Weekly Horoscopes



With the moon, Mars and Neptune huddled in poetic Pisces until Wednesday the 13th, you could give Rumi a run for his money. Harness this power and write an epic love letter to the person who makes your heart go a-flutter. Your devout sentiment says more than any foil-wrapped chocolates every will. Still searching for your twin soul? Write the letter anyway, an open invitation for your future other half to show up and say hello already. The Law of Attraction is definitely working in your favor early this week, so do some visualization exercises about the way you’d like to feel when you’ve met The One, or simply how you’d like your February 14 to go. You might deliver your thoughtful love note a day early though. On the 14th, the moon will be in Aries, putting you in a far less sentimental groove. That said, you are still the star of The St. Valentine’s Show and a bright light; for some people you’ll even be “too much.” C’est la vie, Ram. You’ll never survive a relationship that requires you to suppress yourself. Weed out the weak and find someone who can handle full-throttle you. With the moon in your sign, you could also be the ringleader of celebrations. Don’t get hung up on the schmaltzy candlelight dinner a deux. You’ll have more fun being rowdy and raucous with a group of friends or a few other couples. Check the comedy club circuit as well as open mic nights. You might even find yourself on stage reading an entry from your teen journal and snagging first prize for your hilarious (and brave!) performance. Of course if your date was hoping for some one-on-one time, you may have to compromise (no easy task when the moon is in your sign) and duck of for some private moments. Give your beloved a spot of undivided attention and remember the little things like holding hands and giving him/her first dibs at being your partner for that karaoke duet or round of drinking games. If you’re single, you’ll love it on the 14th since the Aries moon makes you uber-magnetic. Dress up and hit the town with a “sisters before misters” mantra. Your devil-may-care attitude only makes you more attractive and they’ll be lining up to buy you Cosmos. Try not to break too many hearts! This weekend, your ruling planet Mars connects to Saturn, portending a necessary goodbye. It’s time to stop rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic and admit that a certain ship happens to be sinking. Throw yourself a life raft and row away. This is not a failure, Aries, but rather a clearing away of the old and outmoded. You might just funnel the feelings into a creative outlet, turning your heartache into a future number one song.



Paging Lady Mary and Lord Matthew! If life imitates art, you may feel as if you just time-traveled back to the Downton Abbey era. You’re in an outright old-fashioned mood as the week begins thanks to the moon linking up with three planets in your slow-and-sensual second house. Suddenly, the zodiac’s rule breaker wants to play things by the books…wha? Slowing down and enjoying the moment suddenly seems like a fine idea. Tap the brakes if a relationship is moving too fast or if money seems to be burning a hole in your pocket. Moving at a decelerated pace will give you a chance to get your bearings again. Before you push ahead with any epic plans, get a clear sense of what you’re working with. Revamp your budget, organize your schedule so it syncs up with reality (remember, there are 24 hours in a day, not 48) and bow out of activities that aren’t in alignment with your current values. You may ask other people to step up a bit too, but remember, Aquarius, these requests cut both ways. Are you prepared to follow those guidelines yourself? It’s only fair. Don’t paint yourself–or anyone else–into a corner by being too severe. And before you go making your V-Day reservations at that restaurant with the lace curtains and starched white tablecloths, know that this uptight planetary pull will be strongest from Monday the 11th through Wednesday the 13th. On Valentine’s Day, the moon zips into Aries and your feisty, funloving third house. Unbind yourself from that cosmic corset and loosen up! You might even prefer the company of your friends over any intense romantic dates this Thursday; at the very least, meet up with your crew after you’ve had your candlelight dinner. Single? Gather around the communal table at your favorite restaurant or enjoy a wild adventure on the town, hopping from club to club, enjoying the open bars and complimentary bon-bons as you go. You’ll be an irrepressible flirt, thanks to the Aries moon, but the “kiss and run” approach might be all you can bear to handle. (Read: you plant a kiss on them, then sweep off to the next venue like a renegade Cinderella.) Loveplanet Venus happens to be in Aquarius this Valentine’s Day, making you desire greater independence too. Although Venus increases your magnetism, you’ll feel suffocated by anyone who clings to you like a barnacle. Feeling like your sweetie’s BFF seems far more romantic than faking some soap-opera-style deep-eye gazing. (Gag!) Hold fast to the principle that the couple who plays together stays together. Get out and goof off together. Laughter is the best medicine in the love doctor’s pharmacy this Valentine’s Day. Home is where your heart is this weekend…and maybe your hard hat too. A Mars-Saturn trine gets in you the mood to renovate. Maybe it’s time to assemble those floor-to-ceiling bookshelves or to knock out some drywall and create a more open plan in one area of your apartment. Map it out before you start swinging any hammers though. You might decide that your budget and timeline really only allow for cosmetic adjustments like a fresh coat of paint or some cool salvaged molding. Rome wasn’t built in a day, and neither was your dream home, so do what’s manageable instead of getting overly ambitious.



Luck be a Cancer tonight! From Monday the 11th until Wednesday the 13th, the moon joins Mercury, Mars and Neptune in Pisces and your ninth house of good fortune. You’ve got the magic touch early this week, a great time to take a gamble on one of your dreams. Entrepreneurial ventures are blessed by this cosmic quadrant so put some energy into a business idea like that raw juice delivery service or the hair accessories company you’ve been running out of your apartment. Got a book in you? Publishing ventures are blessed all week, so jump in that memoir writing class or devote some spare time to working out the chapter outline. Long-distance and cross-cultural connections could solidify in a thrilling way. You may get serious about joining forces with someone from another part of the world, either personally or professionally. Import/export business, anyone? Is your calendar still clear for Valentine’s Day? You’ll have the pluck and mojo to be the asker instead of the asked, so radar in on a good candidate and invite him/her to celebrate Cupid’s big day with you. With the international influence afoot, your date might even come with a sexy accent. On Valentine’s Day, the moon will have moved on to Aries putting you in workerbee mode. With everything that’s piled on your plate, you may be tempted to call off your plans and stay late at the office to meet a demanding deadline. Don’t! Loveplanet Venus is slinking through your sensual eighth house indicating that a memorable (and oh-so-hot) makeout session could be one of Cupid’s gifts to you this year. But first, dress up and get a little fancy. The moon-Venus angle brings a seen-and-be-seen energy to your celebrations. Think: drinks at Le Bain, dinner at French Laundry or a night at a suite at The Chateau Marmont. (You might just run into fellow Cancer Lindsay Lohan while you’re there.) Okay, we realize not every Cancer wants to walk the celebutante-hipster path. Just find your way to a venue that shows off your cultured sensibilities and pick a restaurant that puts the “epic” in epicurean. This weekend, cue the Madonna and express yourself! A Mars-Saturn trine gives you the courage to live your truth loud and proud. You might expect people to be shocked by your “dramatic” revelations, but what’s more surprising is how few jaws actually hit the floor. Turns out people already see the real you. If you haven’t found a supportive community close to home, venture out. There are others like you, Cancer, people who share your interests and lifestyle choices. Seek them out this weekend; it will be such a relief to let your hair down!



“What we speak becomes the house we live in,” wrote Persian poet Hafiz. With the moon joining Mercury, Mars and Neptune in your communication sector until Wednesday the 13th, you’ll want to make every word count. Pay attention to what you’re saying, and what automatic thoughts arise in your observant mind. Are you condemning people for their mistakes instead of seeking to understand? Are you being a little too quick to label a situation bad or wrong before you’ve really examined its true essence? Your discernment is one of your greatest strengths, Capricorn, but you can also fall prey to elitism. Early this week, you may discover that you’ve written off a truly remarkable person. It’s a humbling thing to realize, but make attempts at a do-over. This could be the start of a beautiful friendship, and who knows what else! This cosmic quartet in Pisces brings out your flirty streak, so if you haven’t scored your 2013 Valentine, get out on the prowl! Through Wednesday, you could meet a date anywhere from the gym to the espresso stand—a good reason to be aware of your surroundings instead of losing yourself in your iPhone while you’re out and about. Some Caps may decide to ask a friend to be your Thursday-night date, opting for a romance-free, fun-filled V-Day that’s all about celebrating love in its many forms. You’ll have quite a way with words early this week, so if you do have a sweetie, put pen to paper and compose an old-fashioned love letter to deliver along with that heart-shaped box of chocolates. You can be clever and humorous if sappy isn’t your schtick (it usually isn’t for your sign). Just make sure your honey knows how special s/he is to you. On February 14, the moon will be in Aries and your sentimental fourth house. You can’t help but get a little weepy this Valentine’s Day, whether you’re shedding tears of appreciation or feeling a little frustrated that you have yet to meet The One. It’s okay to get emotional, O’ Stoic One but try not to put too much weight on this one day of the year—especially since V-Day 2013 does NOT have the most romantic of planetary action going on. With the moon in Taurus and your passionate fifth house for most of the weekend, you might even shelve celebrations till then! But Thursday’s lunar energy awakens your epicurean lust, so if you want to celebrate St. Valentine, make reservations at that haute cuisine hotspot and enjoy the sensuality of their tasting menu. If you’re single, rally a few other lonely hearts for a festive meal. Some restaurants may be serving a fun Anti-Valentine’s Day dinner—a cheeky twist that will buoy your spirits. You might even feel the sparks with another romantic rebel who is there, cursing Cupid over a four-course meal. Celebrating at home with an aphrodisiac-themed dinner would be delightful as well. Just don’t get carried away with the preparations. You want to enjoy some affection, not spend the whole night slaving over a hot stove. And like we mentioned, if Valentine’s Day is a bust, fear not. Circle Friday night through Sunday afternoon for avenging Cupid’s lackluster offerings. The Taurus moon gets you pumped up about love and fearless about pursuing it for most of the weekend. Take the bull by the horns and hit a speed-dating event, dress up and go dancing, or surprise your sweetie with an overnight trip out of town.



Cupid who? With the moon plus three planets in your career house through the 13th, you may be too busy dealing with work obligations to give Valentine’s Day much thought. Screen out distractions and keep your nose to the grindstone, even if you’d rather go shopping for a sexy LBD than work on that sales presentation. Some important eyes are on you early this week, so aim to impress! Make executive level decisions that play to your professional strengths rather than pandering to your deep-seated desire for distraction. You could shatter the glass ceiling at long last, finding yourself comfortably ensconced in a new position of power. Okay, so what about Thursday the 14th? Ignoring it altogether is not an option for your romance-loving sign. Fortunately, loveplanet Venus is touring Aquarius and your spontaneous ninth house this week, helping you cobble together a fun and memorable last-minute plan. You might even celebrate a few extra miles out of town! A quick overnight visit or a date with a cutie from a different city could bring the very spirit of adventure your heart is craving. Or, pile into the car with your friends and go for a drive. You might even rent a hotel room for the night so you can stay up late dancing or at a show and still get sufficient sleep so you can drive back to work at the crack of dawn. Don’t force this V-Day to register as The Most Romantic Day Of Your Life, however. The moon will be in Aries and your eleventh house of groups indicating that you might have more fun gathered around a communal table with your seven closest pals than locked into a penetrating eye gaze with your one-and-only. If you’re in a relationship, you may still want to go this route, merging your celebration (or at least part of it) with a few other couples’. No matter what the size your party winds up being, a fun and lighthearted evening works best. Hit the comedy club circuit, take a tango class, get your single friends together and go bowling in your formalwear. Envisioning your ex’s head on the king pin (strike!) can be such a release, plus your entourage is sure to attract attention from neighboring lanes. Talk to strangers and flirt away! Your spontaneity could lead you to the arms of love when (and where) you least expect it this V-Day. This weekend, it’s Mission: Efficiency time. You’re feeling the desire to improve your career and also to get your smokin’ hot bod back into fighting shape. But if you’re also feeling daunted by the idea of starting a project or deterred in your efforts to get to the gym, reach out for support. As the zodiac’s Twin, the buddy system is your best bet for getting out of a rut. A helpful man will be your Best Supporting Castmate this weekend, so take him up on his heroic offer to help you whip your plan into shape. Breaking your mission down into smaller, manageable tasks will finally make it seem doable. Then, get into action! The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.



You’ve got the allure of a snake charmer early this week, so use those powers judiciously. The Pisces moon slinks side by side with Mercury, Mars and Neptune until Wednesday the 13th making it well nigh impossible for people to say no to you. But is getting yes after yes always a good thing? Not necessarily, Leo. If people feel manipulated or smooth-talked into doing your bidding, they’ll only revolt later. Don’t waste time twisting anyone’s arm. Instead, focus your seductive beams on people who already want what you have to offer. In these cases, prepare for some intense–and ultrasexy–bonding to go down. Your magnetic field will be so charged this week, Leo, and the people you draw in will be stuck to you like iron, nickel and cobalt. Make sure you really want them around for the long-term before you turn on the charm. This planetary power certainly bodes well for your pre-Valentine’s Day preparations. Sneak off for a spa treatment and a traipse through Kiki DeMontparnasse for some lacy, racy underthings. Attracting a sexy date won’t be difficult either—it’s more a matter of choosing the best candidate! If you’re already spoken for, your mischievous mind will dream up all kinds of naughty thrills for Cupid’s big day. Just don’t lose your sense of humor as your mind spins into Fifty Shades Of Grey mode. On Thursday the 14th, the moon will move on to Aries and your jovial ninth house, lightening the mood considerably. Before you perform your pre-planned striptease, you might be racing your date around the indoor Go-Kart track or singing a bawdy pop song at couples’ karaoke. Bonus: you’ll have romantic Venus in Aquarius and your relationship house all week too. The moon-Venus angle on V-Day lends itself well to honest and inspiring conversations about how your lives will sync up in the future. Let it all hang out, Leo! Your dreamy authenticity is a turn on this Valentine’s Day. Did Cupid’s arrows miss you early this week? Don’t spend Thursday holed up at home. The adventurous Aries moon wants you to dress up and have some fun! Check listings: is there a cheeky Anti Valentine’s Day party happening near you or another cleverly masked event meant to bring singles together on this high-pressure Hallmark holiday? Just go, Leo, even if it all seems so silly. Gambler’s luck is on your side this Thursday. Expand your scope: a cross-cultural connection could lead to a steamy kiss, and who knows what else. If you’re tired of what the local scene is serving up, celebrate in another city and peruse the fresh offerings. Meow! This weekend, a Mars-Saturn trine brings some energy and stability to your finances. Explore ways to “make money in your sleep” such as a network marketing business, selling products as an affiliate, or working a commissions-based job. Real estate could crop up as a potential revenue-generator too. If you’ve ever had the yen to learn about buying foreclosed properties or creating rental income for yourself, dive into a book or a seminar that can teach you the ropes and help you assess the viability of the idea.





An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, so up the ante on your self care this week. The Pisces moon joins forces with three planets in your sixth house of healthy living until Wednesday the 13th, activating the wellness warrior in you. Keeping your immune system high can spare you from this winter’s record high cases of flu and norovirus (or at least another round of it). Are you getting adequate sleep, eating nourishing food, washing your hands regularly after being in public places? Beyond these basics, indulge in some pampering to reduce stress. Squeeze in a few hours at the spa one evening, alternating between the steam room, sauna and cold plunge pool. Book a massage or a session with an acupuncturist who also specializes in Chinese herbal medicine. Those natural remedies are right up your holistic alley, Libra; you might even do a three-day juice cleanse if you’re in the mood to reboot your system. In between those seaweed mud wraps and wheatgrass shots, don’t forget to plan your Valentine’s Day! Your work life will be quite busy in the early part of the week thanks to the quartet of planets in your sixth house, and squeezing in time to research a restaurant or buy a pair of tickets to that “Moonlight and Music” concert. Don’t wait until the last minute when everything is sold out! This Valentine’s Day, the moon will be in Aries and your seventh house of romantic relationships. And loveplanet Venus (your celestial ruler) is cruising through Aquarius and your fifth house of passion and amore. If you start the day single, you may not end it that way. We implore you to dress up and join those other lonely hearts in their hunt for love. Every pot has a lid, Libra, and you might just find your “other half” on this Hallmark holiday. In a relationship? Cancel plans to cook an aphrodisiac tasting menu at home. The moon-Venus angle makes this a seen-and-be-seen Valentine’s Day for you. Parade your date around like proud arm candy, share your magic moments in the heart of the action (perhaps a horse-and-carriage ride?) and have it all documented in photos. Hey, you didn’t spend all that money to get your hair and nails done just so no one would see you! We wouldn’t be surprised to find many a bare Libra finger with a ring on it by the time St. Valentine exits the building. But alas, it’s back to work mode this weekend, when a Mars-Saturn trine puts you in an industrious mood. Put on the project manager’s chapeau and get down to business. You’ll finally have the mojo to organize your shelving system, balance your books, or get your resume polished up for that upcoming interview. Break daunting tasks down into smaller steps and start checking them off one by one. You’ll reach the finish line before you know it!



How about a serving of self-love, Pisces? The moon cruises through your sign until Wednesday the 13th, joining Mercury, Mars and Neptune there. Compassionate soul that you are, your first concern is often how everyone around you is doing—and you usually wind up making sacrifices in the process. But with this cosmic quartet playing beautiful music in Pisces early this week, it’s time to put the needs of Numero Uno at a higher-ranking place on that list. Tune in to your inner voice: what do you need, want, and desire? It might take you a minute to figure that out if you’ve been particularly disconnected from yourself. A little solo time can help, so cancel plans with the draining people in your life and hang out with “me, myself and I.” A visit with a caring older relative or mentor figure can also help bring you back to center. This need to pull back socially is certainly inconvenient, given that Valentine’s Day is on Thursday. But your celebrations will be far more enjoyable if you’re not playing the codependent martyr as a misguided expression of love. And hey, Pisces, your honey might not even WANT that from you (at least, we hope not); yet, you’ve conditioned yourself to believe that you have to overgive in order to receive love in return. Time to turn that ship in a different direction! When you pause and stop doing-doing-doing, people have the space to step up and start returning some of your kindness and generosity. Give them a chance to do so! Be your own Valentine from Monday through Wednesday. Buy yourself a dozen red roses, a box of imported French bon-bons, and a 90-minute massage. A passion project may be calling your name. Devote your spare hours to developing it early in the week and let those calls go through to voicemail. People will just have to wait for a change! On Thursday, the moon moves on to Aries and your slow and sensual second house. Hopeless romantic that you are, it’s unlikely that you’d ever dream of skipping Valentine’s Day. And if you’ve properly cared for yourself in the days leading up to it, you should be in the mood for lovin’ once again. This year, you’ll take your celebrations with all the Hallmark trimmings. Dress in your fancy frocks and head to an ambient restaurant (think: starched white tablecloths and fresh flowers) with a violinist, live piano player and gorgeous views. Read your lover a Rumi poem or a hand-written card, and don’t forget the gift that you probably selected a month ago. If you’re single, head to a swanky wine bar or sultry jazz club where you might connect with a fellow culture vulture or music aficionado. Posing for pictures will be fun too. You might even commemorate your date–or your lively night out with other single friends–with a vintage Polaroid camera. (The film is available once again from the-impossible-project.com). This weekend, a Mars-Saturn trine whets your appetite for fresh experiences and an expanded knowledge base. Is there a seminar or vacation course that’s calling your name? Consider the blogger’s intensive in San Francisco, the dance retreat in Costa Rica…and maybe even the teacher’s training in New York City!



Fasten your seatbelt, Sagittarius; you’re going on an emotional rollercoaster ride. The Pisces moon syncs up Mercury, Mars, and Neptune until Wednesday the 13th, making your feeling a bit more raw than usual. S-s-s-sensitive! Take a deep breath before you bite anyone’s head off. When your sister suggest you “be the bigger person” she is not criticizing your weight, nor is your friend’s breathless voicemail about her Valentine’s Day plan an attempt to gloat over you. As difficult as it will be to remember this: don’t take everything so personally! Your hairtrigger meltdowns might just be a sign that you need to take better care of yourself. Schedule a 90-minute massage, play hooky for a few hours and shop for a pretty new dress, cancel exhausting plans so you can soak in a tub of Neroli-scented bath salts. Don’t forget that you are what you eat. Feed your body nourishing foods that won’t cause a spike-and-crash effect. If emotional eating seems to be spiraling out of control, download an app to track your meals. You might even do a 3-day juice cleanse early this week just to reboot your system. But no need to deprive yourself. Filling your plate with the right kinds of foods will stave off hunger pangs and keep you humming along like a well-tuned machine. Don’t get so lost in that moody thought bubble that you forget to make plans for Thursday, Valentine’s Day (as if you’d forget). This year, the moon will be in fiery, free-spirited Aries, the ruler of your passionate, romantic fifth house. Dial the glam squad early in the week and get an appointment on the books. Some fresh highlights or a sassy new bob might be just the thing to get you feeling like a rockstar on Cupid’s big day. If you’re still getting over someone, consider this your “breakover,” meant to boost your confidence as you get back out on the field again. Whether single or spoken for, the Aries moon wants you to dress up and go play. You’ll paint the town as red as the heels of your Louboutins—and you’ll be shameless about the PDA. Ignore people’s cries of “Get a room!” and enjoy yourself to the fullest, even if your V-Day kiss really is just a kiss. (Wait…what was his name again?) In a relationship? With Venus in Aquarius and your friendship sector, you might even merge a portion of your plans with other couples’. Do make sure you get some “just the two of us” time with your sweetie before you head to the karaoke bar or theater. With this fertile lunar energy, some Sagittarians will get pregnant this V-Day. Plan—and protect—accordingly. This weekend, pull on the overalls and shift into home repair and improvement mode. A Mars-Saturn trine gives you the horsepower to finally blast through those lingering household projects. Before you start arranging clutter in drawers and closets, do a ruthless purging. Every little tschochke can’t be a “sentimental object,” Sagittarius. Once you’ve cleared the decks, systematize with clever storage systems and shelving. (Trip to The Container Store, anyone?) Spend time re-establishing bonds with the long-lost ladies in your life. Busy lives have kept you apart from a few of your dearest female friends. A weekend reunion reminds you of how solid and important their support is. Perhaps you should do this more often, Sagittarius!



Who says you have to wait until Thursday to get your romantic fix? Cupid slings his arrows into Scorpioville a little bit early this year. From Monday the 11th through Wednesday the 13th, the Pisces moon clusters with three planets in your fifth house of passion, pleasure and amore. Your emotions are quite immediate during these days, so stay in the moment! You could feel the sparks at any given time, and might even be emboldened enough by the planets to ask a near stranger to have dinner with you or to finally write that online cutie who you’ve been too shy to message. If you feel like dressing up and going dancing before Thursday, follow the muse. And hey, it’s going to be a lot easier to score a seat at that raved about restaurant early in the week, when you can avoid the V-Day throngs and eat your meal without the waiter dropping the bill on the table before you’ve even ordered dessert. Have your celebration in two parts: out on the town early in the week and then at Chateau Scorpio on Thursday. On Valentine’s Day, the moon will be in Aries and your pragmatic sixth house. Alas, some of the fervor you felt earlier in the week will fade, making it hard to fully locate your love jones. Thursday could also be a busy workday, leaving you a little too exhausted to feel like donning six-inch heels and dancing cheek to cheek. Then there’s the fact that loveplanet Venus will be in your domestic sector on V-Day. Translation: a home celebration would be right up your alley. Squeeze in a disco nap before you start preparing that aphrodisiac-themed spread for your amour. If you’re date-free, you might just host a cozy “Anti Valentine’s Day” dinner for a few close single friends. Raise your martini glasses to independence and self-love! There’s no rule that says you’ll be happier in a relationship than out of one. Loving your life exactly as it is, Scorpio, is a cause worth celebrating. Cheers to that! And know that the moon will be in Taurus, the ruler of your seventh house of relationships for most of the weekend. Your 2013 Valentine might show up then, a little tardy for the party, but still…better late than never. Spend a little time this weekend in rebranding mode. Does the image you’re putting forth to the world reflect the authentic you? You may feel out of sync with everything from your clothes to your business cards to your personal website. A Mars-Saturn trine gives you the green light to transform yourself, spicing up your image with a bold sweep of glamour. Head to the salon for brightening highlights or a subtle ombre; work with a stylist to design a signature look that flatters your unique body type. Amp up the visuals on your work presentations too. A picture says a thousand words, and so does sleek typography and great graphic design. Add the necessary polish that helps you shine like a pro. You really never do get a second chance to make a first impression, Scorpio, so take command of your image and let the world see the brand new you.



Warm up those spirit fingers! You’re eager to collaborate on a group project while the moon syncs up with Mercury, Mars and Neptune in Pisces through Wednesday the 13th. Take it upon yourself to get everyone excited about your collective potential. You may be charged with the task of motivating the team and you shouldn’t be deterred by people’s initial skepticism or lukewarm responses. Sell it, Taurus! Paint a picture of the outcome you could create together. Having a clear plan—and one that you’re revved up about—will naturally inspire others to jump on board. Still searching for your 2013 Valentine? Get online. Internet dating could serve a potent surprise with this quartet of cosmos in your tech-friendly eleventh house. Since meeting for your first cup of coffee on V-Day is like, serious pressure, squeeze in an espresso date prior to Thursday. Who knows? You might feel enough of a spark to have Date #2 on the 14th. The moon will be in Aries and your fantasy-fueled twelfth house on Valentine’s Day. Forget the ho-hum candlelight dinner. Take your date to an erotic poetry reading or dress-up party with a chocolate fondue fountain for dipping strawberries in…which you’ll naturally feed to each other in a most suggestive way. Warning (or perhaps not)! You will be a little boundary-challenged on Valentine’s Day, and a hot-and-heavy makeout sesh could go farther than you anticipated. Pay attention to your honey’s body language. Just because you’re comfortable with maudlin public sentiment and sloppy PDA doesn’t mean your date feels the same. Remember, this is a celebration of love, not The Taurus Show. Or, if you’re the one feeling awkward and uncomfortable, speak up! Going along with something that doesn’t feel right to you is a relationship buzzkill. Trust your instincts and honor your boundaries, even if you’re worried you might hurt somebody’s feelings. It’s better than throwing yourself to the wolves! Still processing a breakup? Have some sinister fun at an Anti-Valentine’s Day party. Laughter is the best medicine for healing your heart. The moon will hover in Taurus for most of the weekend, reviving your independent spirit. Pick up the reins on a stalled passion project and make sure your schedule includes plenty of “me time.” Taking a short weekend trip can revive your spirits too. Go visit a friend at her cute pied-a-terre, or check into a spa for a night and enjoy a mini solocation. If you’re spending time with others, take command of the plans. It’s okay to be a little bossy when the moon is in your sign



Pucker up! Valentine’s Day starts early for you this year, Virgo. From Monday the 11th through Wednesday the 13th, the moon joins Mercury, Mars and Neptune in your partnership house making you a direct target for Cupid’s golden arrows. Take initiative to get V-Day plans in motion, even if you’re just posse-ing up with a group of single ladies and hitting the town for a night of prowling and good times. If you’ve been locking horns with your honey, this cosmic quartet brings some happy and harmonious vibes. Increase the peace! At last, you’ll be able to strike a compromise on THAT issue and give each other space to be individuals. Letting go of the control really does make your life easier, Virgo, so adopt a live-and-let-live mantra for the sake of your own serenity. Business partnerships are also blessed by these four heavenly bodies early in the week. Are you dying to collaborate with someone or join forces on a dream job? Reach out and get a powerlunch on the books, preferably before Wednesday. With the charm you possess right now, you could be inking an official deal before the week is through, even if it’s only on a per-project basis. On Thursday, St. Valentine’s Day, the moon will be in Aries and your eighth house of intimacy and perma-bonding. There’s a playing-for-keeps vibe in the air, making you long to turn a connection into something more official. Visions of black velvet boxes may be dancing through your head, and discussions could turn to the whole “put a ring on it” thing. On the flip side, you may have an epiphany this V-Day, realizing that the love you’ve been settling for is simply not up to snuff. Don’t be so quick to throw the baby out with the bathwater. First, look within: have you been clear about your needs? People aren’t mind-readers, Virgo, and while YOU can intuit someone’s sneeze before the first audible “Ah-choo!” most folks just aren’t that tapped in. Before you send anyone packing, have a frank discussion about what you feel is missing. Of course, some of you may have beaten this topic to death. If one of your non-negotiable desires is just not going to be met by your honey, you might consider allowing Cupid’s arrows to sever your ties. It can be scary to fly solo, but depriving yourself of a deep-seated need does not a healthy relationship make. Your social life gets a boost this weekend, thanks to a Mars-Saturn trine. An influx of cultured, interesting, and dependable people may finally flood your world. Be willing to venture outside the perimeter of your current circle. Dabbling in new groups could lead to a happy connection with people who share your common interests, which tend to range from Stich-And-Bitch knitting circles to quantum physics to 18th century English literature. What can you say, Virgo? You’re a true renaissance person!


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