Weekly Horoscopes



Salud, Aries! Monday’s full moon in Virgo raises a toast to your health. Check in with your body…how are you feeling on the physical plane? If you’ve been steadily riding the well-being wagon, you could see some genuine results this Monday. Try on those jeans again, why don’t ya? They might just zip this week. Conversely, la luna may illuminate the need for new self-care rituals, ones that will keep you humming like a well-oiled machine. The two weeks following this full moon mark a high-energy phase for restoring your health. Virgo rules your sixth house, the part of your chart that governs digestion, natural and holistic remedies, and preventative medicine. Don’t wait until you feel like a slug to shower your body with love. If you’re overdue for a checkup, now’s the time to schedule doctor’s appointments. Add more dark leafy greens and other high-fiber foods to your plate, start popping those multivitamins, sit in an infrared sauna, try acupuncture to get your chi flowing or deep tissue massage to boot those toxins from your body (followed by lots and lots of H2O to flush ‘em out). You might even do a gentle cleanse or start a daily regimen of green juice. The buddy system keeps you motivated, even excited about getting in better shape. Enlist a friend or two to join you on your wellness quest. And if you need to kick a toxic vice (nervous fire sign Aries can have a thing for tobacco) get yourself in a detox program. Your daily work life gets a boost from the Virgo full moon. If you’re on the hunt for employment, news of a position may arrive near Monday. Be proactive! Head to a networking event and recirculate your resume to your LinkedIn contacts. Virgo is all about efficiency, so even if you’re happily employed, you might clean up your processes a bit. Streamline your workflow, revamp your systems: it’s time to simplify, for the sake of your own peace of mind. While the lunar forces are pulling you towards cleaner living, you’ll have some opposing energy to deal with. On Monday the 25th, loveplanet Venus joins the sun, Mercury (retrograde), Mars, and Neptune in Pisces and your dreamy, flowy twelfth house. It’s rare to see so many planets piled up in one sign—five in this case! You might feel like you’re drowning in the emotion ocean throughout this week, preferring to escape than to deal with anything demanding. The twelfth house rules mentors and guides, so the remedy to your overwhelmed state may be reaching out to one of the Yodas in your world. Your feelings will definitely be raw and near the surface, so don’t even bother trying to hide them. Drop the tough girl act and let people see your vulnerability. You’ll quickly discover who your true friends are. Find a creative outlet to pour all those feelings into. Whether you’re writing poems like Aries Maya Angelou or making a short film like signmate Bruce Weber, your imaginative powers will be strong with Pisces at the helm. Venus is the planet of amour, and its tour of Pisces, which lasts until March 21, could blur the line between fantasy and reality. On the one hand, this can make for some incredibly magical moments, the stuff that fairy tales are made of. The downside is that you could put on the rose-colored glasses, screening out red flags or sweeping relationship issues under the rug. Try to keep a balanced perspective. Conflict-free relationships don’t exist. When problems arise, work through them with love and compassion: this could make your bond even stronger, Aries. And hey, if that requires a session or two with a couple’s therapist, so be it.



Monday’s full moon in Virgo lights up your eighth house of shared resources. How equitable is the give and take in your closest relationships? If the balance is off in either direction, there could be some recon work to do. But don’t get hung up on dividing everything neatly down the middle, Aquarius. Each person brings a unique set of skills to the table, after all, so why shouldn’t each of you contribute from your wheelhouse? In some partnerships, there may be tasks that neither of you can bear to do. Instead of squabbling like bitter siblings, consider outsourcing. Pooling funds to pay for a cleaning service, for example, might just be the saving grace of your relationship. Financially, this full moon could bring a motherlode, especially if you’ve been working hard towards a goal for the past six months. The cash could come in the form of a bonus, commission check, even a tax return…a good excuse to get your IRS filings done early this year. If you have property on the market, these lunar beams could illuminate a buyer. Have you been looking for the right investment opportunity? Be it a stock, a startup, or something in the real estate realm, you could find the very thing that turns your lucky penny into a pile of cash. And hello Miz or Mister Mojo Rising! The eighth house happens to govern your erotic charms and this full moon could send your seductive powers shooting for the sky. If you’ve been too tired, resentful, or overworked to get yourself in the mood, the two weeks following this full moon (the lunar harvest period) should be devoted to bringing sexy back. Relaxing and recharging with sufficient sleeps is step one, Aquarius, followed by physical exercise. Start with walking if you’re feeling out of shape, and work yourself up to say, a Burlesque 101 workshop or soulful pole dancing class like S Factor. Water has a healing effect on your erotic charms too, so glide through the pool like a bathing beauty and experience the liquid light of your own libido. Chemistry that’s been building over the past six months could cause an explosion in the lab. If you find yourself in a hot and sweaty bodice-ripper this week, we wouldn’t be surprised. Of course, some Aquarians could reach your final straw, facing and all-or-nothing moment. You aren’t the jealous type by nature, but if someone’s been making you green, you could decide to bolt before you lose your composure. On the flip side, a possessive person may be cramping your style. This full moon will bring as many breakups as it will makeups…there’s just not much middle ground right now. Fortunately, there IS a counterweight to all the intensity. On Monday the 25th, romantic, creative Venus moves into Pisces, joining the sun, Mercury (retrograde), Mars and Neptune in your grounded, stable second house. For the most part, you’ll have your wits about you this week, and the ability to slow down and think rationally about what’s best for you. Venus is the cosmic lovebug, and you’ll be craving more sensuality and TLC now. Slow your pace a little in the game of amour. The buildup can be the best part, Aquarius, so don’t cheat yourself out of the sultry mating rituals and the charming courtship dance. If you’re in a relationship, spending calm, quiet time with your sweetie will warm your heart. Leave room in your schedule for cuddling on the couch; you might even slip off to a sweet B&B while Venus is in Pisces until March 21. Financially, this Venus phase blesses you with bonus creativity. Let your imagination flow! Set up shop on Etsy if you’re a crafty maven, or get to work on a business plan for one of your standout ideas. If you have job interviews lined up this week, lucky you! You’ll have plenty of charm to work with—just don’t forget to research the company’s history and key players in between obsessing over the right font and template to use for your resume.



BFF alert! Monday’s Virgo full moon lights up your third house of amigos helping you find the Tina Fey to your Amy Poelher. Get out and socialize, Cancer, even if you’d rather lie on the couch watching “Kourtney And Kim Take Miami.” With the power of this full moon speeding your flight, you might be forming your own sister act before the week is through. Partnerships of all variety could crop up. From a songwriting collaborator to a co-host for a charity fundraiser, people are the greatest natural resource you can tap into this week. If you’re already joined at the hip to a dear friend, this full moon could bring a wakeup call. Has your connection become a little too close for comfort? If you find yourself worrying more about your pal’s problems than your own, it’s a pretty good sign of that you’ve crossed the line. Recalibrate, Cancer, creating more breathing room for both of you. Spend a little less time together over the next couple weeks; liberate yourself from the obligation to report your every move to one another. You’re two independent wholes, after all, not halves of a single unit. Plus, you might not meet all the other fascinating people on the planet if you’re huddled too closely with this partner-in-crime. If you’re a writer, this full moon encourages you to circulate your words to a wider audience. Queue up the blog posts, share you poetry with friends, and submit an article for publication. You’ll touch many with your thoughtful prose. Are you in the market for a new set of wheels? This full moon falls into your house of transportation, prompting you to start shopping around. We recommend waiting until Mercury ends its retrograde on March 17 to drive anything off the lot, but it wouldn’t hurt to start testing out different models. A word to the wise: beware of road rage early this week! The full moon amplifies emotions and traffic could drive you to the brink. Flipping another driver the bird or speeding through a detour could cause complications you don’t want to deal with. Breathe, sip some herbal tea in your to-go mug, and listen to a soothing Pandora station during your commutes. Also on Monday, loveplanet Venus changes signs, heading into Pisces and your globetrotting ninth house until March 21. The sun, Mars, Mercury (retrograde), and Neptune are already swimming in Piscean seas, making this planet number five to charge up this house of your chart. Another megadose of wanderlust could strike this week, and this time it may have a creative or romantic purpose. You might travel to connect with a long-distance love interest or slip off on a getaway-a-deux with your sweetie. Or maybe you’re just jonesing to experience the allure of Paris in the springtime. We wouldn’t be surprised if you booked a vacation this week. (Remember to heed the warnings of Mercury retrograde and only book with reputable companies though!) Although you’re a sign that craves financial security, this posse of Pisces planets is calling forth your entrepreneurial nature. You might be inspired to turn a side hobby into a part time business or simply take more independent initiative at work. Does your company need a social networking department, perhaps? You might be the one to helm a brand new division, one that fits right into your wheelhouse. Take a gamble if the spirit moves you, and write your own job description. The ninth house rules education, and Venus’ tour of Pisces could prompt you to sign up for a creative workshop or even a course on love. Speaking of the L-word, keep your ears peeled for sexy accents. A cross-cultural romance could bloom like the springtime daffodils, whether you meet while traveling or in your own hometown.



The moment of truth has arrived. Monday’s full moon in Virgo lights up your honest-to-a-fault ninth house, and like Pinocchio, you cannot tell a lie. It’s not like you haven’t thought this situation through from every angle, Capricorn, but finding the answer that works for YOU has not been easy. Illumination arrives this week, jolting you out of stasis. It’s time to have The Talk, laying out your desires and finding out who in your world can align with them. While dropping your mask is risky business, the freedom and relief you’ll feel will be worth the gamble. At last, you can build (or rebuild) based on an authentic connection; or, make your exit and move on to opportunities that align with your core values. Your globetrotting ninth house gets a hit of energy from this full moon. Pull your passport out of the safe. A travel opportunity could crop up for business or personal reasons. Maybe you’re interfacing with the London or Mumbai office, or slipping off for a So-Cal escape or a trek to the mountains for some late-season skiing. The change of scenery will do you good, even if you can only afford to squeeze in a day trip this weekend. A cross-cultural connection that’s been building for the past six months could hit an exciting landmark. Some Caps may even relocate under the light of this full moon! It’s certainly a good time to pull up the stakes and decamp to a new locale, if that’s the direction life’s leading you in. If you work in the publishing or educational fields, your career could experience a boon over the coming two weeks. Entrepreneurial Caps will also have a victory to celebrate and some new fuel for your fire. Dive into that personal venture, as you’ll make major headway during this full moon’s two-week harvest period. Also on Monday the 25th, loveplanet Venus moves out of your old-fashioned second house and into Pisces- your flirty, experimental third house. There are already four other planets in the sign of the Fish: Mars, Mercury (retrograde), the sun and Neptune, so your seductive powers will be in rare form. To say you have the gift of gab would be a gross understatement. With charming Venus in the mix, you’ve got Svengali status. Use your influential powers for good, Capricorn, or you could wind up shepherding a flock of fans who drain your energy and zap your time. As Venus rules love, you may be surprised to find someone stepping out of the friendzone and into a more romantic category. You’ll get an early hit of spring fever that lasts until March 21, so if you’re single, you might actually enjoy the dating scene. Not every relationship is meant to evolve into happily ever after, and while you tend to be a major goalsetter, this pentagon of Pisces planets is helping you live for the moment. Testing the waters, kissing many pairs of lips, trying out everyone from the stockbroker to the indie musician to the sweet, suburban teacher will be a fun experiment. Enjoy! If you’re in a relationship, this Venus cycle enhances cooperation and communication. You can be a stubborn one, Cap, but you’ll find it easier to embrace other people’s ideas over the next four weeks. Bring some levity to the mix. Playtime is an aphrodisiac, so plan some dates that double as field trips. You might even appoint your sweetie as your workout buddy and warm things up at an MMA or spin class, or with a jog through the park. You’ll find that laughter is the best medicine this week, helping you get through any old issues that Mercury retrograde has been stirring up since February 23. Joint business ventures and creative collaborations will also be blessed by Venus’ light. You’re a charming and skillful negotiator now, and you can finally seal the deal on a contract, and get a dynamic duo in motion.



Family first, Gemini! The Virgo full moon lights up your domestic sector sounding the call for closeness. Your inner circle needs your attention, and oops, it seems you have taken forgotten to give them a proper dose. Call your mother, Skype with your BFF in another state, get back to the person who’s been trying to reach you by text, voicemail, and singing telegram. Yes, your crew loves you unconditionally, but that’s no excuse for shuffling them to the back burner. You’ve forgotten how much support they add to your life: the very ingredient you’ve been missing in your recipe for happiness. Women and children in particular are hankering for a piece of your time. This full moon awakens your nesting instincts too. Does Chez Gemini feel more like a pit stop between parties than a sanctuary? The next two weeks could find you happily playing interior decorator, changing the paint scheme, zhushing the linens, and finally hanging art on the walls. If you’re in the market for a move, this is the week to call the realtor, check apartment listings, or go to open houses. The full moon’s beams might just illuminate your future dream home. If you’re happily ensconced in your current digs, how about hosting a get together? Tie on the apron and show off your culinary flair with a themed dinner party. Epicurean Geminis are extra creative in the kitchen this week and feeding your neglected loved ones is the fastest way to get back into good graces with them. If you’re the type who still burns rice, sign up for a cooking class. Preparing a great meal is not rocket science. You can figure this out, Gemini! Your emotions are rather close to the surface, thanks to Virgo’s lunar spell. If you find yourself tearing up this week, let the waterworks flow. People need to see the softer side of Gemini, and you’ll be pleased by how many compassionate shoulders you have to cry on. Between Bette Midler movies, and girls’ nights in, you’re going to have to keep your game face on too. Career demands are ramping up as yet another planet moves into Pisces and your tenth house of ambition. On Monday the 25th, Venus kicks off a monthlong tour through the sign of the Fish, reminding you that it’s all about who you know. Whether you’re seeking clients, networking with colleagues or on the hunt for a new job, Venus in Pisces wants you to get out and socialize with the people you do business with. Treat for coffee or a power lunch, send thoughtful thank you cards, even flowers after a great meeting. Those little touches go a long way to keep you in good graces with your financial partners-in-crime. The sun, Mercury (retrograde), Mars and Neptune are already clustered into Pisces, so Venus’ presence only adds more oomph. Bring more creativity to your career this week! Your innovative ideas will be embraced, even if you have to explain them a few times before people see the light. On the romance front, this Venus phase, which lasts until March 21, will tame your wild streak a bit. You’ll prefer the company of someone more settled and established…or perhaps you’ll swap the lead singer type for the grounded bassist. There could even be a notable age difference between you and the person who captivates your attention this week. Explore! As long as you have enough common ground to go on, this could be fun. If you’re in a relationship, talking about long-term goals will be a bit of an aphrodisiac for you. So maybe you won’t buy the dream home, pop out the 2.5 kids, or go on the African safari for a while yet, but aligning your shared vision is enough to get you excited about the relationship again.




Cha-ching! Monday’s full moon in Virgo lights up your second house of money. Your hard work of the past six months could culminate in a financial victory this week. If you’ve been hunting for a job, The Call could come in, so make sure you’re interview ready: chic outfit, well-designed resume, background stats on the company, cheery personality…check, check, check, check. Full moons illuminate opportunity, so your hunt for more gainful employment could actually begin on Monday. Start the week off with a Craigslist search or a call to a recruiter. If nothing else, you’ll get a clearer idea of what you can command in the market. Surprise! It might be more than you realized your job was worth. If you’re happily ensconced in your current gig, you’ll see room for growth and improvement. Instead of waiting for a promotion to come in, how about creating a position for yourself? Write out a job description. If the company has budgetary restrictions, you might even see a path to raising the funds for this through commission-based work. You are only limited by your own imagination, Leo. Revamping your personal budget may be necessary this week too. Where can you trim the fat from your spending, tightening your belt without choking out your need for pretty things? By curbing your impulse spending (do you really need another tchotchke from the register carousel?!) you’ll have more funds to funnel towards a long-lasting luxury purchase. This full moon also teaches you the quality over quantity lesson. Adding a high-end piece to your wardrobe or home can bring you years of delight, as opposed to the temporary thrill of a trendy little throwaway. Some Leos might even start working with a financial planner this week, in the name of gaining greater power and control over your fiscal future. Having trouble feeling like you’re worth top dollar? Check out the Overcoming Underearning seminars offered at barbarastanny.com. The other big deal in the cosmos this week comes courtesy of Venus. The planet of love and beauty moves into Pisces on Monday the 25th, joining the sun, Mercury (retrograde), Mars and Neptune there. That’s a total of five (whoosh!) planets converging in your seductive and mysterious eighth house, Leo! Hello mojo! Venus’ monthlong tour of Pisces will ramp up your magnetism exponentially. While you’ll draw many into your realm, you’ll also be pickier than usual about who gets past the drawbridge and moat. A mind-body-soul connection is what you’re craving now, so if people don’t impress you on all three levels, keep it moving. Your desire for intimacy intensifies, so any half-in/half-out types have got to go. Either that or you’ll need to transform the relationship into something more certain. It will drive you mad to be in the grey zone for the next month: and a jealous, obsessive Leo is not a pretty sight to behold. You may have to deliver an ultimatum to someone who has been dangling the carrot in front of you without committing. If you’re in a relationship, this Venus phase will do wonders for your bedroom life. Pull out the peignoir and unlock the toy drawer. You’re more experimental than you’ve been in a while, and things could get spicy! If you’re struggling to get yourself in the mood, buried resentments are the likely culprit. Have you been feeling dominated or disrespected by your partner? It’s time to get your power back. An honest conversation, where you assert your boundaries and tell you-know-who to back off will restore your roar. Although the two of you may clash temporarily, a good “fight” can clear the air and ramp up the passion. No one puts Leo in the corner or on a leash! You’re zodiac royalty after all, so it’s time to stop acting like the castle’s servant. And there’s nothing hotter than a confident, courageous you. Stand up for yourself. It’s an act of seduction!



Your body is a wonderland–just ask Libra loverboy John Mayer. This Monday the 25th, your ruling planet Venus joins the sun, Mercury (retrograde), Mars and Neptune in Pisces and your sixth house of self-care, furthering your interest in healthy living. While you’re no stranger to the spa, and often the first one to try a new health fad (Paleo diets, Pranic healing, Pilates…oh my!), how certain are you that you’re doing the right things for your bod? Everybody’s system is unique—one size does not fit all. Rather than get entranced with the latest trend or bestselling book, pay a visit to a health care practitioner who can design a unique formula for you. Get a blood panel or allergy test done: you might discover that you’re low on certain vitamins, gluten-intolerant, or maybe your adrenals a tad fatigued. Adding the right supplements, and perhaps limiting certain foods, can get you operating at full speed again. Preventative medicine is the best prescription for good health. A session with a nutritionist can help you map out a balanced diet (especially if you are a vegetarian, as many Libras are). You might even work with an Ayurvedic specialist to determine your “dosha” or body type: Vata, Pitta, Kapha, or perhaps a blend of all three. Venus is the planet of love and beauty, and this monthlong cycle is all about ramping up your radiant, natural glow. Wipe off that heavy makeup and let your fresh-faced beauty shine. If you’re looking for love, you might just find it on the outdoor track or maybe in the juice bar after a vigorous spin class. Coupled? Get your sweetie on the healthy living bandwagon with you. A buddy-session with a trainer can teach you how to properly spot each other (handy for other things, ahem) and get you both motivated to hit the gym. Your work life is also affected by Venus’ transit, as well as the planetary pileup that’s already happening in Pisces. With social, creative Venus in the mix, it’s time to do more networking. Maybe it really IS all about who you know. As a charming Libra, you have extra skills in the conversational department. Head to those industry events where you can mix and mingle with prospective clients and collaborators. Venus is the feminine planet, so joining forces with women could bring extra rewards by March 21. Are you organized and systematized? If not, you’re wasting precious time. Revamp your workflow this week, with a nod towards Venus. How can you simplify and add more ease to your schedule? Taking regular breaks can amp up your productivity too. You might set an alarm on your computer to ding every hour, alerting you to close your eyes for a two-minute guided meditation. Your coworkers may wonder if you’re napping on the job so let them in on your secret. Before you know it, you might be meditating en masse at noon each day. The other big cosmic event of the week is Monday’s full moon in Virgo and your twelfth house of completions. You are SO DONE with a situation and it’s time to stick a fork in it. The trouble is, your sign is also allergic to conflict. When it’s time to say goodbye, your kneejerk reaction is to pull a disappearing act (to let things cool down, you convince yourself) or to get so worked up that your words come out in a venomous rage (cue Libra Eminem). This full moon helps you compassionately and clearly set your limits so you can move on without the burden of guilt. Give yourself two weeks for this process–including the mourning–which is how long the effects of this full moon will last. On the plus side, la luna could bring a sweet escape into the arms of love. You’re more comfortable dropping your guard on Monday, which might be the very thing needed to attract true love into your life. Let people see the more vulnerable side of your soul. You might even meet someone while dancing, listening to music, or at a spiritual gathering. You’ll have masterful powers with the Law Of Attraction under the magical allure of this twelfth house moon. Make a wishlist and vision board; focus on what you want to manifest and give no thought to the things you’d like to keep away.



Hello, Enchantress. This Monday the 25th, radiant Venus sweeps into Pisces for a month, joining the sun, Mercury (retrograde), Mars, and Neptune there. That’s five–count ‘em, five–planets posse’d up in your sign. Uh-mazing, and oh-so-rare, so we hope you’ll revel in it! It’s as if the world is grooving the very beat of your soul. You’ll be highly sought-after and in-demand this week, which can be both stimulating and exhausting. On the one hand, you’ll feel like everything you touch turns to platinum. Getting your ideas out into the zeitgeist will be a snap. You might even be scouted by a talent agent or featured in the media. If you have a project or business idea to promote, give your PR campaign the full court press. Tweet, host a launch party, send out press releases, shout it from the rooftops! Venus’ creative beams could also help crystallize the ideas that have been brewing in your head. Some Pisces may even slip off on a retreat to work without interruption on your masterpiece. Whatever it takes to get that genius out of your head and into tangible form. People are showering you with love and you want to give back in kind, which is part of the problem here. That tendency to be generous until your tank is dried up could really exhaust you now. Exercise your right to have boundaries, to take time to recharge in solitude, to be totally driven by your own desires, letting spontaneity guide your GPS. Copious amounts of “me time” may be on the agenda for you this week, so let yourself have that luxury. It’s not that you’ll need to be alone (although you might prefer it in moments), but rather free and independent to blow where the wind takes you. But with all these planets in your sign, you’ve got the magnetism of a snake charmer and the pull of the Pied Piper. People want to be WITH you…and they also want to BE you. Oh, the pressure! You hate to make people “feel bad,” but if their company is draining you, swim off in the cover of night. It’s not your job to prop up their egos, Pisces, or make their lives exciting. Besides, you’d rather be chasing after the shiny bright stars who captivate your attention. Someone with a big, bold personality could sweep you off your feet this week…and this one might just have long-term potential. On Monday, the full moon in Virgo lights up your seventh house of relationships, bringing an exciting wave of energy to your romantic life. A casual connection could heat up like molten lava and suddenly, you’re gazing into each other’s eyes and planning the names of your future children. If you’re in a relationship, this full moon brings a harmonizing vibe to the mix. At last! You can find the equanimity and restore those loving feelings. You may be inspired to co-create a project or notch up the commitment level in your relationship. Who knows? You might even put a ring on it. On the flip side, if you’re so done with a bad romance, this full moon hands you the psychic scissors and helps you snip that energetic cord. The same holds true for partnerships of the platonic variety. . if you’re still suffering from the painful memories of a tag team effort gone sour? The next two weeks are a time to purge the past, forgiving yourself and the other person (even if you never speak again) so that you can finally move on. You’ve got far too much good stuff going on to keep dwelling in this cesspool. If you’ve been looking for a collaborator for a business venture or creative project, the full moon could illuminate a great contender in the ranks; possibly even someone who you’ve known for a while. Bring on the dynamic duos!



Take a bow, Sagittarius. Monday’s full moon in Virgo lights up your tenth house of career, bringing applause and accolades for your efforts of the past six months. You may be presented with a lucrative new contract or captivate a glamorous client who is willing to pay premium prices. One thing’s for sure: you’re ready to leap into a bigger league. If you’ve been rolling along in cruise control mode, this full moon says, “Step on it!” The next two weeks are a lunar harvest period where you can really make some professional major gains if you’re willing to take risks. With your ruling planet Jupiter forming a challenging square to this full moon, some Archers may even be faced with the difficult choice of having to let go of a smaller opportunity to pave the way for a grander one. You like to keep a lot of eggs in your basket, but it’s getting kinda crowded in there. Empty out the cache and you’ll make room for the jumbo Grade AA, cage-free, organic variety of opportunities. Premium! Or, just reshuffle your priorities, giving more attention to the people who bring a high-quality ROI instead of the whiny manipulators who can barely be bothered to lift a finger. This full moon also brings some reckoning to your relationship with an important man in your life. Coasting along could send the two of you into the crash zone. Take time this week to revise your agreements. If you’ve been carrying too heavy a load, stop being so accommodating and ask him to step up. Hold your fire though, Archer. Accusing him of being lazy or inconsiderate will only burn the bridge. Come to the conversation with a clear list of suggestions and simply make the request for his support. He’ll be happy to help if you address him with honor and respect, giving him the benefit of the doubt (even if you’ve been seething inside from playing the martyr for so long). Also this Monday the 25th, beatific Venus moves into Pisces for a month, joining the sun, Mars, Mercury (retrograde), and Neptune there. Pisces rules your domestic, family-oriented fourth house, and alas, having five planets in this position can throw serious water on your wanderlust. Don’t fight those nesting instincts, Sag! If there were ever a week to kick off the Louboutins and shimmy into your furry slippers, this is it. Sitting still is not your steeze, so while that “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” marathon is playing on the telly, multitask with some home improvement missions. Get the bedroom walls painted a lovely new color, set up shelves and arrange your coolest books and knickknacks for display (a few chic ideas here:http://www.elledecor.com/design-decorate/trends/volumes-of-style-a-70277). And how about those family photos? You might be among the zodiac’s most independent signs, but devoting some wallspace to your nearest and dearest will warm your hearth with sentimental vibes. Get creative: scan photos in black and white and hang in eclectic vintage frames, or check out the awesome Prinstagr.am options that let you take that edgy Amaro-filtered snapshot off your iPhone and onto your walls. Venus is the planet of love and for a change you’ll be craving those cozy, domestic vibes. Cooking together can be an aphrodisiac, and while you’ll make a mean boeuf bourguignon, you might just prefer to cuddle on the couch half the time. Socializing with women will bring a deep dimension to your life, as Venus rules the feminine. Mingle with new groups of ladies, invite the girls over for a heartwarming dinner before the week is through. If you’re single, let your female friends play Cupid for you. Someone your girl tossed into the friendzone might just be your idea of perfection. Nothing ventured, nothing gained.



Mirror, mirror on the wall. You’re the glammest of them all, Scorpio! On Monday the 25th, beautifying Venus joins the sun, Mercury (retrograde), Mars and Neptune in Pisces and your dazzling fifth house. Shimmy into the dress with the daring cutouts or the bright colored number with the elaborate beading. All the world’s your runway this week (move over Miranda Kerr). Yes, people are indeed staring at you, reveling in your magnetism and glow. Forget about dodging the limelight. Having five planets in this expressive house is an unbelievable gift, even for a reluctant celebrity like you. Find a way to spotlight your talents, start a buzz for one of your passion projects, plan a party to raise money for a cause you believe in (charitable Pisces will reward you with a full guest list and coffers to match). Are you ready to do a little rebranding? With this pentagon of Pisces planets, you may feel inspired to revamp your look or the redo the logo for your company. Consult a stylist or graphic designer and start pinning images that appeal to you. No need to rush this process. Mercury is still retrograde until March 17, so research and gather ideas now then push the button on the makeover in three weeks. Venus is the planet of amour, and its monthlong tour of Pisces is sure to energize your love life. Of course, it doesn’t hurt that four other planets are cheering you on in this department. Pump up the volume on your amorous efforts. It’s time to be more proactive about your desires. If you’ve hit a dry spell, try something new. While it’s never a bad idea to repost your online dating profile, dress up and mingle in real time too. You could meet a mate at a party, concert or while out dancing with Venus in Pisces at the helm. Since Mercury is retrograde, you might even bump into someone from your past…someone you still have a strong attraction to. Could the timing finally be right for the two of you? If there’s no bad blood between you, it wouldn’t hurt to give it another go. You’ll have to wait until Mercury turns direct on March 17 to make the final call, but meeting for a drink or coffee could bring a warm reception. In a relationship? The next four weeks could be downright dreamy, but also a bit dramatic. In order to thaw any ice that’s built up in your partnership, you’ll have to take off the rose-colored glasses and deal with the conflict lovingly and compassionately. Retract your stinger, even though you’re feeling hurt. Give your sweetie the benefit of the doubt, as big-hearted Pisces would wish you to. Maybe he didn’t realize he was being rude when he failed to cheer loudly during your karaoke rendition of Rihanna’s “Only Girl In The World,” or that his choice of a Valentine’s gift was a little too impersonal for you this year. Can you ask for what you need without blaming and shaming? Practice with a levelheaded friend before you unleash a tirade. A little editing will probably be necessary but you’ll get the hang of it. The other big cosmic event of the week? Monday’s full moon in Virgo lights up your eleventh house of groups and teams. A collaborative mission that you’ve been working on for the past six months could hit a high note. Pop the Veuve, clink champagne glasses, then, give yourself two weeks to assess. Have you reached the end of the road with this crew or is there further to go? Don’t hang on out of loyalty. If you’re ready to move on to a bigger pond, this full moon is prompting you to shop yourself around. Maybe you’ll be the little fish for a while, and that’s a good thing. You’ll have more opportunities to grow when you’re gathered with people who know more than you do. Humble thyself, Scorpio, and let people show you the way.



Step out and shine! Monday’s full moon in Virgo lights up your fifth house of fame, passion and romance. Are you ready for your close up, Taurus? Your efforts of the past six months could gain major recognition in the public eye. Make sure you leave the house “camera ready” this week. Your talents could be scouted or spotted at any moment. Monday the 25th is a great day to start a PR buzz: you might just become a media darling over the next two weeks, the harvest period for this full moon. If you don’t have anything to promote, take more chances with your self-expression. Let your inner “Gleek” or glamazon out to play. Audition for a local theater production or short film, jump in an improv workshop, rock those wilder outfits that are hanging in your closet like the retro-inspired pantsuit or printed jacket (hello fashion icon!). Pucker up, Taurus! A romantic situation will come to a head under the light of this full moon. Chemistry that’s been bubbling for the past six months could explode in a heated makeout sesh. If your relationship has been drifting towards the dull zone, Monday’s full moon could bring back the sparks. Don’t be afraid to get a little dramatic, if that’s what it takes to wake up a languid lover. But rather than turning into a critical shrew (the downside of a Virgo full moon), be proactive. Plan a surprise date, whisk your sweetie off for a weekend getaway to a quaint little B&B or a lodge with spa services (Virgo is all about nature and healing). If you’ve been mourning an ex, this full moon gives you a nudge to keep it moving. Treat yourself to a breakover. A new hairstyle and a couple cute spring staples are just what the love doctor ordered to get you feeling like a million bucks again. Also on Monday, Venus moves into Pisces for a month, joining the sun, Mercury (retrograde), Mars and Neptune there. Hello, popularity! Pisces rules your eleventh house of social networking and having five planets in this position will make you quite in-demand. You won’t have enough time in your schedule to accommodate all the requests. Skip the one-on-ones and organize a couple group gatherings. It will be fun to see friends from different parts of your life interact, so let the social experimentation begin! Venus is the planet associated with the feminine, making this a good week to connect with the great chicas in your sphere. You might even join a women’s group or an artsy gathering like a crafting Meetup or an Artist’s Way group where you can draw inspiration from other imaginative minds. Got a web venture in the works? Venus reminds you just how chic geek can be. Boost your online presence with great graphics and Instagrammed photos (hello Valencia filter). If you’ve been curious about web design, you might even take a WordPress or Photoshop class. In everything you do, it’s time to take a community approach. There’s strength in numbers, Bull, and you’re magnetizing some amazing people into your orbit this week—a few of whom you’ve known from a previous chapter of your life. Propose a joint venture where it seems appropriate. Go team!



Game of thrones, anyone? You reign supreme this week, thanks to Monday’s full moon in Virgo lighting up the skies. Your efforts of the past six months could culminate in a huge victory this week, making yours the name on everyone’s lips. Get ready for your close-up! The media could spotlight you for your talents and triumphs. Got something to buzz about? Let the PR campaign begin! This full moon wants you to shout it from the rooftops; you’ve got a free pass to shamelessly self-promote for the next two weeks. While all the attention that comes your way can be overwhelming, you’ll hold your own with aplomb. Keep your head held high and don’t question yourself if a critic or two come out of the woodwork. These haters will inevitably become imitators if you don’t get swept up in petty squabbles. This full moon will bring a jolt of independent energy your way too. Have you been a little too wrapped up in other people’s lives? You’re a caretaker, Virgo, and your tendency can be to nag and fuss over the ones you love. Alas, this can also be a buzzkill to your bond causing people to back away from your preachy concern. For the two weeks following Monday’s full moon, give those too-close-for-comfort partnerships some necessary breathing room. Spend a bit less time together, don’t get so involved in each other’s affairs. Seriously: absence can make the heart grow a whole lot fonder. And hey, it’s not like you’ll be spending too much time alone. Also on Monday the 25th, loveplanet Venus decamps to Pisces and your seventh house of relationships for a month, joining the sun, Mercury (retrograde), Mars and Neptune there. The dreamy, flowy, creative energy of Pisces is the magic elixir your pairings need. You’ll have an easier time ceding control with Venus in this position, and you’ll prefer harmony over strife. Put down the clipboard, close out the spreadsheet program and stop planning the future. It’s time to surrender to someone else’s agenda. Yes, we know you like things done “just so,” but other people’s ideas could be more enticing than you realize. Besides, when you empower your loved ones to take the helm, you won’t be carrying all that responsibility on your shoulders. Okay, so maybe it will take them a few tries to figure out what pleases your particular tastes. Be kind, grateful and encouraging instead or critical and disdainful. You’ll catch more flies with honey, Virgo. This pentagon of Pisces planets puts you in an uber-social mood. Initiate hangouts with new friends instead of auto piloting to your go-to crew. You could add some great new peeps to your inner circle over the coming month, fellow culture vultures who stimulate your intellect. If you are working through legal issues, Venus’ peacemaking vibes can help you settle matters harmoniously. You may have to make a few more concessions than you’d prefer, but you’ll be happy to have this done and over with. Perhaps the case will even be closed before Venus leaves Pisces on March 21. Court adjourned!


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