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Triple macchiato or lavender-chamomile tea? You’ll feel both tired and wired this week thanks to a trio of planets–Mars, Neptune and Mercury–bundled together in Pisces and your twelfth house. The clash comes from Mars and Neptune, which couldn’t be more different if they tried. Mars is your ruling planet, a fired up, “let’s make it happen” energy that wants you to put your passion into action. Neptune prefers the dreamstate, going with the flow and trusting that the universe will provide. On minute you’re throwing paint on the canvas like the scepter of Jackson Pollock, the next, you’re tearing up the canvas and falling asleep with paint on your face. Expect to have many starts and stops this week, and try to accept this as part of the process. On Tuesday, the 5th, messenger Mercury joins the mix, moving into Pisces until April 12, and making your thoughts reel a mile a minute. Aiiiigh!! You’re going to need to quiet that overactive brain of yours this week, which will require you to get physical. Think: moving meditation. A gentle yoga class can work for SOME Aries, but most of you are too impatient to hold those postures. Turn on music and go for a powerwalk, jump in a vigorous spin class, or surrender to the DJ and lose yourself on the dance floor. The twelfth house rules completions, and this cosmic triad will give the urge to clear the decks and overturn life as you know it. Easy does it, Ram. While detoxifying your life is a fine idea this week, you want to pace yourself so you don’t do anything you regret. Think before you start loading up the Hefty bags with family heirlooms, de-friending people on Facebook or tendering a resignation letter. You’ve seen your rash actions backfire before. Make sure you are really ready to let go, not just looking for an emergency exit to avoid uncomfortable feelings. Remember: wherever you go, there you are. You’d be better off sitting still and parsing through the challenging feelings that arise than trying to escape from them. A helpful mentor, coach, spiritual advisor or therapist will make all the difference. After all, the twelfth house is all about surrendering to support and the wisdom of others. Yes, Aries, that may be the hardest part to swallow since you’re such a DIY diva. Newsflash: Vulnerability is not a sign of weakness. There’s a reason why all the top athletes have coaches and why the POTUS has a team of advisors. Seek your own personal Yoda(s); finding people to lean on could be the best thing to come of the week. They shouldn’t be too hard to locate either. On Sunday the 10th, the new moon in Aquarius activates the team player in you. Your social network beckons you into the fold and you’ll find enjoyment again in collaborating with others. What do you need? Let your friends be your search party. They might know just the person to introduce you to. A solo project that’s moving at a snail’s pace would benefit from some extra hands and the input of great minds. Start assembling your dream team. The collective could become more formal by the corresponding full moon on July 22. Got an idea for a website, online store, or blog? The techie beams of this new moon give you the green light to start developing. Plan to hit the launch button on July 22 for maximum reach; or, if you are up and running sooner, publicize your e-offerings near that date.




Keep your mind on your money, Aquarius, because this week you could burn it as fast as you earn it. Energetic Mars and foggy Neptune align in Pisces and your second house of finances all week, pulling you in two very different directions. Mars gets you pumped up: you’ll definitely be in an ambitious zone, ready to roll up your sleeves and do what it takes to get the job done. Neptune, on the other hand, can cloud your judgment or make you prone to retail therapy. Together these planets could lead you down the garden path to an expensive purchase or investment that doesn’t bring a great ROI. Fortunately, thoughtful Mercury joins the Pisces party from Tuesday the 5th until April 12, helping you clarify budget and fiscal strategy. How can you combine Mars’ get-up-and-go drive with Neptune’s soulful creativity? Let’s start brainstorming, says Mercury. You may want to find a more meaningful way to earn your daily bread, or add an altruistic or creative component to the work that you do. This week would be a fine time to map out your projected 2013 budget using software like mint.com, mvelopes.com or by working with a bookkeeper, financial coach or advisor. Having a clear plan in place can ease your troubled mind. If you’re underearning, this is a good week to start shopping around for a new gig or to sign up for a class that fills in the holes in your resume. Of course, growing your income isn’t just about tightening your belt or depriving yourself of luxury, Aquarius—although a few such measures may be necessary this week. Visualizing abundance is also part of the equation. Check out Danielle Laporte’s The Desire Map, “a multimedia guide to what you want most.” (http://www.daniellelaporte.com/thedesiremap); or ponder the words of Napoleon Hill in Think And Grow Rich, a guide to the law of attraction before anyone named it as such. Although most Aquarians aren’t materialistic (quite the contrary, you tend towards the bohemian end of the spectrum), the alignment of Mars, Mercury and Neptune sends out a planetary PSA that money is a powerful tool to work with. Sunday the 10th marks the date of your cosmic New Year. The new moon in Aquarius pushes the refresh button on your internal browser, helping you see the world with a fresh pair of eyes. This is a powerful day for planting seeds on your own behalf. What changes do you want to make in your life between now and the corresponding full moon on July 22? This is ground zero of your brand new life, Aquarius, so harness the lunar magic to get the first steps in motion. You might decide to “re-brand” yourself starting this weekend, too. Does your image reflect your inner reality? Be it your wardrobe, hairstyle, or professional materials, make sure they reflect the current version of you. If you’ve been working behind the scenes, this new moon nudges you out of hiding and into the public eye. Welcome back, Water Bearer!



Honesty may be the best policy, Cancer, but this week your truth bombs could find people running for shelter. That’s because a completely awkward trio of planets will cluster together in Pisces and your candid ninth house. The cosmic cast: Mars, Neptune and Mercury. Mars is a hothead, and in this house it not only makes you argumentative but it also gives you “open mouth, insert foot” syndrome. Neptune, on the other hand, is elusive and vague…but even if you try to be diplomatic, you might just dig yourself into a hole and turn fifty shades of crimson. And Mercury just makes you talk nonstop and overanalyze everything. Eek! While you may have the best of intentions with your desire to clear the air or call it like you see it, your efforts at sincerity could seriously backfire. This is a tricky time for any heart to heart talks, Cancer. If you can stall for a week, please do, even if you feel like you’re burning up inside. Your best bet might be to go on sabbatical for the week or take a breather from the tension by putting a relationship on ice for a minute. A change of scenery is something this cosmic trio would love, especially with Mars’ adventurism and Neptune’s escapism. Midwinter vacation, anyone? You’ll also feel the pull towards mingling multiculturally and could find yourself enveloped in a crowd of people very unlike your own kin. Again, a word to the wise on your outspokenness: sharing every observation aloud is not advised when you’re a fish out of water. You may feel the sting of cultural insensitivity yourself this week, a moment where you actually SHOULD speak up and educate the offending parties on the error of their ways. As difficult as it may be, try to extend the benefit of the doubt. Perhaps they really are just ignorant and not total idiots, Cancer. Burning off stress with sports can bring a huge release, but avoid anything that falls in the “extreme” category. Rash Mars and foggy Neptune could make you careless. If you’re going to try the rock-climbing wall or indoor trapeze class, do triple check your safety harness, then go forth and play. On Sunday the 10th, the new moon in Aquarius (and your seductive eighth house) lights your erotic fire. The planetary PSA: it’s time to bring sexy back, Cancer. A weekend shopping trip to Agent Provocateur may be just what the doctor ordered, especially if you have a captive audience for a delicious striptease. If you’ve been avoiding the dating scene for a while, this new moon lures you back. Seeing someone? The stakes get higher under this lunar light, and you’ll need to know for certain: are they in or are they out? You might deliver a gentle ultimatum on Sunday or decide mentally what your cutoff point will be. New moons are starting points, but the seeds you plant may take until the corresponding full moon to bloom. How would you like a relationship to grow by July 22, the date of the Aquarius full moon? Since the eighth house plays for keeps, visualize yourself putting a ring on it…or some ink on a contract that binds you more permanently with a partner-in-crime. Financially, this new moon opens you up for some big money opportunities like investments, commission checks, or funds made through a network-marketing model. Think: passive income streams, Cancer. How can you make money in your sleep? Start brainstorming and see what opportunities your social network can provide.



Caution: mixed signals ahead! This week, a trio of planets—Mars, Neptune and Mercury—huddle together in Pisces and your third house of communication. Mars is aggressive, giving you the drive to debate and assert yourself with extra oomph. This could cause more than one confrontation for you, Capricorn, so think twice before you make any incendiary remarks. Neptune, on the other hand, tends to be passive and prone to secrecy. You may be struck with major pangs of guilt for being so forthright or find yourself compelled to cover things up at the oddest moments. And Mercury just makes you overanalyze everything. As your thoughts will be racing a mile a minute this week, it’s important that you stop and breathe. Head to a yoga class, take fresh air breaks and go on mini walks between tasks (without talking on your cell phone, please), download a meditation track and just close your eyes at your desk for thirty seconds while it plays. These little resets will go a long way to keep you centered. This trifecta of planets could affect your partnerships as well, particularly the platonic ones like creative collaborators, BFFs, and people you’re doing business with. It’s all too easy to misread people’s signal this week, so make no snap judgments, Capricorn. Tension may be amplified, especially if you are overly pushy or aren’t forthcoming in your communication style. But used in the right balance, the Mars-Neptune-Mercury combo could give you major magnetism and appeal. Strategically drop an idea into the conversation (Mercury) and speak about it passionately so people’s attention perks up (Mars); then, pull back and leave them wondering and wanting more (Neptune). You might just be inking a deal before the week is through. On Sunday the 10th, the new moon in Aquarius energizes your second house of income. The focus turns to one of your sign’s favorite subjects: abundance! How can you amp up your earnings by the corresponding full moon on July 22? If you’re on the hunt for a new job, spend Sunday tweaking and submitting your resume, getting your LinkedIn profile up to snuff, and shopping for an interview outfit. Maybe you just want to move up the ladder at your existing job. How can you pitch the idea of a promotion to the powers that be? Strategize. If there’s any additional training required, enroll yourself in the requisite course so you can be completely confident when it’s time to make your big ask. If you’re the one who signs your own paychecks (as many enterprising Capricorns are), this new moon gets the wheels turning for a business expansion. Finding a steady stream of income is important for you, so target clients or customers who will sign on as regulars; you might even design a package deal to woo them. On the personal front, this new moon directs you to stop and smell the roses. Where has life grown overly complex, interfering with your ability to relax and be sensual? Prune the wild overgrowth, Capricorn, and follow the rule of KISS: Keep It Simple Sweetheart.



Peplum blazer or polka dot pajamas? The week unfolds with a bizarre mashup of Mars and Neptune in Pisces and your tenth house of career. Go-getter Mars makes you a boardroom superstar, pumped up and ready for success. Hazy Neptune wants to escape from the grind, dreaming up brilliant ideas in your bedroom or while chatting with friends at a bar. One minute you’re fired up and ready to play the game, the next, you’re MIA. Here’s hoping you don’t leave anyone important in the lurch. Fortunately, your ruling planet Mercury comes to the rescue when it joins the Pisces party from this Tuesday, February 5 until April 12. Sharp and efficient, Mercury helps you organize your thoughts. Which of your many ambitions are truly in line with your desires? While ecletic Geminis might dream of being corporate executives one minute and bakery owners the next, Mercury insists that you pick a lane. You may have to sacrifice something that you love so that you can enjoy something that you love even more. Rather than scatter your energy in a thousand directions, pick one mission and give it your all. In the right balance, this trio of planets can bring incredible results: Mars gives you drive, Mercury sharpens your mind and Neptune helps you think outside the box. Bring that innovative-creative energy to your career this week and you could make a huge leap up the ladder of success. You’ll have to apply this balancing act to your relationships with the important men in your life. The tenth house governs the goodfellas you know, and the Mars-Neptune combo could definitely make waves. Mars makes you testy…are you picking a fight with him again, Gemini, just to get a reaction? Neptune can make you prone to paranoia, so get the facts before you react. And together, these two planets can give you a scorching addiction to the bad boys. You know what they say about playing with fire though…don’t tell us we didn’t give you a proper burn notice. Wanderlust strikes this weekend, thanks to the new moon in Aquarius and your jetsetting ninth house. What part of the world will you explore next, Gemini? Get plans in motion for an epic trip that you take by the corresponding full moon in Aquarius on July 22. It might be fun to drive across country in an Airstream trailer, visit an ashram in India, or float down the French Riviera. Let your imagination soar. This new moon could spark an exciting cross-cultural connection, too. Keep your ears peeled for spicy accents. Many Geminis are writers and mediamakers. Do you have an idea for a book or a documentary film? Sunday brings a cosmic prompt to get the ball rolling on such projects. If your soul is thirsting for growth and expansion, this erudite new moon encourages you to enroll in a course of study. Curious Gemini is a lifelong learner and Sunday could send you down a fascinating new path of exploration. You might just become a pro on the subject, and possibly even a teacher of it, over the next six months.



Should you lay it all bare or remain a mystery? That is the dilemma this week, thanks to a schizo mashup of Mars and Neptune in Pisces and your seductive eighth house. With brash, bold Mars in the mix, subtlety may be lost on you; you’ll feel more like a pouncing lion than a purring one…especially when you’re turned on (which will be often this week). But Neptune likes to play the cat-and-mouse games, making you wonder if maybe you should play hard to get instead of being so obvious. Can you blame people for being confused by you, Leo? Not really! You’re definitely guilty of sending out mixed signals this week, which can cause the object of your affections to freeze in his/her tracks. Plus, you’ll find yourself inexplicably drawn to the player types…daring Mars and shadowy Neptune love an air of danger. Fortunately, communication planet Mercury comes to the rescue on Tuesday the 5th, when it stations itself in Pisces until April 12. In this position, Mercury makes you savvy and strategic…not to mention intuitive. You may feel like you can read people’s minds this week, and you’ll definitely be aware of the charm you hold over them. Use your powers for good, Leo, as it would be all too easy to manipulate people to do your bidding. They’ll catch on eventually though and resent you for it–never a good thing. This could be an incredibly sexy week for you, Leo, so if you’ve got a good one on the line, hang the Do Not Disturb sign and enjoy some intimate bonding behind closed doors. Single Lions may be processing some intense emotions about your past romantic situations. Don’t let the tidal wave of emotions overtake you. Keep a supportive friend (or three) on speed dial and talk things out and remind you that no, it would NOT be a good idea to run back to your toxic ex just because you’re afraid of growing old alone. Financially, this planetary trifecta advises you to proceed on all deals with caution. Mars can make you impulsive while Neptune can conceal some important details. Lean into Mercury’s “just the facts ma’am” approach and let sound judgment (not your emotions) inform when you reach into your bag for your wallet…and when you keep it tucked away. Happy news for your love life arrives on Sunday the 10th when the new moon in Aquarius energizes your seventh house of relationships. Valentine’s Day could start a little early for you, thanks to this new moon. A flirty connection could turn into a real deal romance near Sunday. If you’ve been dating someone for a while, talks could turn to when you’ll put a ring on it. Been together for ages? The desire to co-create and kick off a new phase in your union is activated by the new moon. Single Leos will feel revved up about the relationship game. Rather than entertaining the casual connections, you’ll feel the urge to play for keeps again. Remember that new moons are initiators of six-month cycles. Pace yourself. You have until the corresponding full moon on July 22 to work with this lunar magic. Business partnerships and creative collaborations will also benefit from this new moon. It’s time to make your unions more official, maybe even inking a contract to signify this!



Call in the project managers! Staying on top of the details won’t be easy this week, thanks to a befuddling trio of planets—Mars, Mercury and Neptune–in your sixth house of efficiency. Mars ramps up your ambition, making you a bit of a taskmaster, bossing around the troops. Mercury works well with Mars, helping you organize your thoughts and get a plan in motion. But the wrench in the works comes from Neptune, whose dreamy, go-with-the-flow influence can make your direction hazy. It’s not quite time to hit that launch button, Libra, not until you’ve thoroughly re-checked every aspect of your plan. Also, Neptune reminds you to be imaginative. Your agenda may be airtight, but if it’s lacking creativity, the mission will fall flat. You might take time to add those extra flourishes this week. The bells-and-whistles are what separate the good from the great, as you well know. Be careful about making too many commitments. Your health could be compromised if you overtax yourself. Neptune can lead to martyr syndrome…did you REALLY just saddle yourself with one more obligatory task, Libra?! Mars can make you overshoot the mark, burning yourself out in the process. Better you should leave some holes in your schedule instead of packing yourself in too tight. Downtime refreshes you and is essential to keeping you productive—remember that before you plan to barrel through without a break. On Sunday the 10th, the new moon in Aquarius shoots a love-dipped arrow right into your fifth house of romance. Valentine’s Day comes a little early for you this year, Libra, as this new moon gets you back into an amorous headspace (and heartspace). A fresh chapter is opening up for your love life now, one which will unfold deliciously between now and the corresponding full moon in Aquarius on July 22. If you’re single, dust yourself off and get back out onto the playing field. Zhush your online profile with snappy lines and sultry new photos, the new moon in techie Aquarius could bring a hi-speed connection via the Internet. Ask your friends to play matchmaker too: Aquarius is the sign of social networking after all, and this new moon can deliver a blind date through one mere degree of separation. Coupled? Bring more playful and glamorous energy to your union. Take on the role of date planner for the next few weeks to get the ball rolling. Dressing up and painting the town together will bring out the best in you since Libras love to see and be seen. This is a fertile new moon too, so baby fever may strike some Libras. If you have kids, find new ways to bond and be a part of their lives in their current evolution. Being more of a hands-on parent will feel quite fulfilling under the weekend’s lunar vibes. This new moon could also bring a sudden shot at fame. Want to make a name for yourself? Let the publicity efforts begin! Six months from now people might just be stopping you on the street for an autograph or to give you props for your latest and greatest ideas.




Makeover magic or identity crisis? On Tuesday, February 5, expressive Mercury sails into Pisces, forming a bizarre trifecta with aggro Mars and your ruling planet, dreamy Neptune. This is going to be one surreal week for you, Fish, so brace yourself for some tidal waves. One moment Mars pumps you up with spicy confidence as you boldly assert your ideas and fearlessly challenge people on theirs. The next moment, Neptune serves you a guilt trip and you’re hugging thy enemy, apologizing for making him “feel bad.” If people find you, er, confusing, you really can’t blame them a bit. It’s important to do the checks and balances before you put yourself out there. You’re a sensitive soul, after all, and people’s criticism can cut you to the core. Before you go into battle, make sure it’s really worth the fight. Unless you really feel like carrying the issue through to the end, don’t even bother opening the can of worms. At the end of the day, most Pisces would prefer to make love, not war. You need an outlet to fly your freak flag, no doubt about that…but get comfortable doing so with supportive people first. And remember that there’s a time and a place for everything. As a mutable sign, you have the planets permission to be a shape shifter (some of you even live a double life). You don’t have to rock the same look 24/7 in order to be true to yourself…or should we say, selves, Pisces. Embrace the multidimensionality of the human experience instead of trying on a one-size-fits-all MO this week. Break out the canvas, set up the sewing machine or recording equipment, write poetry in a French cafe. The Mercury-Mars-Neptune trio gets your passions into action. Stop procrastinating when it comes to your creativity. If you need a boost, tuck into Julia Cameron’s classic, “The Artist’s Way.” On Sunday the 10th, the new moon in Aquarius and your twelfth house of completions helps you release an outmoded part of your life. This new moon is a detoxifier: from the food you eat to the conversations you “ingest,” what is causing you more harm than good? It can be tough to let go of our vices, especially for Pisces who likes to live on the edge. So pick one this weekend and take it on. Maybe you eliminate sugar from your diet for thirty days to see how your health improves or declare seven days of no complaining. Your subconscious mind is highly activated under this lunar spell. Organize a vision-boarding party for the weekend and let those pictures say a thousand words about the year you want to create. Where you struggle in life, this new moon says, “Get a mentor!” If money burns a hold in your pocket, work with a financial coach; if that gym equipment confounds you, get a trainer. Everything becomes easy when you enlist a pro to teach you the steps and show you the light.



If life imitates art, you may feel like you’re stuck in an episode of Glee this week. That’s because energetic Mars, expressive Mercury, and imaginative Neptune are traveling close together through Pisces and your fifth house of drama from Tuesday the 5th on. Um, lights, camera, action? Hmmm. Although Mars and Mercury make you a bit of an attention whore, Neptune’s influence can make you decidedly camera shy. Part of you is dying to fly your freak flag and boldly put yourself on display while another part of you wants to go scurrying behind the curtain to hide. Don’t force yourself onto center stage if you don’t quite feel ready. Next week, you may find it a lot easier to stand in the limelight. Start a Pinterest board instead of giving yourself a radical makeover. You’ll want to sit with those impulsive ideas before you try them on for size. By the same token, don’t fall into the trap of being overly modest. If people are giving you accolades take your bow and let them know you appreciate their applause! This trio of planets can send your love life on a Loop-De-Loop rollercoaster ride all week, too. One minute Mars makes you hotter than hot, the next, escapist Neptune makes you want to bolt for the nearest exit. Not only are you a bit confusing to your romantic pursuers, but you could easily misread their signals, taking their every action personally and blowing up without just cause. Keep a supportive and levelheaded friend on speed dial this week: you’ll need to be talked down from that tree on more than one occasion! Since the fifth house rules fertility, you’ll want to plan and protect accordingly, especially with rash Mars and flaky Neptune in the mix. (Did you take that pill this morning, or didn’t you? Double check!) The trio of planets in this sector could see you giving birth to true creative genius this week, too. Neptune brings the imagination, Mercury the strategy, and Mars the horsepower. Pull out the art supplies or musical equipment and get to it! On Sunday the 10th, a new moon in Aquarius activates your nesting instincts. Your desire to put down roots could intensify, something that’s incredibly important to your security-minded sign. If you’re ready to move, la luna will motivate you, so pore over those real estate listings as you sip your Sunday morning espresso. Love where you live? It’s been said that a good house is never done, so give your digs a mini makeover. A fresh coat of paint or some lively wallpaper can brighten up a dull room. Your connection to a family member, or your family as a whole, comes into focus with this new moon too. Between now and corresponding full moon in Aquarius on July 22, you could make major headway in this department, strengthening the bonds you share with your fam. Female relatives in particular come into focus now, so if you have any healing to do with a woman who shares your DNA, Sunday is the moment to get started on that journey. It may take time, but stay committed, Scorpio. Small and consistent actions will rebuild trust and bring back the love.



Domestic bliss will wax and wane this week, thanks to a wacky trifecta of planets bundled together in Pisces and your fourth house of home and family. Mars, Neptune, and Mercury are the players in this cast–three planets whose energies don’t gel in the most natural way. Mars is both energizing and aggravating, getting you excited about home improvement projects one minute and totally annoyed by the people under your roof the next. (Temper, temper!) Neptune brings out the martyr in you, leaving you weighted down with family obligations, trying to play peacemaker and running yourself ragged for relatives. Mercury amplifies your propensity for tactlessness: do you HAVE to spew out every observation you see about your family? Oof. You might just want to pack your bags and go on a solocation for a few nights. At the very least, you might put off plans to convert the spare bedroom into a home gym or stage an intervention with your slacking sister until next week when the cosmic vibes are less intense. And caution: there could be some real mood swings ahead, Sagittarius! You’ll be riding that emotional rollercoaster this week so take time to honor your feelings and dissect them instead of sweeping them under the rug…or worse, ignoring them until you blow up on innocent bystanders. Mars can aggravate buried tension while Mercury helps you analyze and Neptune amplifies your desire to heal. A therapy session could be life altering, as could a session with a holistic healer, shaman or spiritual counselor. Supportive women are your rescue remedy, too. Call on the ladies in your life if you need some sanity checks. Just make sure you listen, Sag! You can be a bit of a know-it-all, especially when you’re feeling vulnerable. They don’t need to hear you vent or preach, so keep it real and admit that you need help finding answers. On Sunday the 10th, the new moon in Aquarius energizes your third house of communication, opening up a fresh six-month cycle in your life. Learning new methods to talk, share, and listen to people could become a fascination and even something you study over the next six months. Consider a Toastmaster’s workshop, acting class, or professional media training. This new moon may herald an exciting partnership, bringing the perfect candidate for a tag team effort. No need to send out the search parties to find them. The third house rules local activity, so your “other half” may be closer to home than you think, perhaps a sibling, neighbor, or existing coworker. Do you have an idea for a workshop or a mobile app? Now’s the time to develop it and launch under the light of the Aquarius full moon on July 22. Your commuting schedule could shift under this new moon’s influence. Some Sagittarians may find themselves at the dealership this weekend, shopping for a new set of wheels or selling the car you never really use.



Group activities are both energizing and exhausting this week. That’s because go-getter Mars and foggy Neptune mash it up in Pisces and your eleventh house of teamwork, pulling you in two decidedly opposing directions. Mars hands you the bullhorn and pom-poms, making you the spirit-finger waving cheerleader of the bunch. But Neptune is the martyr, making you prone to guilt trips; you could easily overburden yourself by taking too many obligations instead of sharing the load with your teammates. It’s a balancing act for sure so you’ll have to monitor your participation carefully. Fortunately, logical Mercury enters the mix on Tuesday the 5th, joining Mars and Neptune in Pisces until April 12. The mental planet helps you organize your thoughts and communicate your needs. Speak up and ask for support! Delegate duties and don’t just fall into de facto project manager mode. Remember too that many hands make light work. If you’re struggling solo, call for backup. You might be surprised by who steps up to the plate, so drop your assumptions and reach out. On a more personal level, be careful not to absorb the emotions of the people around you. Mars can aggravate tension while Neptune can make you a psychic sponge. It’s not your job to make everyone happy or to solve their problems, Bull! Getting in the middle—even if you’re trying to play peacemaker—can exacerbate tension instead of resolving it.You’ll certainly be a social butterfly with this cosmic trifecta in the skies. Your sales skills are off the charts and you could knock it out of the park with a presentation. Is the tech sector calling your name? An online venture such as an e-commerce site or eBay store could help you bring home a fresh supply of bacon; you might get a genius idea for an app you want to develop. On Sunday, February 10, the new moon in Aquarius brings a fresh wave of support for your career. What are your grand goals for the year ahead? Your ambitious nature is stoked by this lunar event, and you might spend time this weekend making a wish list and vision board to further clarify your desires. A career triumph could be crystallized by the corresponding full moon on July 22. If you need a shot of motivation, try working with a coach or taking a productivity seminar that can help you stay aligned with your big picture plans. Helpful men enter the picture too, so stay open to support from the fellas! This new moon marks the beginning of a new chapter with a guy in your life. Let bygones be bygones and see what Phase 2.0 of your bond has in store.



You love them, you love them not: what’s it going to be, Virgo? There’s no easy answer this week as a confusing trio of planets—Mars, Neptune and Mercury–huddle together in Pisces and your seventh house of relationships. Hot-blooded Mars says, “let’s get on with this show!” making you all to eager to put a ring on it and race to the proverbial alter. But elusive Neptune gives you a cause of claustrophobia, making you want to swim in the complete opposite direction from the object of your affections. Mercury makes you overthink things: what DID s/he really mean when she said X? Aaagh! Well, Virgo, you might just be guilty of sending people mixed messages this week. We beg of you, don’t make any rash decisions about the future of a partnership, be it for romance, finance or another purpose. This week, your in-and-out urge is revolving like the front door of Macy’s on Black Friday. You could spin out trying to figure what the future holds. How about embracing the power of now instead? If you relax and enjoy the moment, this week could bring some sexy surprises. Hawt! The combo of randy Mars, experimental Mercury and fantasy-fueled Neptune could deliver a dream date of the fairy tale variety…and let’s not even TALK about the afterparty in your boudoir. You might feel pressured to drop your guard, and frankly, it wouldn’t be the worst idea to succumb. If you’ve been keeping a perfectly good person at arm’s length, this cosmic configuration could actually help to melt the iceberg. Take a chance on romance, especially if it’s been in your face for a while. Again, no one is telling you to envision monogrammed towels, co-branded logos or china patterns. Just let things progress a little, would ya? On Sunday the 10th, the new moon in Aquarius and your sixth house of health blows the whistle on your energy-zapping habits. It’s officially cleanup time: from the junk food cluttering your cupboards to the excess commitments crowding your schedule to the files on your virtual and actual desktop. This new moon kicks off an efficiency mission, helping you to streamline your processes so you have more time to relax, get out into nature, and take wonderful care of your body, mind and spirit. Shimmy into those yoga pants and crosstrainers while you’re at it; set the juicer up on your countertop. With the vitality-enhancing power of this new moon, there’s no better time to get a health kick in motion. Or, switch up your exercise routine before it gets stale. Mix some Kundalini yoga in with the kickboxing, and get your friends involved too. This new moon is in Aquarius which is the social, team player of the zodiac. Getting in shape will be a lot easier—not to mention livelier—when you’re powering to those goals with your posse.


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