Weekly Horoscopes




This week, three planets bid Aries adieu, shifting you into a grounded groove. As you say au revoir to Venus, the Sun, then Mars it should be with a bit of relief. After all the electricity of the past month, you’re ready to hunker down and get to work. Likely, you’ve been brewing up some big ideas, and now is the time for execution. Venus is the first to shift gears, decamping to Taurus on Monday. While hosting Venus in Aries (from March 21 until this Monday) blessed you with extra magnetism and appeal, it might have been doubly hard to commit to anyone, or even sit still long enough to form a deeper connection. With Venus orbiting through Taurus until May 8, you can slow your pace and delight in a more traditional courtship rituals (think: dinner dates, delivered flowers and long walks). Love may be lower on the excitement scale while Venus is in Taurus, but it will be wayyyy higher on the stability side. Nesting anyone? Host a tapas party for two or cuddle on the couch for a back-to-back Lord of the Rings marathon. You might even tone down your style a bit with beautifying Venus making this shift. Swap that bling-ed out nail art for a coat of understated nude polish; dress in graphic, black-and-white patterns instead of those neon brights. On Friday the 19th, the expressive Sun heads for Taurus and your second house of income, turning your attention to budgeting and finances for a month. Are some belt-tightening measures in order, Aries? Rake through your monthly auto-payments making sure that you aren’t donating your hard-earned cash to a service you never use. If you overdid it on that birthday shopping spree, begin rebuilding your savings. You might even set up a separate account for entertainment and start socking away a little each week to rebuild your “fun fund.” On Saturday, your ruling planet Mars joins the Taurus party, hanging in the sign of the Bull until May 30. You’ll be motivated to get ahead at work as the weekend kicks in, either wrangling some new revenue on the side or setting yourself up to climb the ladder at your 9-5. Streamline your goals instead of trying to tackle all of them at once. Rome was not built in one day, but you can definitely get the foundation poured and a few Doric columns erected over the next six weeks with your celestial ruler Mars acting as foreman. Warning: all this nose-to-the-grindstone energy could bring some stress to your days, so make sure you release your angst in a healthy way. With planets in the second house—ruler of the throat and shoulder area–let loose your best primal scream or take it to the mic with a few rounds of karaoke. You might even give chanting a try, creating a calming sensation through your body with the hypnotic buzz of a repeated mantra. Pop by the salon for a twenty-minute shoulder rub whenever possible over the coming six weeks. On the upside, with the grounding influence of the Taurus planets, you’ll find it easier to get into a healthy routine. Schedule dedicated slots in your calendar for your workouts and eat your meals at regular intervals to keep your tanks fueled at all times.




Power down, Aquarius. With three planets taking leave of garrulous Aries and moving into domestic Taurus you’ll want to fold up those social butterfly wings and cocoon for a bit. On Monday, Venus orbits into the Bull’s domain, the first to awaken your nesting instincts. Put your 1,001 acquaintances on hold and turn your attention to your inner circle. Intimate exchanges have been known to make you squirm, but this week, you’ll crave that cozy camaraderie more than anything. Venus is the planet of romance, and nothing feels sweeter than tucking away at home right now. Plant a vegetable garden with your honey, redo your paint scheme with a fresh palette, try out a few new recipes, then, host a dinner party together for your closest friends. Love takes on an old-timey hue making you yearn for sweet, old-fashioned romance. Hand-penned love letters? Swoon. Picnics in the park? Th-thump, th-thump. Leave the spring feverish hookups to the birds and the bees. You’d rather hold hands and linger in the courtship rituals this week. PS: waiting only makes it hotter, Water Bearer. Looking for love in a hopeful place? Try the boy- or girl-next-door types. Instead of reflexively saying no to your mother’s or sister’s suggestion of “that really nice” person, give ‘em a chance. You could be pleasantly surprised (or should we say shocked) by how well you click. Alternately, you might actually take a break from the dating scene during this Venus phase in the name of restoring your connection to yourself. Spending quality time with friends and family reboots your confidence, sharpening your selection criteria. Don’t worry: a few weeks from now you’ll be ready to get back in the game. On Friday the 19th, the expressive sun moves into Taurus and your cozy fourth house for a month, joining Venus there. Being and feeling “at home” will be of paramount importance now, so survey your space. How well is it working for you, Water Bearer? Some major reconfiguration may be in order to create the comfort you crave. You might turn a spare room into a music studio, home office, or yoga and meditation sanctuary. Privacy is a must, so make sure you have a little retreat to escape to and lock the door. For some Aquarians, that might even require you to rent a space outside of your home so you can think and create without interruption. If you’re in the market for a move, the sun greenlights that mission. Spend time with the real estate listings this weekend and don’t compromise. Living in a neighborhood that reflects your hobbies and cultural interests is tantamount to your happiness. On Saturday, effervescent Mars orbits into Taurus too, hanging in this zone until May 30. Strap yourself in. There could be some emotional rollercoaster rides ahead for you during this excitable (and sometimes exhausting!) Mars phase. Track your ups and downs by paying attention to the relationship between food and mood. What you eat can affect your outlook big time; you might even have the doc give you a food allergy test to see what sensitivities may be lurking. Giving up wheat or dairy for a while, for example, could be the key to bringing back your sunny outlook on life (and saving you from snapping at the ones you adore). Mars in Taurus can bring fun, dynamic energy to family affairs, but it can also heap fuel on the fires of family stress. Be mindful of the company you keep for the next six weeks, even if you DO share DNA with some of them. Energy vampires could suck you dry if you don’t put up boundaries now. It’s not your job to rescue everyone from their messes, nor cushion their fall. As tough as it can be to watch loved ones struggle, sometimes, you’ve gotta pull back and let them learn to rock it like the baby robins are doing right now. They’ll earn their wings faster without your interference. Workwise, Mars can pump up productivity on a home-based business idea. Collaborating with relatives or women is especially fortuitous now; you might even develop a business that targets families or a female audience. Look around, Aquarius. If you see a need that’s not being served, slide right into that gap in the marketplace and find your fortune.




Have a little faith in your fellow (wo)man, Cancer. With three celestial bodies moving into Taurus, and your eleventh house of groups it’s time to embrace the team spirit and invite collaborators to play. You’ve been large and in charge for the last month, and truth be told, it’s starting to exhaust you. Pass that baton and take a breather–you’ve earned it! Kicking things off on Monday the 15th, flirty Venus moves to Taurus for a three-week stay, boosting your popularity. You’ll be the toast of the town, with some serious social currency to spend. The time is ripe for a good “meet-cute,” Cancer, and love can be found during a volunteer shift at a community service mission. That neighborhood garden work day could lead to a flirty tete-a-tete over kale starts and heirloom tomato seeds; or you could be paired with a bespectacled dreamboat to go canvassing for the local school board. Coupled Crabs, put down the remote and welcome spring properly. This Venus phase is an ideal time for socializing as a couple. Bring together your respective groups of friends by co-hosting a little soiree. Mint Juleps anyone? You might even join a sports league a pair, or lead a carousing caravan to Coachella. The more the merrier! Spend some time developing the friendship aspect of your relationship too: couples who play together, stay together. No matter the setting, love will feel much more grounded this week, and you’ll be in the mood to keep things light and pressure free. Nothing is sexier than a beautiful mind, so choose dates that stimulate the brain. Check out a star-studded lecture at a planetarium, join a curated museum tour, or sign up for a DIY demonstration course. Venus governs style and your spring look could make a radical departure from your colder-weather frocks. Infuse a little boho-chic into your wardrobe this week: flowy lace peasant tops, denim skirts, chunky vintage cowboy boots, piles accessories you’ve collected on your world travels. On Friday the 19th, the energizing Sun joins the Taurus party for a monthlong stay, making geek oh so chic. Turn your attention to your online presence. When was the last time you Googled yourself, Cancer? Run a search and see what comes up. Check your privacy settings on Facebook, and clean up your LinkedIn page, update profile photos, rewrite the “about me” section to reflect your current interests and frame of mind. Dancing around the edge of the blogosphere? Pick out a WordPress theme or sign up for Tumblr and get to posting. Adding a new suite of software to your knowledge base could also spell money in the bank, so pore through the tutorial or sign up for a workshop to bridge the digital divide. On Saturday, April 20, Mars joins Venus and the Sun in Taurus. There it shall linger for six weeks, bringing both excitement and aggravation to group ventures. Mars can be rash, but don’t jump the gun when it comes to becoming an official member of any team. It will take a little time to see if the initial sparks you feel can keep you fired up for the long haul. Infighting could break out in an existing crew, which could lead to a few sleepless nights. Rather than getting sucked into the drama spiral, play the role of the levelheaded mediator. You might have to lure your crew to the woods for a trust-fall exercise or call an emergency summit to get everyone back on the same page again. If that’s what it takes, Cancer, then that’s what it takes. Healthwise, Mars in your eleventh house gives another thumbs up to team sports. This weekend you might even organize a game of softball or Frisbee in the park or rally friends into a charitable fitness adventure like a bike-a-thon or 5K for the cure.




Spring fever alert! Three celestial bodies converge in Taurus and your fifth house of passion and romance this week, making it time to unbutton that stuffy oxford and slip on the sexy LBD. It begins this Monday the 15th when Venus kicks off a three-week visit to Taurus, bringing makeover magic and pumped up passion in her wake. Call up the glam squad! A colorful upgrade is in the stars for you. Buh-bye boring “greige” and dull blue denim. Stack your wardrobe with chevrons, stripes and whimsical prints; pull out those bright floral-printed jackets and colorful jeans. Don’t forget to try something new with your hair. Paint in flattering highlights or ombre shades, topped off with a glossing treatment. Fierce! Venus is the planet of amour and the next three weeks could be one of the romantic highlights of 2013 for you. Though your dance card will fill with little effort, direct the traffic by taking more initiative with the object of your affections. For starters, melt your cool veneer and let ‘em know that you’re actually interested. Be bold, be sassy, be fun. How about a photo shoot, Cap? Dress up and snap some Instagram winners for your dating profile; or surprise your sweetie with a few spicy boudoir shots. The celebratory vibes of this Venus phase could portend a party hookup that has more than mere fling potential. Get out on the dancefloor, Capricorn. There’s no reason why you can’t meet The One at a club, even if things get off to a fast and physical start. Coupled Capricorns may be hit with a wave of baby fever. Is it time to turn that guestroom into a nursery? If you’re ready for a bump, let the procreation begin! At least start a Pinboard of kid-inspiration images for future reference. If you already have children, make sure your busy schedule doesn’t cut too deeply into your family time now. Spending QT with your offspring is heartwarming and restorative for you, and doubly so for them. A fun field trip to the petting zoo or a picnic in the park could be the perfect way to spend the weekend. On Friday the 19th, the sun blazes into Taurus for a monthlong stay, beaming the spotlight directly onto you. Practice your red carpet poses and get ready for your close up. This solar-powered energy is lighting up your fifth house of fame, bringing you applause and public recognition. Forget about waiting in the wings for some talent scout to discover you. Pump up the PR efforts, plug your work, and make your business cards rain. You could find yourself on the podium stage, or even on camera between now and May 20. If you’ve been battling nerves when all eyes are you on you, now’s the time to face down that demon. Sign up for a media-training session, join Toastmasters, or try an improv workshop to find your mojo when standing in front of a crowd. Your leadership skills will be in high demand now. Step up and helm that big project that’s been floundering for direction. Your capable command will steer this one to success. On Saturday, Mars sets off for a six-week sojourn through Taurus and your fifth house cranking this passionate energy up to a fever pitch. Eat, drink, and make merry, but know when to cut yourself off. Your hedonism could bubble out of control now, spiking your energy then bringing a crash. At work you’re like a ringmaster, pumped up about putting on the greatest show on Earth. Bring on the creativity, Capricorn, but again, know your limits. Hotheaded Mars can turn your life into a circus if you bite off more than you can chew. Otherwise, you can blow both your budget and your adrenals—yikes! Romantically, Mars in Taurus brings some fairy tale magic to the mix. Pacing yourself will not be easy and a romance could be off to the races before you know it. Don’t forget to ask the obvious questions like, “Are you seeing anyone?” or “What’s your last name?” Lust can be blind, but you don’t want to overlook some key facts before you decide to fall madly in love.




Welcome to the surreal world, Gemini. Three heavenly bodies move into Taurus and your twelfth house of dreams and completions this week. A head trip? Yes, but also a super-charged time for creativity. Although your grip on reality may feel more liquid than solid, you could evoke pure genius during this psychedelic phase. There will be some happily-ever-afters and some sad farewells to contend with too, so strap yourself in for an emotional rollercoaster ride. It begins on Monday, when love planet Venus decamps to house number twelve. This is the zone of fantasy and mystery, which could portend a deliciously poetic phase in your love life. Escaping into a world of “just the two of us” will be fun for the next few weeks, but try not to lose total touch with reality. You’ll have a tendency to wear rose-colored glasses with Venus in this position. Make sure you get the full story before you start tweeting to the world that you’ve just met The One. Venus’ allure makes you extra enchanting too! You could attract quite the characters into your orbit. As fascinating as those elusive types may be, demystifying them could become an endless quest, even an obsession. You love a “wounded bird” now too, but if those wings are broken, don’t try to be the savior. Repeat after us: the love of a good person cannot make up for a therapist’s work. As boundaries blur, you may finally drop your guard enough to let someone know how much you care. That’s the upside of this fantasy-fueled Venus phase. Guarded Geminis, you’re finally out of your head and into your heart! Watch your tendency to get co-dependent in relationships, making sure you set clear boundaries so as not to get lost in another person’s orbit. As the twelfth house also rules endings, the next few weeks could be your mourning period, as you excise all traces of a bad romance from your world or move through the grief process of losing someone you loved. Feel those feelings! You’ll be ready to get back out there again when Venus enters Gemini on May 8. On Friday the 19th, you’re getting very sleeeeepy, your eyes are feeling heeeeaavy. Life crawls to a bit of standstill as the sun shifts into Taurus and the final monthlong phase of your annual solar cycle. This is a time meant for letting go, decluttering and clearing the decks so you can make way for the new when the Sun enters your sign on May 20. Don the rubber gloves and let the spring cleaning begin. Literally, Gemini. As you release outmoded possessions, you’ll feel a major psychic weight begin to lift. Objects carry energy, after all, and you need to be uber-mindful of what you keep in your space. Open the windows wide, crank up the tunes and start sifting through your shelves and closest. Say buh-bye to some books, even old trinkets that bring up sad memories. Send them off with a bow of gratitude for giving you what you needed at the time, but keep that space clean and clear for a while instead of rushing to replace what you’ve cast off. The muse will pay you many visits over the coming month, but you’ll need more solitude in order to hear her call. Find a private space for working on your magnum opus without interruptions. On Saturday the 20th, motivator Mars also shifts gears, orbiting through Taurus until May 30. The red planet can stir up excitement and anxiety in equal measure. Find a mentor or guide to help talk you down from the tree and keep you focused on the healthy priorities you’ve set for yourself. You can pump up your career by reaching upwards for support. Work with a business coach for six weeks or get an executive recruiter to help you with job placement. Resentment alert! You may have trouble asserting yourself while Mars holds this position. Keeping anger or frustration inside is toxic so make an added effort to be direct, facing uncomfortable issues head on. Mars also brings great momentum to a creative project. Pick back up with that screenplay that’s been languishing on your laptop, jot down lyrics for a song, bang out an inspired series of blog posts or perhaps a book outline. As far as your health goes, Mars in your twelfth house is all about clearing and eliminating. Consider a springtime detox or a juice cleanse to reboot your digestion. The skin is the largest elimination organ and chugging H2O and sweating out toxins in a sauna or heated yoga class can also do wonders for your vitality. When it comes to exercise, keep it light now, as you tend to have less energy for output when the sun is in your twelfth house. Opt for flowy and meditative modes like Nia dance or simply walking in the fresh spring air whenever a moment to get out crops up.




Pull on that powersuit, Leo! Three celestial bodies shift into Taurus this week setting your ambitious tenth house on fire. You’ll find yourself in mover-and-shaker mode, pumped up and ready to ascend the ladder of success. It all begins on Monday the 15th when social butterfly Venus decamps to Taurus for a three-week stint, bringing you greater acclaim in the public eye. Venus adds a wallop of charm to your arsenal, making it prime time to mingle with the movers and shakers in your sphere. As you well know, business is all about relationships. Strategic socializing is the name of the game so plant yourself among the elite. Perhaps it’s time to join that exclusive club or high-end fitness studio for help with shattering any glass ceilings you’ve been bumping up against. A relaxed, casual atmosphere will be more conducive to making connections than trying to have your secretary call that impresario’s secretary and set up a meeting. Think of it as a professional investment, Leo, and try out on a month-by-month membership. Your odds of breaking through barriers increases by proxy when you’re rubbing shoulders with people who are already venturing down the path you’re just setting out on. Nurture your existing connections too. Send a bouquet of thank you flowers after a thrilling project jam session, invite a colleague to lunch (and pick up the tab, obvs), follow up on a conversation with a handwritten card. Generosity is its own form of power! Venus is the planet of amour its tour of your tenth house could bring love through a work association. This is tricky terrain if you’re, say, working in the same department or in a client-service provider relationship. Reserve such experimentation for worthy connections and only where there is true long-term potential. (Broom closet makeout sessions are a no-go, Leo!) Power and status are powerful aphrodisiacs, and you’ll be drawn to more established types this week–possibly someone a bit older than you too (can you say silver fox?). Coupled Leos might collaborate on a professional project with your sweetie, or brainstorm long-term goals together that can help you both leap into a new league. This African proverb sums it up: “If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.” On Friday the 19th, the radiant sun heads into Taurus for a monthlong stay, making you ever happier about leaning into your ambition and getting in “suit and tie” mode. Suckers better recognize! You were born to reign, Leo, and this solar-powered phase will catapult you to a prominent leadership position. You may be tapped to take charge of a major project or rally resources and public support for a venture you’ve been developing yourself. Tradition, tradition! Mixing tried-and-true wisdom with your quirky creativity brings the perfect formula for success. Make sure you fully understand the directions before you break the rules over the next month. On Saturday the 20th, energizing Mars joins the Taurus party for a six-week stay, giving you wings…seriously! You’ll be off to the races before the gun even fires, eager to develop a business idea or rocket up the ladder at work. Pump the brakes a bit, as Mars’ influence can make you rather rash. Make sure you spec out any projects before your hand shoots in the air to take them on. You could easily bite off more than you can humanly chew now, making your life extra stressful. And beware that Leo tendency to turn things into a three-ring circus overnight. The Big Top needn’t be raised in a day! Give yourself a proper timeline for pulling off your magic and the show will most definitely go on. Warning: hotheaded Mars can also bring clashes with authority and power struggles to boot. Be careful not to burn bridges or step on people’s backs in your eager climb to the throne. Sometimes you have to play the political game, even if that means moving up at a slower pace. Bring some of that fire and dedication to your workouts over the coming six weeks. Power yoga will strengthen your spine so you can stand upright and show some backbone as a leader. Warrior I, please.




Are you in or are you out, Libra? With three heavenly bodies moving into Taurus and into your scintillating eighth house this week, partnerships evolve from lukewarm to red-hot. Woosh! On Monday the 15th, romantic Venus—your ruling planet—is the first to sweep into Taurus, adding major spice to your social life. Step to the left, Christian Grey. You’re not interested in any “fifty shades” right now. Nope, Libra, relationships are a black or white issue now, and the rubber could meet the road with a duo that’s been wavering in the uncertainty zone. Is that an ultimatum you’re formulating? Hang on a minute, friend. Before you start issuing demands, take a look in the mirror. YOU are known for a touch of commitment-phobia yourself, and it’s possible that you’ve called in someone who is echoing your own indecision. Before you lock yourself in to this pairing, be it professional or personal, make sure you’re really in for the long haul and not just the challenge. Should you feel a giant “Yes!” reverberating through heart and head, take a giant step closer to the one you j’adore. This could be the very thing that’s needed to seal your bond with permanent glue. If you’re already spoken for, this Venus phase is all about bringing sexy back. Forget the PDA. It’s time to get a room! The magic happens behind closed doors for the next few weeks, Libra, so draw the drapes and hang the Do Not Disturb sign. Remember too that intimate bonding goes beyond sampling positions from the Kama Sutra. Summon the courage to be more vulnerable in conversations. This brilliant TED talk from Brene Brown will inspire you to drop your guard: http://www.ted.com/talks/brene_brown_on_vulnerability.html On Friday the 19th, it’s transformation time! The blazing sun slides into Taurus for a month, inspiring you to overhaul stagnant areas of your life. Given the extreme makeover vibes of the eighth house, this is definitely going to be an all-or-nothing proposition. What’s your poison, Libra? A taste of honey (or toxins, in this case) is worse than none at all. Removing the dangerous lure from your life is the way to kick the habit to the curb. And if this requires medical supervision, professional counsel, or simply the “you can do it!” cheers of a supportive crew, get all the help you can. Ramping up your financial flow is another grand theme while the sun blazes through Taurus until May 20–but not necessarily through the 9-5 model. The eighth house rules investments and shared finances, and someone may wish to put dollars behind your dreams. Make it easy for them to support you by launching up that Kickstarter page, writing a proposal to shop to VCs, or enlisting an agent to help rep your work. It takes money to make money, Libra, so giving away a slice of the pie will be well worth it, if it means you’ll have a bigger pastry to slice from. (More pie is always the answer!) Working on commission will be fruitful now, so explore side ventures like affiliate or network marketing. Your interest in the real estate market might even be piqued, a field worth exploring if nothing else, especially with your charming sales skills. That’s not all Libra: you’ve got great aspects to wind up with a bigger than expected tax return this year. Lucky you! Finally, lusty Mars joins the Taurus festival from Saturday till May 30, bringing sexy back in a major way! You’re emanating va-va-voom energy from every pore making you majorly magnetic. Take this energy to your workouts with a fiery Zumba class, an acro-yoga workout or even a hips-don’t-lie belly dancing lesson. Steamy Mars will bring your urge to merge to a fever pitch; but be careful not to come on too strong. If you’re single, you could find yourself drawn to the brooding, mysterious type. Just make sure there’s some sunshine underneath those clouds!




Fling those doors wide open Pisces, and invite the world in! With three heavenly bodies moving into Taurus and your social third house this week your calendar will start filling up with thrilling new activities and engagements. Thanks goodness for that! You’re all too ready to lift your nose from the grindstone and start having fun again. On Monday the 15th, Venus sashays into Taurus, cranking up your magnetism and blessing you with the charming gift of gab. Flirt alert! You’ll bat your lashes at everyone from the barista to the bus stop hottie, making them blush with your coquettish come-ons. Dot com dating gets a boost from Venus too. Give your online profile a spring-cleaning with a fresh profile pic and slightly less intense answers in the “About Me” section (even if you ARE looking for the Sid to your Nancy). You could point and click your way to love over the coming three weeks. Zing! Let friends play Cupid too. Love could swoop in through the recommendations of your social network and let’s face it, it’s always useful to be able to check someone’s references. The third house rules communication helping coupled Pisceans snap out of “comfortable silence” mode and back into lively conversation. Open the cage and let your culture vultures fly free. Fill your date nights with concerts, artwalks, lecture series, and indie films. Your pillow talk could sound a little Siskel and Ebert, but the intellectual repartee will be a turn on! Discussing the buried issues in your relationship will be easier now too. Dump old ways of being accommodating and then winding up resentful. Take the time to express your needs and negotiate compromises–Venus is so on your side! The energizing Sun strides into Taurus on Friday the 19th, heating up action close to home for a month. Dive into your local scene and make an effort to be more sociable with the neighbors. You never know. That cool girl you always see in the mailroom could become your new BFF, the one who walks your dog when you’re working late and who invites you over to watch Dancing With The Stars on her big screen TV. It’s time to work the buddy system too! The third house rules dynamic duos, mainly the platonic variety. From a songwriting partner to a co-chair for a community event to a collaborator for a joint business venture, keep your antennas up for kindred spirits. Doubling your efforts means tripling your productivity. One caveat: since you’ll likely share a similar skill set, make sure your tasks are clearly delineated on the front end to avoid stepping on each other’s toes. On Saturday the 20th, red hot Mars moves into Taurus for six weeks, bringing even more energy to these tag team efforts. But Mars can also be stressful! Although you’re feeling ambitious about what the two of you may co-create, don’t heap too much onto your shared plate. Getting burnt out and overwhelmed could break up the band before you’re able to debut your first release. Mars in your third house makes you lusty and somewhat impatient too. In love you might be more into hookups than real relationships right now. Someone could move from the friendzone to the love zone, then back again. Don’t be impulsive about planting one on your pal just because you’ve always been mildly attracted. The rash hormonal surge that this Mars phase brings could bring a regrettable aftermath if you snog before you think. But if you’re both able to keep things light and strings-free, well, there’s no harm in a little spring awakening. Healthwise, you’d do well to bring that buddy system into your workouts, socializing while you break a sweat. Make a weekly standing date for yoga and vegan brunch with your crew and find a friend to go on morning jogs with you. With a little extra motivation, your spring training will be off to a running start!




Bring on the green juice and the Lululemon leggings! Healthy living replaces hedonism this week as three celestial bodies move into Taurus and your sixth house of well-being. It begins on Monday with romantic, beautifying Venus, the first to decamp to the Bull’s domain. Send the Glamazon into hibernation and bring the yogini out to play. You’re ready to restore your inner glow to a blinding beam, the natural way. The “you are what you eat” maxim definitely rings true for you now. Boost your vitality by loading up on fresh produce, having a green juice in the morning, perhaps even going gluten-free for a while or trying a monthlong reboot like the Whole30 (whole9life.com). Movement makes you feel sexy, so bring on the endorphin rush with a lively group fitness class. Bonus: working out could bring you more than tight abs and Mobama arms now. With romantic Venus in the mix, you could find love with the cutie on an adjacent bike in that spin class. Keep your earbuds cranked down in the free weights room too. Someone worthy of your affections might want to, er, spot you. Archers in relationships will enjoy getting back on the self-care wagon as a couple. Motivate each other to get to the gym, plan dates around activities like hiking and biking, and set aside the time to prepare healthy meals together. The Sun joins Venus in Taurus on Friday the 19th and zeros in on your daily habits and routines. Efficiency will be your mission (should you choose to accept it) during this monthlong solar powered phase. Duck out of the limelight for a spell and take care of biz behind the scenes. Organizing and streamlining your life and work processes will remove pounds of stress from your shoulders, and by extension, your waistline. Warning: there WILL be a transitional phase as you move from your old habits into your new routines. Don’t get impatient during this chaotic passage and race back to doing everything the hard way (read: all by your independent self.) Training an intern or assistant, outsourcing, and otherwise engaging support will soon make your life exponentially simpler. Green is the new black while the sun beams through earth-sign Taurus so let your outdoorsy nature out to play as much as you possibly can. A weekend hike or camping trip would be the perfect way to bond with friends while soaking up some much-needed Vitamin D. If you have a garden, head to the nursery to scoop up organic compost, heirloom seeds and plant starts to get your summer salads growing in the ground. Urban Archers, put some potted herbs on the balcony or windowsill to bring some natural spice into your life; or, celebrate Earth Day a little early and sign on to volunteer at a community garden in your ‘hood. On Saturday, motivator Mars joins the Taurus party for a six-week stint, bringing equal parts hustle and headache. Work can get quite busy now, and while these developments are exciting, you could wind up biting off more than you can reasonably chew. Project management is a must now, and you might have to turn down an opportunity or two in the name of sanity. If you’re on the hunt for gainful employment, Mars lights a fire under your feet. Network away! Your initiative could land you the interview or the promotion. With Mars making your life so busy from Saturday till May 30, this is all the more reason to keep regular workouts in your calendar and stick to foods that boost your energy. Stress can affect your digestion, especially if you fall prey to emotional eating (a Sag pitfall). Taking little walks and fresh air breaks during your workday can help keep you sane. If you’re an entrepreneur, think about adding a charitable and/or a green component to your business. Beyond donating a percentage of profits to a worthy cause, lower your carbon footprint by using PDFs instead of printouts, setting up rideshares, and maybe even organizing a bike-to-work day once a week.





Bonnie and Clyde. Bey and Jay. Ellen and Portia. Don and Betty Megan. Notice a pattern here, Scorpio? With Venus, the Sun, and Mars gliding into Taurus and your seventh house of partnerships this week, dynamic duos are written in the stars. If you’ve been in a relationship rut, this cosmic trio is here to lift you out of it, reminding you that it is not your destiny to spend your waking moments alone…at least not quite so many of them! (We know you’ve gotta have your solitude sometimes too.) It begins on Monday when loveplanet Venus saunters into Taurus for three weeks. A flirty attraction could take on a serious vibe and someone you’ve been casually dating could be ready to have the “let’s be exclusive” conversation. Is that a ring in his pocket or is he just happy to see you? Cohabitation, engagements, and other serious proclamations of amour may heat up too. If you’re not quite ready for a set of monogrammed towels, you might at least start stashing a few spring dresses in your sweetie’s closet. Socializing as a couple will be oh-so-fulfilling for attached Scorpios. Break out the mint juleps and macaroons and co-host a garden party for your mutual friends. Who knows? You might just wind up playing matchmaker for single pals from your respective circles. Karma points! Even if you don’t play host, you’ll likely be playing guest these days, so much so that you might not be home very often. “Strangers” will just be “friends you haven’t met yet”, and your Facebook friend count will groan at the seams (although you might not remember everyone whose request you accepted a month from now.) Professionally, charming Venus makes you an in-demand candidate. You’ll have plenty of prospects lining up to play partner to you this week. Hold out for the best and follow the rule of “opposites attract.” Someone whose skills complement your own can round out the equation and boost you to new heights of success. The buddy system becomes an even stronger strategy on Friday, when the sun blazes into Taurus for a month. Since the seventh house also rules law and contracts, don’t be shy about asking for everything to be laid out in ink. The formality will bring clarity and commitment from both sides. You could announce a joint venture to the world before May 20 rolls around! Your social life picks up pace in every way as the “people person” in you demands some airtime. Begin breathing more flexibility into your days. See what little tweaks you can make so your life feels more serendipitous, less rigid, and includes more opportunities to connect with the other kids on the planet. This could be as basic as talking a lunchtime walk with a friend instead of dining solo at your desk. Shared moments, no matter how small, are nothing short of uplifting now. On Saturday, motivator Mars joins the Bull’s domain for six weeks, sounding an even louder call for partnerships! Did you think you were better off alone? Forgetaboutit, Scorpio. Yet Mars can be equally energizing and aggravating so it’s important that you choose your entourage wisely. Leave the rescue missions off your guest list. Nothing will aggravate you more than having to play babysitter to a needy friend or constantly racing to shore up a weeping drama queen from her own self-induced quagmire. While you’ll be pumped up about partnerships, and rather lusty to boot, hotheaded Mars can make you impatient about where (and when, and how) your relationship is headed. Be mindful of treading that fine line between a full court press and lighting a fire under your paramour’s feet to get things going. Rather than scheming and twisting arms, be the driving force of fun and romance in your relationship. This makes you simply irresistible! On the fitness frontier, Mars’ tour of your seventh house puts focus on the lower back. It’s as good a time as any to get that “donkey booty” in gear, courtesy of presumed Scorpio Phaedra Parks from the Real Housewives of Atlanta (phinebody.com). Get low!




Rise and shine, Taurus! This week, three heavenly bodies groove into your sign, making each day exponentially better than the last. The planetary party in your honor kicks off on Monday, when your cosmic ruler Venus saunters into to Taurus until May 8. The refresh button has been pressed on your love life, giving you good reason to feel excited about amour again. If you had a dustup with a player or a breakup from a bad romance since March 21, you are ready to leave the past in the past. Starting over excites you now, whether you’re diving back into the dating pool or finding new ways to connect with your long-term love. You’re the very definition of ultra-magnetic and charming with Venus in your sign, so follow your impulses and get the party started. On the flip side, you might even take a few weeks off from dating in the interest of restoring your connection to yourself. Self-love is the number one priority while Venus is in your sign. You tend to give a lot in relationships, sometimes out of a fear of abandonment (a Taurus Achilles heel). But by overextending yourself, you can take the zing right out of romance. Remember that absence makes the heart grow fonder. Even if you’re attached, pull back a bit and focus on one of your personal passions for the next few weeks. This will do wonders to bring back the sparks. Ready for some makeover magic? Beautifying Venus helps you cast off the winter blues and fling wholeheartedly into spring. Infuse your wardrobe with punchy, vibrant hues. Swap your signature red lipstick for a poppy coral. Giving a wilder style a go may draw some stares, but that’s just an opportunity to break the ice and kick off a conversation, as far as you’re concerned. On Friday the 19th, the cosmos sing “happy birth month to you!” The life-giving Sun sweeps into Taurus for its annual month-long visit, making you the It Girl/Guy of the zodiac. For the past month, you hosted the Aries sun in your twelfth house of sacrifices and endings– the antithesis of light and breezy! Although you slogged through some heavy emotions and carried a burden that probably wasn’t even your own, you’re now free to cut those toxic ties. As the sun beams into your sign, you’ll feel a huge burden lifting. Excise commitments that drag you down and liberate yourself from any rescue missions. This fresh, month-long solar powered phase is about self love and self-preservation—and that is not selfish, Bull! Sign on for an adventurous mini-vacay, schedule sessions with a coach or trainer, dive into a self-development seminar, take a class to master one of your budding hobbies like organic gardening or coffee training. On Saturday, go-getter Mars joins the Taurus party, blazing through your sign until May 30. Talk about a shot of high-octane fuel! Mars stops by your sign once every two years, so take advantage of this fiery powerhouse and let your enterprising side out to play. If you dream of signing your own paychecks, this is a great time for developing a business idea or carving out a more independent niche for yourself at your current job. Does the company you work for need an online marketing department? Do you see a path to partner for yourself? Mars fires you up with bold initiative, so get moving towards those bigger goals. Just make sure you aren’t pulling any aggressive power plays. Mars can make one a bit overzealous and charging through the political structure of the company is a delicate matter. Don’t trample your allies in your ascent to the throne or it’s going to be mighty lonely—and kind of unsafe—at the top. Mars is also the planet of lust, and its tour through Taurus can make this one sexy spring for you. A fling may even be in the cards for you. Hey, Taurus, there’s nothing wrong with a little bump and grind, as long as you don’t get your heart too wrapped up in it. Also, know that a spark in the bedroom can bleed over into heated arguments. A little anger management goes a long way so you don’t demolish a relationship with a heated diatribe. Take some of that energy to the dance floor and twerk it out!




Passport please! Your wanderlust levels crank to eleven this week as Venus, the Sun and Mars all shift into Taurus and your gypset-y ninth house. Hibernation time has officially ended, Virgo. C’mon out of your honeycomb hideout and greet the world with exuberance! It begins this Monday the 15th with Venus, the first heavenly body to shift into the sign of the Bull. Socially and romantically, you’re up for anything besides the tried and true. A sexy accent could set your body on fire (ay-yaya!) and cross-cultural swooning could find you trading more than just a few foreign phrases with someone from a different provenance. Variety is the spice of life, Virgo, and you’ll be eager to sample from the buffet, suspending your limited viewpoint on who could be considered your type. And while short-term affairs aren’t usually your sign’s M.O., a sultry spring fling could be just what the love doctor ordered. Flirt like mad, enjoy the moment, and don’t read too much into it. Sometimes a kiss, albeit it a memorable one, really is “just a kiss.” Paired Virgos, plan a getaway a deux with your honey. A search of Hipmunk and Kayak could reveal a last-minute deal to the Bahamas or a Paris-in-the-springtime package that sates your love of a good supersaver. Why not? Venus in the ninth house makes you far more spontaneous than usual, and getting out of your normal surroundings will bring back those loving feelings. On Friday the 19th, the radiant Sun moves into Taurus for a monthlong stay, dousing you with metaphorical Miracle Gro. Ready, set, expand! This solar-powered phase is all about stretching your boundaries and exploring heretofore-unseen possibilities. Trekking to new territories is part of the game plan. If you don’t literally hop on a plane, you could be busily Skyping back and forth with a collaborator in another county…or country! The ninth house rules entrepreneurial ventures, and the warm sunbeams build excitement for a budding business idea, especially one that allows you to serve a worldwide audience. This could span the range from an Etsy store to a consulting service that you offer on the side of your 9-5, to a grand idea that you hope will one day pay all your bills. If you already sign your own paychecks, this solar-powered month could bring a huge growth spurt for your endeavors. Explore new territories and ping collaborators in other parts of the world. If there were ever a time to be “really big in Europe” this would be it! Since publishing also falls into the ninth house, literary pursuits are encouraged now. Get to work on the next great American novel, a searing self-help book, or the unofficial biography of one of your historical heroes. No matter your focus, you’ll prefer to work independently, so even if you’re not launch mode, carve out a more free-flowing niche for yourself at your 9-5. Being the ever-dependable worker, your bosses might even green light a work-from-coffeeshop day for you once or twice a week. Hot-blooded Mars joins the Taurus party on Saturday for a six-week sojourn, giving you even more energy to burn. With Mars’ impatient influence, you’ll be insanely restless at times between now and May 30. Copious physical activity keeps you from pacing a hole in your reclaimed wood floor so slip on the sportswear and take your workouts under the wide-open sky. Hike the canyon, kayak the local lakes, bike on your errands instead of walking. Let your hippie side out to play, even if you’re the type who carries chemical-free, lavender hand-sanitizer in your raffia bag. Your idea of a good time could look like camping in an Airstream trailer, kicking it in a beach cabana, or couchsurfing up the California coast with your neat and tidy friends. Capitalize on the vibe close to home too, soaking up all the outdoorsy adventures available and playing tourist in your own home town. Warning: Mars in the ninth house has the effect of making you uber-honest, but look out! Your truth bombs could detonate and destroy a small village. You really CAN help people out with your razor-sharp advice this week, but use tact so your important messages don’t get lost in translation.



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