Weekly Horoscopes




The pull for partnership is strong this week, thanks to Wednesday’s full moon in Libra and your seventh house of committed relationships. But can you join forces without selling your soul? That is THE question, Aries. Although la luna will be lighting up the most cooperative part of your chart, it will form tense angles with Mars, Uranus and Pluto. Warning: your independent, take-charge nature might just rear up in rebellion to all this togetherness stuff. Whether for business or pleasure, you’ll never make it to the happily-ever-after zone if you are suppressing your individuality in any way. The good news is, you don’t have to, so check any semblance of martyrdom at the door. Like the tag team efforts of Lena Dunham and Judd Apatow, you can co-create something incredible while maintaining your own domains of genius. On the other hand, a Kimye or Brangelina you will never be! If an existing partnership is heading into portmanteau territory (your name + his name in one), the full moon could rile up a fireball of rage sending your other half running for cover. Rather than explode over this impending loss of identity, reconfigure the rules of your relationship. Some tough talks, and even a session with a couple’s therapist may lie ahead. In extreme cases, some Aries may indeed need to bolt for freedom, leaving the confines of a claustrophic contract. But Libra is the zodiac’s lover (even though Mars and Uranus are the cosmic fighters) so odds are high that this full moon will help you renegotiate a deal so that you can have your cake (and your space) and eat it too. Of course, there’s a strong possibility that you’ve already overindulged in that frosted pastry department. While your partner is making sacrifice after sacrifice to be on Team Aries, it’s time for you to start returning the favor. People can only give like that for so long before resentment is riled, which could be the end of your relationship if you don’t equalize, STAT. Don’t take advantage of people’s kindness just because you can, Aries. Step up to the plate and make sure you openly express your appreciation! For some Rams, this week could stir up a surprising attraction. Your perfect partner could arrive on the scene like a bolt from the blue. This full moon is a marriage-minded one and might come bearing princess-cut engagement rings, even a fly-by-night trip to a chapel in Vegas. Coupled Rams should take advantage of the element of surprise to spice up your union. Produce two tickets to an incredible event or destination and get the party started once again. The other challenging puzzle piece is Pluto in Capricorn, which forms a tough square to the full moon. Capricorn rules your tenth house of men, indicating that a monsieur in your world could be a bit of a troublemaker this week. You may have to sacrifice some me time, or some couple time, to come to the aid of your father, brother, uncle, son, or guy friend. The demands of your career may interfere with your personal life, causing you to scramble for balance. Some Rams may even decide to change jobs (or an aspect of your work) so that your love life doesn’t have to take a backseat. You may also struggle to buck the tide of tradition. What your family insists is best for you may not line up with your own desires and ambitions. Although this full moon brings out the rarely seen people-pleasing side of Aries, don’t sacrifice your vision of love just to sate your inner circle. At the end of the day, it’s what’s in YOUR heart that counts.




Feeling cooped up, Aquarius? Cabin fever strikes with Wednesday’s full moon in Libra and your jetsetting ninth house. Give yourself over to the wanderlust, why don’t ya? Whether you’re driving a new route to work or taking a spontaneous vacay, you’re ready to explore some terra nova. Not doing so could make you one grumpy Water Bearer. If you’re sticking around home base out of guilt, obligation, or a misplaced sense of duty, look out! Your infamous temper could make one of its rare, lightning bolt appearances, sending your loved ones running for cover. Write yourself a hall pass—please—for the sake of everyone’s sanity and harmony. Then, get out and mingle multiculturally, which brings a lovely dash of spice to your life. Plant yourself among people who speak with a different accent, or perhaps in an entirely distinct native language. You’ll enjoy learning about different customs and picking up conversational turns of phrase. How worldly you are! Not quite ready to collect another passport stamp? You could also travel in the figurative sense, signing up for a class (think experiential learning), teacher training, or mastermind group that will help you develop a budding entrepreneurial idea. If you’ve been developing a venture since the corresponding new moon in Libra six months ago, exciting results could materialize for your start-up efforts over the next two weeks. Are you a writer or media maker? The ninth house rules publishing and this is the week to push the launch button on your blog or e-book, or to contact an agent about shopping around a manuscript. Literary Aquarians might even score a book deal this week. Cheers to the power of your pen! Warning: this full moon will form harsh angles to three feisty planets: Mars, Uranus and Pluto. Although you’ll drop some serious truth bombs this week, your words could be explosive enough to destroy a small village. Think before you unleash that diatribe, Aquarius. When bridges are burned, it’s rather unlikely you’ll get a chance for a do-over. Temper your words with tact and vent to a neutral third party before sending any scathing emails. Then, edit your initial response so your fiery words don’t get lost in translation. If you’ve been making too many sacrifices, your bacchanalian side could rear up in rebellion, sending you into full-on Roman orgy mode. Pluto’s influence could make it hard for you to set limits, but look out! The eat, drink, and make merry vibes could send you plummeting down a dark hole. Stay on the wagon, Water Bearer, as “it’s no big deal” and “just this once” could become regrettable words. Keeping yourself in check may be a matter of checking the company you keep. You’re particularly susceptible to peer pressure this week, thanks to the moon’s face-off with Mars and Uranus. Stay true to your vision and values instead of going along to get along. That’s how you’ll end the week standing solidly on your own two feet.




There’s no place like home, there’s no place like home…Yeah, Cancer, we know you already got that memo when you popped out of the womb. So you’ll be happy to hear that Wednesday heralds the annual full moon in Libra and your cozy, domestic fourth house. The moon is your sign’s celestial ruler, so you’re more affected by its phases than other members of the zodiac. And since the fourth house is your sign’s natural domain, this one is kind of a big deal. Click the heels of your ruby slippers together. You may be transported to your own overstuffed couch for some much needed downtime; or the cosmic compass will guide you to the next Kansas you’ll call your home. Many Crabs have been uncharacteristically nomadic since Jupiter moved into your twelfth house last June. Putting down roots, or getting your nesting on, has not been easy since then. You may have weathered major changes under your roof, inviting a new family member into the fold, bringing in a roomie or reconfiguring your entire home since the new moon struck this part of your chart six months ago. Finally! This week, you’ll get some clarity around your living situation or matters with a family member who has demanded a lot of time and care for the past half year. Dreaming of a little bundle of joy? Baby fever could strike under this lunar light; or, if you’re already a parent, your wee ones will demand more attention from you. Let the spring cleaning begin! You could become downright obsessed with a home project over the next two weeks. Give your bedding a seasonal upgrade, change your paint scheme, put a new collection of artwork on display. Your home is your castle (and your sanctuary) so it’s important that the visual cues reflect the most current version of you. Although domestic bliss is squarely in sight, there could also be some tense moments under your roof this week, even a family feud. That’s because the full moon will form a tense T-square with three feisty planets: Mars, Uranus and Pluto. Mars and Uranus are both in Aries, sitting directly opposite la luna in your career house. The whole notion of “having it all” may become a source of nightmarish stress as the tense pull between your personal life and your professional life stretches you into a wire that’s about to snap. Some Crabs may have to walk away from a plum job offer in the interest of following your heart. But wait…maybe you could work remotely from a home office, at least for a couple days of the week? At the very least, try to hash out an alternative plan. In some cases, you may have to make a difficult choice to travel or move away from your nearest and dearest in order to pursue your ambitions. While unsettling, you never know, Cancer: the long-distance thing might actually work better than you realize. Although you savor intimacy with your peeps, you also adore your private time and space. With Jupiter’s imminent move into Cancer (June 25th…mark your calendar, Crab), you’ve got a reinvention tour ahead of you, like it or not. Plus, your independent nature is going to come out of hiding during Jupiter’s yearlong tour of your sign that begins three months from now. If it’s only sentimentality that’s making you stay put, give yourself permission to pull up the stakes. You’ll feel even more at home in a location that supports your dreams and passions. And even if you don’t move an inch, it’s important that you reset your current lifestyle so that it better supports you. Perhaps you’ve taken on one too many assignments at work? Spoiled your family into slothlike submission? Did one too many favors for friends? This week, give yourself permission to pull back and (gasp!) ask people to support you for a change. Odds are, they’ll happily line up to do just that. After all, they DO kinda owe you one.




Get into “suit and tie” mode, Capricorn. Wednesday marks the full moon in Libra and your tenth house of ambition. Your hard work of the past six months could culminate in a major win this week. Hello, success! But before you pop the Veuve Clicquot, let your competitive side out to play. Other contenders are vying for the same elite position as you, so you won’t be able to coast past the finish line if you want to grab the gold. Beyond bringing your A Game, shake hands and kiss babies. Having the right people in your corner will give you the edge so play the political game this week too. If you’re the rare Capricorn slacker, plug Drake’s “Started From The Bottom” into your playlist and put it on heavy rotation as you pump yourself up for a stimulating new chapter in your professional life. You could make a major comeback over the next two weeks, whether you’re stepping up your game at your existing gig, circulating your resume or promo materials, or offering your services as an intern to get your preppy boat shoes through the door. But it’s not all victory dances this week, alas. While the full moon will ignite its share of successful moments, it will also be forming a tense T-square with three rabble-rousing planets: Mars, Uranus and Pluto. The first two–Mars and Uranus–are housed in Aries and your zone of personal affairs. The demands of your family and home life could interfere with your career trajectory, leaving you torn between two worlds. You may need to revise the way responsibilities are shared under your roof so you’re not carrying such a heavy burden. If you’re sacrificing your relationships to reach a lofty goal, reconsider the brass ring you’re grasping for. We know that leaving your mark on the world is tantamount to being a Capricorn, but at what cost? Adjust accordingly before you leave your peeps in the lurch while you’re off on another world-domination quest. In business, you actually have more negotiating power than you realize this week. Drop the “I’ve got it all handled” mask and make a request. People might be willing to flex some terms if you speak from the heart. (Perhaps some work-from-home hours even?) Pluto, which is touring Capricorn, will form a challenging square (90 degree angle) to this full moon, illuminating your own power-hungry urges. Considering that you share a zodiac sign with Mao tse Tung and Joseph Stalin, you miiiiight just want to monitor how far you take this whole large-and-in-charge thing. You’re definitely the right person for the role of top dog this week, Capricorn, but leading with an iron fist could crush the morale of your team. Use your heart as well as your might!




Hashtag: HeadingToHollywood. Wednesday’s full moon in Libra lights up your fifth house of fame, putting your hard work of the past six months squarely in the spotlight. Lift the curtain and reveal your magnum opus. Even if it’s still a work in progress, your fanbase will form quickly, Gemini. This could be the week where you’re offered a book contract or record deal, promoted to a leadership position (Creative Director perhaps?), even featured as the new media darling for your imaginative efforts. But don’t wait to be discovered, Gemini. Seize any opportunity to tout your talents and show the big guns what you’re capable of. Whether you’re snagging the lead role or going on coffee runs, you’ll have a chance to slip your foot through some very impressive doors. Stay alert and pounce when the opportunity arises! Self-expression is the order of the day with this glitzy full moon rocking your world. Call in the glam squad! You might even give yourself a radical makeover (or makeunder) this week, evoking envy amongst the stylistas with your trendsetting ways. Take charge too! The cosmos are tapping you for a top dog position this week and there’s no more capable a leader than you around. Although you’ll take your rightful place on the throne, there won’t be a 24/7processional tossing rose petals at your feet. The full moon, while full of bright promise, also locks into a challenging T-square with three rabble-rousing planets: Mars, Uranus and Pluto. While your popularity soars in one realm, you could face some intense competition—and opposition—from another group. Should you dim your own bright lights so as not to “threaten” this crowd with your glow? No way, Gemini! But you’ll have to be political about the way you handle your ascent especially if you’re ousting an existing figure or leaving behind a team who was counting on you. Be sensitive about your delivery so your sharing doesn’t come across as gloating or an ego trip. For best results, focus on what your efforts provide for other people rather than seeking applause and validation from the world. In the romantic realm, la luna could push a budding attraction into a long-overdue embrace. H-h-h-hot! Passion soars to the heights of ecstasy, even if this connection is more of a spring fling than the real thing. Warning: Pluto’s harsh angle could stir up jealously and obsession, while Mars and Uranus could make your amorous choices unpopular with your friends. Don’t ignore any red flags that are waving here, Gemini. You might believe you can handle being the other (wo)man, but your emotions will get the best of you if you open that dangerous door. Stick to people who are actually available and you’ll maximize the potential of this week’s planetary lineup. In a relationship? For better and for worse, your relationship could hit a dramatic patch. A good fight can clear the air, Gemini, especially if you’ve been suppressing one of your deeply held needs. But don’t go dragon lady on your sweetie, please. Your fiery words could do permanent damage, burning the bridge you worked so hard to build. Better to vent to a neutral third party before you attempt The Talk. In the best of all worlds, this full moon can rev up an exciting new chapter in your union, one that’s filled with dress-up dates, public displays of affection, and painting the town red on each other’s arms. Hello, power couple!




Your life is abuzz with activity this week, thanks to Wednesday’s full moon in Libra and your social third house. Warning: with all the invites pouring in—not to mention the errands you need to catch up on—your calendar could quickly fill to capacity. You’ll need to be discerning, Leo, leaving space for the people and activities that are truly meaningful to you. The third house rules partnerships of the platonic variety, so you may be inspired to join forces with a creative collaborator or pair up on a project with someone whose work ethic you both admire and respect. If you’ve been spinning your wheels, this dynamic duo can help pull you out of the mud. No need to sign a lifetime contract here. Just take this pairing on a project-by-project basis so you can test the waters and see if a synergy truly exists. For some Leos, this full moon could mark a huge new chapter in your social life. If you feel that you’ve outgrown you friends, let the lunar light guide you to a more fitting circle of allies. Dabble, experiment, explore. Attend a few networking events or Meetup groups where people with common interests are gathering. When you’re in the right place, you’ll feel that karmic click, even if it takes a little while to become BFFs with the other members. Has a move been on your mind? This full moon illuminates your desire to live amongst your tribe, in a neighborhood that has offerings that satisfy the culture vulture in you. It may be time to pull up the stakes and decamp to a new city or a more invigorating part of town. If you’re locked into a lease or mortgage in a city you consider barren landscape, how about summoning your Leo leadership skills and turning things around in your ‘hood? Odds are high your neighbors are thirsty for stimulation too; even if they are reluctant to admit it. You’ve always been the sign to get the party started, so how about organizing a blockwide barbecue or garage sale? Not only does this make your nabe more exciting, it gives you a chance to bond with the peeps on your street. A sibling, cousin, or coworker could take central focus this week, too. With Mars and Uranus facing off with the full moon, you could even log some miles driving off (or flying) to help this dear soul. Although this will feel like an inconvenient interruption to your daily routine, you’d never forgive yourself for missing the opportunity to lend an assist. Go the distance for the ones you love, Leo. Just one word of warning: you may feel like you’re on a roller coaster ride as you try to tend to people’s every need. Rather than respond to each whim, stay focused on solutions, being more practical than emotional. The pull of Mars and Uranus can add stress too, especially if you find yourself expanding too quickly with your plans. Like Leo Madonna, you love to put on a huge production, but this week’s directive is to keep your projects manageable. You can still make a huge impact without breaking the bank or stretching your schedule beyond capacity. You can always release a Version 1.0 before going full force with an epic plan.




Rise and shine! Wednesday marks the annual full moon in Libra, a cosmic event destined to send you soaring up the charts. Your independent efforts of the past six months could culminate in a major coup, putting your name on the map–and possibly the marquis. This is a starpowered moment in your annual timetable, Libra. Get thee to an audition, launch your personal website, ramp up the publicity efforts! Shameless self-promotion is fully sanctioned by this week’s stars, and the world will eagerly embrace what you have to offer. As long as you focus on what your talents will provide for others (instead of expecting the world to throw rose petals at your feet) you’ll gain major ground without stumbling into an ego trip. There are a couple curveballs coming your way this week, however, as la luna tussles with three difficult planets: surly Mars, rabble-rousing Uranus, and penetrating Pluto. As you ascend to the realm of The Royals, your inner circle could revolt, unused to seeing you in your new seat of power. Underneath it all, they might simply be frightened that you’ll leave them behind as you grow and climb. Do your best to assure them that this is not the case without pandering to their insecurities. You might even feel guilty about acting independently from a partner or being lauded as the face of a team effort. Here’s the deal: if you have to dim your lights to let another person shine, are you really rooting for one another? This full moon could bring an uncomfortable epiphany about a relationship. Perhaps the two of you need to get on a level playing field, especially if you’ve subjugated yourself to second-in-command or made yourself small so as not to “threaten” your other half. Even if you are on eye-level with each other, this week finds you negotiating new terms for your partnership. You’re ready to cast yourself into a different role, Libra, so don’t be afraid to reveal your newly developed interests. You may have to weather some grumbling and resistance initially, but don’t underestimate the human capacity to adjust to change. Translation: your people WILL get over it and get on board with the new plan in due time. Pluto’s square to the full moon could shake up your home life a bit. You may find yourself scrambling to rearrange your nest to accommodate a relative or roommate this week. An irksome neighbor could push you to your limit, prompting you to call a lawyer…or a realtor. Defend your rights, Libra, as this is your home we’re talking about here. You want it to feel like a sanctuary and a safe space; not somewhere that leaves you tiptoeing around or walking on eggshells. A close female friend or family member could become a source of anxiety this week too, especially since her needs may interfere with your independent groove. Don’t go into martyr mode trying to rescue her from her issues. Helpful and supportive people surround you, so while you can be there for her in moments, make sure you’ve assigned other people to help out in shifts too.






Explosion in the chemistry lab! This Wednesday, the full moon in Libra lights up your erotically charged eighth house bringing sexy back in a major way. It’s not that you ever really lost it, Pisces; but if you’ve been out of touch with your own seductive powers, this full moon sends you a swift memo that baby, you’re a firework. Meow! Find your way to a sultry Nia class, a tango intensive, even a burlesque workshop. Dance is the magic elixir for your sign, Pisces, helping you flow back into your power center. Music too! Pick up your guitar, compose lyrics to a song, put together a sensual Spotify playlist to pipe in the background as you prepare for your days. An attraction that’s been heating up over the past six months could blaze uncontrollably, culminating in a spicy passionfest that would make Jenna Jameson blush. But really…is it safe to go there? The downside of this sexy full moon is that it will be opposing rebellious Uranus and hotheaded Mars, and also squaring off with destructive Pluto. Translation: you’re in danger of making some foolish choices when lust is in the air this week. Don’t ignore the tan line on that ring finger or buy into the “We’re getting divorced, but are just living together for the sake of the kids” stories. You’d be wise to adhere to a strict black-or-white policy in affairs of the heart. People are either single or they’re not. The fifty shades of grey that lie in between are not worth considering. If you’ve truly found The One, you’ll fall into each other’s arms after the divorce papers are signed. In the meanwhile, you simply can’t consider him/her a viable candidate for your affections. Not unless you want to weather a stint in the emotional torture chamber, Fish. Chin up! This full moon could bring permanent partnership for some Pisces. The eighth house rules intimacy, deep soulful bonds and the commingling of resources. If you’re happily ensconced in a relationship, this could be the week where someone gets down on bended knee; or, you find other long-term ways to converge like co-signing a lease or mortgage, even starting a business together. In the career realm, a well-heeled funder may wish to invest dollars into your dreams. If you’re looking for startup capital for a venture, this full moon could bring your pot of gold. Alas, shared finances CAN be a sore spot with the T-square this full moon forms to Mars, Uranus and Pluto. Is everyone contributing equally to the pot, Pisces? Some people (ahem, you) may be putting a little—okay a lot—more than their fair share into the collective fund. If this isn’t a recipe for resentment, you’re certainly creating dependency and laziness among your comrades. And, ironically, they may grow to resent YOU, the way a teenager rebels against a parent. Nip that dynamic in the bud and ask Team Pisces to step up. If they can’t contribute in kind, work the barter system or have them pay in sweat equity. While it can be tough for you to make these kinds of requests, there’s no need to feel guilty or scared. People know when they’re slacking and they’re probably surprised you haven’t spoken up sooner.




Cue Sagittarius Taylor Swift. You knew they were trouble when they walked in–and that’s exactly why you’re so drawn to people this week, Archer. Wednesday’s full moon in Libra lights up your rebellious eleventh house, the same part of your chart that rules social networking. People who dare to live on the edge, define life by their own rules, and reinvent the wheel are the company you want to keep. This is your tribe, Sagittarius, and it’s time to claim your rightful place among them. And let’s face it: you’ve never had much tolerance for boring, pedestrian people anyway. If you’ve allowed your downtime to be filled by the yawnworthy, this full moon arrives to shake things up. What could you build as a collective? You might join forces on an amazing art project, community improvement mission, or group travel plan. Swimming in the think tank with these freethinkers will be quite a thrill. Warning: there’s a danger of you veering in the complete opposite direction, inviting disruptively dramatic figures into your life. That’s because this full moon aspects three feisty planets: Mars, Uranus and Pluto. Determining the dividing line between daring and destructive will be no easy feat. Narcissist alert! Some of the “exhilarating” characters you meet this week should not be invited into your inner circle. The wild ride they lead you on will only derail your progress and distract you from your own goals. Besides, you’ve got too much potential to make someone else the center of your universe, Sagittarius, no matter how incredible they are. Don’t lose sight of your own ambitions. Find ways to collaborate that allow you to shine too. This full moon will sit opposite Mars and Uranus in Aries and your fifth house of romance, stirring the pot in your love life. Have you been putting yourself on hold in an effort to please your sweetie? A defining moment arrives, forcing you to reconcile your personal hopes and dreams with the demands of your relationship. Stop being so accommodating, Archer! This full moon reminds you that your needs are just as important, so start negotiating terms that feel more like a co-creating than a sacrifice. Your radically independent nature could surge up too, making you rebel against the one you adore. Monitor that fiery temper of yours! In a moment of blind rage you could say something you deeply regret, blaming your sweetie for a disappointing choice that you made. Not fair, Archer, so if you must vent, find a neutral third party to help you gain perspective before evoking any heated lovers’ quarrels. You’ll want to enter any such conversations proactively, with a number of solutions ready to suggest. Looking for love? You might just find it in the friend zone this week or through a group activity. This full moon also falls into your house of technology, making it a positive week for online dating as well as the launch of any web-based ventures. How about crowdfunding that invention of yours by setting up a Kickstarter page? Hit the “go live” button on an online project or get to work expanding your web presence. With Pluto in Capricorn—and your second house of finances—forming a challenging T-square with the full moon, Mars and Uranus, conflicts around money could also erupt this week. Sharing is caring, but only if everyone is contributing equally to the pot. If someone is adding more cash to the collective, others need to step up and pay in services. Fair is fair. Find an equitable balance now to keep Team Sagittarius cruising along in harmony.




What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, Scorpio, or so the story goes. This Wednesday, a full moon in your twelfth house will illuminate the hard-won lessons you’ve been absorbing over the past six months. Indeed, you’ve endured your fair share of challenges since Saturn entered your sign last October 5. The question is: have you figured out how to turn those lemons into exotic lemonade yet? Start setting up the stand, Scorpio. As the sign that rules transformation, you’re the perennial phoenix rising from the ashes, and this full moon is here to prove that once again. Sure, you can descend into a dark tunnel when you’re initially upset, but you inevitably rise to the light. If you’ve been mucking around in the shadows, this full moon flips on the main grid and points you to the exit hatch. What did that painful chapter in your life teach you, Scorpio? What are you willing to release? To find the pot of gold, and by extension, the rainbow leading to it, you’re going to have to let go of a painful obsession or self-defeating behavior. Hitting your head against that brick wall doesn’t feel too great, does it? We didn’t think so. Fortunately, supportive people start popping up like bright springtime tulips this week. Accept their helping hands instead of chasing after the impossible dream all by your lonesome. (And no, this doesn’t mean you’ll be forever indebted to them, so stop keeping score!) With a little assist from Team Scorpio, you could make epic strides in as little a time as the next two weeks. If you’ve been swaddled in support since the corresponding new moon six months ago, good on you! This week, you’ll finally feel ready to face a major life decision—one that could involve you completely closing a chapter of your life that you’re so done with (sigh). This tough decision could involve a work or health-related matter, as the full moon will directly oppose Mars and Uranus in your sixth house. Kick that soul-sucking client to the curb, resign from the role of Office Martyr and set up better terms for yourself at work, enact stress-management measures like non-negotiable workouts at least three times a week. And what services can you tap to make your life easier? If hiring a housekeeper every couple weeks or having a meal delivery service drop off at your door means more time to relax and take care of your body and soul, you might just allocate some funds for the purpose of your own inner peace. Your ruling planet Pluto also throws a curveball into the mix, forming a challenging square to la luna. Are you making too many sacrifices for the ones you love? A partnership could hit a rocky spell this week as you realize just how much you’ve been overextending yourself. Warning: a surge of resentment could bubble up, even blinding you with rage temporarily. Find a healthy outlet for processing those feelings, Scorpio. As annoying as it is that this person’s been take-take-taking, you are also responsible for giving past the point of fairness. Once your anger simmers down, have a talk about new agreements, ones that include healthy limits for you too. The full moon will bathe you in soulful and spiritual vibes. Feeling like a hamster on the wheel? To break out of the mundane, bring more art, music and meditation into the mix. You could rediscover the power of your own creativity this week, an amazing diversion from drama indeed.




The spirit of Mother Teresa is shining on you this week, Taurus. With the full moon in Libra lighting up your altruistic sixth house, you’ll feel called to practice random acts of kindness wherever you go. The question is: will you give the world service with a smile or a snarl? Although this full moon amplifies your helpful nature, it will be forming intense angles to warrior Mars, restless Uranus, and shadowy Pluto. As much as you want to pitch in, this trio of planets pulls you in a more independent, even escapist direction. It’s all too easy to saddle yourself with obligation trying to be a good friend or dutiful relative, then, seethe with resentment when you get sucked too deeply into the role of the rescuer. It’s uber-important that you set up boundaries for your giving, Taurus. Nurses work on shifts, after all, and being the 24/7 caretaker or support staff for your peeps will quickly exhaust you. Beyond that, if you don’t get away and tend to your creativity and need for fun, your relationships could become majorly strained. Regulate your generosity, giving in sweet and selfless spurts. How about organizing others to pitch in too so no one feels zapped by obligation? This is where your stellar project management skills come in to play. Get the chore chart posted! Your health comes under the spotlight during this full moon too, so it’s extra important that you eat well, sleep adequately, and exercise this week. If you’ve been lavishing your body with loving care for the past six months, you’ll feel some real rewards under this week’s lunar light. Treat yourself to a new pair of skinny jeans or a body-skimming spring dress with sexy cutouts. You worked hard for those abs, Taurus, so why not show them off in a bandeau top before the 90s-inspired trend disappears faster than you can say Club MTV (Google it, Millennials). If your winter was spent indulging in top shelf whisky, tip-to-tail pork dishes, and artisanal chocolate, this full moon suggests you scale back on those gourmand indulgences and start wrapping your food in romaine lettuce instead of Applewood smoked bacon. Given the harsh opposition of Mars and Uranus, you could get a not-so-friendly wakeup call from the planets to step up your game in the self-care department. Creaky knees, decreased energy, last spring’s dresses that just won’t zip: don’t send yourself into early retirement by putting hedonism above healthy living. You might just get addicted to a new form of exercise in the coming two weeks, especially if you weave in a spiritual and a social component. Yoga in the park with your besties beats another prix fixe brunch hands down this week, Bull. The sixth house governs your day-to-day work, and your efforts of the past six months could finally culminate in a tangible and profitable way. Ready to boost your income? Circulate your resume or put your name in the hat for a promotion. You’ll have lots of lunar oomph supporting your ascent. Just don’t shout your intentions to rise through the ranks from the rooftops. With the Mars-Uranus faceoff, you’ll have to be more strategic, even secretive about the moves you make. This might even feel like a back-alley deal in some ways—not that we suggest shaking hands on anything shady. Unfortunately, someone is going to be disappointed in the process of this transaction and you’ll want to minimize the blow by keeping things on the downlow for a spell. The other wrench in the works comes from Pluto, which forms a challenging square to Wednesday’s full moon. Pluto forces you to pace yourself in work matters and cautions you to avoid taking shortcuts in your quest for better health (no extreme diets, please). A long-distance contact may try to interfere with your ambitions; or you may have to hop a plane for work, but in a way that’s more inconvenient than exciting. Try to turn it into an adventure nonetheless, Taurus, by remaining curious and open to the new people you meet along the way.




Stand your ground, Virgo. Wednesday’s full moon in Libra lights up your second house of values, insisting that you stay true to yourself in the face of all opposition. While you’ve tried hard to be open-minded and consider the other perspective, you can’t escape your core beliefs. Where have you been a little too quick to compromise at your own expense? Stop backpedaling and put your foot down. People may be running all over you because they know they can. When you back up your words with action, you’ll be amazed to see how quickly some folks will fall in step with your desires. Warning: you might have to deliver an ultimatum to a wavering companion or collaborator simply because the uncertainty is driving you to the brink. Enough’s enough. Your Virgoan need to hash out a plan of action is in effect. Now, you simply need to know: can we move ahead here or do I need to move on? Just be careful about trying to manipulate the situation or charm people into doing things according to The Virgo Method. This full moon will face off with Mars and Uranus in your cunning eighth house and you could resort to rather unscrupulous means of getting your way. Sure, Virgo, this will win you the battle, but not the war. Ultimately, people need to be on board with your vision if they are going to stick around. There’s a difference between recalcitrant types who just need some nudging and those who have a wholly different view of life than you. Crisis-junkie Pluto is also an irksome player in the mix this week, forming a harsh angle to the full moon. There’s a danger of overdramatizing a situation that’s really more benign than you realize. Get the facts before you react! You might not need to declare a Code Orange alert after all (phew). In spite of the bumpy and awkward negotiations in your personal life, you’ll be happily shaking your moneymaker this week. This full moon, which lands in your second house of earned, daily income could bring some much-needed economic stability your way. Let the gold rush begin! If you’re on the hunt for more gainful employment, it’s time to circulate your resume. Self-employed? Instead of constantly hunting and fishing, you could lock in a steady client base. Don’t be shy about discussing a more long-term arrangement. You might even offer a discounted rate if they get on board with you for a six-month or yearlong contract. Your hard work of the past six months could pay off too, so don’t be shy about tooting your own horn. Some strategic self-promotion could open the floodgates to a fresh stream of cash. Cha-ching!



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