Weekly Horoscopes



Ready, set, refresh! This Wednesday, the sun blazes into Aries for a month, kickstarting your brand new, annual zodiac cycle. Shake off the dead weight, boot the toxic friends, and bow out of commitments that require far too many sacrifices. It’s not selfish to put yourself first, Aries…it’s a matter of self-preservation, especially for an individualistic sign like yours. On Thursday, Venus, the planet of love and beauty joins the Sun in Aries until April 15, amping up your magnetic appeal. In fact, as of this day there will be four planets percolating in your sign! Go-getter Mars (your cosmic ruler) is hanging in Aries from March 12 until April 20. Uranus, the innovative revolutionary, has been rolling through a seven-year Aries cycle since March 2011. In short, the next four weeks are a power-packed phase for you, Ram! Get into action on all things new and improved! And if that means beginning the journey as a solo mission, so be it. This is a fabulous time to invest your resources into your own self-development. From working with a coach or trainer to building a website for your budding entrepreneurial venture to signing up for a life-changing vacation, bathe yourself in metaphoric Miracle-Gro. The only downside to all this Aries firepower is that you may have a tendency to come on too strong. On an average day, you’re already a whole lotta human to handle. We’re not suggesting you pour a bucket of cold water on your passions. Just consider the temperature of your audience before you blast ‘em with that heat. Turn up the burner slowly, giving them a chance to warm up with you. This makes it far easier for them to see the method to your madness. In the first half of the week, you’ll have to deal with the tail-end of a monthlong Pisces period, which has left you in a rather foggy, emotionally burdened state. Are you feeling guilty about making a move on your own behalf? This is the culprit of Pisces-time, and an emotion you should indeed shake off. If you have to dim your lights to let another person shine, you might just question why exactly you have such an unsupportive soul in your circle in the first place. Then again, perhaps you inadvertently created a competitive dynamic between the two of you. Shower people with acknowledgment early in the week. When they realize that you recognize their talents too, you’ll be back to high-fiving each other once again. In love, you’re ultramagnetic, thanks to Mars and Venus lambada-ing through Aries in perfect step. While you’ll have no trouble reeling ‘em in, people won’t take kindly to being tossed back into the water when you’re done flirting with them. Use your powers judiciously, Aries, or you could get pegged as a player this week. And please, try not to break too many hearts!



Use your words, Aquarius! And use them well. This week, the cosmos converge in Aries and your third house of communication, making the pen (or keyboard, as it were) far mightier than the sword. The powerful planetary alliance begins on Wednesday the 20th. On that day the sun blazes into the sign of the Ram for a month, joining go-getter Mars and innovative Uranus there. On Thursday, loveplanet Venus shifts into Aries for three weeks, bringing the cosmic count up to four heavenly bodies hanging out in your third house. Hello you silver-tongued devil, you. Charm personified doesn’t even begin to describe you. You’ll find people hanging on your every word as the week progresses, and the power surge could even feel a little awkward for you at first. Get used to the attention, Water Bearer. This amped-up gift of gab is yours to enjoy until at least April 15. You might even find yourself rocking the mic at improv night or auditioning for a role in an independent film. Why not?! Do you have an idea for a book, blog, song, video, or other media piece? You’ll be amazed at how quickly the idea manifests into form if you get working on it now. Heck, you might even crank out the next great American novel before the summer solstice. Let your fingers fly. If you have an idea for a workshop–either online, in real time, or teleseminar style–start developing the lesson plans. Your knowledge is in demand, as people want to learn about the things you’ve gained mastery over. There’s money to be made in the information products market too, so you might even work on a helpful app or pay-per-download podcast. A teaching gig could also pad your pockets in the days ahead. With sexy Mars and Venus uniting in this part of your chart, you’ll be a rather shameless flirt for the next few weeks. The techie energy of the third house urges single Aquarians to give the online dating thing another chance to serve up a hot prospect. Mingling on the local scene could also bring some promising romantic options, so get more involved in neighborhood, erm, affairs. Say hello to the cutie in your apartment complex or the geeky-in-a-good-way intellectual you always see at the bus stop with his nose buried in a book. Your willingness to spark up a convo could be the match that lights the fire. Bring on the spring flings! Whether they last for a season or a lifetime matters not to you right now; in fact, some Aquarians may prefer the temporary dalliance between now and April 15. Consider it field research as you parse out exactly who you might find worthy of being your one-and-only. Partnerships of all variety will add light to your life while the sun is in Aries. Consider turning your one-person show into a joint venture. Short-term collaborations will wake up your creativity; you might even co-brand a product if you’re an entrepreneur. Your relationship with a sibling, cousin, of BFF could go through a bright phase, too. Take more initiative to strengthen your common bond. You might even take a road trip together in the name of trust-building. On the subject of road trips, are you ready for a new set of wheels? The third house rules transportation, making the next month an optimal time to drive a new car off the lot or set yourself up with an eco-chic bike that satisfies your sustainability-minded need to lessen your carbon footprint.



One mod-striped blazer, please! This week, the cosmos converge in your career corner, giving you the “high pro glow.” It all begins on Wednesday, when the sun joins motivator Mars and intellectual Uranus in Aries for a month. On Thursday, creative Venus also moves into the sign of the Ram, bringing the cosmic count up to four. This quartet of planets will remain in Aries until April 15, marking a high-energy phase for your ambitions. Prioritize your professional life, even if that means letting a few of your personal issues cool on the back burner for 3-4 weeks. It’s not that you should completely ignore your feelings (as if!) but stop the deep-sea exploration of the emotion ocean for a spell. As you come up for air and dry off a bit, you might realize that you were conflating a certain situation beyond necessary proportions. And you have bigger fish to fry! Realign with your life purpose instead of allowing other people (and the drama associated with them) to pull you off your path. If you’re on the hunt for more gainful employment, this planetary phase is prime time for networking and circulating your resume among the VIPs. You might even hire an agent to shop around your work or tap an executive recruiter to sniff out a job you might not be able to find on your own. If you’re a newbie in your field, position yourself as the celebrity apprentice. Volunteering a few hours of your time is not a sacrifice if it means getting your foot in the door with the movers and shakers. Offer yourself up as the gopher if you must. Those coffee runs could soon morph into more important tasks, especially when the big shots see how reliable you are. No matter what rung of the ladder you’re on, it’s important that you’re earning what you deserve. If it’s time to raise your rates, notch ‘em up. You’ll get far less objection than you expect. The tenth house rules men and with four planets in this zone, it’s time to give the girls-only plans a rest. Co-ed mingling, or simply hanging with the fellas will give you a fresh perspective on life. And while there’s evidence to support the whole, “men are from Mars, women are from Venus” mindset, it’s also true that all humans embody both masculine and feminine traits. This week, begin developing more yang energy within yourself. Practice being assertive, jump into a competition, add more rigorous physical exercise to your roster, initiate where you’d normally hesitate. Ask the guys in your world to share more of their interests with you. Although you might feel like a fish out of water in some moments (awkward sports bar hangout, anyone?), you’ll develop a profound appreciation for what men have to offer. And you’ll probably have a lot of fun too. Romantically, the alignment of Mars and Venus in Aries will have you thinking long-term in affairs of the heart. The no-show Romeo has got to go! You need a partner with whom you can build a future, not just an occasional bedroom buddy. While it may be tough to tear yourself away from that dead-sexy mofo, the instability of such “relationships” is enough to turn you into an obsessive lunatic. If you’re in a relationship, sit down and discuss The Future. What goals do you want to set as a couple and what resources must you amass to achieve them? Aligning your visions will get you inspired about the relationship again, even if it takes a few weeks to figure out a proper compromise that doesn’t require either of you to make too many sacrifices.



Spring, schming. You barely had a chance to get your winter hibernation on, and already it’s time for a new season? Grumble not, Capricorn bear. This Wednesday, the sun dips into Aries and your domestic fourth house for a month, showering you in cozy home-loving vibes. Return to your den for some good old-fashioned nesting. So maybe you’ll wrap yourself in a lightweight cotton cocoon instead of a thick, downy one, but you have planetary permission to kick back and chill. Not that you’ll be sitting around on the couch for TOO long. With the sun in active, energizing Aries, it’s only a matter of minutes before you’re busting out the measuring tape and power drill, planning your next home reno project. With Wednesday marking the spring equinox, your green thumb will be activated too. You’re an earth sign, after all, so digging around in the dirt could be magically meditative. Bring on the organic soil and heirloom seeds! Planting an edible garden will give you bragging rights among your health-conscious friends all summer long as you serve them kale salads, farm-to-table style. If a window-box herb garden is all your urban lifestyle will allow, get those rosemary starts going. The point is to grow something, anything, heck, even a houseplant will do. Restoring your connection to Mother Nature reminds you of the beauty of this abundant planet you call your home. This wave of Aries energy is not simply coming from the sun. Motivating Mars and innovative Uranus are already hanging out in the sign of the Ram. On Thursday, loveplanet Venus joins the party. With four planets sweeping through this family-friendly part of your chart until April 15, you’ll be feeling quite sentimental. Rather than quietly crave the company of your nearest and dearest, get a plan in motion. Blow up the air mattresses and host your sister and her kids or pack up the car for a visit with your folks. As an industrious Capricorn, your personal life often takes a backseat to your career. But honestly, who knows how long any of us have on this Earth? Rather than waiting for someone to fall ill, go appreciate your peeps while they are alive and thriving. Relationships are what bring the richness to your life, especially for the coming 3-4 weeks. In love, the pairing of Mars and Venus in your fourth house makes you long for the sweet, old-fashioned kind of love. It’s not unusual for Capricorns to fall for (and even marry) a childhood sweetheart or crush. If you’re single, do a little Facebook searching for that certain someone who you’ve never been able to stop thinking about. Those innocent bygone days have their appeal, and you never know: the timing may be utterly divine for your second “first kiss.” Of course, pining for a married junior high crush who lives in another part of the world is craziness, so rather than falling off the deep end, how about seeking someone who shares those magical qualities? If you’re in a relationship, talks could turn to cohabitation and a shared lease may soon be drafted and co-signed by the two of you. Married with children? The Mars-Venus duo puts family time on the front burner. Get some field trips on the calendar, make a point of sharing at least one meal together every day (no iPhones or other distracting devices at the table) and drum up other ways to get the conversation flowing. You ARE a unit, after all, and you want your brood to remember that! Who knows? You might even drum up an idea for a family business that allows you to the bond with relatives in a new and exciting way. Work with women will be blessed by the planets’ tour of your feminine fourth house. Bring on the sister acts!



Klout score: through the roof! Planets pile up in your house of popularity and social networking this week, making you increasingly in demand as the week progresses. It all begins on Wednesday the 20th, when the radiant sun blazes into Aries and your eleventh house for a month. On Thursday, garrulous, romantic Venus also heads into Aries for three weeks. That brings the Aries count up to four since last week (on March 12 to be exact), go-getter Mars decamped to Aries, joining community-minded Uranus there. With a fierce cosmic quartet amping up your appeal, you’re going to be one busy bee, Gemini. Pollenate the world with your creativity, humor and charm! Sure, it can be overwhelming in moments, when you think about all the people who want a piece of your time. Rather than burn yourself out trying to meet with them one on one, organize group outings and activities. This is a fine time for social experimentation, which could involve you dabbling among new and intriguing crowds, or bringing together the bizarre and disparate factions of your life. Who says your craniosacral therapist (who is also your on-call intuitive counselor) can’t bond with the buttoned-up lawyer friend you’ve known since college? You’ll be surprised, Gemini, and pleasantly so, so go ahead and mix ‘em together. As for your own social leanings, the offbeat, eccentric types will hold a special appeal. If you’ve been feeling out-of-sorts in your ‘hood (especially since many Geminis have relocated since Jupiter moved into your sign on June 11, 2012), keep your eyes open for community events and volunteer groups you can get involved in. Perhaps a P-Patch or community garden could use an extra pair of hands and your innovative ideas. Is there a block or building association you might check out? Your goodwill efforts help you break the ice and feel a greater sense of belonging in your neck of the woods, even if you’ve lived there for years. The eleventh house rules the Internet, so make your motto “le geek c’est chic.” Pump up your online presence in some way this week, Gemini. You could use the usual tools of Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, and you’ll increase your followers mightily over the next month by posting regularly. Beyond that, do you have an idea for a web-based venture? If an online course, e-commerce store, or subversive blog has been brewing in your brain, here comes the planetary push to pursue it! Romantically, the alignment of Mars and Venus in your eleventh house could heat up an attraction with someone in the friendzone. The chemistry could surprise you, Gemini, since you hadn’t seen this person in such a light before. Keep an open mind. Your affinity may be a great foundation for something deeper, as long as you aren’t forcing the physical attraction piece (yes, it IS important too, and no you’re not shallow for thinking so). Coupled Gems, get out in groups together. Too much one-on-one time can stifle your mojo, but socializing as a powerful pair will get you excited to be each other’s arm candy again. You might even host a party together to overlap your inner circles. Let the games begin!



Calling all Leo jetsetters! It’s time to spin the globe and get your next worldly adventure in motion. This Wednesday, March 20, the sun blazes into Aries and your ninth house of travel and expansion. Motivator Mars already moved into Aries last week, joining innovative Uranus there. On Thursday, loveplanet Venus enters the Ram’s realm too, kicking up the cosmic count to four planets in Aries. Talk about firepower! You’re almost too hot to handle as the week progresses. Instead of containing your blazes, spread them around. You’ll get love from faraway corners of the world this week, so let the long-distance connections begin! If you can’t hop a plane, there’s this little thing called the Internet…in case you hadn’t heard. Build bridges virtually through social media or participating in an online class. You never know: your peeps from the other side of the planet may be sending you a plane ticket or inviting you to hang in their villas before you the month is through. Not that you should wait for such invitations to flow in. The next four weeks are an optimal time for travel, especially if boarding a plane (and handing an agent your passport) is required. Don’t rule out the idea of a spontaneous spring break getaway. You could also travel in the intellectual sense as this planetary foursome piques your innate desire to grow and learn. Jump into a writer’s group, continuing education course, even a self-development workshop. Like the springtime flowers, you’re ready to blossom and grow. Sparklepony alert! You want to be, do, and try everything under the influence of these ninth house planets, but in case you’ve forgotten, you can only be in one place at a time. Don’t let your zeal turn you into a major flake (aka sparklepony), someone who only flutters by for a moment before disappearing in a flash of glitter or who promises to show up, but gets lured off by another shiny distraction. It’s better to turn down an invitation than to pull a no-show or even do a mere drive-by. People want quality time with you, but if you can’t give it, better to schedule another date than to try to cram. The posse of Aries planets will also awaken your entrepreneurial nature, making you as enterprising as a Kardashian. Sock company? Klothing Kollection? Network reality show? Hey, even if you aren’t dreaming as big as the televised dynasty, it’s time to turn your attention to your own innovative ideas. Can you monetize the things you love doing, just for the heck of it? It’s worth exploring, Leo, as you may have overlooked a very obvious income stream. With sexy Mars and Venus aligned in this part of your chart, keep your antennas up for intriguing accents. Your springtime amour could be someone from a totally different culture or country than your homeland provenance. Already spoken for? Spice things up with an adventurous getaway a deux or with an eye-opening couple’s workshop. Anything but the ho-hum dinner-and-a-movie date please!



How sweet it is to be loved by you, Libra. This Wednesday, March 20, the sun grooves into Aries and your seventh house of relationships for a month, joining energetic Mars and Uranus there. On Thursday, your ruling planet Venus also grooves into Aries! That’s four planets pulling for partnership on your behalf this week, Libra! If you think you’re better off alone, you’d better guess again. Whether for business, pleasure, or a creative collaboration, let the dynamic duos begin. When seeking your “other half,” follow the rule of opposites attract. You don’t need a doppelganger now, but rather someone who can pick up where you leave off. Open your mind to a new type, Libra, as you may be surprised by whom you actually click with. If you usually fall for the bankers, you might swoon for a bassist—or vice versa. You just never know until you try. If you’re already in a relationship, the next few weeks will be quite an energetic time for your union. Keyword: co-create! How can you join forces in a new and inspired way? Whether you’re planning an epic springtime party, starting a side venture, or organizing a community cleanup campaign, take it upon yourself to find clever ways to merge talents with your sweetie. Business partnerships pick up pace, too. Rather than struggling to solve everything on your own, look for a complementary force to team up with. You might even create a co-branded project (or product) together that allows you to maintain a semblance of individuality while sharing the glory. Warning: as much as seventh house planets can harmonize, they can also polarize. You may find yourself standing at opposite ends of an issue with someone you care for deeply. Don’t go into conflict avoider mode, Libra–you already know how THAT turns out. After suppressing your true feelings, you wind up raging mad, and your rarely seen temper can do some epic damage to relationships (cue Libra Eminem). There’s no reason you can’t be a lover AND a fighter at the same time. Stand up for what you believe in while being compassionate and open to hearing what the other side has to say. Your natural diplomacy skills will come in handy, helping you navigate a compromise. Of course there are some situations that simply can’t be hashed out in calm communiqué. Some Libras may have to engage legal counsel this week, especially if you feel bullied and need to know your rights. Nothing says “get out of my face” quite like a letter from a lawyer spelling out the fact that you’re perfectly within your rights. (Take that, neighbor or ex from hell!) On a positive note, you might be calling up the attorney to help you draft a contract, officializing a partnership and spelling out the terms to avoid future misunderstandings. Do we hear bells? If you’re ready to put a ring on it, you may soon be obsessing your way through the wedding industrial complex. Don’t be shocked if your beloved drops to one knee over the coming month. This is a fine time for renewing vows as well, especially if you’ve gone through a lot of changes as a couple since you first said, “I do.” Whatever the case, you’re definitely not in the mood for an “It’s Complicated” status relationship. The seventh house is more black-or-white than fifty shades of grey (although the seductive playtime DOES get the cosmic thumbs up). Simply put: are you in or are you out? Stop wavering about your role in tag team efforts. If you’ve been bonding for a while but you still can’t bring yourself to give your all, it’s probably best to cool things off for a spell. For one thing, letting them go is a lot nicer than stringing people along. For another, absence will either make your heart grow fonder or help you realize that you just weren’t that into ‘em. Of course, if you’re sure that you’re in love, what are you waiting for? Get those happily-ever-after discussions in motion yourself!



You’ve gotta know when to hold ‘em and know when to fold ‘em. This week is all about simplifying and scaling back so that you can give your undivided attention to the most promising projects on your plate. Since February 19, the cosmos have been congregating in your sign; in fact, for much of March an impressive five planets huddled together in Pisces. No, it certainly hasn’t sucked to be you, so here’s hoping you enjoyed your birthday time to the hilt! Alas, all good things must evolve to the next stage of the game. Wednesday marks the end of your birth month as the sun waves Pisces buh-bye and moves on to Aries until April 19. On Thursday, Venus heads into Aries too, joining the sun, Mars and Uranus there. While the excitement may diminish, you’ll be ready to get down to work and ramp up your productivity. Take off the party hat and pop on the project manager’s chapeau. Aries is the ruler of your grounded, pragmatic second house. You’ve probably dreamed up some incredibly inventive schemes over the past thirty days. Now, the rubber meets the road. What resources will you need to pull off these grand visions? Open the spreadsheet program and plug away: budgets, timelines, people power. Research costs, source materials, find out the nitty gritty details. Yes, Pisces, it’s pretty likely that you’ll have to downsize some of your ideas, at least for Version 1.0. Don’t let this discourage you. A simple plan often works best. With this cosmic quartet hanging in Aries, you may be in the market for a fresh income stream. Have you been dreaming of delivering that “take this job and shove it” letter? While we don’t recommend burning bridges–or quitting your day job when you have no real backup plan for paying your bills–start shopping around for more gainful employment. You have plenty of planetary power for this search. Why spend the bulk of your days doing something that doesn’t bring you satisfaction? Of course, a shift in perspective can sometimes turn a droll job into a dream job. Could you set a challenging goal for yourself? That alone might make a difference, even if your days at this gig are numbered. Romantically, the alignment of Mars and Venus in Aries and your sensual second house is definitely a mojo-booster. Forget about hiring the skywriter or declaring your love on the Jumbotron. The subtlest nuances are what will thrill you so look for poetry in the everyday. Cook a decadent meal with your sweetie, snuggle together in your (high-thread-count) sheets, huddle in the corner booth of a jazz club, take a couple’s massage class to spice things up in the bedroom. Single Pisces may even feel a bit more old-fashioned than usual now. Slow your pace and enjoy the thrills of the courtship dance. The build-up can be the best part. If you’ve been getting serious with someone, this Mars-Venus duo may bring more structure to your bond. Would it be more practical to move in together if you’re having sleepovers seven nights a week? Could you save money by sharing resources or getting your cellphones on the same plan? Finding little, practical ways to join forces is actually kinda romantic now.



Lights, camera, action! Being the center of attention becomes the new normal for you this week as planets congregate in Aries and your fifth house of fame. On Wednesday the 20th, the sun blazes into the sign of the Ram for a month, joining red-hot Mars and innovative Uranus there. On Thursday, romantic Venus beams into Aries for three weeks, amplifying your beauty and charm. All together, this cosmic quartet charges you up with untamed self-expression, making you utterly fearless about touting your talents and promoting your ideas. And the world had better recognize! Get ready for your close-up, Archer. You could become more of a public figure as the week progresses. Is your style in need of a sassy upgrade? Call in the glam squad! Venus in Aries demands more edge from you: a little less country, a lot more rock-and-roll, please. Brighten up your wardrobe with pops of color, which can also find their way to your makeup scheme and even your ‘do. When planets are in the fifth house the “when you look good, you feel good” maxim holds true. Don’t confuse self-care with vanity, Sagittarius, thinking you’re above it all. You don’t have to aspire towards an unrealistic ideal or become a slave to the style arbiters. Just have fun with fashion; let it be a form of creative expression. Heck, you might finally ink that tattoo you’ve been talking about for years and years. Romantically, you’re almost too hot to handle right now. Simply having sunbeams in your fifth house will ramp up your mojo, but with cosmic power couple Mars and Venus meshing there too—whoa! Don’t be surprised if people stop you on the street to shower you with flirty compliments and even ask you to join them for a drink right then and there. Adventurous, live-for-the-moment type that you are, you might just roll with it. But we would be remiss if we didn’t caution you about being blinded by flattery. Sure, it’s an ego-boost to be hit on like that, but you might be dealing with the déclassé types too. No one said you can’t enjoy a spring fling…just don’t confuse it for the real thing! Not like anyone can stop you when your lusty nature is awakened. And hey, you never know, right? That cutie you connect with on the subway platform might just have real deal potential. Just make sure the connection goes beyond the physical before you start picking out china patterns. In a relationship? It’s all about fun-loving playtime and glamorous dress-up dates. Forget about wasting another night watching Mad Men reruns and falling asleep in sweats, curled up on the couch with your sweetie. Your homebodied days are pretty much over now, so pack the cultural activities calendar with concerts, parties, lectures, restaurant openings, staycations, and the like. Work the scene; be each other’s sexy arm candy. You’ll draw enviable stares, but beyond that, infuse your connection with fresh and motivating energy. Good stuff to bring back to the bedroom, Sag. Rawr!



Lace up the cross-trainers and shimmy into the Lycra. Wednesday’s equinox marks the first day of the sun’s monthlong tour through Aries and your sixth house of healthy living. Let the spring training begin! Energizing Mars and electrifying Uranus are already revving things up in the sign of the Ram. This Thursday, beautifying Venus joins all three planets in Aries until April 15, making it impossible to ignore the call for self-care. When you look good, you feel good; when you take care of your body you feel unstoppable. If you’ve been confusing caffeine, sugar, starch and salt for food groups, it’s time to come correct. Revamp your eating plan, Scorpio, being mindful of what you put in your mouth. You might even download an app to help you track your food. This is not about dieting, Scorpio, but rather making choices that fuel your well-being rather than zap your energy. In some cases, you might realize that you haven’t been eating enough, even if you are piling your plate with kale salads. Make sure you’re also taking enough breaks between daily activities to get your square meals in. That’s how you’ll stay sharp and alert. Have you been stuck in a sedentary groove? Get moving! It’s the perfect week to kickstart your warming weather exercise plans, perhaps taking your workouts outdoors. Even if you’ve been diligently exercising all winter, switch things up. Flowy yoga classes are fine, but you also need some yang, Aries-type exercises like cardio kickboxing or a vigorous spin class. There’s something about hitting that bag, Scorpio, that helps you release all the pent-up emotions your sign tends to store inside. Are you past-due for a visit to the doctor’s office? Don’t ignore the aches and pains, especially any that are related to sixth house issues of digestion. Suffering is truly optional here, so nip any minor issues in the bud before they turn into a bigger deal. Your work life gets busy under this Aries influence—all the more reason to stay in balance with proper eating and stress-releasing exercise. With the sun in Aries for a month, you may be tasked with greater responsibility at the office. Alas, this may not come with an immediate boost to your salary, but hang in there. You’re paying your dues and showing your dedication, and this will not go unnoticed. By the same token, you shouldn’t play the martyr role and deplete yourself trying to show that you’re a solid member of the team. If a colleague dumps a little too much in your lap, be honest about your limitations. Either that, or prepare to outsource. Giving away a small part of the job, even enlisting an intern, just makes sense, even if it cuts into your personal profits a smidge. This will balance out in time when you find yourself freed up to do more high-yielding tasks. With power couple Mars and Venus linked up in this efficiency-minded zone until April 15, you can’t afford to leave romance up to chance. Get date nights scheduled to ensure your relationship doesn’t fall into “lather, rinse, repeat” ennui. If you’re single, Internet dating just makes sense now, as busy as you’ll be. Get over your hang-ups about privacy policies and “talking to strangers” and repost your profile. You’ll increase your odds and waste less time—an equation that works for you right now, Scorpio. There’s a chance you might also meet someone through a work-related event. Dipping the pen in the company ink is not to be ruled out for the next few weeks, but we don’t need to remind you that this can be tricky territory. If you’re going to go there, make sure this dalliance is more than a spring fling so no one feels like they’re doing the walk of shame when arriving at the office each morning. Mixing business and pleasure may become a bright idea for coupled Scorpios this week too, so consider collaborating with your sweetie on a venturesome idea. Hello, dynamic duo!



You’re getting sleeeepy. This Wednesday, March 20, the sun dips into Aries and your twelfth house of completions for a month. This is the final phase of your annual solar cycle, a time better spent releasing the old than bringing in anything new. Hashtag: decompress. After an incredibly active start to March, you’ll require more solitude over the next thirty days. Organize your socializing around rejuvenating activities: movie nights, spa days, support groups, craft nights. March definitely goes out like a lamb for you, so stick to a gentle flow. Creatively, this is a potent time. The divine inspiration will be a-flowing, so funnel your imagination into an artistic mission. From songwriting to painting to writing a groundbreaking book, make sure your schedule allows plenty of unstructured downtime for following the muse. Your spirituality is awakened by the sun’s tour of your twelfth house too. Join a meditation circle, study with a shaman, become more involved with a spirit-based group. As an earth sign, nature may be your religion, or your connection to a greater power. Quiet walks through the park or woods will attune you to your inner guidance or that mystical voice of your own subconscious mind. That’s where you’ll find your answers this week, Taurus; not in the pushing, searching, forcing, or aggressively stalking your prey. The sun is not the only “planet” to pop into Aries this week. On Thursday, the 21st, your cosmic ruler Venus heads into the sign of the Ram for three weeks, joining Mars (which moved into Aries on March 12) and Uranus there until April 15. With four potent planets in your twelfth house, your oracle-like powers will be in rare form. Don’t be surprised if you have an unusually high number of serendipities this week. Someone’s face flashes through your mind and the next minute their number is popping up on your mobile or you suddenly bump into them on the street. Kismet! You’ll have intuitive flashes about how best to help people too, so let your “earth angel” nature out to play. Don’t foist your support upon others; just let them know that you’re available to be called on. When the student is ready, the Taurus teacher shall come. And how about finding a mentor yourself? Helpful people start appearing with offers of guidance this week. Put pride to the side and let them advise you. Life becomes a whole lot simpler when you allow folks who’ve “been there, done that” to lend an assist. Romantically, the Mars-Venus meetup could bring some fairy-tale fantasies to life! Slip off on a sweet escape with your spring fling or sweetie. Your love affair will be poetry in motion, and you might forget that anyone else exists on the planet besides the two of you. (Ahem, get a room!) Just don’t fall into denial about the circumstances surrounding your relationship. The twelfth house CAN have a sketchy quality to it, and is the place where buried secrets and elusive behavior dwell. For example, if the object of your affections is “in the process of a divorce” but still sharing a roof with wifey, excuses will not wash away the pain of such uncertainty. Healthy boundaries are a must if you want to maximize this soulful Mars-Venus affair. Keep your good sense about you, Taurus, and you might just discover your happily ever after.



Thou givest fever, Virgo. Meow! On Wednesday the 20th, the sun slinks into Aries and your sultry, seductive eighth house, joining lusty Mars and daring Uranus there. But wait, there’s more… This Thursday, Venus moves into the sign of the Ram for three weeks, bringing the cosmic count up to four planets in Aries and this white-hot part of your chart. To call you magnetic would be an understatement. You’ll be oozing sex appeal from every pore like your Superbowl siren and signmate Beyonce. Bring on the leather and lace! Lower that neckline a little; raise the hemline. You just can’t help yourself now, Virgo; you want to feel your powers of attraction, even if it’s merely a matter of look-but-don’t-touch. You’ll even be a little bit gamey this week, enjoying the allure you hold over others but not giving out clear signals. Just be mindful of where you point your laserbeams. Like we said, you’re more than a little magnetic right now. Flirting for flirting’s sake could bring a barnacle or two into your orbit and they won’t be easy to shake. Unless you’re truly interested, don’t turn up the brilliant lights to a high beam. The same holds true on the work front. People will want to collaborate with you for the next four weeks, and you’ll need to be selective. Pitch away, but not wildly. You want to join forces with the crème-de-la-crème now, Virgo, not the ordinary people. For some Virgos, this pileup of eighth house planets could bring talks of an engagement or another commingling of resources. Someone may even want to put dollars behind your dreams, making the next four weeks prime time to shop around for investors or get that Kickstarter page up and running. Do you have property or valuables to sell? You could command a pretty penny with Aries’ firepower working in your favor. Nothing ventured, nothing gained. Not quite feeling like Ms. Or Mr. Mojo Rising? Then you’ll need to spend a little more time connecting to your own body before you start lusting after anyone else’s. First and foremost, are you getting enough restful sleep? Nothing zaps your zeal for the horizontal mambo more than fatigue. Are you moving around enough? This is not a newsflash, Virgo, but physical exercise makes you feel free and sexy in your own skin, not to mention giving you the radiant glow of an endorphin rush. Tips: choose an exercise modality that allows you to work out in front of mirrors. At first you may have to parse through all those annoying, self-deprecating inner voices that say you shouldn’t have this curve or that. Humbug! Let that snarky internal dialogue fade away (it will) and you’ll soon see so many things to appreciate about your fine self. You might even connect to your reflection by reading a poem in the mirror or even having a pep talk with your visage. Truly gazing at yourself (and not just when you’re putting your makeup on) can be a profound experience, reminding you of how powerful you are and how damn enjoyable it is for others to be in your presence.


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