Weekly Horoscopes





Lace up your sneaks and place your feet in the starting blocks Aries. It’s officially “Go!” time. You’ve got a triple threat of energy at your disposal as the bold Sun, motivating Mars and flirty Venus are stacked in a rare Aries alignment, giving you serious momentum for your personal quests. This is a short but powerful window of time for getting traction and taking the lead on ideas you’ve been dying to set into motion, even developing a business idea. You’ll knock it out of the proverbial park if you focus on the creative aspects (Venus), the bottom-line (Mars) and the publicity and marketing efforts (Sun). Whether you’re making an ingenious video for your ultra breathable yogawear Kickstarter page, writing up plans for a new cold-press juice bar, or pricing out the potential of a farm-to-street food truck, be sure to keep your eyes on your rivals. This week could find you toe-to-toe with the competition in your sphere. Not that this is a problem for you; in fact this kind of tug-of-war just adds fuel to your fire. Your attention might also turn to body care, both inside and out. The name of the game will be getting your vitality tanks topped, as your ruling planet Mars motivates you to get in better shape. Sign up for that aerial hoop class and unleash your inner circus goddess, check out that boxing gym (wrist wraps are so sexy-strong), or get outside and go retro with a pair of roller blades. Plans you kick off this week could be the start of a fun and fruitful fitness renaissance. In addition, Venus and the Sun will sprinkle some makeover magic into your style corner so have fun with fashion. Experiment with the cheeky cutout dress trend, try a chic matte orange lip, or pick up a pair of statement sunnies. No matter the milieu you’ll like what you see in the dressing room mirrors. Speaking of Venus, Venus and Mars are considered the zodiac’s power couple (just think of a celestial version of Bey and Jay), and together they will energize your love life. Since both of these power players are hanging out in your sign, there’s only one place to start–with you. Have you forgotten to adore Numero Uno? Before you lavish someone else with your affections, make sure you’re treating yourself like royalty. Doing so can bring the flush to your cheeks and at the same time, bring back balance to a flailing and draining relationship. One last thing: with those the laser-hot focus of Mars and Venus, you’ll be a bit of a firecracker this week and lust will not be in short order. Channel that energy into the bedroom with a few new moves. A sexy striptease might be just the thing, as the Aries influence makes you a bit of an exhibitionist. As Joe Cocker might say, you can leave your hat on…




Who are the people in your neighborhood? The expressive sun, radiant Venus, and energetic Mars align in Aries and your third house of local activity this week, heating things up close to home. You won’t have to travel far to find what you need, Aquarius, and that includes amour. Someone who’s been hovering near the perimeter of your inner circle could profess romantic interest: surprise! Don’t be so stubborn about locking ‘em into the friendzone. With spicy Mars and Venus aligned, you could discover that you click in more ways than you initially realized. A coworker crush, even the cutie in the apartment two doors down (or a roommate!) could turn out to be a not-so-secret admirer. While this can be tricky terrain to navigate, it never hurts to get to know each other better, even if you keep things in the platonic realm for a while. Coupled? Make a concerted effort to cooperate with your sweetie now. Your communication has been choppy for the past couple weeks with mixed signals abounding. The harmonizing influence of the Mars-Venus meetup helps you clear the air. Of course, with fiery Aries in the mix, that might involve a good-old-fashioned lover’s quarrel first. Let the passionate discourse erupt if it must. Just make sure you listen instead of simply arguing your point. If you want your honey to consider your perspective, you have to offer the same courtesy in return. If you’ve been feeling like a fish out of water in your ‘hood, go out of your way to engage with your neighbors. Rebellious nonconformist that you are, you’ve been guilty of keeping a chip on your shoulder, convincing yourself that you’re different than the rest of the people out there. And while you do prefer the progressive and creative types, this week’s planets remind you of the common denominator that exists between all people. You could make friends in the most unlikely of places: your own backyard or the staff cafeteria, for example. Bonding through sports or a volunteer activity could help break the ice with those “others” who share your zip code. Sign up for the local Run/Walk For Breast Cancer or put in a few hours at a playground cleanup and planting session, jump on a committee with your building association. If nothing else, you’ll have friendly folks nearby to watch your back, feed your cat, and loan you an electronic item or lawnmower from time to time. Are you feeling a tug towards a tribe in another city? Some Aquarians could pull up the stakes this week, decamping to a community that’s more in alignment with your interests and values. If you can’t literally relocate, you might still become a permanent fixture on the scene. Make a budget for gas or go green and carpool or get a bus pass. You could find yourself commuting back and forth pretty frequently between two locations, which might just make it worth your while to consider relocating. With flirty Mars and Venus in the mix, you’ll be craving intellectual stimulation–a total turn on in every way. A sexy geek could captivate you, plucking facts from a vast mental database and adroitly sculpting words into rich, extended metaphors. Beyond making goo-goo eyes as Mr. Smartypants, how about sharpening your own mind with some independent research? You could become consumed with reading, Google-ing, and fact-finding this week. Developing a hands-on hobby could also pique your passion. Anything from Japanese brush painting to homebrewing beer to dip-dying fabrics will do. This is an excellent week to sign up for an e-course or plug through the instructions of DIY manual. And if you discover that you have a knack for a craft, let your venturesome side out to play. You might even set up an Etsy store or booth at a fair to peddle your wares. The moon will be in Aquarius from Thursday evening until Sunday afternoon, making you feel restless and cooped up. Rather than pace a hole in the floor, set off for some terra nova. A weekend getaway, even if it’s just an overnight, will help reboot your system.




Mixing business and pleasure isn’t always the smartest idea, but this week’s planets give you extra leeway in that arena. No, Cancer, we aren’t suggesting that you slip into the broom closet for a torrid makeout session with a coworker. But hey, how about getting to know your collaborators a little better with a friendly hangout over lunch or happy hour cocktails? The bright sun, charming Venus, and ambitious Mars form a tight trifecta in Aries and your tenth house of professional ascent this week encouraging you to nurture this realm of relationships. As the expression goes, your network is your net worth. Flip through your contact database, Crab. Are you connected to enough people whose financial standing and professional status you admire and aspire towards? If not, it’s time for some strategic socializing. Plant yourself among people who could become future way-showers, door openers, and wise mentors for you. Attending industry events could provide leads, but you might also avail yourself by volunteering for a prominent cause. How about jumping on the planning and set-up committee of a charity auction or gala where those who’ve “made it” are more likely to mingle? You’ll break the ice in a less-obvious way and bond over genuinely meaningful subject matter. Of course, we can’t rule out the possibility of romance blossoming from a work-related event. With amorous Mars and Venus huddled so tightly together in your career corner, your five o’clock meeting could turn into your 8 o’clock dinner date. Wandering around a trade show might find you swapping business cards for more than just professional purposes. If a coworker crush has been percolating, the connection could even cross into the physical realm this week. It’s tricky terrain to navigate, but we know that if YOU are gonna go there, Cancer, you must feel there’s something real between the two of you. Here’s hoping the feeling is mutual. This could be the week where you finally find out. In a relationship? Consider joining forces with your honey on a moneymaking venture. It goes without saying that having clearly defined roles will be the saving grace for such undertakings—especially since your tendency to mother could irritate your other half or leave you hauling around more than your fair share of the work. But spec it out carefully, and this enterprising idea could bring prosperity to your tag team. Cha-ching! The tenth house rules men, so whether romantic or platonic, the fellas will continue to play a starring role in your life this week. Strengthen ties with a male relative, be “one of the boys” when it comes to your social choices. You might feel out of your element with all those XY chromosomes floating around, but that’s precisely the point. When differences are illuminated, it’s easier to see your own areas for growth. You might even take an informal poll of your guys for pointers on how better to connect with men, or how to make your next strategic career move. Their input will definitely surprise you, Cancer, (nope, you couldn’t have thought of THAT on your own), a clear contribution to your life. You’ll be glad you asked!




You’re nobody’s April Fool, Capricorn, but with the moon hovering in your twelfth house of illusions on the 1st, someone could actually pull the wool over your eyes. Keep your BS detector on high alert so you don’t get taken for a ride. Things are not what they seem to be at first blush this Monday. Do some independent research to drill down to the truth. On Tuesday, the moon grooves into Capricorn for two-and-a-half days, making you sharper than a red-tailed hawk. Follow those gut instincts of yours, acting on your impulses and dive-bombing towards your goals. When the moon passes through your sign every thirty days, you get a surge of kinetic energy, perfect for putting plans in motion. At the very least, take a baby step towards your dreams. Anything is better than standing still. Should you feel motivated to make a daring, giant leap midweek, la luna will be the wind beneath your wings. As the moon rules the emotional realm, your bold move could involve your personal life. From declaring your love on the Jumbotron to saying buh-bye to a bad romance, follow your heart! There’s other impetus to follow the signals of that beating organ in your chest. Throughout the week, the sun, Venus and Mars form a cuddle puddle in Aries and your cozy, sentimental fourth house. You could make major strides in the intimacy realm, particularly with family and close friends. Things could get kinda sexy in your domestic quarters too, thanks to the influence of spicy Mars and Venus. Want to nudge a relationship to the next level? Bring on the nesting! Putter around in the kitchen together, sip coffee and do crossword puzzles, compare Benjamin Moore paint swatches for the perfect warm grey tone to paint your living room. Cuddling on the couch is sheer foreplay and might just become your new normal with you-know-who. If last week’s full moon brought tension with the people under your roof, this week’s planets help you mend the white picket fence. Although it may seem easier to sweep it all under the rug, nobody will really forget what happened, even if you’re all pretending it’s “fine.” Rather than let the resentment fester and build, be proactive. The Aries energy gives you the courage to be direct, creative and solution-oriented. As our own Uncle Sami, born under the sign of the Ram, insightfully said, “You don’t really love someone until you’ve had a fight.” If you lock horns for a little while, so be it. When the air is cleared, you’ll no longer have to crunch on eggshells in your own home. Sweet relief! Work with women gets an extra thumbs up from this trio of planets. Call in the powerbabes and have a summit on your latest ideas. Forming a short-term collaboration could be profitable for all of you. The hardest part for you is giving up a little bit of that control. Let go, so that you can grow.




What’s new on Gemini dot com? The life-giving sun, creative Venus, and energetic Mars align in Aries and your eleventh house of technology, turning your attention to the virtual universe. It’s a “click and ye shall find” kind of week for you, whether you’re searching for that rare gem in the eBay vintage treasure troves or amongst the dating profiles of okcupid. Google away, Gemini. You’ll be amazed by what a little extra research can do to get the gears turning and the muse flowing. Are you ready to rev up your online presence? Start sifting through WordPress templates, Pinning inspiring graphics, and lining up blog posts. You might even set up on online shop or begin developing that genius idea for a mobile app. Learning a new piece of software could spell money in the bank too. Pore over that online tutorial until you’ve got it nailed. Ensconced in the corporate world? Working with the web team at your 9-5 job is kind of your sign’s specialty. This week could find you pulled in that direction (if you aren’t already the savvy VP of Online Marketing as it were). Have you been a relatively silent member of a Facebook group or another online community? Lift the gag order and post, post away. Your virtual tribe could form this week, earning you friends in many new ports. That’s just how gypset Gemini likes it. Go on. Start fantasizing about that future meetup in Rome, Rio, or Reykjavic… On the romantic front, geek is oh so chic, thanks to sexy Mars and Venus synced up in your eleventh house. Clever conversation is a Gemini favorite, but you’ll swoon for Mensa-level smarts. Plant yourself amongst the intellectual elite and watch the delicious dialogue develop into a flirty connection. Yes, Gemini, the lecture circuit could be your ideal pickup joint this week. The eleventh house also rules community activity and humanitarian work. Stimulate your social life while creating positive social change. Volunteer work connects you to kindred spirits, so jump in the playground cleanup efforts, canvas for a local cause, help turn an urban lot into a thriving organic vegetable garden. Single Geminis could score a date of admirable character amongst the ranks of do-gooders. In a relationship? Stimulating your minds is the quickest route to spicing up your bedroom time. Pick up tickets for a searing documentary, author signing, or hands-on demonstration of one of your geeky, shared hobbies. Or how about turning a charity gala into an excuse for a dress-up date? You’ve been known to rack up quite a bill in the name of epicurean exploration, after all. Put that towards the per plate fee of a noble cause and earn karma points as a couple. In all that you do, this planetary trio makes you quite the idealist. You simply can’t help but see people in the most flattering light. But remember, Gemini, nobody is perfect. To avoid disillusionment, give people room to be human too. If you can accept the good along with the unpolished aspects, the likelihood of longevity will be far greater.




The week opens up with a playful Sagittarius moon, placing you at the center of the April Fools Day merriment. You’re not above pulling a prank or three, especially if doing so gives you the opportunity to flirt with your crush du jour or loosen up the packed earth around a loved one’s hardened heart. Try not to wind them up TOO much, Leo. The point is make them smile, not leave them feeling punk’d. As the week progresses, you’ll find yourself drawn towards far-flung adventures and your peeps in other ports. This is all due to a wanderlust-inducing trio–the radiant sun, romantic Venus and energetic Mars– traveling in a tight pack through Aries and your ninth house. Passport please! Some Leos may even board a flight for a cross-continental getaway this week. With Venus and Mars in the mix, we wouldn’t be surprised if there was a dual purpose that involved amour. Long distance relationships should not be ruled out under this week’s cosmic spell, even if they wind up being more of a spring fling than the real thing. But hey, we’re not all privileged enough to hop a plane at a moment’s notice, even when we’re feeling crazy in love. Thank goodness for this little thing called The Internet. Expand your search radius beyond your own zip code, Leo, no matter what you’re seeking. Striking up a connection virtually could translate into striking gold in real time as the relationship progresses. Nothing ventured, nothing gained. Even if you’re tethered to home base, this week’s planets nudge you outside your comfort zone. Mingle multiculturally or get to know a crowd you’ve labeled “other” than your own tribe. The so-called differences create spark and chemistry, opening your mind to untold possibilities. There’s a strong pull towards cross-cultural romance this week, or at the very least an intriguing creative collaboration. Already spoken for? Breathe new life into your union by wandering outside your familiar terrain together. Hop in the car for a spontaneous road trip or pack your overnight bags and explore to a cool cosmopolitan hotspot. Weather permitting you might opt for a little camping. Snuggling by the bonfire and cuddling in a sleeping bag can be plenty sexy too. Or, travel in the intellectual sense, broadening your horizons through a couple’s workshop or three-day self-development seminar. Learning how to bust through your own limiting beliefs and self-sabotaging patterns is the key to fulfilling relationships, Leo, whether you’re single or spoken for. Are you the reigning queen/king of your own entrepreneurial realm? The Sun-Venus-Mars trifecta helps you infuse your biz with creativity and mojo. This is a stellar week for marketing via social media in the interest of capturing a broader customer base. Studying the finer points of branding and business development could also lead to a breakthrough. Devote a chunk of the week to researching people’s success stories. There are many road to the mountaintop, Leo. While you’ll ultimately blaze your own trail, learning how others reached the summit can provide a great shortcut.




Aren’t you just the prankster this Monday, Libra? With the moon hanging out in your playful third house, the 1st could be a memorable and hilarious April Fools Day for you. Humor is the sharpest arrow in your quiver early this week. Use it to pierce through tension with friends and break the ice with a new crowd. But remember that there’s an element of truth to every joke. Hitting sensitive spots or punking people in a publicly embarrassing kind of way should be off limits. Keep it tame and loving and you won’t inadvertently fall into the Mean Girl category. This week is all about building bridges, you see. A powerful cosmic trifecta—the sun, Venus and Mars—roll in close configuration through Aries and your seventh house of relationships. Commitmentphobia, begone! Although you’ve been known to struggle in the realm of decision-making, this planetary trio brings a surge of certainty your way. When it’s clear that you click with someone, there’s no need for endless questioning and dissection. (Suuuuuch a waste of time, Libra.) Instead, put that proverbial ring on it and make your union official. Whether you’re signing a marriage certificate, inking a deal for a joint venture, or announcing a creative collaboration, you’ll be energized by the power of partnership. With feisty, push-it-to-the-limit Aries at the helm, don’t just dip your toe in those waters. Cliffdive in with your chest puffed out like a swan. So maybe your worst fears will come true one day and you’ll be temporarily tied up in an epically disastrous duo. But then again, maybe not. You’ll never find out by peering at the precipice of a promising possibility. When you know that you’re both in it for the long haul, you’ll have the comfort and confidence needed to really unleash your creative genius. Besides, there’s a little thing called The Negotiation Process that you get to work through. Much of this week could be spend spelling out the terms of engagement with your future other half. With self-loving Aries in the mix, you’re encouraged to really advocate for yourself. Without losing sight of reality, ask for more than you think you might be able to pull in. Surprise, Libra: people see you as deserving of more than you expect. Put all agreements in writing too! This will spare you drama down the line when you can whip out the contract and remember what you all shook hands on in the first place. Single Libras will feel the warming trend of the Mars-Venus duo too, so dive back into the dating pool. You need more than just the smoldering stare of a James Franco lookalike now or the carved up abs of a Bradley Cooper stunt double. Enduring qualities, such as “has committed long-term to a partner in the past” and “calls regularly, shows up on time” might be worth contending with a little paunch or thinning hair at the end of the day. On the flip side, are you ready to cut ties with a partner in crime? The fiery Aries influence will give you the fight you need to do just that. Peacekeeping Libra, you like to take the high road and keep things “all love” when it’s time to say goodbye. Unfortunately, your conflict-avoiding M.O. can wind up giving your adversaries the upper hand. It’s time to stick up for yourself in the farewell negotiations. In some cases, this might require the help of an attorney, as the seventh house rules the law. Weigh the pros and cons. Would springing for a few hours of legal counsel be worth it if it to untangle from a messy partnership with the least amount of collateral damage? Budget: a little less Prada, a little more peace of mind kinda sounds worth it to us.




Slip into a week of sensual healing. The radiant sun, romantic Venus and lusty Mars align in Aries and your luxe-loving second house writing you a prescription for radical self-care. Spa day, anyone? A decadent massage would be the perfect way to treat yourself this week. Bonus if you can slip into an infrared sauna, Jacuzzi and steamroom at the facilities, padding about for a spell in a fluffy white robe and slippers. Get the home treatments rolling too. Take a stress relieving Epsom salt soak in your own tub, and don’t forget the aromatherapy-infused bubbles. Your senses are definitely heightened this week: textures, tastes, scents, and sounds. It’s not required to break the bank to indulge yourself. Little things will set the mood, like playing music while you prepare for your day, dropping a wedge of lemon or cucumber slices in your water glass, putting your softest sheets on your bed and lighting your scented votives. The earthy energy of the second house beckons you into the great outdoors too. Zip up that windbreaker and take your workouts to the park. If you have trouble waking up in the morning try getting your prana (life force energy) moving by going for a short a walk to start your day. You can combine it with a coffee run if necessary, but odds are you’ll find the fresh air as reviving as a jolt of java. Bring the outdoors inside too. Divide a bunch of tulips into chic mason jars and place the pops of color throughout your house. Invite more fresh, raw produce into your warming weather diet. Make your juicer and blender permanent appliances on your countertop and try a Lime-Coconut Smoothie or Mojito Juice from the files of green goddess Kris Carr: http://kriscarr.com/recipes/juices-smoothies/. Beyond restoring your vitality, an added upside to all this self-love is that you’ll emanate a radiant glow that’s oh-so-attractive. Like attracts like, Pisces. Rather than magnetizing the wounded birds to your nest, your healthy lifestyle takes you wing-to-wing with the high flyers. Perfect, since you need someone who can help you soar, not another person who will anchor you the ground. And with Mars and Venus—the zodiac’s power couple—traveling in perfect sync to each other, you can make some definite progress in the love department. But do take it slowly, Pisces. Allowing things to evolve organically is the name of the game this week. No, you’re not exactly the old-fashioned type, but you ARE a romance addict and you don’t want to cheat yourself out of the courtship rituals by racing to the bedroom. If you’re in a relationship, bring more affection and nurturing into the mix. The second house planets prompt you to use your voice. Speak up and ask for what you need, be it a shoulder rub, a ride to the doctor’s office or a dress up date. Try something new: assume that people will say yes to you instead of bracing for a no!




With the moon in Sagittarius on the 1st, you’ll kick off the workweek at least two steps ahead of the game. While others around you may claim a case of the Mondays, launch forward with a big initiative from the get-go. From Tuesday till mid-Thursday, don’t waste your breath explaining yourself. People won’t catch on, and this can derail your motivation. Better you should show than tell, Sagittarius. Focus on developing a prototype, instruction manual, diagram, or other tangible example that will speak for itself by the end of the week. Cue the Alicia Keys. When it comes to love, you’re a girl (or guy) on fire! The radiant sun, romantic Venus and lusty Mars have a threesome in Aries and your ardent fifth house all week making you ultra magnetic. An attraction heats up bigtime and may even blossom into a full-on fairy tale romance. But are you ready to give away your final rose just yet? Hmmm. You’re a bit of a wild child at this time of year, Sagittarius, and may be more interested in feeling out your options before settling for a favorite flavor. If you’re already hitched, this week will require massive self-control. Flirting with danger is one of your favorite pasttimes, and you love to push the erotic undercurrent to the point of near impropriety. With your spring-fevered mojo spiking to elevated levels, you’ll have that scintillating Scorpio or provocative Pisces eating out of the palm of your hand. A massage to your ego this shall indeed be, but how far should you take it, Sagittarius? While you love the thrill of a chase and a challenge, don’t get cocky if you’ve got a player on your line. It’s easy to confuse a fling for the real thing right now, and that will only result in heartbreak. Unless you’re one of the rare people who is good at separating the emotional from the physical (and if anyone can do it, you can), it’s probably best to just soak up the attention without crossing the threshold of your bedroom door. And of course, if you’re otherwise engaged, don’t let yourself get derailed by a dalliance. Sip, don’t gulp, your mint julep and don’t put yourself in any compromising situations. Soak up the compliments, then bring that playful mojo back to your relationship. Perhaps this is the wakeup call you needed to stop sputtering along on autopilot with your beloved. Since there will be many eyes on you this week, dress up a little, do your hair. While there’s no need to take your styling to Ru Paul extremes, there’s definitely some glitz pageant energy available for your benefit. Like the springtime tulips, pop out your wardrobe and makeup scheme with an extra shot of color. You’ll enjoy the attention and compliments (and even the gawking stares) that come your way from this daring self-expression. Are you ready to see your name in lights? There’s a marquis waiting to premiere The Sagittarius Show somewhere out there. With the Sun-Venus-Mars trio in your fifth house, a shot of fame is also in the offing. What will it take to generate a media buzz for your latest ideas or get yourself in front of an eager audience? Go big and bold with your promotional efforts. The neon-bright palette you paint the world with is never out of season, Sagittarius.




Cherry blossoms aren’t the only ones in the pink this week, Scorpio. A trifecta of planets—namely the sun, Venus and Mars—form a tight pack in Aries and your sixth house of self-care, putting healthy living at the top of your priority list. Are you still stalling on those spring training efforts? Here comes another planetary PSA about the importance of loving your body. If exercise feels more like torture than recess, switch it up! The “no pain, no gain” mindset is so last century. Sure, you’ll need to exert yourself, but there should also be a modicum of enjoyment that goes along with the experience. Think: danceable beats, a euphoric endorphin rush, and progress that becomes more visible with each passing workout in the form of flexibility, strength and muscle tone. Then there’s the whole “you are what you eat” adage to contend with. As much as you may enjoy indulging in at that hipster haute restaurant known for its tip-to-tail pork dishes, smoky exotic bourbon and deconstructed desserts, relegate the experience to the special occasion category for a little while. Heavy foods weigh down your mood, Scorpio, and this week’s planets are beckoning you to come clean. Fire up the juicer, pull the Vitamix blender out of storage. Green juices, smoothies, and kale salads are ready to make a comeback in your kitchen. Beyond buoying your energy levels, there’s another upside to all this healthy living stuff. Your radiant glow intensifies, helping you draw a healthier stock into your romantic orbit. With sultry Mars and Venus in the mix, the gym could double as your (lean, trimmed) meat market. Keep your earbuds cranked down to a conversational level while you’re in the freeweights room. You might just make the acquaintance of a Saturday night date while you’re doing your bicep curls. Why not?! This planetary trio also brings out your urge to serve. No need to don the Power Ranger uniform. There’s a fine line between supporting and saving people, and a rescue mission will drag you down. Beware the attraction to the wounded bird types too. Although it can be an ego boost to feel so needed, it will become invariably painful to stay in that nest. Remember this old chestnut: give a man a fish, he’ll eat for a day; teach him how to fish, he’ll dine for a lifetime. The sixth house also governs your daily work, so expect to feel a renewed sense of hope and inspiration about the direction of your career. The sun and Mars help you get your hands back on the wheel while Venus lends a creative burst. Brace yourself: an amorous undercurrent could tinge your communications with a coworker, client, or someone you meet through a work-related event. We don’t need to warn you about the repercussions of dipping the old pen in the company ink, but there, we just did anyway. Stay far away from the broom closet this week. If the connection goes beyond the physical, let it grow organically, so no one has to do the walk of shame on the way to the weekly staff meeting.




Trip the light fantastic Taurus. The sun, Venus and Mars convene in your twelfth house of fantasy making life feel like a lucid dream. Passport, please! This would be the ideal time to escape to the sun, sand, and aquamarine water. A mystical destination, far away from the “spring breakers” would be right up your alley: yoga retreat in Tulum, Mexico, perhaps? If you can’t slip out the door for a getaway, lose yourself in a creative project at home. Hang giant canvases on the wall, turn up the music and paint your own blue series. Try out charcoal sketching of the buildings in your neighborhood. Or turn your stylista on to bold graphic-print dresses or a funky flower-print blazer and wear Wonderland on your sleeve. The alignment of Mars and Venus makes this a supercharged week for love. You’re willing to loosen up boundaries a bit and share more from the heart. As you’ll have creative reserves to spare, put that imagination to use. Read your beloved Rumi poems out loud, take turns writing down things you adore about each other, or get really brave and meet your paramour in public wearing a nothing but lingerie under your wrap trenchcoat (not that the two of you will be in public for long if you dare to go there). Warning: all these hearts and rainbows make you susceptible to rose-colored glasses syndrome. You’re prone to a little bit of denial when it comes to love, but don’t screen out people’s less-than-savory qualities. Nobody’s perfect, but the question you want to keep asking yourself is: can I really deal with the good along with the bad? The twelfth house rules illusions so information about people may be concealed at the moment. Don the detective’s chapeau and do some digging. Pay attention to the red flags that may pop up. Again, what you unearth may not be a deal breaker, but it’s important that you’re crystal clear about what you’re getting yourself into. On a personal note, this is a powerful week for doing any forgiveness work you’ve been avoiding. Remember, holding a grudge is like drinking poison and expecting the other person to keel over. Letting go will be incredibly healing if you can dig out the roots of resentment. Talk it out with a wise friend or therapist; or write it out and burn the pages in release. This is a great week to adopt a meditation practice, since the twelfth house rules the subconscious mind. Bring it full circle and lie in bed with your sweetie, listening to a meditation download together; or get the foreplay started with a Kundalini yoga class. Relax, relate, release!




Measured, modest Virgo, it’s not really your style to love bomb the world. Nevertheless, you might evoke the spirit of Tom Jones this week with a little bit of this naughty flashback mojo: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VkV65jUWYXk. A little bit corny, a little bit rock and roll, we know, we know. But with the radiant sun, seductive Venus and lusty Mars twerking through your erotic eighth house all week, you’ve definitely giving ‘em fever. Privacy please! You may struggle to publicly embrace your sex symbol status, but you’ll be quite the siren behind closed doors. Draw the drapes and hang the Do Not Disturb sign. The sun-Venus-Mars trifecta helps you get intimately close to the object of your affections this week. This could be a carnal affair…or not. The soulful vibes extend to the platonic realm too perhaps in the form or a meant-to-be creative collaboration or a surprising friendship with bonds as thick as blood. Opt for one-on-one hangouts whenever you can. This week, you can really go deep with people, sharing secrets, letting down your guard and allowing yourself to be truly vulnerable with each another. The eighth house rules shared finances too, so expect the topic of the Almighty dollar to arise in your closest relationships. With the expressive sun in the mix, you’re not holding back how you truly feel. Agitator Mars could stir your temper, especially if you’ve been adding more than your fair share to the collective pool. Fortunately, diplomatic Venus is also a player, softening your edge. Remain proactive instead of pointing the finger of blame. What’s been spent has been spent. How can you better cooperate in the future? You don’t have to split the pie straight down the middle. If one person contribues more cash, the other can make it up in time or services. In fact, you may find it useful to work the barter system yourself; a savvy way to afford things that are out of your current budget. Hello, new economy! Someone may want to put dollars behind YOUR dreams. Got a project that needs funding? Set up a Kickstarter page, work on the business plan to take to VCs, even explore the possibility of a small business loan. If you’ve been working the 9-5 circuit, this pack of eighth house planets could point the way to passive income streams. No, you don’t have to quit your day job Virgo, but you might start padding your pockets with a side business. Explore affiliate sales, network marketing, or producing a product that pays you royalties. The real estate market, for all its ups and downs, might even hold some profitable potential this week.


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