This is a great time for pitches and presentations. We wouldn’t be surprised to find you standing at the front of the boardroom or auditorium, walking the crowds through a Powerpoint presentation. Be more assertive about going after your goals for this intense six-week period. Don’t wait to be discovered by the talent scouts. Network and mingle, introducing yourself to the movers and shakers. On the romance front, Venus asks, “Voulez-vous coucher avec moi?” The planet of love sails into Aquarius and your global ninth house from Friday until February 25. Cross-cultural connections simmer with extra spice. If you’re traveling in the next few weeks, pack something sexy to change into as a vacation fling may be in the cards. Coupled Geminis, enjoy a midwinter getaway-a-deux. Valentine’s Day in the tropics, perhaps? Don’t rule out the possibility of a long-distance relationship this month. Love is not geographically defined, Gemini, and sparks could fly with someone in another city. Your sense of humor and adventure return too. At last—a little levity in the love department for you! So many hotties, so little time: you could give The Bachelor a run for his “final rose.” Enjoy this delicious bout of playtime whether you’re single or spoken for.



Flutter on out of that cocoon, social butterfly. This Wednesday, January 30, happy-go-lucky Jupiter turns direct in Gemini and your eleventh house of community after the lull of a four-month retrograde. Hello, Popular! It’s time to get back out on the scene, rejuvenating friendships that fell by the wayside this fall. Your social network is set to expand while Jupiter holds this prominent position until June 25. Mix, mingle and meet exciting people both near and far. Jupiter is the zodiac’s traveler and you could be rubbing shoulders with overseas friends and long-distance collaborators before you know it. Alas, you won’t have much time for one-on-one hangouts in the coming five months though. There will be far too many people who want a piece of your time, and your entourage will have to understand when you make it a group thing. Of course, there will be a few select souls who require your undivided attention. Draw a tight radius around your inner circle. You can’t be BFFs with the world, but your top five should know without question that they are special to you, Leo. The eleventh house rules technology and with entrepreneurial Jupiter in this part of your chart, you could make a fortune on the e-commerce landscape or by developing an app. You might even explore a network marketing business. As long as you believe wholly in the product you’re hawking, you won’t feel sales-y, but rather like you’re offering people something that you know they will enjoy. If you’ve dreamed of starting a blog or filming a documentary, the days between now and June 25 could be a stellar time to get that in motion. On Friday, February 1, make like Leo Madonna and open your heart. Loveplanet Venus cruises into Aquarius and your seventh house of partnerships until February 25. Valentine’s Day begins early for you, Leo, and you might just snag a keeper before the weekend is through. If you’ve been looking for love in all the wrong places, how about searching in the friend zone? With Venus in affable Aquarius, a platonic pal could go from “buddyliscious” to “bootyliscious” in 0.2 seconds. (Who knew?!) Or, ask friends to play Cupid and go on some semi-blind dates. Coupled Leos should bring more playtime activities into your bond. Kick off the fleece slippers and go on a fun dancing date. You might even join a gym and take a class together regularly: Crossfit, MMA, or kickboxing, anyone? Red-hot Mars could bring more sexytime your way, too. On Friday, the red-hot planet grooves into your erotic eighth house until March 11, ramping up your mojo. You may find yourself fantasizing about an old flame or wondering what ever happened to you-know-who. If it was only a matter of bad timing that kept you apart, it wouldn’t hurt to poke around and see if the sparks are still there. But if irreconcilable (or toxic!) differences kept you apart in the first place, don’t re-open that door. Mars’ brash and daring energy could prompt you to play with fire over the next six weeks…and in the sign of Pisces you could even go into denial about someone’s true character. You know better than that, Leo, so think with your head not your naughty bits! Since you do need an outlet to feel like a minx, get thee to a dance class, perform live onstage, make art, express yourself through fashion. Your creativity and your sexuality flow from the same chakra after all, so on those days when no one’s around for a romp, get down and dirty with your own imagination. Recommended reading: The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron.



All aboard for le voyage fantastique! This Wednesday, January 30, jetsetting Jupiter turns direct in Gemini and your ninth house of travel. Jupiter first entered Gemini last June 11, awakening your desire to get out and see the world. But on October 4, the jovial planet slipped into retrograde mode keeping you closer to home than you would perhaps have preferred; or, if you did travel, the retrograde may have made your fall/winter journeys a bit more challenging than expected. Well, Libra, get your passport out of the safe again. With Jupiter going full steam ahead in your ninth house until June 25, it’s time to plan a journey. There’s a corner of the world that’s calling to you, and it’s time to get out and explore. Bonus points if there’s an educational component involved: yoga teacher training in Costa Rica or an Ayurvedic retreat in Goa, perhaps? You may also travel in the figurative sense, signing up for a mind-expanding course or degree program that renews your sense of purpose in the world. Entrepreneurial ventures will be blessed by Jupiter’s bountiful beams. If you have an idea for a business, get moving; or, expand your current venture to new territory. You could discover a prosperous market miles from your home base. Got a book in you? The ninth house also rules publishing, so shop around for a literary agent or take advantage of the incredible self-publishing tools that are available now. Who knows? Your e-book might just be picked by a bigger publishing house for its print edition. If it could work for the “Fifty Shades” series, well…On Friday, February 1, turn on your love light! Your ruling planet, romantic Venus, moves into Aquarius and your passionate fifth house until February 25. Valentine’s Day starts early for you this year, Libra. Get back out on the dating scene and don’t linger too long in the online zone. A face-to-face encounter is what Venus desires. The sooner you screen ‘em, the better! Take more initiative in the game of love, whether single or spoken for. You might be the one to plan the February 14 activities this year, Libra, so don’t just lie in repose waiting for someone to show up at your door with a dozen roses. You want drinks in the Rainbow Room or a weekend at a quaint B&B? Get on the horn and make those reservations, STAT. With Venus in this glamorous position, you may be in the mood for some makeover magic. Work with your mane: a sexy bob or lowlights can give you a brand new look. Also on Friday, go-getter Mars changes signs, moving into Pisces and your sixth house of healthy living through March 11. Ramp up that fitness routine—Mars likes a challenge. Jump in a Crossfit class, try an Insanity workout at home, book a few sessions with a trainer. Your work life could get quite busy—not to mention stressful—while Mars holds this position. All the more reason to burn it off with vigorous exercise. The next six weeks could see you getting in fabulous shape, all while you tackle an ambitious assignment and make a name for yourself.



Calling all domestic divas! Lucky Jupiter turns direct in Gemini and your fourth house of home and family this Wednesday the 30th. Since October 4, Jupiter has been napping in a low-power retrograde, making you feel restless at home and even a wee bit stuck. As Jupiter powers forward through your fourth house until June 25, you’ll find it easier to put down roots and get comfortable in your own space once again. Jupiter is a jetsetter, and some Pisces may find yourselves relocating to a different part of the world in the months ahead. Or, you may have to figure out a solution for bringing the comforts of home on the road with you, as you may be forced to travel more frequently. Chateau Pisces could be the hub of a new venture, thanks to Jupiter’s enterprising influence. There’s no time like the present to start a business that allows you to work from home. If you’ve been on the hunt for a home, Jupiter’s direct turn could bring you a surge of luck in this department. You could buy a dream property or piece of land to develop, or sell your house for an above-market price. You may become interested in learning about your family history now, too. Take a vacation to visit your long-lost cousins or explore the terrain of your ancestral homeland. Hosting relatives from afar could be a heartwarming experience; you might even take on the planning role for an early summer family reunion! Regardless of how this pans out, your personal life takes center stage while Jupiter hangs in your fourth house till June 25. You can no longer ignore your need for self-care and nurturing. Be kind to Pisces! Eat healthy food at regular intervals, give yourself breaks between those worldly demands, meditate, hang out with supportive and affirming friends. Women may be your greatest guides and teachers for the next five months, so keep those sister acts going. Exciting news arrives on Friday, February 1 when red-hot Mars zips into Pisces until March 11. You haven’t hosted the energizing planet for two years, so expect to feel quite refreshed by its motivating influence. A personal project could take off now, so pour yourself into your passions. You’re definitely a self-starter now, willing to pick up the reins and make life happen. At times, you might even feel a little TOO wired, so monitor your enthusiasm and don’t take on too much just because you’re feeling so ambitious. Mars is quite the randy planet and your libido could shoot through the roof. Is it time to “take a lover,” Pisces? You might enjoy a no-strings fling over the next six weeks just to get your engines revving for the real thing. If you’re in a relationship, take more initiative in the amour department. While it’s fun to be pursued, you’ll also enjoy giving chase, or setting the stage for your lover to chase you with your clever little games. It’s all in good fun, so why not? Simultaneously, you may be mourning the loss of another romantic prospect. On Friday, Venus also shifts signs, moving into Aquarius and your twelfth house of completions. You win some, you lose some, Pisces, and you may be dealing with the disappointment of a dashed dream. While it’s important to process those emotions, don’t waste too much time sobbing into a pint of Ben & Jerry’s. Venus in the twelfth house can also bring some fantasy-fueled moments your way between Friday and February 24. Remain open-hearted even if you’re upset. Your vulnerability could bring a sensitive soul into your orbit, someone who can appreciate the depth of your emotions. Or, if you’re in a relationship, your willingness to love, even in the face of conflict, can help you get past that sticking point for once and for all. Dancing, meditating and listening to music will soothe the savage Pisces. If you’re ready to heal your heart and manifest true love, we recommend “Calling In The One” by Katherine Woodward.



Tag-team time! On Wednesday, January 30, your ruling planet Jupiter turns direct in Gemini and your seventh house of partnerships. Relationships of all variety have taken central focus in your life since Jupiter first moved into Gemini last June 11. But on October 4, 2012, the jovial planet went into a low-power retrograde mode, dialing down the intensity of these unions. Don’t give up on your co-conspirators, Archer! This week, the pace of your two-person efforts picks up again, and remains at a gallop while Jupiter holds this position through June 25. The question is, who DO you want to team up with? Be proactive about getting collaborative efforts in motion. Check back in with the promising peeps you joined forces with last summer. A round deux could be on the decks, and phase two of your collaboration might be even better than the first! Expand your search radius when seeking qualified candidates for the role of your other half. Jetsetting Jupiter could pair you perfectly with someone living miles away from your home base. If you’re in a relationship or business partnership, the two of you may travel together in the days ahead. Picture yourselves wandering through the beachfront Mayan ruins of Tulum or sipping Beaujolais in Paris (in the springtime). What will it take to make this happen, Sagittarius? Get those plans in motion while “lucky J” is on your side. Some Archers may relocate in the name of love thanks to Jupiter’s global influence; or you may find yourself in the throes of a long-distance relationship for the next five months. The planet’s erudite vibes could send coupled Sagittarians into learning mode and taking a class with your sweetie can really enrich your bond, be it a wine pairing seminar, Kundalini yoga, or a spicy One Taste workshop. As a bond fide “people person” you’ll love the fresh faces Jupiter in Gemini will bring into your world again beginning Wednesday. But don’t think it’s all going to be a cakewalk. Gemini is your opposite sign so these relationships will be great mirrors too, reflecting you back to yourself…for better and for worse. You’ll grow immensely if you can accept this, Sag: the people who challenge you most for the next five months could turn out to be your most important allies. On Friday, go-getter Mars downshifts into Pisces and your domestic fourth house until March 11. This is definitely a counterweight to all that exciting Jupiter energy. Your home life will become active as well, and at times majorly stressful. You could butt heads with relatives and roomies, and find that their demands are verging on excessive. This is a time where you’ll need to call in reinforcement. Hire a babysitter instead of trying to be a superhero. Set up a home office so you can be productive in your downtime, but also available to the ones you love. You may find yourself jazzed about a home renovation project, but easy does it. Before you convert your cute one bedroom into an open-plan loft, consider the time and money it will really take. Changing the paint scheme and paring down your furniture can make a world of difference and spare you major stress. Take it in small bytes, Archer. Loveplanet Venus also shifts gears this Friday, moving into Aquarius and your flirty third house until February 25. You’ll feel a lot more lighthearted about love this weekend, and your sense of humor will return. Get out and play! A road trip or silly night of karaoke or bowling might be just what the love doctor ordered. Single Sagittarians, let your friends play Cupid. Stay aware while you’re out and about. A sexy local could be trying to get your attention while you wait in the latte line, but you’ll never notice if you’re glued to your iPhone. A coworker crush, or even a neighbor could be your 2013 Valentine. Don’t overlook the obvious!



Calling all Scorpio sirens. This Wednesday, January 30, bold and adventurous Jupiter turns direct in Gemini and your eighth house of seduction. Although the bountiful planet has been in this part of your chart since June 11, it’s been napping in a low power retrograde since October 4, putting your mojo in sleep mode. Fear not, Scorpio, you haven’t lost your charms; in fact, with Jupiter powering forward in Gemini until June 25, you are about to experience your magnetism at an incredibly high frequency! As this week progresses, you’ll notice just how difficult it is for people to say no to you. Use this power for good, Scorpio, and you could make major strides in a relationship over the coming five months. While Jupiter in the eighth house can make you an irrepressible flirt (and yes, you’ll want to “get your freak on”), you’ll also be playing for keeps. If you haven’t found true intimacy yet, keep your antennas up for that mind-body-soul connection. Hint: Jupiter is the zodiac’s world-traveler and you may discover true love with someone who hails from a different culture or part of the world. Don’t rule out a long-distance connection. You might even meet someone while traveling over the next five months, which could prompt some Scorpios to consider relocating. With Jupiter’s scholarly and athletic influence, you could also meet while taking a mind-expanding class, working out, or playing sports. Whether you’re single or spoken for, it’s important that you feel sexy in your own skin. If you work a demanding job, this can be challenging. Go out of your way to get pampered and find your little patch of peace where you can. Taking five-minute meditation breaks to clear your mind throughout the day can have a profound effect on your libido. If you are what you eat, well, why not sprinkle some sexy onto your food? Spices like cardamom can help relieve fatigue; ginger, saffron, and cloves heat up the body and make you tingle. Jupiter in your eighth house can also bring a boost to your finances. The eighth house rules lump sums of cash, such as commission checks, royalties, tax returns and inheritances. An investor may want to put dollars behind your dreams: a good reason to get working on that business plan if you’re an enterprising type! There’s more heat coming to your love life on Friday, February 1, as randy Mars moves into Pisces and your passionate fifth house until March 11. Like a tiger, you’re ready to pounce on your prey, but you don’t want to rip ‘em to shreds in your zeal! You may have to temper some of that aggression over the next six weeks so you don’t scare off the object of your affections. Take it to the club instead. Mars in Pisces loves music and dance, and escaping to the beat of a great DJ will be a near-spiritual experience. And hey, if you happen to bump and grind with a hottie or two while you’re there, no one is going to blame you. Mars in this position can make you quite ambitious at work. Fame and recognition can come your way as a result of your self-promotion efforts. Publicize yourself, but be strategic. If your sharing feels like bragging, you could lose your audience. Focus on how your offerings can help others too and you won’t fall prey to an ego trip. Also on Friday, Venus switches signs, moving into Aquarius and your nurturing fourth house until February 25. Female friends and relatives will play a more active role in your social life over the next few weeks. Go out of your way to befriend the ladies in your midst. You could spark up a truly rewarding bond with a female coworker or find support in a circle of sister-friends. The interior decorator bug may bite, thanks to Venus’ beautifying influence. Zhush an area of your home this weekend, making it both gorgeous AND comfortable so you can relax in style.



Free your mind from the 9-5 grind. On Wednesday, January 30, broad-minded, entrepreneurial Jupiter wakes up from a four-month nap in Gemini and your second house of income. Innovative ideas for earning your daily bread are worth paying attention too; in fact, you could strike gold while Jupiter holds this position until June 25. It’s possible, you’ve already dreamed up the very idea that will bring you abundance. Jupiter has been in Gemini since last June 11, but the retrograde on October 4 seemed to sideline your ambitious plans. This week, it’s all systems go! If you’ve ever dreamed of being your own boss, the next five months could be fantasy fulfillment for you. Even if your venture begins as a side job, it’s worth exploring. If you already sign your own paychecks, this Jupiter cycle should bring an abundant boost. Think bigger: where is there a hole in the market, Taurus, and how can you successfully fill it? Jupiter is a bit of a gambler and reminds you that without risk there can be no reward. Alas, this maxim doesn’t go down easily for a play-it-safe type like you. Sit down and crunch numbers this week. Break out the spreadsheet program and make a plan. Facts and figures will soothe your churning mind. If you prefer the security of being an employee, Jupiter’s go-getter energy could turn your attention towards a more fulfilling (and yes, more demanding) job. Jump in the training program that will position you for a salary increase. Send your resume to a foreign company. With Jupiter’s global influence, you might be telecommuting with the Mumbai or London office or traveling overseas to check out the production line of your import/export biz. Some Bulls might even move far from home base for work before June 25. On Friday, February 1, your ruling planet Venus changes stations, moving into Aquarius and your tenth house of career until February 25. Hello, mover and shaker! This Venus phase blesses you with extra charm and influence. You could sell Sumatra beans to the Starbuck’s barista, Taurus, so get out and work it. Socializing with colleagues can send you shooting up the ladder. Join an elite networking group or club where you can rub shoulders with the go-getters of the world. As Venus rules love, you’ll be craving more tradition and stability in affairs of the heart. Single Bulls, give someone a little older or more established a chance to win your heart. In an LTR? The next three weeks are prime time to map out your shared goals for 2013. How can you support each other’s ambitions and stay connected all the while? Don’t forget: it’s a team effort. Also on Friday, go-getter Mars shifts into Pisces and your eleventh house of collaborations. As you gear up to take on the world, remember that it’s all about who you know. Working with the RIGHT people is a must, so don’t be too quick to join forces. Mars in Pisces is extreme and can bring both magical beings and shady characters into your realm. Go the extra mile to do background checks while Mars holds this position until March 11. Better safe than sorry, even if it means waiting a little longer to find the right people to team up with. Jump in a group fitness class this weekend! Mars in the eleventh house finds you energized by the company of other people. Break a sweat and burn off stress from all the activity happening in your career. It’s all about balance, Bull.



Pull on your powersuit, Virgo! On Wednesday, January 30, lucky Jupiter wakes up from a four-month nap in Gemini and your tenth house of career. Your ambitious nature returns with a vengeance. Finally–you’ll feel fired up to get out there and promote yourself again, working it like a Donald Trump scion at a speed-networking convention. The executive suite is calling your name, Virgo, and you’re ready to shoot up the ladder of success. Jupiter first entered this part of your chart on June 11, 2012, which may have activated some exciting career growth for you last summer and early fall. But on October 4, the jovial planet puttered out, sinking into a low-power retrograde. Your venturesome plans may have been sidelined or stalled. You may have found it hard to work up any career mojo yourself. Heavy was the head that wore that crown, but as of this Wednesday, you’re ready to reign over a more rewarding kingdom. Jupiter will be speeding ahead in your professional sector until June 25, giving you five months of major success! Get out and hobnob with the movers and shakers once again. Call people who you started collaborating with last year and get plans in motion for Phase 2.0. If you’re a 9-5er, the timing may be right to position yourself for that promotion you’ve been angling for. A leadership position has your name written all over it, Virgo. Jupiter is the global ambassador of the solar system, so if nothing’s clicking close to home, expand to new territories. You could become “really big in Europe” or find your niche a few hours away by plane. Relocating for your career or working via web-conference with people in another part of the world are distinct possibilities in the coming five months. Bring back those loving feelings! On Friday, February 1, red-hot Mars grooves into Pisces and your seventh house of relationships for six weeks. If you’ve got a good one, find a way to make your bond more official. Co-creating a project or business can strengthen your bond if you’re not ready to put a ring on it. Single Virgos could meet a mate while doing something sporty and active: all the more reason to get to the gym! Business partnerships also heat up under this Mars phase, and you could merge with someone whose skills complement yours to a T. But Mars can also be an agitator, so if a relationship has been on the rocks, look out! Your temper could flare under the warrior planet’s influence, and you might deliver some fighting words to the one you love. Don’t be rash with the ultimatums, Virgo. Anger won’t get you to the alter any quicker, nor will it inspire love in your partner. Still, this Mars phase can be a “make it or break it” one. If you’re done tolerating bad behavior or a non-committal attitude, you could find the nerve to walk away and restore your self-respect in the process. The good news is, Mars’ impatience will have you back on Match.com before March 11 too. Life is too short to wait! Also on Friday, Venus enters your sixth house of health inspiring you to rock that body beautiful. Exercise doesn’t have to be torture and healthy foods don’t have to taste like sawdust. Find a flowy yoga class, try Pilates (Virgo rules the core), or give dance another go. Your analytical mind has the rhythm to follow those complex steps. Eating clean and green will restore your natural glow. With Venus in this position till February 25, you might start a cleanse or detox diet or incorporate more vegetarian dishes into your repertoire.


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