Weekly Horoscopes




Come off the sidelines and get back in the game, Aries. The life-giving sun aligns with your ruling planet, Mars, ramping up your competitive spirit. You’re ready to give things the old college try, even if you’re not 100 percent assured of an A-plus grade. This cosmic meetup in your second house of money and investments puts fuel in your tank and gives you the incentive to pursue your big ideas. Your financial picture may look a little shaky, but this is the time to take a risk and get proactive about drumming up new revenue streams. Don’t worry if you don’t have any angel investors on speed-dial. They’re as eager to meet budding entrepreneurs as you are to meet them, so spiff up your resume or presentation materials, get your name circulating and ask your connected friends to put in a good word. The one thing NOT to do is fake it. If there’s a missing ingredient in your skill set, sign up for a webinar or workshop. One note of caution: you DO have a tendency to start things but not finish them. Force yourself to stay the course here instead of getting distracted by the many other projects that pique your curiosity. You don’t need a million fires burning–just one big blaze. Thursday’s lunar eclipse in Scorpio lights up your eighth house of intimacy. Look who’s bringing sexy back in a major way! An erotic connection that’s been bubbling since last November 13 could finally explode into a passionate make-out session. Your Fifty Shades fantasies come to life, so pump up the freak factor in your bedroom with some sultry fun and games. No more waffling in relationships: You owe it to both of you to decide whether you’re in or out. Nothing short of the real thing will do it for you, so don’t even think about staying involved out of a sense of obligation. Once you commit, the eclipse will take things to a deeper level than you thought possible. If you’ve merged your assets with anyone since last November 13, things could reach a pivotal turning point. Not sure whether you want to take this to the next level? The eclipse will illuminate the right choice over the coming two weeks. Hidden opportunities or an investor may come out of the woodwork. Even if you might have to give up a percentage, make sure you retain a majority stake in your brainchild. Still looking for funding? Consider setting up a Kickstarter page.



Home and family issues continue to take center stage this week as the sun and Mars align in your domestic fourth house. These lively planets could turn Camp Aquarius into quite the hub of activity. From playdates to potluck dinners, you may feel inspired to roll out the welcome mat and invite a fleet of visitors into your abode. Blow up the air mattress; prep the guest room. An old friend or relative may couchsurf through town for a spontaneous reunion. Is a home redesign in the works? The cosmos hand you the power drill and paint swatches. You’ll be eager to get rolling on a project to turn your house into a home. Warning: Mars can make you a bit overzealous, so for now, stick to cosmetic changes instead of a total makeover. You can make a huge difference with just some well-chosen accessories and pops of color without ripping out cabinets or knocking down drywall. The sun-Mars duo might draw you to bright orange, red, and fuchsia, but use these hues sparingly, as they can create too much energy for you to relax. Mars’ influence can be stressful, and you won’t be long on patience for irritating roomies or relatives under your roof. There could be some heated moments if you’ve been sweeping issues under the rug. Do you have enough private space? You might need to reconfigure or even rent a small studio or office outside of the home. Career developments come fast and furious near Thursday’s lunar eclipse in Scorpio and your tenth house of ambition. A goal you’ve been working toward since last November 13’s solar eclipse in Scorpio could come to fruition, getting your name on the map and positioning you for greater earnings. Men figure prominently this week: A helpful one could come out of the woodwork bringing career opportunities galore, or you may have to cut ties with a male business partner in order to move on to the next stage of the game. One of your grand goals could veer in an unexpected direction as new developments come to light under the eclipse’s influence. If you’re hanging on to something that’s no longer working out of stubborn ambition, try being more flexible this week. Your willingness to try a new technique, course of action, etc., could translate into cash in the bank.



The hunt for your tribe is on! With the sun and go-getter Mars blazing together in Taurus and your eleventh house of collaborations all week, you’re longing to be part of a dream team. While you acknowledge that it takes all types to make the world go ’round, right now you want to be linked in with the creme de la creme. If you’re serious about getting called up to the big leagues, don’t compromise your standards. You need intellect, creativity, and integrity from people you join forces with. Efforts that are already underway could pick up steam now. Make it your mission to keep everyone motivated and focused. You’re ready for action, so start assigning roles and getting the ball rolling on Phase I operations. The eleventh house also rules technology, so get more actively engaged in an online community. Plant your flag in the blogosphere or boost traffic for a digital venture through strategic social media posts. Make sure your web presence is a realistic reflection of you and the professional image you want to project. No more hiding behind an avatar. Take a proper photo of yourself, zhush your profile page, make sure you’re linking to all the places where you have online bragging rights. Click and ye shall receive. When it comes to love, are you hot or not, Cancer? Thursday’s lunar eclipse in Scorpio and your fifth house of romance could bring sudden developments in your love life. You’re a sparkler now, and a budding attraction–possibly one that’s been building since the corresponding solar eclipse last November 13–could erupt in a full-on makeout sesh. Spine-tingling as that might be, if a commitment is not forthcoming, an ultimatum should be. How much longer are you willing to wait? Set a clear deadline…may we suggest one month, the arc of this eclipse’s influence? Since the fifth house also rules fertility, this eclipse might bring the desire to be someone’s mama. Baby fever strikes some Cancers, but if not a child, perhaps a pet. You could put the finishing flourishes on a creative project you’ve worked on since November 13, too. After you finally exhale, crank up the promotion machine. This eclipse could bring you fifteen minutes (or more) of fame. Stop hiding backstage, Cancer: Front and center is where you belong this week, as the spokesperson or face of the mission. With your compassionate nature and clear vision, you’re the perfect person to skipper the ship to the shores of success.



Lights, camera, action! The drama factor cranks up to eleven this week thanks to a sun-Mars meet-up in your fifth house. Are you ready for your close-up, Capricorn? You could be pulled on to the proverbial stage or asked to address an audience in some significant way. You’ll be attracted to fiery people, but look out. Alluring on the outside, they could bring high-intensity toil and trouble. Their appeal will quickly fade if you get distracted from your own destiny and sucked into trying to save them from themselves. Romantically, the sun-Mars duo makes this one white-hot week. Modesty, schmodesty! You’re a total vamp, happily lapping up the adoring gazes and lusty stares that follow you wherever you go. There’s definite potential for a spring fling. Just don’t confuse it with the real thing if it’s only a physical connection. We know you love a good challenge, but it’s not your job to turn a player into a prince. Sometimes a kiss really is just a kiss. But if there’s potential for something between you, this cosmic duo has what it takes to turn up the heat. You could find yourself in the pursuer role, going after your interest with the kind of fervor you usually reserve for toward your career (and that’s saying something). On Thursday the lunar eclipse in Scorpio brings energy to a collaboration you’ve been working on since the corresponding solar eclipse last November 13. It may be time to pop the bubbly and raise a toast to your shared success. As a goal-oriented Capricorn, you sometimes hold off celebrating until you’ve planted a flag at the summit. By then, you’re often too exhausted to really fete the victory. Keep Team Capricorn motivated with a pep rally of sorts this week. Even if there’s still a ways to go, you’ve come a long way, and that’s worth noting! The eleventh house rules the Internet, and this eclipse marks a powerful day to launch yourself into the virtual stratosphere. You may also realize how important it is to have a web presence when a competitor with a blinged-out website threatens to pull ahead of you in the race. Call the designers and developers or plow through that WordPress tutorial. Upgrading your online presentation will help you keep your edge.



Who’s the boss? This week YOU are, Leo, thanks to an alignment of the radiant sun and go-getter Mars in your tenth house of leadership. You’re extra-ambitious now and are ready to pursue a lofty goal full-force. Just remember that being large and in charge doesn’t mean doing it all by yourself. Your biggest challenge of the week is learning to delegate. Have you dreamed of kicking the 9-5 life to the curb and signing your own paychecks? Well, what are you waiting for? You could make major strides on a business plan this week. Helpful men are all around, so ask the guy gurus in your life for a little feedback and maybe a hand up the ladder. Warning: Don’t fly too close to the sun. With all that high-octane Martian energy, you could overextend yourself. Be careful about making promises you can’t commit to. Even if your lion-hearted intentions come from the best of places, you will get a reputation for being flaky if you don’t follow through. Take time to spec out a project and get an unblinkingly clear picture of what’s involved. A ballooning budget or missed deadline will make you look bad later on. Better to err on the conservative side than overpromise and not be able to deliver. Socially, you’ll enjoy the company of men now (even more than usual). Revive your connection to a great guy in your life and do something active together, like hiking, biking, playing squash or even dancing. Thursday’s lunar eclipse brings home and family matters back on to center stage. You’ll have to toggle out of mover-shaker mode and check in with your peeps. A situation that’s been percolating since last November 13’s solar eclipse could come to a head, and you may have to rush to the aide of a relative or close female friend. Contemplating a move? The lunar eclipse could open a once-in-a-lifetime window for you in your search for a dream home (or pied-a-terre). This could happen quite suddenly, so you’ll need to act quickly. Victorian porches, crown moldings, panoramic views, oh my! Emotionally, this eclipse will be intense, sending you on a hyperkinetic roller-coaster ride. Bottled-up feelings could come gushing out, especially if you’ve been holding them in. Be careful playing with this kind of fire. Your feelings may be justified, but you don’t want to burn bridges by expressing them in a damaging way. Better to use this as a wakeup call to follow your real desires and not slip into the default workaholic setting. This eclipse can help you create a healthier balance between work and play.



There’s a thin line between love and hate this week, Libra. The radiant sun and lusty Mars are linked up in Taurus and your eighth house of emotional extremes. Someone who ticks you off tremendously could also turn you on big time. You might also feel yourself pulled into the magnetic field of the bad boy type. Get to know him better before you tumble into bed. Playing with fire can be exciting, but if you get too close, you will get burned. Better to be the object of desire without crossing the line into the physical. Yet you need to express your sexy side somehow. Drape yourself in sensual fabrics, go out dancing, get up onstage and perform at a talent night…and enjoy the admiring stares. An investment opportunity could pique your interest, with its dangling carrot of passive income streams. Mars can make you act hastily, so don’t rush into anything, especially something with a “get rich quick” aura. If the prospect involves selling a product, do your due diligence to confirm that this–and the people behind it–are legit. Then make sure it’s something you believe in so your sales pitches are authentic. Thursday’s lunar eclipse in Scorpio and your second house of income brings a moneymaking opportunity out of the blue. Eclipses reveal shadows so you might tap into a revenue stream that’s been sitting right under your nose. Better still: This is more of a 9-5 gig or a steady freelance client who fills your coffers consistently and provides much-needed security. Are you having a bit of a budget crisis? This eclipse prods you to work with a financial planner or better organize and track your money. Where can you simplify and scale back? You might need to reduce your monthly bills or come up with a creative strategy for paying them. Perhaps the barter system? Think outside the box. Your hard work of the past six months could come to a brilliant high point too. Some prominent peeps may finally recognize what you’re capable of. Cash in on it, Libra!



Words are your best weapon, Gemini, but this week, it might feel like the cosmos have slapped a gag order on you. Shhhhh! The expressive sun and energetic Mars are dancing cheek-to-cheek, but their pas de deux is being choreographed in your introspective twelfth house. Silence is golden–at least this week–so give yourself a break from all that intense conversation and extreme socializing. Legendary Gemini film critic Roger Ebert, who lost use of his voice, wrote of taking a “leave of presence,” a brilliant concept indeed. Pulling back a little to restore your equilibrium and recharge your batteries doesn’t mean you’ll be forgotten or replaced. Give yourself that breather, Gemini, before you burn out on people–and burn bridges in a moment of frustration. The twelfth house activity also means you’ll do your best work behind the scenes now, so throw yourself into a personal project. This could turn out to be your magnum opus or the beginnings of a creative breakthrough that will carry you from your proverbial Blue Period into your Rose Period, like painter Pablo Picasso. Health check! Thursday’s lunar (full moon) eclipse in Scorpio and your sixth house puts your well being in the spotlight. If you’ve been slacking on self-care or letting your favorite vices get the best of you, this eclipse could serve as a wakeup call. You finally have the incentive to kick that bad habit to the curb and get serious about a program or fitness plan that will get you back into fighting shape before the dreaded words “bikini season” become the buzz on everyone’s lips. On the other hand, if you’ve been taking care of your body since the last eclipse, on November 13, your efforts will be noticeable now. Celebrate with a little shopping trip or a new hairstyle, and if you have the guts to rock a sexy cutaway dress, by all means, do it. Your work life offers some surprising developments too. There could be a change of guard, or a position might open up that has your name written all over it. (Hello, department switch!) If you’re no longer stimulated with the work you’re doing, you may be itching to make an even bigger leap. Before you throw the baby out with the bathwater, see if you can create a job for yourself based on your expertise. It’s worth pitching over the next two weeks. If you’re truly ready to move on, however, get that resume in shape and put in a call to the recruiter.




You’re here, there, and everywhere this week as the energetic sun and active Mars join forces in Taurus and your third house of short journeys. Download the audiobooks; get the Spotify playlists cued. You’ll need entertainment whether you’re traveling by plane, train, automobile, or hoofing it. You don’t have to wander to have fun, though. There’s plenty happening close to home, as the third house rules the local scene. Get more involved in a community group or project. You might stumble upon the perfect yoga studio that becomes your new drop-in center. When it comes to socializing, you’ll earn your varsity letter this week. Your popularity is on the uptick, and lively new friendships develop at every turn. Take the initiative and extend invitations. Just be careful not to overbook (or even double book) yourself now
And watch your words, Pisces! You’ve got the gift of gab but may speak before you think, unintentionally spreading gossip or putting someone’s business in the streets. If you’re a writer, you’ll have lots of energy at your disposal for banging out that next chapter or putting together a proposal. Thursday’s eclipse in your ninth house of global connections could bring developments regarding a loved one or colleague in another city. You may have to travel suddenly, so be sure your passport is up to date. If you’ve been working tirelessly to make a long-distance relationship a go, this eclipse brings your union to a pivotal point. One way or another, something’s gotta give. If more face time is simply not an option, you might need to call it quits. Absence can make the heart fonder–for someone close to home. The ninth house also rules higher truths, and you can’t run away from your conscience this week. On Thursday, you could have one of those illuminating moments that puts your honest feelings right in front of your very eyes. Take off the rose-colored glasses and DEAL. Authentically expressing your feelings is the only way you’ll ever get to the other side of this issue. While it can be scary to broach the topic, getting things on the table is preferable to burning with guilt or resentment. An educational opportunity could present itself now too. Before you know it, you’re signing up for that pilgrimage in Peru with the shaman or heading off on an Andalusian cooking tour. Bon voyage!



The planets turn up the heat on your health quest this week. The energizing sun and motivator Mars pump you full of adrenaline and rev up the excitement about a get-in-shape mission. If you’ve been flirting with the idea of taking a boot camp class or doing a juice cleanse, you’ll definitely have the willpower to take the plunge and push through. Before you get too hardcore, though, ask yourself: Is extreme always the best bet? Make sure you aren’t setting yourself up for failure by getting into something unsustainable. If you’re using the program as way to jumpstart a manageable, long-term wellness plan, then it’s okay to go for it. Your professional life gets its own exciting jolt from this cosmic duo. This week’s lesson: Instead of heaping more work onto your already overflowing plate, learn to delegate. Streamlining efforts and creating a more efficient workflow process is the way to go. Excise draining, low-ROI tasks from your agenda or outsource them to an assistant or intern. Organizing an area of your home or office could turn into an obsessive mission for you, Sag. Break out the colorful paper boxes and label maker and incorporate your efficiency mission into your design scheme. Thursday’s lunar eclipse in Scorpio and your twelfth house of endings could bring a chapter of your life to a conclusion. Surrender, Dorothy! Letting go is never easy, but if you reframe it as creating space for something new to come in, it will be (a bit) easier. If you’re still clinging, allow the situation to evolve to a new incarnation. Under this eclipse, a creative insight or epiphany could strike like a bolt from the blue. But if your inner world is too crowded or noisy, you could miss it. Find time to meditate and learn to listen to the guidance of your inner voice. A walk through the park or even a long soak in the tub could get you in the proper relaxed and receptive state. The twelfth house also rules mentors and guides, and this week, someone with whom you’ve been developing a bond could open the doors for you. This might feel a bit overwhelming, as if you’re out of your league. Don’t turn down a bright opportunity just because you feel scared or “not good enough.” This is your shadow side doing what it does best. Have some faith, Sag! What you don’t know now you’ll figure out along the way, like you always do. Healing work that you’ve been doing over the past six months could show major signs of progress, but that’s no excuse to let up. Willpower and boundaries will not be strong under the light of this eclipse. Don’t undo your progress in a moment of weakness. Keep those supportive friends on speed dial as the week draws to a close. Confessing your desire to turn a make-better mission on its ear will dull your desire for self-sabotage.



Forget about playing coy, Scorpio. You’re the hottest pursuer in town as the sun and feisty Mars join forces in sensual Taurus and your seventh house of partnership this week. All modesty flies out the window as you radar in on your target. You’re so charming, Scorpio, you could give Christian Grey a run for his Red Room! Your willingness to take a little more initiative in relationships might bring a flat-lining connection back to life. Have you had a little too much cuddle time on the couch? Use the high-octane power of the Mars-sun duo to kick your relationship into high gear. Channel your physical energy by doing something active and athletic together. Single? You could meet a mate in a pickup softball game in the park or hiking a canyon trail. The element of surprise will work in your favor. Whip out two tickets to a sold-out event, or an out-of-town destination, and let the games begin. On Thursday, the spotlight dance belongs to you. A lunar (full moon) eclipse brings your efforts of the past six months onto the main stage. Accolades and public attention come barreling your way, so no hiding behind the curtain O’ Shy One. You may feel ready to make a huge personal shift, turning life as you know it on its ear. While this may appear sudden to others, you know this is something you’ve actually been thinking about it and plotting for a while. This eclipse portends epic transformation, from dying your hair lavender to quitting your job and moving across the country to start a new job. During the eclipse, which brings things into the light, hidden aspects of your personality could be revealed–and it’s about time! Let people see this well-guarded talent of yours. It could be your ticket to striking gold. Have you been a little too wrapped up in someone else’s world? This eclipse restores your sense of self and allows you to get back in tune with who you are instead of orbiting on someone else’s axis. You could break free of a confining partnership, one that demands you play second fiddle. No one puts Scorpio in the corner this week!



Three, two, one–blast off! With the sun and go-getter Mars aligned in Taurus all week, you’re feeling super competitive and ready to rocket into orbit. You’ve been in incubation mode for a while now, and suddenly pursuing a personal goal becomes a near obsession. Stoke that fire in your belly by inspiring others to join you in your pursuits and adventures. You want to remain relevant and you’re willing to do whatever it takes to stay that way, but be careful, Bull. Once roused, your competitive nature knows no bounds. Stay self-aware and don’t let yourself veer into cutthroat terrain. It’s never a smart move to step on others’ backs as you climb to the top. (As they say, the people you see on the way up are the same ones you’ll see on the way back down.) As for the peeps who are already on your side? Motivation is good, but remember: There’s more to life than winning. Usher them along without applying too much heavy-handed pressure. The point here is to nab the gold without alienating your team in the process. Thursday’s lunar eclipse in Scorpio and your seventh house of partnership brings a key relationship to a critical point. Should you stay or should you go? It’s time to choose. A proposal could come out of the blue, and for some Bulls, this eclipse could mark the day where you put a ring on it. Get clear about what your long-term desires are from this partnership. When you lay them out on the table, you might just discover an eager other half who’d love to develop the dream with you. If you’ve been stagnating in a bad romance, this could be the time when your relationship runs out of steam. The eclipse can give you the courage to finally bid him buh-bye for good. And do yourself a favor: Don’t wimp out with a “let’s stay friends” parting gift. Over means ov-ah. Single? You could meet someone worthy of a portmanteau. This person may have been standing under your nose all along, but the eclipse, which brings things out of the shadows, allows you to see the partnership potential. On the professional level, this eclipse could reveal an exciting offer or bring a budding venture into the official collab category. Put it in writing! Lawyer fees you pay now are nothing compared with the potential legal woes you’ll suffer later if you don’t start off on a clear note. Get the contracts drawn up and announce your dynamic duo to the world!



You’ll struggle to sit still this week, Virgo. With the sun and restless Mars linked up in Taurus and your globetrotting ninth house, your thirst for adventure is too strong to ignore. Do your homework or, if you’re ready, book your next epic vacay. Just don’t be rash in hitting the “book now” button. Make sure all the accommodations have positive TripAdvisor reviews–and cancellation policies. Can’t board an international flight or couchsurf across the continent? Spice up your life with local micro-travel or switching up your daily routines and exploring new parts of the city. You can travel in the figurative sense too. The ninth house rules education, so sign up for a workshop or class, like Japanese brush-painting or Northern Italian cooking. Feeling entrepreneurial, Virgo? An independent initiative will get a boost, so go long! Working with people on another part of the planet could breathe new life to your business. Who knows? You could be “really big in Europe” before the year is through. The sun-Mars mashup gives you plenty of of initiative. Stop retooling your business plan and take SOME sort of step. Real efforts will bring real results. Thursday’s eclipse in Scorpio and your third house of partnership could spark a new dynamic duo. This is likely to be platonic, so think in terms of creative collaborators, event co-chairs or maybe a writing partner. If you’ve been collaborating with someone since last November 13 (the date of the corresponding solar eclipse), you could hit a milestone moment now. Take your shared efforts out into the world. Publicize on social media sites or upload a promotional video on YouTube. An opportunity close to home could crop up seemingly out of the blue. In reality, it’s been parked under your nose for a while, but this eclipse illuminates it so brightly you can finally see it. Stay attuned so you don’t miss it. A fateful connection could be standing in line behind your at your go-to cafe. The flip side is that some existing partnership might be in for a shakeup. You could find yourself clashing with a neighbor, sibling, or coworker. Iron out new rules of engagement so everyone’s needs are considered and you don’t step on each other’s toes. This eclipse also affects communication. If you’ve been biting your tongue, look out! Words could come tumbling out faster than you can control them. Best not to keep things bottled up early in the week. Vent to a neutral third party who can help you formulate a diplomatic way to broach the topic. After Thursday, you’ll be ready to have The Talk and get this figured out for good!



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