Weekly Horoscopes

MAY 6 – MAY 12


Eureka! A stroke of genius hits on Monday as the moon and Uranus link up in Aries. Leave room in your schedule in the early part of the week for spontaneity and ingenuity. Having a lighter load also allows you to daydream and gives you time to sketch up, mock up, or otherwise test-drive your vision. Don’t be afraid to play and even get a little messy. As Edison said, “To invent, you need a good imagination and a pile of junk.” Flirt alert! Venus shakes her tail feathers in Gemini and your effervescent third house until June 2, giving you a case of romantic ADD. Your attractions could range from the buttoned-up broker to the bohemian beekeeper. This is the perfect time for speed dating or getting your online profile reposted with some new pics. In a relationship? The couple that plays together stays together. This Venus phase is all about field trips. Hit the road to visit friends in another state–but leave room for unplanned stops to check out roadside attractions (or unscheduled makeout sessions). You’ll enjoy traveling in the figurative sense, too: Taking a workshop together, like home-brewing or comedy improv, gives you new common ground to grow deeper roots. And, since the third house also rules communication, you’ll discover new ways to get your point across. Hint: Think less talking and more listening. Thursday’s solar eclipse rocks your money house, getting you fired up about finding new revenue streams. If you’ve been coasting or wearing budgetary blinders, look out! You could get a not-so-happy wakeup call about the importance of staying on top of your fiscal affairs. But this new moon is definitely an economic stimulus for you. Whether you’re carving out a role at your current job, changing your daily workflow, or circulating your resume, you’re ready to take on a new challenge and keep a positive cash flow AND keeping yourself interested in what you’re doing. Be patient. It could take up to six months to manifest the seeds you plant today. Circle November 17, the date of the full moon in Taurus and your manifestation celebration.



Monday’s meetup of the moon and revolutionary Uranus finds you craving change, but it could also find you butting heads with a friend, colleague or sibling whose vision doesn’t gel with yours. Your kneejerk reaction is to go AWOL, but this is SO frustrating for other people. They feel stonewalled and forced to swallow the very words that could help work things out. Before you bolt, make an effort to communicate. You might have to carve out individual sub-domains, but a compromise CAN be reached. Your love life gets a happy boost from Venus, which tours your romance house from May 9 until June 2. Bring your creativity to the fore. Plan some dates that revolve around adventure, like joining a hiking club, crewing a sailboat together, or taking an outdoor photography class. Single? You could meet someone at a party or through a mutual friend’s introduction. Larger-than-life personalities are attractive, but while these peacocks are fun to observe, question whether they’re able to do more than just preen for admiring onlookers. You want to be part of a power couple–provided the other half isn’t a narcissist–so make sure that person with impressive creds can also be intimate and cares about what’s best for you too. Beautifying Venus also brings a wave of makeover magic. Your yoga-pants days are numbered, Aquarius, so start mixing in more dress-up occasions. People are drawn to the polished, together-looking you, plus you’ll feel better about yourself, which naturally makes you more attractive. Your sign loves bright colors and bold patterns and there were plenty of those sent down the runways for this spring. A hairstyle upgrade will have the most dramatic effect, so head to the salon! A change could come to Chateau Aquarius on Thursday. You might invite in a new roommate or revamp the layout of your home, turning the office into the guest room or reconfiguring your bedroom to create space to exercise. Looking to make a move? The U-Haul could arrive sooner than you think. This eclipse can help you find new digs in an unexpected hood and speed up your departure. This eclipse also marks a new chapter in your relationship with a close friend or relative. Are you longing for a deeper bond or lamenting the fact that you’ve grown apart? Kickstart a closer connection by scheduling some dinners together. Creating more regularity in your interactions builds closeness. By November 17’s full moon in Taurus, you’ll be as thick as thieves.



Heavy is the head that wears the crown. As the workweek kicks off, you could be feeling like you’ve taken on too much responsibility and thrust yourself into a position that feels like it’s verging on martyrdom. It’s lonely at the top. Tune in to your desire for greater freedom and camaraderie. If you work for yourself, check out co-working spaces or shared offices (outside of your home or the local coffee shop) so you can get your people fix while still being productive. When it comes to love, you’re happy to gaze through your rose-colored glasses. It could be easy to get romantically swept away, but keep at least one foot planted in the reality zone. By the same token, this flowy Venus phase can actually do wonders to melt the ice of your shy reserve. You might finally make eye contact and say hello to you-know-who. And for someone whose boundaries are as impenetrable as The Great Wall Of China, it’s a huge relief to drop your guard. This is also a time for release a relationship that’s sadly “so done.” You gave it your all, Crab, but you can’t let sentimentality get in the way of good sense. Take the next few weeks to cry, burn pictures, and, if necessary, shake a fist at the skies shouting, “Whyyyyyy?” Coupled? Venus can revive the fantasy element of your relationship, making you feel like you did when you first started dating. Some of your buried issues could surface, ready to be cleared. A session with the couples’ therapist or spiritual adviser would be money well spent. Why suffer when you can sort it out then hug it out? If you feel like you’re failing at something, it’s probably because you’re trying to pull it off solo or you’re working with the wrong people. This could be the time to break away from a group that was incredibly helpful in your journey but whom you’ve outgrown. The solar eclipse flips on the searchlight, helping you find the right collaborators. You could finally locate your true tribe, tapping into a group of kindred spirits. While you might not become an overnight insider, start breaking the ice now. You’ll feel like family six months from now if this is truly a meant-to-be crew. The eleventh house rules the Internet, and this eclipse could spark some exciting online developments. While you might not officially launch until the full moon in Taurus on Nov 17, get plans in motion. Becoming part of an online community could bring new opportunities your way. Select WordPress themes, set up your affiliate site or e-commerce software, and interview graphic designers–or learn how to DIY.



Stress alert! Pressures from family or roomies make you wish you could throw a hobo bag into an Airstream trailer and drive off into the sunset–solo! A demanding relative may need to be given the “here’s the deal, sweetie speech, but try to wait until Wednesday when your diplomacy returns. Before you say anything, examine your own actions: Have you been pulling your weight around the house? Consider creating a chore chart to re-divide the duties appropriately. Ready, set, detox! Venus in your sixth house of health helps restore your natural glow. Remember that real beauty starts on the inside, so make part of your regimen some nutritional supplements (especially antioxidants) and drinking more water and eating less junk food. Cupid’s arrows land like a bolt from the blue on Wednesday the 9th! The solar eclipse in your fifth house of romance brings major developments for your love life. Feelings that have been developing for someone in your inner circle could take you by surprise this week. The strong friendship you share is a great foundation for love, and if your gut says go for it, it’s worth exploring. Work out in your cutest Lululemon leggings and keep the earbuds cranked down: You could meet someone at the gym or on the hiking trail or outdoor track. Coupled? Share your health kick with your honey. Juice together in the morning, support each other’s wellness goals by adding more activity dates to the calendar. There could be a little extra drama to deal with, especially if the lustier aspects of your bond have fizzled out. Rather than trying to hop in the sack to revive it, work on strengthening your emotional bond. If you’re feeling bored or want more affection, say so! People aren’t mind readers. This eclipse could herald a pregnancy, perhaps an unexpected one. If you have kids, they may demand some extra attention from you. While you want to champion your brood, make sure you aren’t spoiling them. Fame could come your way too as the spotlight suddenly beams on you. Even if you’re in the early stages of developing an idea, it will still create a buzz. Like Michelle Obama, you’re a modest celebrity. You’re more of an inspiration than anything, so as long as you add a “you can do it too!” message to your platform, people will see you as a role model rather than an untouchable.



Open mouth, insert Manolo. You’re prone to tactless blurts on Monday and Tuesday. While it’s always best to be truthful, your honesty packs a little too much of a punch. Have a heart, even if you’re “so over” hearing someone’s rants and complaints. You’ve been known to dwell in drama yourself, so if you can’t be compassionate, be quiet. You could burn bridges by being too harsh or hardcore with your advice. With Venus moving through your tech sector, dot-com dating deserves another chance. Refresh your profile and post more down-to-earth pictures instead of another series of glamour shots. You could also find love by being a “joiner.” Group activities can widen the dating pool. Try a discussion group, drumming circle, community-action organization, or a self-development seminar. Anything that has to do with expanding your intellect or making the world a more kumbaya kind of place will open the door to amour. Coupled? Do more social things together. Join a co-ed sports league, take a self-dev seminar together, host a game night with your different groups of friends. Who knows? You might score some extra square footage in heaven by playing matchmaker for a couple of your pals. An unexpected opportunity could crop up for your career. You might be tapped for a leadership position or get a chance to work with an A-list client. It’s not as if you haven’t been working hard for this, Leo, but it feels great to have your efforts recognized. Then again, your passion might take a hard left from your former path and lead you in a totally different direction. The eclipse can bring a mentor, business coach, immersion program or another helpful person–most likely a man or a tough-as-nails woman. Aid can come from high places; you might just discover that someone powerful is in your corner. Showing your allegiance and dedication over the next six months will do wonders to boost your standing. It really is all about who you know, but sometimes you have to work your way up the ladder, showing and proving. Download Drake’s “Started From the Bottom” and make it your personal power anthem.



Help…air! Early in the week you feel the urge to break away or get a little more freedom in your closest relationships. Why? The moon aligns with renegade Uranus reminding you that “we” doesn’t have to erase your individual identity. But rather than declare mutiny on a business partner, BFF or amour du jour, bring up your needs and desires. Take responsibility for your people pleasing and willingness to accommodate. But if you’ve been losing yourself in the bond, it’s definitely time for to change your tune. An unexpected attraction could take you by surprise midweek, as love planet Venus cruises into your expansive ninth house until June 2. Keep an open mind if the sparks start to fly with someone who breaks from type. Cross-cultural love affairs could sweep you off your feet. If you’re dating online, expand your search radius. Love is not geographically ordained, so you shouldn’t be either. This Venus phase heralds vacation romances, so even if you’re traveling for work, pack a flirty number or two. Perhaps that beachside makeout session will only be a memorable moment…or maybe there’s more to it than that. If coupled, this is a stellar time for traveling with your sweetie. Bring back the magic with some Paris-in- the springtime action or do something you’ve always dreamed of, like sailing up the Dalmatian coast or checking out the underground scene in Sao Paolo. Thursday’s solar eclipse in Taurus hurls you into a chamber of secrets. You could be privy to some closely guarded information. Keep it in the vault, Libra, as you are being put through a kind of loyalty test here. Prove yourself trustworthy and a relationship could become incredibly serious. The question is, do you WANT to be that close? A new investment opportunity could knock, one that could reveal major profits six months from now, during the full moon in Taurus on Nov 17. Or someone could decide to put dollars behind your dreams. If you’re shopping around a project or looking for work, don’t rule out working with an agent. Though you’ll have to give away a piece of the action, you’ll have a much bigger pie to slice up. This eclipse also brings sexy back in a major way. Sleep no more, libido. Sign up for that Burlesque 101 class if you need a kickstart. Dancing around in marabou slippers and feather boas can have a surprising effect on you…



Monday’s moon-Uranus meetup could hook you up with an eclectic and even eccentric bunch who live on the edge. You love these fringe-y folks, even if you only dance on the periphery of this crew. Let them be a source of inspiration for you. Simply being in the presence of people who are passionate about a principle, project, or ideal makes you feel more alive. You could even form your own likeminded group as a result, either online or in real time. If nothing else, it feels good to know that you are not alone! Beatific Venus beams into Gemini from May 9 to June 2, making you the zodiac’s It Girl or Guy. Charm and magnetism? You’ve got both in spades now, which draws fascinating new people into your orbit. You could audition for an acting role, shoot a series of video blogs, or pitch a reality TV show about your life. Although you love the idea of being admired, the idea of being pinned down isn’t so appealing. This Venus phase might find you in the single-and-loving-it mode. You get to make your own rules and not have to answer to a soul? It’s hard to argue with THAT. Coupled Gems might need, as Virginia Woolf wrote, “a room of one’s own” for the next few weeks. Nudge your partner to pursue an independent interest to give your more space and solo time. Absence will certainly make YOUR heart grow fonder. Venus in Gemini is like having a personal cosmic stylist at your behest. Revamp your look by mixing pieces from your vast collection with a few trendier updates. You’re tempted to go edgier, but hold off “liberating yourself” of inches of hair or getting a spontaneous tat. Such impulsivity could lead to regret a few weeks from now, so test-drive a temporary version before committing. If the look sticks after June 2, bring on the clippers, needles and ink. Thursday’s solar eclipse in your house of completions helps you release a stuck situation for once and for all. It’s like ripping off a Band-Aid: Once the initial ouch is over, you can focus on the healing. The twelfth house can also reveal magically meant-to-be and fated connections, like someone with soulmate potential. Is this the real life or is it just fantasy? You could be caught in the landslide trying to figure it out over the coming six months. If nothing else, this person will be a supernova-size muse for you. You’re never quite so creative as you are when you’re consumed by lust-slash-love.



Count your pennies, Pisces, and review bills with a fine-toothed comb early in the week. With the moon-Uranus meetup on Monday, you can’t afford a bad case of sticker shock when a forgotten charge comes through. Stay in the black by planning ahead and projecting, or take on a side job to close the gap. You could also hit on other inventive ideas for making money, perhaps through an online shop or a marketable skill. It’s worth investigating. Venus moves into your fourth house of femmes, making you crave the company of the ladies in your life. Having strong female friendships is also good for your love life. It takes the pressure off your honey to be your “everything,” and women friends’ support buoys your confidence, and there’s no greater turn-on than someone who loves herself. While YOU might not be the traditional type, you could fall hard for someone with strong family values. Don’t rule out the divorced dads…if they’ve walked down the aisle once, statistics show they’re more likely to do it again. Venus brings out your DIY doyen, and you could give La Martha a run for her money. This is a great week to host a dinner party or invite over your crush du jour. Prep for the warming season by firing up your test kitchen. Check out Yvette van Boven’s “Home Made Summer” for a dreamy strawberry shortcake recipe, jam recipes galore (Melon Jam with Tarragon?) and of course, the requisite festive drinks. Is two your lucky number? Thursday’s solar eclipse spawns a partnership that just might take you by surprise. But keep your romantic fantasies in check: This is more likely a creative collaboration than a dangerous liaison. In general, beware of trying to do it all yourself. Since you can’t clone yourself (yet), look for kindred spirits who share–or complement–your skill set and can help you expand productivity. There ARE others like you out there…at least a couple of ‘em. Someone close to home could reveal hidden talents that are in sync with yours. You might even join forces with the competition! This eclipse is the start of a six-month uptick in your social life. Is there a group you’d like to become a member of? Break the ice this week by proving that you are dedicated to their mission. Be patient with the process. It could take till the corresponding full moon on November 17 to feel like you fully belong.



Color outside the lines early this week. Monday’s moon-Uranus meetup makes you playful and more than happy to stay up past your bedtime on a school night if it means having fun. Friends will gladly accompany you to experimental dance workshops and shamanic drumming circles–and this could bond you for life. Venus tours Gemini and your seventh house of commitments until June 2, and her enchanting beams bring you a whole lot closer to the one you adore. Talk could turn to engagement or cohabitation, and some Archers might even put a ring on it. If a relationship has been idling in the “extended courtship” phase, start dropping hints and asking leading questions. Knowledge is power and can spare you wasted time when you know that someone is “not really into settling down.” Of course, if he is, then you’d best make sure that YOU are sure! Remember: after a certain amount of time, relationships require you to generate, not just sit idly by and wait for the magic to happen. Find a structure that you can share with your sweetie, like collaborating on a business idea or joining a summer sports league as a couple. Warning: Venus will be opposing your sun, so if you’re irritated by the way your honey is treating you, don’t be too quick to play the blame game. Stop trying to fix him (even by being overly helpful) and just trust that he can work it out on his own. New work is on the horizon and could flood into your world fast and furious with the solar eclipse. You’ll feel like you hit the motherlode in some ways but also like you’re being swept up in an current that’s moving too fast for you. This is a great opportunity to restructure the way you do your job. You just can’t do it all by yourself, so look into delegating, outsourcing, or hiring a virtual assistant: It’s time to work smarter not harder. Wean yourself from the addictive “security tasks” that put an adequate amount of money in the bank but will never make you rich. If you need to do some training or work with a coach, consultant, or branding expert, now’s the time to go full force with that. By November 17 you could be rocking a whole new position, commanding bigger fees from prominent clientele, or even signing your own paycheck.



Go…team! On Monday a moon-Uranus meetup encourages you to collaborate in the name of making your work more enjoyable and innovative. Put together a think tank of your best and brightest colleagues or, if you don’t have any who fit the bill, draft a couple savvy friends. You want to know what they really think, so be sure you create a truly safe space for them to speak their minds. These folks know what your stinger feels like, Scorpio, and might fear retribution if they dare to criticize. It can be helpful to ask open-ended questions instead of “Do you like this or hate it?” On Wednesday, loveplanet Venus grooves into Gemini and your eighth house of erotic charms—your favorite place for Venus to be! She’ll hang there till June 2, giving you nearly three weeks of seductive chills and behind-closed-doors thrills. Be careful not to get drawn into a dangerous liaison with someone who makes you feel like a puddle of melted butter in his presence. And if his relationship status reads, “It’s Complicated,” run, don’t walk to the nearest exit. If you haven’t been feeling like your fine self, Venus brings some rescue remedy. Reconnect to your body; make sure you’re getting enough rest. There’s nothing sexy about a sleep-deprived Scorpio… Scale back your schedge to allow more time for shut-eye and you’ll feel that libido return. Being comfortable in your own skin is a prerequisite to inviting someone else close to you, so reinvigorate your body with some sensual Gabrielle Roth or S factor dance classes). Single? This Thursday’s solar eclipse could provide motivation to get back out on the dating scene again. Coupled-up but taking your love for granted? The eclipse might stir up renewed interest in your amour… Don’t let this turn into a “don’t know what you’ve got till it’s gone” situation. Do some damage control and make amends for slacking, STAT. The eclipse could also bring a brand-new business partner or creative collaborator. Out of the blue, you’ll decide to turn a solo venture into a tag team effort as you realize that this person’s skill set perfectly complements your own…. And because he or she actually finds the drudgy tasks interesting, you’re freed up to work on the things you love. You may have to sort out some legal matters–but remember that “the person who’s her own lawyer has a fool for a client!”



Forgive and forget? Not if you’re sweeping things under the carpet. You were a little too quick to hug it out recently, and Monday’s moon-Uranus meetup could bring a final round of putting up your dukes. Getting closure brings an opportunity to cut a toxic person out of your life for good–important if this person is on a self-destructive path or hell-bent on trying to manipulate you. If you need to make amends, extend the olive branch on Monday, but then step back. Even if he or she doesn’t accept it, you’ll feel better knowing you tried. Makeunder magic time! Your ruling planet Venus decamps to Gemini and your second house of simplicity from May 9 until June 2. Less is more when it comes to your personal style and wardrobe now. Your go-to black, white, and colorblocking (especially in the season’s emerald green, a great color for your sign) will become staples again. This gives you a chance to play with fabrics, cuts, and textures. No need to overhaul your wardrobe: accessories are where it’s at. Invest in a sandal with unusual detailing on the heel or a cool, ladylike pair of pumps that make every outfit rock. Romance-wise, this shift of your celestial ruler Venus can cool things down a bit. The love planet is downshifting into your second house, so embrace the Slow Love Movement. Tapping the brakes means boosting the sensuality. Hold hands, linger in courtship rituals, taste every bite of that pasta and wine you share. SIngle? Let yourself be wooed by an old-fashioned type, provided he has a LITTLE bit of edge. The big news is the solar eclipse in Taurus, a huge life reset for you! There hasn’t been an eclipse in your sign since 2002, and this one gives you a major glimpse into your own hidden powers and potential. A six-month go-get-’em cycle is beginning, and it requires you to step out of the comfortable, secure realm and develop your gifts. Enroll in a class, work with a coach, become part of an mastermind group. People may want to put dollars behind your dreams, but make sure that you retain majority stake. After all, this is your baby! This eclipse might reveal where you are unfulfilled or feeling out of sync with your true purpose. Instead of getting bummed out, map out a six-month action plan. You could have a new certification, move to a new home (or part of the world), or get your business off the ground by the full moon in Taurus this coming November 17. Remember: The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.



Repeat after us: change is good. Monday’s meetup of the moon and Uranus gives you the courage to transform an area of your life that’s been stuck in the grey zone for far too long. You wanted to stick it out, see what happens, yadda yadda. But is this waiting game starting to take a toll on your emotional and physical health or blocking the progress you’re ready to make? Get off the fence and get into action, Virgo. Making a choice can be scary but it also means that things will start to MOVE already! Need help getting motivated? Find a supportive community who will hold your hand as you jump over the scary hurdles. Charming Venus beams into Gemini and your career sector until June 2, blurring the line between business and pleasure. Forget about that Real Housewives marathon that’s queued up on your DVR. Meet a client for Happy Hour, head to the networking event. Strategic socialzing will boost your career AND can help you break the ice with the bigwigs (a drink is a lot easier than cold-calling his secretary!).Romantically, this Venus phase is about future planning. What’s ahead for you and your boo? Time to talk turkey. Map out shared goals, from how to save up for that epic vacation to paying for a new roof to when you’ll have kids. This businesslike Venus phase could also help materialize a shared business idea. Carve out your respective roles clearly to avoid friction in your love life. SIngle Virgos will be drawn to the more traditional types. Sparks could fly with an older, more established type, possibly someone you work with. Before you cross that line, though, make sure your bond is solid. The last thing you want to do is create an awkward scene at work. The solar eclipse could bring opportunities farther away from home than expected. From long-distance love affairs to developing a global client base, you need to widen your search parameters. But don’t try to conquer Rome in a day. You have six months to s t r e t c h yourself into this new terrain, but make the first move this week. Peruse the travel blogs, change the “distance from my hometown” setting on your dating profile from 10 miles to 100 (or more), start making plans to visit your sister across country. You could also be inspired to sign up for something that helps you grow in a profoundly soulful way, like working at a rainforest reserve or with an impoverished community or joining a healing circle with a Peruvian shaman. If it has an earthy or service based component to it, it will be right up your alley. This eclipse also illuminates opportunities for entrepreneurial growth. You may see an exciting new way to become your own boss or expand a business that you’re already working on. Who knows, Virgo? Six months form now you might be signing your own paychecks!



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