Weekly Horoscope





Go Speed Racer! Your ruling planet, go-getter Mars, zips into Aries from Monday, March 11 until April 19, fueling your drive. You’re an action-oriented person by nature, but with Mars in your twelfth house for the past five weeks, you may have found it hard to turn the key in the ignition. Not so this week! You’re ready to transform those dreamy visions into a tangible reality. Gentle-Rams, start your engines! It’s officially go-time for you. Warning: having Mars in your sign can almost make you TOO passionate at times. While some people can handle your zeal (and will find it outright inspiring) be careful not to blast a tamer crowd with full-frontal Aries. Coming on stronger than a triple-shot espresso is not always appropriate. Sometimes you have to turn up the heat slowly and give people a chance to warm to your brilliant and ahead-of-the-curve ideas. If you’ve been pondering a business venture, or if you have one in the works, Mars greenlights your expansion, pushing you to take a bolder leap towards your dreams. Perhaps the reason you’ve felt stalled at the gates is because you haven’t been playing a big enough game. Step out of the safety zone and give a riskier idea a go. Mars can make you restless too, so burn off that angst with lots of physical activity. This could be the week where your spring training officially begins. Go easy on the caffeine though. You may have trouble sleeping with the whirring red planet making your thoughts spin a mile-a-minute. You can be a bit more accident prone with rash Mars in your sign too. Watch where you’re heading, Aries, and don’t race around so quickly that your brain can’t keep up with your body. When you find yourself getting so exciting that you’re nearly jumping out of your skin, brew a cup of herbal tea, take a few moments to breathe, ground yourself by leaning on a tree or touching your hands to the ground (seriously). This will spare you needless bumps and bruises and keep you flowing along at a sane pace. On the opposite end of the cosmic spectrum, Monday’s new moon in Pisces activates your Zen and rejuvenating twelfth house. While half of you is speeding towards an exciting and epic end goal, another part of you needs to totally chill. This soulful new moon will activate your desire for spirituality AND spa time. The world’s busiest sign also needs to take a time out on the massage table or in the meditation room—although a moving meditation like yoga may be all you can handle this week. The twelfth house rules all things charitable, so funnel some of your energy towards an altruistic cause. There’s no better fundraiser on the planet than you when you believe wholeheartedly in a mission. The local children’s hospital or women’s shelter will thank you. Although you’re a fire sign, this watery new moon helps you cool out with aquatic therapy. Start walking along the beach, explore the possibility of crewing a sailboat, soak in a Jacuzzi, find a saltwater pool for lap swims, get a tropical vacay on the books. Your creativity begins to flow like a rapid river when you’re in or near H2O. On Sunday, communication planet Mercury turns direct after a three week retrograde. Finally! You can figure out the friends from the foes. It’s been difficult to determine who is really on Team Aries for the past few weeks. If you’ve wrongly accused someone—a real possibility—eat that slice of humble pie and make amends. On the flip side, you may discover the true source of those toxic fumes you’ve been inhaling. Alas, you might have to say goodbye to someone whose energy is draining the life out of you.






Shake that moneymaker! On Monday, March 11, the new moon in Pisces rocks your second house, bringing a wave of prosperity-boosting energy. Take your position on the starting block: Monday marks the beginning of a six-month cycle of abundance and financial growth. Think of it as your very own cosmic economic stimulus package. While this new moon gives you a jumpstart, you have to keep the kinetic energy going by being proactive! Don’t wait for the recruiters to come a-calling or your friend to drop a business idea in your lap. Circulate your resume, set up those power lunches, and network like your livelihood depended on it (it kinda does). That said, the second house rules income earned in more traditional ways, like a 9-5 job, hourly wage gig, or a steady client who pays on a monthly contract. If you’re an entrepreneur, use this lunar energy to create stable systems within your business. Streamline, simplify, focus on the bottom line. If you want to increase your profit margin, how can you cut your costs without skimping on quality? Put that innovative Aquarius mind to work and crunch the numbers on your Excel spreadsheet. If you work with clients, create packages or recurring billing cycles for them so you aren’t constantly relying on the one-off sale. Establishing security is the name of the game. Be patient with the process though, Aquarius. New moons are when we plant seeds, but they often take until the corresponding full moon six months later to bear fruit. Circle September 19 on your calendar, the day of the Pisces full moon. If you put your mind to it, you could be in a totally new income bracket by then. Of course, given your joie de vivre, you can burn it as fast as you earn it. Even if you’re flush with cash, this new moon calls for budgeting. If money management confounds you, work with a bookkeeper, financial counselor or planner to set up a system for tracking your earnings and expenses and also projecting for the months ahead. This isn’t rocket science, Aquarius…although come to think of it, you ARE the zodiac’s rocket scientist, so surely you can grasp this! Just don’t forget to create an entertainment expense category along with all the house payment and electric bill. You’ll never be able to sustain this fiscally responsible groove if you starve yourself of pleasure. Also on Monday, motivator Mars switches signs moving into Aries and your social third house. Hello popularity spike! Your calendar could fill up quickly with fun and exciting plans (another reason to get that entertainment budget worked out). Mars can be both energizing and aggravating though, so be careful not to O.D. on people time. Although everyone will want you to sign on as an official member of their club, group, or organization, hold off from inking your name on those forms. You’re better off dabbling and drifting to your heart’s content while Mars holds this position until April 19. Taste the rainbow before you decide on a favorite flavor so you can feel confident in your choice. Mars’ lusty energy could dose you with spring fever too. Hello dating spree! Single Aquarians will be in fine flirting form. Try not to double book or cram too many amorous occasions into one twenty-four hour period. Otherwise, you could wind up with analysis paralysis. Online dating will serve up plenty of options, so log back in and give it a go. Already attached? Bring more playful energy to the mix. Think: road trips, field trips, overnight getaways and staycations. Getting out and about more as a couple will breathe new life into your bond—and no, heading to Home Depot or running errands together doesn’t count. On Sunday the 17th, there’s cause for celebration: communication planet Mercury wakes up form a three week retrograde and resumes forward motion in your second house of money. Take that powersuit to the dry cleaners and get yourself set up for maximum productivity. Stalled income opportunities will resolve and the pace will pick up at work the week of the 18th. You may finally get news of a job offer that you’ve been waiting for too. At last!





It’s shameless self-promotion time! This Monday, March 11, ambitious, determined Mars moves into Aries for five weeks, energizing your tenth house of career. There’s a place at the top with your name written on it, Cancer, but you’re not going to get there by passively waiting for a sign. Mars rewards action, drive, and take-the-bull-by-the-horns chutzpah. You’ve got it in you, Cancer, even if you keep the barracuda hidden behind your sweet, polite veneer. No, we’re not suggesting you gobble up the competition like a rabid shark (you’re not an Aries or a Capricorn, after all) but DO jump into the ring and fight for your rightful place among the pack. And yes, be a peaceful warrior, Cancer; just a determined one who won’t allow people to prey on your emotions or try to suck you into believing that the nice thing to do is go for the silver instead of the gold. Your commitment to excellence is the most potent weapon in your arsenal while Mars hangs in Aries until April 19. Go the extra mile to ensure that anything you put your name on stands out from the pack for its polished and above-par quality. Mars may even drive you into the public eye or up on the podium, presenting big ideas and topics in which you’ve developed a modicum of mastery. Leadership, even if it happens behind the scenes, is calling your name. Get ready to wear the crown, Cancer; people WANT you to lead the way. Just one word to the wise: Mars energy IS potent, and can stir up some “my way or the highway” brattiness. It’s hard to be humble when people heap on the praise now. Don’t let it go to your head or you could tumble from the throne as quickly as you rise to it. We said your role is to lead, not dominate or dictate, so find out what your loyal subjects desire and work that into the equation too. Also this week, Monday’s new moon in Pisces sparks your wanderlust. While you’re busy taking over the world, you might also want to explore a new corner of it. Get plans in motion for an epic vacation or a spiritual pilgrimage which you’ll take by the corresponding full moon on September 19. If you’ve thought about relocating, this new moon will get the ball rolling. You might be renting the U-Haul before you know it, Crab, or subletting your apartment while you do a six-month sabbatical in Brazil, Tanzania, or Israel. Even if you’re tethered to homebase, switch things up so they don’t get stale. Drive a different way to work, find a new coffee shop and local pub, make a point of mingling with a multicultural group of people and exploring a different scene. This new moon whets your appetite for knowledge so if you find yourself hungering for fresh data, enroll in a class or workshop. A self-development weekend could flood you with inspiration too. Go on and stretch those boundaries, Cancer! On Sunday, the “open mouth, insert foot” vibes you’ve been weathering for the past few weeks finally dissipate as communication planet Mercury turns direct after retrograding through your candid ninth house since February 23. You were only trying to be helpful but it seemed that people kept misinterpreting your kindness as criticism. Fortunately, you’ll get a chance to clear the air after Sunday. Rather than justifying your actions, just apologize for being a know-it-all or delivering unsolicited advice. You hate it when the tables are turned on YOU like that, after all. Best of all, Mercury’s 180 helps restore a “live and let live” energy, which can be hard for a caretaker like you to adopt when you adore people. Freedom does not equate doom in relationships, Cancer, so give your peeps some breathing room and you’ll bring back the love.







All is not quiet on the Capricorn homefront this week. On Monday, March 11, active, energizing Mars shifts into Aries for five weeks creating quite a buzz under your roof. Whether you’re knocking down walls, hosting guests from afar, reconfiguring the furniture, or actively engaging with relatives and roomies, you’re going to have a hard time sitting still when you’re at home. Toss the bite-sized apps in the oven and cue up the Pandora station. It’s a great time to host that long overdue housewarming party! Mars can be rash and aggressive, so before you start converting your one-bedroom apartment in to an open-plan loft, make sure you’ve really considered the amount of energy such projects will require. Passion will not be lacking, but patience will be between now and April 19. Don’t saddle yourself with yet another huge project, Capricorn, unless you’re truly certain you have the wherewithal to finish it. Converting a spare bedroom into a home office or workout room, however, would get a huge thumbs-up from Mars. Anything that makes you more productive at home gets the red planet’s blessing. Warning: Warrior Mars could also stir up conflict with relatives and roomies. While you’re generally allergic to all-out clashes, you won’t be able to avoid dealing with those sticking points now. Acting like you’re above it all is not going to do the trick–but neither will strong arming people! Face these family feuds head-on and be proactive about finding a mutually agreeable solution. You’re going to have to give a little here, Cap, in the name of keeping the peace. If you’re in the market for a move, Mars will bring plenty of motivation. Call the realtor, start shopping around for neighborhoods with great school districts and all the cultural amenities a Capricorn requires. One caveat: with Mercury retrograde until the 17th, you might wait one more week to sign or break any leases or apply for that mortgage. If you have property on the market, this Mars phase helps you step up your sales efforts. You might hire a staging company, host an open house, even drop the price a bit so the places moves during the next five weeks. Monday also marks the new moon in Pisces and your third house of partnerships. Embrace the buddy system, Capricorn! Joining forces with another go-getter can get stuck plans and stalled projects back in motion again. If you’re an entrepreneur or have a project to market, get a buzz going using social media. Your Tweets could turn you into a trending topic in the Twitterverse so let those 140-character zingers fly. This new moon also activates the social butterfly in you. Get out and mingle with new groups of people; explore a new scene. You might have to break away from your tried-and-true crew for a little while, in the name of personal expansion. Don’t let misplaced loyalty prevent you from trying an activity that your BFFs aren’t into. You’re a multidimensional being and you could limit yourself by expecting one person to be your go-to hanging buddy for everything. Your concert companion might be different than your cardio kickboxing motivator. Branch out! Are you in the market for a new set of wheels? This new moon falls in your house of transportation, signaling you to shop around for that eco-chic bike or styling new car with the high-tech systems built in. Wait until after this Sunday, to drive anything off the lot. On that day, Mercury, the planet that rules our vehicles and mobile devices, wakes up from a three week retrograde. This is cause for celebration on many levels, not just because you might be zipping around town in a pimped out ride. Communications have been strained since Mercury went into reverse on February 23. Although the retrograde may have brought reunions with old friends, it also created rifts and misunderstandings aplenty. With Mercury shifting back into drive on Sunday, you’ll have an easier time clearing the air and restoring the cooperative vibes. The pace of a writing or multimedia project will pick up too, and you may even be tapped to speak in front of a room full of people!







Let’s see those spirit fingers! On Monday, March 11, Mars kicks off a five-week tour through Aries and your teamwork zone, bringing lots of energy to your collaborative efforts. Join forces with lively, active go-getters, Gemini. These proactive peeps will be the wind beneath your wings. As the expression goes, your network is your net worth. Pay attention to the people in your circle. Are they winning in the areas that matter most to you? If you want to be a famous chanteuse, for example, it makes sense to surround yourself with successful singers who can show you the ropes. If you’re lacking role models and way-showers, start the search. Get out and find your new tribe, Gemini, even if you have to work your way in slowly, paying your dues as you humbly prove your loyalty and dedication. With your charming social style, it won’t be long until you’re adopted into the fold. Warning: Mars energy can be rash and restless, and people will simultaneously thrill you and work your every last nerve. You’re going to need lots of physical activity while the red planet hangs in Aries until April 19. May we suggest trying team sports, Gemini? From a supportive Crossfit community to an indoor soccer league, find ways to blow off steam and socialize simultaneously. Le geek, c’est chic. This Mars phase may motivate you to learn a new technical skill or master a software program that can launch you into a new income zone. Check out the tutorials on lynda.com, head to the Apple Store for a Photoshop intensive, sign up for a seminar on mastering the finer points of Twitter. You’ve got a steel-trap mind for such things, Gemini, and with a little training, you might just be running your own online empire before you know it. Speaking of empires, your career gets a major boost on Monday too, thanks to the Pisces new moon electrifying your ambitious tenth house. Think of this as day one of your meteoric rise, Gemini. Where would you like to ascend to by the corresponding full moon on September 19? From rising through the ranks at your current gig to scoring an executive role at an awesome startup, to rocking the CEO title at your own company, this new moon prompts you to dream big. Map out six-month goals for your career this week, then, get into action to close the gap between where you are now and where you’d like to be. Helpful men may speed you along your path, one of whom you could meet this week. You may already know him, Gemini, but the new moon provides an opening for the two of you to finally connect. Don’t be shy! If you see an opportunity to spark up a dialogue, go for it! If you’ve been clashing with a coworker for the past few weeks, we wouldn’t be surprised. Mercury, the planet of communication (and your ruling planet) has been retrograde in your career zone since February 23, causing ripples in the peaceful pond. Fortunately, the speedy messenger planet resumes forward motion this Sunday, March 17, helping you get back in good stead with your colleagues. Retrogrades rule the past, so looking back is not a bad idea during these tri-annual phases. A former boss or client may play a major role in the progress that Monday’s new moon brings for your career. If you’ve been stuck in a “failure,” it’s time to stop dwelling! With Mercury shifting back into drive on Sunday, you’ll be ready to circulate your resume again or pitch an idea that fell flat a while ago but still has lots of life in it. In the words of Gemini Kanye West, “So I just meditate at the home in Pompeii/About how I could build a new Rome in one day.” Ri-ight?!






Let the hunger games begin! On Monday, go-getter Mars zips into fellow fire sign Aries, revving up your appetite for life. You’ll be in seeker mode while Mars holds this position for the next five weeks. Keep your antenna up for experiences that broaden your horizons and make you feel like the worldly person you were born to be. Although this Mars phase may rocket some Leos into the ivory towers, street smarts give you just as much credibility now. Tuition, schmuition: you can gain just as much knowledge from the school of life, especially if you roll up your sleeves and work alongside a master for a the next month. Gypset living, anyone? (Gypsy + jetset) Traveling like a bohemian flower child can awaken your soul purpose. You’ll be feeling extra spontaneous with Mars at the helm. Hop on the tour bus with your favorite band (or follow them around for a week in your painted Westphalia), sign up for the yoga retreat in Tulum, or act like a tourist in your own hometown. Cross-cultural relationships heat up under Mars’ passionate flames. You could make a fateful connection with a traveler who is rolling through your neck of the woods, or a neighbor or colleague from a different ethnic background. Got an entrepreneurial venture in the works? The red planet lights a fire under your feet, making this a positive week to start development and planning. Map out some benchmarks for your biz. What can you accomplish by April 19? Make sure the goal is challenging enough to keep you motivated but not SO pie-in-the-sky that you have no clue where to start. Warning: your passionate nature will be uber-intense, so much so that you could burn people out if you don’t regulate the heat. Regular workouts are a must, so let that high-octane Mars energy propel you to try out a more high-energy sport. Scout out a boxing gym: punching the heavy bag can be a huge emotional release and help build personal strength and confidence with sticking up for yourself in the face of dominating opposition. Kapow–K.O., Leo! Monday also marks the new moon in Pisces and your sultry eighth house. Look who’s bringing sexy back now (ahem). A soulful connection could spark up on Monday, giving you the knowing feeling that you’ve just met someone who is meant to play a very important role in your life. Patience, Lion. New moons are inception points, but it can take as long as six months for those seeds to blossom. By the corresponding full moon on September 19, you’ll know exactly what role this magical being is meant to play in your universe (if any). Just trust in that intuitive hit and start the discovery process. The connection runs deep between the two of you and may sate you on a mind-body-soul level as your bond develops. In a relationship? You’ll begin craving more certainty and direction under the spell of this intimate new moon. You’re ready to put a ring on it…or some ink on it, in the case of business partnerships. “It’s complicated,” is no longer a suitable relationship status for you. You’ll want to know this week: are you going to move forward or go your separate ways? Don’t be afraid to broach the subject of commitment, Leo. Just try to come at it from a proactive angle instead of bringing worry and fear into the conversation. Assume that your other half could say anything instead of bracing yourself for rejection. There’s a fine chance that the two of you will become an official “we” in the days ahead. If you’ve been feeling out of touch with your mojo, this moon is your rescue remedy. Forget about seducing anyone until you’ve restored the connection to yourself through adequate rest, relaxation time and room for creativity. Nothing makes you feel sexier than being in the flow of your own imaginative powers, whether you’re singing, writing music, painting, dancing, decorating, or otherwise connecting with the muse. Cancel those filler plans and set up the easel or dive into a DIY project that consumes your attention during the evenings and weekend. You could have the makings of a masterpiece on your hands, Leo, not to mention a reminder of how luscious life can be when you’re so richly connected to yourself. And if that energy leads you to a Burlesque 101 class, we wouldn’t be a bit surprised. This new moon also brings a kick in the pants to manage your finances more wisely. You work hard for your money, Leo, but does your money work hard for you? Start exploring new passive income streams, even real estate if that world calls to you. There’s only one caveat to all this exciting Mars and new moon progress. Mercury will remain in retrograde until this Sunday the 17th, cautioning you to do thorough background research before committing to anything. It’s hard to resist being impulsive this week, but looking before you leap will save you major headaches. With Mercury powering forward on Sunday, you’ll be motivated to gather up those tax documents and get your papers in order. If your accountant seems to care more about the IRS than getting you a refund, find someone new to work with. You may be entitled to more write-offs than you realized, a good reason to work with someone qualified and capable.





Cardio kickboxing or Kundalini yoga? Monday’s new moon in Pisces electrifies your sixth house of health, awakening the wellness warrior in you. The winter, with all its comfort food, lethargic lounging, and baggy clothes is officially behind you now, Libra. Start tossing rose petals around the temple that is your body by treating yourself with sacred self-care. Revamp your eating habits, get a regular exercise schedule plugged into your calendar, organize your socializing around physical activities like hiking, dancing, or hitting a Zumba class with friends. No need to go to extremes; this must feel pleasurable too if you want the vibes to last. Think of this as a lifestyle adjustment rather than some flash-in-the-pan regime. If you’re overdue for a check-up, get doctor’s appointments on the books. Sluggish energy levels may require an iron supplement, B-12 shot, or Vitamin D drops to kick yourself back into high gear. Suffering is optional, Libra, so rather than Google symptoms like a cybochondriac, let the pros check you out and write you the proper prescription for vital good health. This new moon also affects your work life, bringing fresh opportunities your way. If you’ve been working hard to prove your mettle, word of a promotion could come this week. Don’t just wait until the execs tap you though. Do you see an opening for yourself? Write your own job description and pitch the idea to the powers-that-be. Even if you aren’t instantly rewarded with a new title and salary hike, your venturesome vibes will mark you as a rising star. By the time the corresponding full moon in Pisces rolls around on September 19, you might be comfortably ensconced in that corner office. Also on Monday, motivator Mars moves into Aries and your seventh house of partnerships for five weeks. Paso doble, anyone? Red-hot Mars definitely amps up the pace of your love life. Your urge to merge could reach a fever pitch, but rushing to fill your dance card could mean sacrificing the quality of your alliances. You can’t force every duo to be dynamic, Libra–and with fiery Mars at the helm, some of them could become more dynamite than anything. Temper, temper! Your conflict-averse M.O. goes out the window for the next five weeks and you could find yourself locking horns with the ones you love. Truth be told, these clashes needed to be dealt with sooner or later, but don’t forget to bring your diplomacy along for the ride. Give people the benefit of the doubt instead of flinging accusations. It’s a little too easy to misread signals between now and April 19, going to the worst-case scenario before you have all the facts lined up. On a positive note, this lively Mars energy can help move sluggish relationships into the progress zone. Is it time to put a ring on it…or in the case of a business pairing, some ink on it? Mars pierces through your penchant for endless deliberation and helps you decide: are you in or are you out? Of course, you might discuss this week but leave such final judgments until next week. Communication planet Mercury remains in retrograde until this Sunday, fogging up the lens of your inner vision. When the speedy planet resumes forward motion this weekend, your insights with sharpen and you’ll have an easier time pulling together the pieces of a plan. Use this final week of retrograde Mercury to clean up your office, organize your workflow, and connect to helpful people from your past. Give the world service with a smile too! One random act of kindness that you perform could make an epic difference for a person in need. Hello, karma points!





Happy astrological New Year! Monday, March 11 marks the annual new moon in Pisces, the day that the cosmos hit the refresh button on your life and give you permission to officially start over. Heed this planetary PSA: you are the captain of your ship and the master of your fate. So, where would you like to steer S.S. Pisces next? New moons are a great time to invest in personal development and individual growth. From a life-altering seminar to a spiritual pilgrimage, put some of your hard-earned dollars towards an experience that will alter the course of your future in a profound and positive way. And yes, this should make your heart beat a little (or a whole lot) faster, Fish. Leaping out of your comfort zone is what this venturesome new moon wants for you. You might even find your way into the public eye or begin promoting yourself for greater media attention. Your star is on the rise, so if you desire to make a name for yourself, this is the week to start tending to that ascent. One note: new moons are times for initiation, but the results don’t always flourish until the corresponding full moon, six months hence. Mark September 19 on your calendar for your manifestation date or coming out party, which is the day of the full moon in Pisces. Also, as you diligently research possibilities and prepare your PR campaign, you might hold off until early next week to hit the Buy Now/Launch button. Communication planet Mercury has been retrograde in Pisces since February 23, and remains in reverse until this Sunday, March 17. You want to knock it out of the park on the first try, or at least make sure you are treading down the right path. On Sunday, the signal-scrambling influence of retrograde Mercury fades away, and soonafter, you’ll be crystal clear about your desires and direction. You’ll have an easier time getting your point across after the 17th too, so use this week for gathering information and resources as well as reconnecting to any people from your past who can help with your soon-to-be meteoric rise. Go-time is already underway, so don’t worry about ambling along as a slightly slower pace this week. At work, there’s nothing slow-mo going on, however. On Monday, motivator Mars leaves Pisces and shifts into Aries and your second house of income until April 19. Your whirlwind creative ideas need to be funneled into a more practical, tangible structure over the next five weeks. It’s “Show me the money!” time, Pisces, which will require you to sell people your vision from a new angle. How can you frame your genius in a way that the more conservative, cost-conscious types will understand? What direct benefits do you see for THEM that would make them reach into their wallets and pony up the cash? You’re up for the challenge, Fish, but you may have to tone down some of your dreamy, emo ways in order to reach this crowd. Facts, figures, statistics and numbers: gather ‘em up and give people the black and white. Warning: Mars in Aries could also make you quite the spender. Keep those credit cards locked in the safe! That itchy trigger finger could lead to impulse shopping splurges that cut into your house payments or other practical savings plans. Your appetite for luxury increases too, but budget carefully before you bring home those pricey treasures. Sometimes it’s enough to just lust for them from afar, especially since your tastes could run hot and cold during this fickle Mars phase. In love, bring on the sensuality and old-fashioned courtship rituals! Mars makes you touchy-feely, but stick to hand holding and other tame TLC in the beginning, and let the connection develop organically between now and April 19. In a relationship? Create a more sensual atmosphere in your bedroom this week using props like a dimmer switch, warming massage oil, silky sheets, strawberries, and scented candles. This might get YOU in the mood more than anyone, but that’s more than half of the lusty equation.




Thou givest fever! Your sexy spring awakening begins this Monday, March 11 when red-hot Mars decamps to Aries and your passionate romantic, glamorous fifth house. Forget about waiting for some white steed to gallop to your castle gates. Your hunting instincts will be in full effect, Sagittarius, and you’ll enjoy the spicy pursuit as much as the catch itself. If you’re in a relationship, Mars helps you change the spark plugs. You can’t keep digging into that same old bag of tricks and expecting the magic to happen. Variety has always been the spice of your life, and it’s time to share some new adventures with the object of your affections. Get plans in motion for an exotic vacation, sign up for a couple’s workshop, try a new sport together. Your pursuit of fame could be just as fiery as your hunt for love during this Mars phase. After all, it feels great to be recognized for your hard work, right? Don’t just sit around waiting to be discovered. Proactive Mars wants you to take matters into your own hands. Call in the publicists, head to auditions, send out aptly-timed Tweets to alert the world of your latest and greatest offerings. You might even record a series of video blogs, set up a YouTube channel, even film an actual TV pilot with Mars speeding your rise to fame. If being on-camera is not your thing, you can utilize the red planet’s power to lock in a leadership position or land a glamorous client. Baby fever may strike under Mars’ spell, but are you being rash or realistic? Your burning desire for a bebe could pass after April 19, so don’t rush in without careful consideration of what you’re getting yourself into here. But if you find that you can indeed handle the idea of saving for a college fund and weathering the irascible teen years, well, you don’t need us to draw you a diagram of what to do next, right? If you already have kids, they’re going to need extra attention while Mars is in Aries for the next five weeks. Fortunately, the warming weather makes for the perfect time to get out and play. You’ll enjoy being active with your wee ones, so let the field trips begin! There’s fun to be had at home too, Archer. Monday marks the annual new moon in Pisces and your family-friendly fourth house. While your garrulous sign is known for being friends with the world, you’ll find yourself craving more intimacy now. Rekindle the connection to a dear old friend or a favorite family member who you’ve fallen out of touch with. If you’re feeling isolated or lonely, seek friends who mirror your more personal interests. You’d even enjoy being part of a women’s group or a support circle where you can sit around and talk about the emotional issues that you deal with on a day-to-day basis. What’s most important to remind yourself of is that you are not alone. Everyone struggles on some level, and you’ll find it cathartic and uplifting to connect with people on a keep-it-real level. You’ve been getting lots of hits to redecorate, renovate, or even relocate over the past few weeks and this new brings yet another surge of such energy. Still haven’t set up those basement shelves or repainted the fugly off-the-shelf color in your bedroom? You may finally get the push from Monday’s new moon. But easy does it, Archer! On Sunday, Mercury wakes up from a three-week retrograde in the same part of your chart, further sharpening your interior decorating skills. And hey, if you wait until the weekend to choose your paint scheme or shop around for new digs, you’d probably be the wiser one for it. Mercury retrograde is known for scrambling signals and clouding your intuition, so continue using this week for researching options instead of going full-force with your home-repair-and-improvement efforts. Collaborating with women or relatives on a project could prove fruitful under the light of Monday’s new moon. You might even set up a home-based business to earn money on the side. By the time the corresponding full moon arrives on September 19, you might have built this venture up so mightily that you can afford to quit your day job. The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.





Love is in the air! Monday’s new moon in Pisces electrifies your fifth house of romance, opening up a fresh six-month chapter for your amorous life. Single Scorpios, shake off the juju of bad romances past. Getting your heart broken is part of the journey (sigh), but you don’t have to hold that defensive posture forever. Strike your ex’s name from your vocab, stop ruminating on the coulda-shoulda-woulda, then, dust yourself off and try again. You might even head to the salon for a sexy breakover. Just remember that Mercury is retrograde until March 17, so stick to less-drastic style tweaks. You can tattoo that Sailor Jerry pinup on your shoulder AFTER the 17th if the urge is still there. For now, how about refreshing your highlights, or getting a blowout or cute updo that you rock during a flirty night on the town? The odds of finding love are so in your favor this week, but it’s not gonna happen while you’re sitting on the couch watching Dancing With The Stars. If online dating isn’t your thing (far too impersonal for some Scorpios), start filling your social calendar with activities that allow you to mingle with eligible prospects. You’ll be quite the minx this week, and might even prefer a little spring fling over the real thing. Meow! In a relationship? This new moon sounds the call for couple-y playtime. Book a weekend getaway, take an art class, learn to give each other a seductive massage. You might even co-host a party as a bonding activity that doubles as an opportunity to overlap your respective circles of friends. Who knows? The two of you could wind up playing matchmaker for a couple of single pals. Are you ready for your close-up, Scorpio? Your theatrical nature gets a wakeup call from this new moon too. Pump up the publicity efforts, send out the press releases, audition for the role—create your own buzz instead of waiting to be discovered. Your meteoric rise to fame begins this Monday and could culminate in a huge way by the corresponding full moon on September 19. Alas, you may still have to muck through a bit of confusion this week, due to retrograde Mercury, which remains in reverse gear until this Sunday. But as the week draws to the close, the speedy planet of communication and information resumes forward motion, untangling the crossed wires and dissipating the drama. Raise your freak flag high in the air! With Mercury direct once again, your imaginative ideas will land you squarely in the genius category instead of making you feel like a fringe-y weirdo. Your relationship status may have read “It’s Complicated” since Mercury reversed on February 23, but after Sunday, you’ll have an easy time telling a player from a prince once again. This may necessitate some “lose my number” conversations or a few de-friendings on Facebook, but then again, you might just realize that giving a past lover a second chance was the smartest decision of your life. Stress alert! Go-getter Mars heads into Aries and your sixth house of work from Monday until April 19, amplifying your professional obligations. Things start moving at a faster clip around the office this week, and you may have to put in some longer hours just to get ‘er done. But rather than going into martyr mode and pulling twelve hour days, use this Mars phase to ramp up your efficiency. Before you dive in to work, take time to organize your workflow, create systems, and even outsource tasks that are zapping your time for a frightfully low ROI. Working out is more of a necessity than a luxury while Mars is in your sixth house, so don’t let your fitness routine fall by the wayside. No, you might not be able to pull of the 90-minute Bikram yoga class, but if a half-hour circuit workout is what you can squeeze in before you head home, you’ll still get the desired result of minimizing stress and pumping up your heart rate to a cardio-approved level. Something is better than nothing! On the other hand, some Scorpios will become workout junkies during this Mars phase. Dive right into that bikini bootcamp class like Scorpio Demi Moore, or sign up for the half-marathon and let the spring training begin!





Slip off to that honeycomb hideout. Mars, the planet of drive, dips into Aries and your twelfth house from Monday, March 11 until April 19. You’ll do some of your best work behind the scenes for the next five weeks; at times, you might even feel downright agitated when other people’s eyes are on you. If you don’t have a private workspace to retreat to, this would be the time to set one up, perhaps renting studio space temporarily. You’ve got genius flowing through you, Bull, so don’t let it go to waste! The muse could very well keep you up at night, tossing and turning until you get those visions recorded. Some Tauruses might even take a spiritual retreat during this Mars phase, slipping off to an ashram or on a silent meditation to connect with the divine. Warning: Mars can be equal parts energizing and aggravating. With the red planet touring your twelfth house, you may confront issues of guilt, codependence, and anxiety. Beware the lure of self-medicating. Numbing feelings with overeating or abusing toxic substances will only exacerbate the issue. Harness the warrior energy of Mars and face the scary emotions head on (therapist required in some cases). Cutting ties with people who make you feel obligated, dominated, or manipulated may be necessary in order to heal from these painful patterns that have you in their grip. Not that you’ll turn into a total recluse or hermit, Bull. Monday also features a new moon in Pisces and your extroverted eleventh house, calling forth the social butterfly in you. Although you’ll be selective about who you spend your time with, this new moon can connect you to an inspiring group of people. If you’ve outgrown your go-to crew, it will be glaringly (and somewhat painfully) obvious this week as well. Let the hunt for your new tribe begin, seeking people whose interests mirror your current set of passions. The eleventh house rules humanitarian activity so you may find social solace among the ranks of community volunteers, doing your part to make your corner of the world a better place. You might be inspired enough to start your own non-profit, foundation, or community group before the corresponding full moon this September 19. Geek out! A web-based venture could take off on the launching pad of Monday’s new moon. Start setting up that e-commerce site, building your blog, finding a cute WordPress theme for, or learning the finer points of online marketing using social media. Sharpening up your software skills could spell money in the bank for you over the coming six months. Of course, you might wait one more week to hit the launch button on any e-ventures. Mercury, the planet of information, remains in retrograde until this Sunday, March 17, scrambling signals for one final week. Retrograde Mercury is best utilized for developing ideas behind the scenes, testing, and refining. You may also have reunited with an old posse since February 25, but after Sunday, don’t be surprised if the initial excitement you felt cools. Sure, it’s great to relive the good old days, but some of these peeps are stuck in the past. No matter how nostalgic Tauruses can be, you’re also pragmatic and productive. Time to keep it moving, Bull, so don’t feel guilty about busying yourself with new activities after the 17th. Who knows? Your progress may inspire these slowpokes to roll with the times. If not, you can always keep in touch on Facebook.






Dos, dva, due…Monday’s new moon in Pisces ignites a spring awakening in your seventh house of relationships. Partnership opportunities start popping up everywhere, dotting the landscape of your life like bright purple crocuses. Whether for business, pleasure, or a thrilling mix of both, people want to join forces with you–and the feeling will be mutual. Let the dynamic duos begin! A flirty connection may finally begin to morph into something real. Be patient with the process (good thing your sign likes to take it slow). New moons are starting points, but results can take up to six months to unfold. By the corresponding full moon in Pisces on September 19, you’ll know exactly the role people are meant to play in your life. Who knows? You might even put a ring on it near your 2013 birthday. Is there a heaviness in your heart? This new moon hits the refresh button on your emotions, Virgo. The past, as painful as it may have been, is behind you now. Stop dwelling and focus forward. Can you build something beautiful from the rubble of yesteryear or is it time to pull up stakes and start your search for amour elsewhere? You gotta know when to fold ‘em, Virgo, so if you’ve tried every which way to Sunday to woo someone into your relationship ideal, and still haven’t had success, well, it’s time to move on. A funny thing can happen when you cut the cord: the languid lover may wake up and realize what an awesome catch he had in you, Supervirgo. But until you value yourself and honor the gifts that you bring to the table, you might just feel taken for granted. Pull back and see if equilibrium takes its course. You’ll know pretty quickly once you do. Huge and important question: where ARE you feeling the synergy with people, Virgo? Spicy, energetic Mars moves into Aries from Monday until April 19, sounding the call for intimacy and perma-bonding. Certain joint ventures could really hit a high note over the next five weeks, as Mars puts them on a passionate, forward-moving trajectory. These could be professional connections, Virgo. If so, push for a contract and a bigger one, at that. You could score a major coup, setting yourself up for an ongoing flow of abundance. If you’re seeking investors for a project, Mars gives you the courage to shop your ideas around. This five-week phase is also an optimal time for selling property or making money from commission or passive income streams. Plant that For Sale sign in the house you’re ready to leave behind or set yourself up with an eBay store and start clearing away the expensive excess that’s closing in on you. From the couture you never wear anymore to the duplicate pieces of furniture stashed in your storage unit, you could score a pretty penny through an online auction or even a personal sale. Of course, Mars in Aries and your eighth house is as much about pleasure as it is about business. Lusty vibes may overtake you, giving that whole virginal schtick the heave-ho. Your love life could get downright steamy over the next five weeks, especially behind closed doors. Go ahead and reprise a scene or two from the “Fifty Shades” trilogy. The eighth house rules shared resources, and merging assets with a partner could crop up as a possibility. This is an exciting time to co-create and even get engaged. Beware! A clandestine affair…or simply the dreams of what would happen if you dared to go there…could become an outright obsession between now and April 19. Getting tangled up in a messy drama like that could turn your spring fever into a disastrous plague. Behave, Virgo, and reserve those erotic charms for people who are free and clear to return the favor. Mars in Aries could also bring power struggles in your existing relationships. Your desire for dominance could turn into a “my way or the highway” diva show if you aren’t careful. Don’t expect the rest of the world to operate on the same moral playing field as the one you believe that you live on. Taking an ethical stance is one thing, but being imperious is quite another. Judge not, Virgo, lest ye be judged. Making people feel corrupt, or shaming them might give you the upper hand for a minute, but then you’ll have to live up to the same superhuman standards. Talk about stepping into your own trap. Yikes! Strive for balance, not domination. On Sunday, the happiest news arrives. Communication planet Mercury (your cosmic ruler) turns direct in your seventh house of partnerships. Finding the words to express your adoration has not been easy these past three weeks. Plus you’ve blown molehills into mountains, making a far bigger deal out of issues than you intended to in the first place. With Mercury shifting back into drive on Sunday, those sweet nothings will pour freely from your lips and you’ll be able to discuss issues without activating an epic battle. If an old flame came sniffing around since February 23, you may have been considering the possibility of a rekindled relationship. After Sunday, you’ll have a clearer picture about this person’s place in your world. Enough with the grey area: you’ll either start building Version 2.0 or leave the past behind you for good.

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