Weekly Horoscopes



Bigger, stronger, faster! The desire to expand is a natural part of being an ambitious, Aries. But what’s the rush, Ram? Just because you can see the highest potential of a situation doesn’t mean you have to race to the finish line. Monday’s quarter moon in Sagittarius gives you pause. Although you’re lined up to hit the target, is this really the direction you want to sling your arrows in, Aries? Life is about more than just winning, as you well know. If you’re not passionate about the end goal, you’ll wind up with a hollow victory and the burden of responsibility than goes along with that. You might even consult an expert advisor, one of the “Yoda” figures in your camp, to help guide your trajectory. Either that or loop in a project manager. While you’re great at seeing the big picture, you don’t always have the patience to flesh out the details. Bring in an earth sign like a Taurus or Capricorn, who can pop your plans into a spreadsheet and give you real deal feedback on feasibility, budgets, and timelines. Once you have the facts, you can determine how to act. In some cases, this data will buoy your faith and speed your journey, but if the outlook is grim, cash in your chips now and go gamble elsewhere. On the subject of money, some fiscal management is on the weekly agenda too. A strategic alliance between Pluto and retrograde Saturn helps you mine for new income streams within your existing field. Are you poised for a promotion, and if not, what will it take to line yourself up for the leap such as taking a training or seminar? Coasting along is just not your thing, Aries, so take the initiative and suss out the opportunities. A prominent man could come to your aid this week, helping you get your foot in the door with the movers and shakers you’ve been waiting to meet. Plant yourself among the elite too. A networking event could serve up a fateful connection. Do you have a product you can sell? Research development costs for this business idea. Whether it’s an original invention or not, this one has “passive income” written all over it. You might even find yourself drawn towards the real estate market. From foreclosures to purchasing rental properties if you’re feeling intrigued, it’s an area worth exploring. You might just discover a hidden knack for this. In the realm of love, focus on forgiveness. A healing union of Venus and Chiron helps you release a grudge and find greater compassion for the one you adore. Stop playing the victim, Aries, and hear the other side. Although you may be hurt, it takes two to tango. Own up to your part in the matter and you’ll quickly restore the love. While you’re at it, bring more poetry and passion into your bond. Go out of your way for your sweetie, make a small sacrifice even, in the name of showing that you care. Surprise with an original poem, mixtape, or thoughtful gift that has your signature stamp on it. Little touches go a long way to nurture your bond. Single? Get those last bits of residual mourning out of your system this week. In some small way, you may be hanging on to the ghost of an ex. Pack away the mementos, pictures, and other traces so that you can clear your space for someone new to come in.



“Show me who a man’s friends are,” said Ralph Waldo Emerson, “and I will tell you who he is.” With Monday’s quarter moon in your social networking house, it’s time to assess the company you keep. If anything, Aquarius, you’re the ultimate anti-snob, an equal-opportunity amigo who rolls with a motley crew. Your time is precious though, and you don’t need people steering you down a detour when you’re just starting to clarify your path. No dramatic goodbyes are needed here—spare yourself the emo agony. Yet you may put one posse on the back burner this week, quietly slipping off to hang with a more motivating crowd. No one likes to see you go, Aquarius, but spare yourself the guilt. Life is too short to waste with people who don’t buoy you to the heights you know that you’re here to reach. If you’ve been participating in a rewarding community group or collaborative venture, step up your participation a bit. Do you see a niche where your talents can be put to use? Be bold and offer your services. MVP status could soon be yours for the taking—hip, hip, hooray! Midweek, make an effort to be more affectionate with the one you adore. An alignment of loveplanet Venus and the comet Chiron calls for sensual healing. No need to break out the Cat-O-Nine-Tails and play “Fifty Shades,” Aquarius. Sweet old-fashioned gestures, like holding hands, rubbing your honey’s shoulders, and cuddling on the couch can help the two of you drift closer together. If you’re single, give the Average Joes a second look. Appearances can be deceiving, and you might just find the perfect pinch of bad boy behind that white button-down shirt. If a relationship has been cruising along faster than expected, step on the brakes before you sabotage a potentially good thing. If you let things barrel along at this breakneck speed, you’ll only get terrified and run. Eek! Here’s some happy news for your career. Throughout the week, a prosperity-boosting angle between Pluto and retrograde Saturn brings some innovative ideas for increasing earnings and strengthening your professional reputation. This planetary pair points the way to helpful mentors too; people who have “been there, done that” and would happily give advice to help light the way to your success. It’s a great time to jump in a money-management workshop or sign up for a few sessions with a coach who can guide you in streamlining your grand vision and refining your ideas. Network with people who feel slightly out of your league this week, too. Ain’t no shame in being the ingenue, Aquarius; people will find your curiosity endearing and might even take you under their wings.



Lace up the cross-trainers, Cancer. Spring training begins this week, thanks to Monday’s quarter moon in Sagittarius and your house of healthy living. We realize that life can be stressful, what with all your commitments and the 1,001 people putting demands on your time. But your habit of dropping self-care to the bottom of your priority list has got to stop. A funny thing happens when you start to exercise: your mind gets clearer and your energy levels increase, making you all the more productive and efficient at work. No more excuses! Clear space in your schedule to get your body in motion. You’ll feel so much better once you do! If you’ve been riding the well-being wagon all winter, good on you, Cancer. Now, how about switching things up a bit? Work different muscle groups by varying your regimes. If you’ve been a die-hard yogini, give your sinewy frame some punch with a boxing class, or vice versa. Download an app to track your food and start experimenting with new recipes. You might even do a springtime cleanse to reboot your sluggish, winter-weather system. Bringing order to your court in every way is what this quarter moon is calling for. If you’ve been spending far too much time at work, you probably need to ramp up your efficiency. Create structures and systems…and maybe even a couple new rules for yourself, like quitting your email program while you’re working on other tasks so you aren’t constantly distracted by the messages popping up in that Outlook window. In love, a Venus-Chiron meetup calls for naked honesty. Reveal that tender underbelly hiding behind the crab shell? Talk about striking fear in your heart! But what’s even scarier is the prospect of losing someone because they had no idea how much you adored them. The truth shall set you free, Cancer, no matter how the situation ends up. Liberate yourself from obsession and let your love be known. This will be healing for you in so many ways. If you’ve been assiduously avoiding the game of love, the Venus-Chiron duo helps you delve deeper into your fears. You like your space, Cancer, and some of you can’t stand the invasive quality that relationships have upon this—not to mention the annoying way other people mess with your perfectly zhushed decor scheme! What if you could burn the rulebook and reinvent love on your own terms? Tear a page from Katherine Hepburn’s notes; her idea of a great marriage was to “live close by and visit often.” This is 2013, not 1913, Cancer, so don’t think you have to share a roof to enjoy domestic bliss. If you’re in a relationship, you may find yourself craving a little more air. Create the necessary breathing room. Absence can make your heart grow a whole lot fonder. Pluto and Saturn add some sexy fuel to the fire this week, encouraging you to be more playful and creative in affairs of the heart. Let your inner hedonist take the helm. The shared pursuit of pleasure can be an incredibly bonding experience. That trip to Home Depot can wait, and you can gather paperwork for the tax accountant (yawn) next week. What turns you both on? From Michelin-rated restaurants to exotic top-shelf whisky to edgy Broadway shows, feed the culture vulture in you and your boo and you’ll raise the simmering attraction to a boil.



Should you stay or should you go? Monday’s quarter moon in your house of completions prompts you to call it a day with a certain activity. Although you’re a naturally tenacious one, hanging on past the expiration date will drain you like a battery that’s been plugged in for too long. You’re done…SO done, and if you’re honest with yourself about it, you have been for a while. Turning away is not a sign of defeat, Capricorn. Clear the decks for a better opportunity, one that’s in alignment with your soul’s trajectory. On the flip side, this quarter moon points to an area of life where you could afford to loosen up a bit. You hate to look like anything less than a pro, but you’re definitely out of your element here. That doesn’t mean the situation is wrong for you though. Quite the contrary: there’s a real opportunity for growth here (especially on the spiritual level). Let yourself get a little messy. People don’t expect you to be perfect, even if you’ve placed that impossible crown on your own head. One of your close friendships could go through a “healing crisis” midweek, when Venus aligns with the comet Chiron. Issues that have been swept under the rug could bubble up, shocking both of you with their intensity. The time has come to hash these out, Capricorn, so drop the niceties and open up about your feelings. While you shouldn’t play the blame game, you don’t have to pretend that you’re “fine” with everything. Not when you’ve secretly been stewing about this behind the offending party’s back. Although things may get worse before they get better, you’ll be hugging it out before the weekend, ultimately grateful that you finally got this issue out into the open. If not with a friend, the clash could come with a sibling who has overstepped bounds, an errant coworker who is constantly dropping assignments onto your lap, or a neighbor who doesn’t understand that the street you live on isn’t his 24/7 block party. Fortunately, a harmonious angle between Pluto in Capricorn and retrograde Saturn (your ruling planet) will keep you in good stead with people, even when you are locking horns. Your desire for cooperation and harmony will come through, but so will your “I mean business” stance. And good for you for sticking up for yourself, Capricorn! This is one week where it’s better to be respected than liked.



What’s mine is yours and what’s yours is mine? Hmmmm. Monday’s quarter moon in Sagittarius brings an equalizing energy to your closest relationships. Generosity does not always beget generosity, as it turns out. If you’ve been silently seething with resentment while someone take-take-takes, it’s time to speak up. Don’t let this turn into a major blowout, Gemini. After all, you’ve colluded with the “user,” continuing to give well past the point of what felt fair. People are not mind readers, and the offending party might even be clueless about how upset you are. Extend the benefit of the doubt—it will spare you days of drama. Conversely, you may be skulking around, feeling a little sheisty, knowing that you’ve curried favors from someone you just aren’t motivated to give to in return. This week, you might just have to pony up, in the name of settling the score. Be clear about the new terms of the relationship, too. You can thank this generous soul for sharing, but also let him know that you won’t be needing his services anymore. Ready to nudge a relationship along to the next level, either for business or romantic purposes? This partnership holds strong potential, but is the space really vacant for your future other half to move in? An ex or past collaborator may still be partially parked in this portal. Although it’s hard to say goodbye to yesterday, tie up loose ends so you can move on to the new. At work, a midweek meetup of Venus and Chiron helps you smooth out the rough edges with a colleague. There’s been a difficult power dynamic to balance out, and this uncomfortable undercurrent has created ripples of tension between the two of you. With peacemaking Venus and healing Chiron at the helm, you can finally blast past the drama and bring back the love. Gemini, you’re quite the charismatic one, and your winning personality may have threatened your coworker’s standing. Can you help it if you’re naturally popular? No, but you CAN make more of an effort to be inclusive of everyone in the room. It’s possible that you overshadowed this former ally one too many times, leaving her feeling like chopped liver in your presence. Mend fences by heaping on the acknowledgment. There are things about this person that you are genuinely impressed by, not to mention grateful for. Sing those praises loud and proud, the bigger the audience, the better. By the end of the week, the peace doves will be released and you’ll all be singing kumbaya. Are you on the hunt for new work? Feminine Venus points to women allies in the biz. Call upon the power babes in your circle for a boost, or head to a networking event where you can meet ladies-of-influence who might help you advance your career. You’re a magnet for impresarios this week too, thanks to a propitious angle between Pluto and Saturn. Radar in on the power players in the room, whether you’re at a lunchtime seminar, happy hour, or even the gym. Strike up a friendly conversation with anyone who sparks your intrigue. Your affable nature could score you an amazing and accomplished new friend—and you’re always happy to add more such people to your circle. Fine-tune the details of your work this week too, with an aim towards mastery. Those bells and whistles, while subtle, can strike the difference between “meh” and “magnificent.” Sure, others might find it all a little obsessive and OCD, but you’ll be laughing all the way to the bank.



Dramatic flair or just plain dramatic? Monday’s quarter moon brings your theatrical ways under the microscope. Like Leo Jennifer Lawrence, you’ve been known to give an Oscarworthy performance. Then, there are the times where your emotions get the best of you, causing you to spin out in the diva zone, forgetting that the world does not revolve around you. The quarter moon’s message: check yourself before you wreck yourself, Leo. Even if you’re not staging an epic tantrum, are you stuck in poor-me mode? Your self-pity can be just as draining for the ones who love you, as they are forced to dance around your difficult emotions trying to appease the unplease-able you. Take command of your feelings this week. If you’re unhappy with the way relationships are going, give people the benefit of the doubt. They aren’t trying to make your life miserable; they might just be clueless. Make plans to talk things through, but come to the conversation with creative solutions in tow. The more proactive you are, the happier everyone shall be. Romantic reflection is another theme of the week. Loveplanet Venus links up with the healing comet Chiron, helping you pause and assess the direction of your most intimate relationships. Have you been embroiled in a power struggle with your bedroom buddy, Leo? In your efforts to keep love alive, you may have withheld one of your deeply held needs or values, placing your sweetie on a throne above your own. Alas, pretending to be submissive can have the effect of zapping your joie de vivre. If you notice yourself feeling lethargic or listless, look within. As the expression goes, “you’re only as sick as your secrets.” This week, the love doctor orders you to go into the confessional booth and let the object of your affections know what your deepest, hidden desires are. Although you may fear that s/he won’t want to align with your dreams, you’ll never know unless you ask. Best to find out now so you can make an informed choice about your next steps. And in many cases, you’ll realize that you were suffering in silence for no good reason at all! Have you been stuck in the grey zone, wondering if a relationship is the real thing or just a fling? The Venus-Chiron duo sounds the wake-up call. If you’re worried about being used, then tossed aside, take command. Don’t use your seductive powers as a currency, Leo, or you’ll draw people to you who only want to rush you into the sack. Rather, let the world see all of you—the sexy, soulful, intelligent creative who really has the total package. Like attracts like! On the work front, a friendly Pluto-Saturn angle helps you tighten up your ship. Get your hands back on the wheel of S.S. Leo, even if that means dropping anchor and tending to the minutiae before you sail off for the next ambitious goal. The devil truly is in the details this week, so get that paperwork filed, map out a budget and timeline, and do all the necessary project management work to chart out the course to your desired destination. Helpful women surround you, likely ladies who you’ve worked with in the past. Pull them on board and make it a sister act! You won’t mind sharing the glory with your girls, especially since there will be much more of it to go around when you join forces.



Flutter, flutter, social butterfly, but where will you land when you need to rest your wings? This Monday’s quarter moon in Sagittarius wants you to pause and the people in your realm. As one of the zodiac’s most garrulous signs, you love striking up conversations with everyone from the bus driver to the barista to the guy doing bench presses next to you at the gym. But how deep is your love? By spreading your energy far and wide, you wind up scattered. Meanwhile, your most important relationships start to wither on the vine. Reshuffle the decks this week, focusing on quality over quantity. Prioritize people who bring the greatest ROI, the ones who will stick around for the long haul. You may have to narrow the radius of your social circle temporarily in order to nurture a few key connections. Good news: these duos will become a whole lot more dynamic once you give them that focused attention that they deserve. If you’re ready to leave an unsatisfying partnership (or move it to the back burner), this quarter moon gives you the courage to face the potential conflict and say your farewells with love. Another message from the stars this week: your body is your temple, Libra, so treat it with sacred care. Beautifying Venus aligns with the healing comet Chiron in Pisces and your sixth house of health. Pampering yourself is not just a luxury right now; it’s a form of medicine. Book a midweek massage, acupuncture treatment or energy healing to restore you inner glow. Load up on fresh foods and scale back on the ones that zap you. If you’ve been pondering an end-of-winter juice cleanse, this would be a fine week to get it started. When it comes to your workouts, take a gentler tact this week. Rather than burn yourself out at boot camp, try a dance class or flowy yoga. You’ll work a fresh set of muscle groups and wake your body up in new ways. On the money front, a propitious angle between Saturn and Pluto helps you revamp your savings plan. With your appetite for luxury, you often adopt a “live for today” mantra, but it’s time to flip that script. And yet, what’s the point of tucking aside cash if you don’t have anything worth working towards? This week, flesh out some larger fiscal goals. What would be exciting enough to get you to set aside a lump sum each paycheck? From a spiritual pilgrimage to a swanky studio apartment to college tuition for your future PhD to simply a comfortable retirement, create a vision that inspires you, then set up your bank account to auto-transfer a set amount into this savings bucket each week.



Monday’s quarter moon in Sagittarius brings some illuminating direction to your career. Keep on developing your leadership skills so you can step into a more prominent role in your professional life. Remember: being the top dog does NOT mean doing everything all by yourself. Draw the distinction between taking on responsibility and taking charge. Responsibility can be a slippery slope for your sign, Pisces. With your helpful nature, you often heap your plate high with obligations, even winding up in martyr mode as you struggle to get it all done. In the process, you might even de-motivate the rest of the team. You’ve got it all handled, they figure as they scoot off in pursuit of other adventures. Then, you wind up feeling dumped on for the hundredth time. Grrrr. Taking charge, on the other hand, requires you to develop a different skill set. Instead of going into drone mode, earn your wings as the queen bee. That means fighting against your knee jerk reaction to roll up your sleeves and just do the job yourself. When a task is before you, assess the overall picture of your “hive” before making a move. Then, direct the production process instead of getting your hands sticky with pollen and honey. Don’t be afraid to boss ‘em around a bit. People will adore your compassionate guidance, even if it comes along with a dose of tough love. And it’s amazing how quickly you’ll slip into the lead role once you give yourself permission to wear the crown. All hail Pisces! Midweek, Venus aligns with the healing comet Chiron in your sign, helping you triumph over a personal obstacle. For a moment, it might feel like the world is against you but consider it a cosmic test. Instead of backing down, defend your own honor and beliefs. Your so-called enemies are simply confused about what your motives are. By explaining the method behind your madness, you’ll turn your critics into rabid fans. Talk about a turnaround! This Venus-Chiron combo also sounds the call for self-love. Do something kind for yourself when the humpday blues hit: a massage and mani-pedi can be a pick-me-up, then, go deeper. Book a session with a healer, guru, coach, spiritual guide, or other practitioner whose can help you parse through your pain and find the golden rays of light. Suffering is optional, Pisces, and the sooner you call on support, the happier you’ll be. If you don’t have the funds for a private session, find a small circle devoted to healing or soulful development; even a guided meditation with a group will do wonders to uplift you. Socially, you’ll want to tighten up the radius of your inner circle this week. Popularity can come with a price, watering down the intimacy of your bonds. Make an effort to be more authentic with your entourage. A few people will be displeased, but that’s not your problem. Keep-it-real connections are far more rewarding at the end of the day, and if dropping the mask means less people to call, c’est la vie. The relationships that remain will be far richer anyway!



Monday’s quarter moon in Sagittarius helps you balance “me” and “we.” You’re an independent spirit, Archer, but you’re also a major giver. Have you sidelined a few of your personal goals in an effort to keep the people around you happy? Uh-oh. Bring Numero Uno back into the equation…before that Sagittarius storm starts to brew (if it hasn’t already). Without enough unstructured playtime, you can become quite the grumpy and resentful one. But nobody is going to write that hall pass for you. It’s up to you to rearrange your schedule so that it suits your freedom quota. Get to it, even if that means bowing out of a few activities that you already committed to. As you busily strive towards your ambitions, you may feel like you’re just going through the motions. Yawn! The plug-and-play life is not for you, Sagittarius, so what will it take to restore inspiration? Operating from a higher principle usually does the trick. Rewrite your mission statement, create a game or a goal that challenges you sufficiently, make a vision board of your ideal scenario. This is what will propel you back into action, Sagittarius, trademark enthusiasm in tow. Midweek, Venus and healing comet Chiron align in your feminine fourth house. The ladies in your life will require extra attention, and frankly, you’d benefit from their company as well. From mothers to sisters to daughters to friends, prioritize the important chicas in your life. With Chiron in the mix, you might have to hash out a conflict with one of them. Turns out your “open mouth, insert foot” M.O. hit one of your sisters below the belt. You were only trying to be helpful, but sometimes people need compassion, not a heaping dose of tough love. Rather than argue your case, hear her side, validate her and move on. Feelings just aren’t logical, and if you want to bring back the love, understanding her perspective is all that’s required. If you’ve been sweeping an upset under the rug, the Venus-Chiron duo gives you the courage to express yourself. Try not to use the accusatory “you” if you’re hoping for a positive outcome. “I am feeling left out” will go over a lot better than, “you’ve been excluding me from plans.” Capiche? A thought-provoking alignment of Pluto and Saturn could illuminate your desire for greater financial flow. And let’s face it: with your lust for life, you require an adequate entertainment budget. Working with a coach, mentor, even a spiritual guide can tune you back into the abundance that is available to you. Rather than waiting for opportunity to fall from the sky, how can you cleverly create it? Hint: the answer may be staring you right in the face, but it’s something you do so naturally that you’ve never thought to put a price tag on it.



You work hard for your money, Scorpio, but is your money working hard for you? Monday’s quarter moon in your finance zone calls your material values into question. As much as you love the finer things in life, have you become a prisoner of your possessions? If so, it’s time to simplify and scale back so you aren’t burning each paycheck as quickly as you earn it. For a sign that craves security as much as yours, building a nest egg is better than therapy (retail or the on-the-couch variety). The call has been sounded for fiscal management, so spend time retooling your budget with a goal of trimming the excess splurges and saving more for sunny days. Are you burning the candle at both ends? This quarter moon is also rooting for you to develop more efficient systems for your workflow. Constantly popping between Word, email, Excel and Facebook is a giant timesuck. How about focusing on one task at a time and logging out of social media during those times when you’re not busy Tweeting? The back and forth may be zapping your productivity, Scorpio, so experiment with new ways of dividing up your day. For example, how about checking email for ten minutes at the top of every hour only? Overloaded? Consider bringing on an intern or outsourcing an aspect of your work so that you can concentrate your efforts on the high-value (and better paying) tasks at hand. Romantically, a midweek alignment of Venus and the healing comet Chiron could bring some sweet and sensual moments your way. Although you’re the mysterious type, you crave attention, just like the rest of us humans, Scorpio. This Venus-Chiron alignment reminds you that you don’t have to go to angry, pouty or passive-aggressive extremes to get it. Take more initiative in the game of love. If you want to spend quality playtime with the object of your affections, pull together an entertainment schedule (two tickets to Coachella, perhaps?) and let the good times roll. Dressing up will boost your mood, so take a little extra time with your primping this week. One of your fashion dares might even attract media attention, perhaps a picture in the Street Style section of a local mag or blog. If nothing else, it will make you more receptive to flirty advances. This is one week where talking to so-called strangers could get the thumbs up from your mother, especially when you call to tell her about the really nice guy/girl that you met while you were waiting in line at Office Depot. Do you have a story of triumph, one in which you beat the statistics or odds? If you’ve overcome an obstacle, it’s time to share. This will not be TMI, Scorpio, but rather a “you can do it!” inspiration to the many people who are struggling to figure out the thing that you’ve already mastered. You might even record a video blog or speak to a group about your secret formula for success. Although these sorts of confessionals can make your private sign balk, your courage is an act of charity. Open up!



Monday’s quarter moon in your eighth house of commitments lays it all on the line. Are you in or are you out? Take this week to assess before you make the final call. No half-stepping allowed here, Bull: if you’re going to proceed with this plan, you’ll have to invest considerable resources into it. Are you willing to take it all the way to the finish line? Although the initial excitement is hard to resist, there will be hard work ahead too. If you’re truly passionate about this, you’ll find the strength to carry on during those darker days. But if this is just a passing fancy, bow out now, or you could wind up feeling stuck with a heavy cross to bear. Throughout the week, transformational Pluto forms a friendly angle to retrograde Saturn indicating that certain relationships could actually go through a growth spurt. Stre-e-e-etch! You might literally tread into broader territory, as this Pluto-Saturn mashup brings prospective partners from afar. A long-distance business collaboration could prove fruitful, particularly if you’re working with someone you’ve teamed with in the past. In love, wandering outside your comfort zone and into the other person’s world is the key to expanding your heart. Don’t try to apply a one-size-fits-all rule to your personal relationships. Instead of issuing one of your black-and-white edicts, find a compromise in the grey area. Yes, you might have to give a little more than you’re used to, but the support you receive in return will be well worth it. Has a couple’s workshop been calling your name? With taskmaster Saturn in the mix, expert guidance might be needed to find the ray of light. Single Bulls could find a course on love illuminating this week too. Hey, Taurus, no one teaches you this stuff in school. You might just have to go out of your way to learn the finer points of amour. Group dynamics could hit a snag midweek as Venus aligns with the comet Chiron, aka “the wounded healer.” For a moment, it may seem like Team Taurus is blowing apart, but don’t go mutiny on the bounty. Instead, keep your spirit fingers raised in the air. This meltdown moment had to happen in order to increase the peace. Rather than suppressing conflict, create a safe space for people to air their grievances in a proactive way. Set some ground rules for discussions. For example, people have to use “I” language instead of the accusatory “you.” After all, “I feel upset” is a lot less volatile than, “You upset me!” right? Although these talks could take a while, with your grounded, patient, process-driven style, you’ll clear the air and move on to finding a mutually satisfying solution before the week is through. But whatever you do, don’t take sides!



You’ve got places to go, people to see, yadda yadda, Virgo. Now, how about that personal life of yours? Although you’re still catching an ambitious buzz from the fumes of last week’s full moon in Virgo, this Monday’s quarter moon reminds you of the importance of balance. Tending to your personal affairs is every bit as important as chasing your goals this week. And if that means pausing productivity for a couple days so that you can get your house in order so be it. Check in with relatives and roomies. La familia can also be a source of support, not just a drain on your time and resources. Have you positioned yourself as the role of benefactor with friends and relatives? Your Virgoan “need to be needed” can be an Achilles’ heel this week. Monday’s quarter moon sends a newsflash: people will love you just as much if you give a little less; in fact, they may share your desire to be useful. Time to call in some favors, Virgo—and let’s face it, you’re owed a lot of them! With all the excitement that’s building, emotional eating habits may have crept in. If you’ve been self-soothing with food, or conversely, become overly controlling about every morsel that passes your lips, use this week to regain equilibrium. As one of the zodiac’s epicureans, you adore a lush (and usually healthy) meal. You may find it helpful to track your food, even noting what emotions come up when you suddenly get the overwhelming urge to run to the French patisserie or do another juice cleanse when you just finished one two weeks ago. That underlying feeling of being out of control cannot be healed through your digestive system, Virgo, nor your taste buds. If anything, you probably need to slow your pace, loosen up your timeline, or find yourself a mentor figure (like a coach or therapist) who can offer stability and support through your growth process. Some heart-healing vibes come your way this week too, courtesy of an alignment between Venus and Chiron. Venus is the planet of love and harmony, while Chiron is the comet known as “the wounded healer.” Together, these two heavenly bodies help you diplomatically address any issues in your closest relationships. What have you been afraid to say—or ask for—from your partner? You could find a safe forum to express yourself this week, or finally figure out how to approach your other half without setting off a bomb. Relationships can dredge up the worst in us, but instead of viewing these meltdowns from the doom-and-gloom lens, this week, you’ll see them as opportunities for growth. Let your lover be your mirror: if you’re not happy with the attitude you’re getting, look at the one you’re putting forth. A subtle shift in your attitude and energy can totally transform your bond. How’s that for being in the driver’s seat of your own life, Virgo? No more victims! If you’ve been avoiding the whole dating game thing, this Venus-Chiron duo gently guides you back onto the scene. Female friends can be excellent matchmakers this week, so let them fix you up with those “really nice guys/girls” who they know. Your creativity gets a happy boost from Pluto and Saturn. These two cosmic heavyweights sharpen your eye for the details, helping you develop an idea in a truly original way. Carve out time to make art for art’s sake. You might even do this in partnership with another imaginative soul. Move over Dolce and Gabbana, Teagan and Sara, Amy Poehler and Tina Fey.


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